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Ravelgate: Diabolical Plots and Schemes to Destroy America Are Unravelling Right Before our Eyes!

Millions of Americans who voted for and continue to support President Donald Trump are watching in stunned amazement and wonder as the corrupt and diabolical plots of Bill and Hillary Clinton, the FBI and so many others begin unravelling right before our eyes. Ravelgate is happening so fast that it’s hard to keep up with—it’s like a thread was pulled somewhere and now the entire scheme is unravelling and coming apart at the seams. Even though the underlying anti-Christ Illuminati plots and schemes to overthrow and destroy America and to ultimately control the entire world began centuries ago (as revealed in this eye-opening testimony of an ex-Iluminati member in the seventies that’s shockingly relevant and evident today), their diabolical plan for the “New World Order” envisioned and repeatedly declared by George H. Bush was really kicked into high gear at the end of World War II, and it’s been consistently implemented by an astonishing number of world leaders, politicians, entertainment and sports celebrities and American presidents since then. Unfortunately for the plotting and scheming enemies of everything good and decent (including George H. Bush, Bill and Hillary Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama and his entire administration, the FBI, CIA and other intelligence agencies, the mainstream news media and a multitude of celebrities and other liberal globalists, Socialists, Marxist and Communists), their plots and schemes are now collapsing under the staggering weight of the pervasive and widespread immorality, corruption and hypocrisy their vile and destructive plans necessitated. These conspirators are so utterly immoral and arrogant that they seriously underestimated the power of truth and the basic decency and goodness of mankind; particularly the strong sense of patriotism and traditional values that are at the very core of America’s foundation, as well as our unshakable faith in GOD and HIS goodness. So thanks to Ravelgate, their corrupt and diabolical plans will NOT succeed as George H. Bush erroneously declared decades ago because Americans and people all around the world are waking up to the truth, which always has and always will set us free.

In the past few days, the political world has been spinning and turned totally upside-down with the news that it was actually Hillary Clinton, her campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC), who literally “colluded” with Russia in an effort to affect the outcome of last year’s Presidential election, as we learned in this bombshell report from the Washington Post. However, it’s important to actually read the so-called “Trump Dossier,” which is included here, to see just how flimsy and totally baseless it really is. It’s pretty shocking to read that nonsense and know that the Clinton campaign, the DNC and possibly the FBI paid in excess of nine million dollars for something so trivial and totally unsubstantiated; or perhaps they actually paid for a lot more that we don’t yet know about, which seems more likely after actually reading the Trump Dossier. Worse yet, even though it’s still unclear how much the FBI might have contributed to the production of the Trump Dossier financially, there’s no doubt that they knowingly used political opposition research from Hillary Clinton’s losing presidential campaign and the DNC in a legally sanctioned conspiracy to bring down their political opponent because Donald Trump ended up being the duly elected President of the United States of America instead of Hillary Clinton as they so arrogantly expected. The FBI also used the same highly discredited Trump Dossier to obtain FISA warrants against Trump campaign associates, which included Carter Page and Paul Manafort that we know of. And based on what we know so far, there’s no doubt that the FBI and Obama administration continued and perhaps even escalated their efforts to discredit, damage and frustrate the presidency of Donald Trump AFTER his election, which is unprecedented in our country’s entire history. The FBI even used the Trump Dossier as the basis for their “Russia Collusion” investigation and the ultimate appointment of Robert Mueller as a Special Counsel to investigate the Trump campaign’s alleged collusion with Russia—exactly what former FBI Director James Comey admitted he wanted when testifying under oath. Just listen to how FBI Director James Comey and others at the FBI conspired against President Trump! The Intel Community also relied on the spurious claims in the Trump Dossier to reach their unusually highly speculative conclusions that Russia was most likely trying to help get Trump elected and that there were possible ties between the Trump campaign and the Russians. So the claims from the Democrats and mainstream news media that the Trump Dossier is nothing but the usual “opposition research” that all campaigns use is ridiculously false on its face. IF that were true, Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC et al wouldn’t be running as far away from it as they can! So make no mistake, The Washington Post didn’t publish their bombshell news about the Trump Dossier for any other reason than wanting to get the bad news out ahead of the release of Fusion GPS’ bank records in response to Devin Nunes’ subpoena, as reported, detailed and summarized here. In fact, they only confirmed what most people in the know or with much common sense had already figured out, and based on the most recent court order, Fusion GPS’ bank records should be produced to Devin Nunes today and will most likely contain even more bombshell revelations about the money coming into them and the money they were spending on behalf of their clients. Meanwhile, literally EVERYONE is saying they didn’t know ANYTHING about the phony Russian Trump Dossier, and John Podesta and Debbie Wasserman Schultz even denied having ANY knowledge about it when very specifically asked about it and who paid for it during interviews before the Senate Intelligence Committee! So we’re supposed to believe that the DNC and Clinton campaign spent more than nine million dollars and absolutely no one knows anything about it or authorized the expenditure of so much money? Well, if that were the case (which we know it isn’t), it’s no wonder the American people knew better than to trust Hillary Clinton, and it’s no wonder that more states are turning away from the Democratic Party so they can finally get their fiscal houses in order! Needless to say, I personally agree wholeheartedly with former FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom…this is all part of a huge cabal…and it’s literally coming apart at the seams thanks to Ravelgate!

Then right on the heels of the Washington Post revelation that Hillary Clinton’s campaign, the DNC and possibly the FBI financed the Trump Dossier that’s been used in a treasonous conspiracy to bring down the Trump presidency, Tucker Carlson’s “whistleblower” report regarding Hillary Clinton’s State Department and campaign ties to Russia through the Podesta Group literally exploded onto the news scene. Tucker’s source also revealed that Paul Manafort had a lengthy professional relationship and very close ties with the Podesta Group as a Russian lobbyist right up to the time he went to work as Donald Trump’s campaign manager, which naturally raises the possibility that he was a “plant” from the Clinton campaign. So the tide of the Russian collusion investigation has taken a surprising turn, especially with the news that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has opened a “criminal inquiry” into the Podesta Group’s Russian ties and their failure to properly report their lobbying efforts on behalf of Russia. Needless to say, a truly thorough investigation should include the Podesta Group’s connection to the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton’s State Department through David Adams, as well as their lobbying efforts for the sale of twenty percent of American uranium production to Russia, and perhaps to the Russian lobbyist, Natalia Veselnitskaya, who was paid by Fusion GPS and who obviously attempted to entrap Donald Trump, Junior. In light of Paul Manafort’s very close involvement with the Podesta Group as a Russian lobbyist before joining the Trump campaign, along with Natalia Veselnitskaya’s connection with Fusion GPS, it’s actually a treasonous plot of Democratic and Russian collusion and conspiracy that’s emerging as Ravelgate continues to expose and unravel the corruption and possible treason of Bill and Hillary Clinton and many in Barack Obama’s administration.

It was just a few days before news about Clinton, DNC and FBI involvement in the production and subsequent use of the Trump Dossier to bring down Donald Trump’s presidency (which was based ENTIRELY on Russian propaganda), that The Hill released another bombshell report that the FBI had “substantial evidence that Russian nuclear industry officials were engaged in bribery, kickbacks, extortion and money laundering” for over a year before the Obama administration approved the highly controversial sale of Uranium One, which gave control of twenty percent of our uranium production to Russia as also covered here by Sean Hannity. While the majority of the mainstream news media, especially CNN, usually does their utmost to totally avoid any coverage of Clinton scandals and controversies and shamelessly attempts to excuse or explain them, the outrageous and inexplicable sale of American uranium to Russia is even too difficult to excuse or justify for most of these CNN panelists. Subsequent to the initial Uranium One informant and FBI investigation reporting, we now know that the undercover informant involved in the FBI investigation for four years will finally be allowed to testify before Congress, that despite Democrats and the mainstream news media stating otherwise, American uranium has in fact been exported as reported here and here, and that both the Senate and House have launched investigations into the Uranium One deal. However, it’s apparent that even Trump’s Department of Justice, FBI and other federal agencies are NOT really co-operating with a number of duly authorized Congressional investigations, and that needs to change. Wow, even as I was writing this, Speaker Paul Ryan announced that the FBI will turn over the subpoenaed Uranium One documents by next week, so the diabolical plots and schemes to destroy America really are unravelling right before our eyes!

In the midst of so much other breaking news, another important story that hasn’t garnered as much coverage is that the FBI released email confirmation that FBI Director Comey decided to exonerate Hillary Clinton in the email scandal more than two months before announcing that publically, which was also before the FBI interviewed scores of key witnesses, including Hillary Clinton. Sadly, during the Obama administration, our government was corrupted to its very core, so it’s going to take a very long and slow process to root out the systemic corruption and anti-American sentiment that’s obviously still controlling so many government processes and agencies.

Coinciding with Ravelgate and the long-awaited exposure of the rampant hypocrisy and corruption that’s become the hallmark of the Democratic Party, the American people and the rest of the world have also been treated to another long-awaited outing—the RINO (Republican In Name Only) establishment Republicans who are crawling out from under the rocks they’ve been hiding under to openly oppose and ridicule President Trump. It’s almost funny that they’re so deceived by their own lack of integrity and arrogance that they honestly believed their words and opinions would be well received by the majority of the American people and thus finally help “get rid of Donald Trump,” or at least knock him down a peg or two. Well, it looks like the laugh is on them! They just don’t get that the vast majority of the American people strongly support, admire and appreciate Donald Trump and will stand up for him just as we feel he has stood up for us. We’re sick and tired of lily-livered whimps who have stood idly by as our country and traditional values have been trampled and destroyed or worse yet, actually participated in the process and sold America down the river just to line their own pockets. As it turns out, we’re not quite as stupid or uninformed as they thought, and we’ll take Donald Trump and what they perceive as his personality and character flaws over their corruption and lies any day of the week. So as we witnessed what appeared to be a well-coordinated chorus of criticism and self-righteous indignation directed at President Trump in a matter of days by President George W. Bush, Senator John McCain, Senator Bob Corker and Senator Jeff Flake, instead of being all that surprised or dismayed, most of us were actually glad to finally have our suspicions confirmed in such a public forum. While they railed against President Trump’s “nationalism” and spit out “nativism” like it was a disgusting dirty word, Trump supporters cheered our President in wholehearted agreement with him. And when they ranted about “free trade,” we replied with “No, FAIR trade!” and thanked God for Donald Trump all the more. When they decried all the things they consider not fitting and beneath the dignity of the office of President, they only proved to us that THEY weren’t ever fit for the offices they hold or have held. They’re so engulfed in the deception they’ve foisted on the American people for so many years that they believe their own lies and don’t have a clue how the American people feel or what we want. So they genuinely can’t relate to the value we place on patriotism simply because we love our country, and they can’t even begin to understand the hunger the American people have for decency and integrity; it’s like a breath of fresh air after suffering through the moral and ethical decadence that prevailed through the eight years of Barack Obama’s presidency. They honestly believed that most Americans share their warped and perverted immorality and lack of ethical boundaries, and can’t even begin to understand how many Americans are thrilled to have a President who publically calls on the name of God and (contrary to what “they” hear and believe) actually repeatedly and unashamedly inspires us to strive for REAL unity and to love and care for our fellow citizens regardless of their race, religion and station in life. President Trump inspires compassion and yet promotes self-reliance, which are among the traditional values on which this country was founded. And since those of us who actually voted for Donald Trump happen to know for a fact that we’re NOT haters, racists, white supremacists, bigots and isolationists, their lies have absolutely no effect on us or on those who know and love us, which I dare say includes the vast majority of Americans and a LOT of blacks, Hispanics, Muslims and LEGAL immigrants.

In order to more fully understand the significance of Ravelgate in overcoming the corruption and decadence that’s virtually overtaken America and the rest of the world, I strongly urge everyone to invest the time it takes to learn exactly how those controlling so many aspects of our world and culture have operated by listening to this modernized version of The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. This is a very old writing, but there’s no doubt that its principles have been utilized in an effort to subvert our government and destroy our way of life, which I’ve written about previously in Democrats Know the Effectiveness and Success of Racial Politics Hinges on Making Everything Racial.

While we’ve all been focused on the political aspects of Ravelgate, a lot more has been unraveling right before our eyes because plots and schemes to destroy and control the world also include the destruction of everything good and decent, with a particular focus on undermining and eradicating faith in God and dependence on any religion other than the worship of Lucifer. So while many of America’s entertainment celebrities and political leaders (namely Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama) feigned shock and literally lied about knowing that Harvey Weinstein was a serial sexual predator, they ALL knew about that and a whole lot worse! Unfortunately, the vast majority of Americans still suffer under the well-crafted illusions surrounding our entertainment and sports celebrities, as well as being in the dark regarding American and world leaders over the past fifty years. But anyone familiar with the shocking and horrifying details revealed in the books and personal appearances by Cathy O’Brien and Brice Taylor know better! They’re both MK Ultra mind control victims who were literally rescued in the late eighties and early nineties and finally able to escape the unbelievable torture perpetrated on them by our own government, many celebrities and political leaders here in America and around the world. Listening to their testimonies is definitely NOT for the faint of heart, but that’s the only way to truly grasp and understand just how depraved and perverse the forces set on bringing about their diabolical vision of a “New World Order” really are. You can search for their books and appearances online and will find quite a bit on YouTube. Even if it’s too difficult to accept what both Cathy O’Brien and Brice Taylor (among others) recant in great detail about their life-long systematic, vile and inhuman treatment at the hands of our government (particularly the CIA), former Presidents, political leaders, celebrities and other heads of state, they’re not the only ones who have been sounding the alarm about what’s been going on in our culture and Hollywood for so many decades. Just last year, Elija Wood from Lord of the Rings exposed how Illuminati pedophiles run Hollywood. And Cory Feldman has spoken out about Hollywood’s rampant pedophilia for years; yet Barbara Walters chastised him for making such outrageous claims and “scaring” parents of potential child stars. Really, Barbara? The truth is that no one wants to hear or know the truth, or worse yet, they already know the truth and don’t care or want anyone to talk about it. In fact, many celebrities literally applauded, supported and defended Roman Polanski in 2003 even though he had admitted and been convicted earlier that year for drugging and raping a thirteen year old little girl! And unlike Harvey Weinstein (who hasn’t been CONVICTED of anything), Roman Polanski, A CONVICTED CHILD RAPIST, wasn’t shunned, shamed and disgraced by Hollywood or anyone else! So Ravelgate is also unravelling and “smoking out” the hypocrisy of the entire liberal class of sanctimonious elites who dare to call ANYONE out for inappropriate behavior toward women or children when they’re the ones who literally abuse them according to the very credible word of their many victims! That’s why their cries and ridiculous accusations against Donald Trump fell on deaf ears—we knew they were all nothing but a bunch of lying hypocrites who could care less about women and children being molested and sexually assaulted as very powerfully and undeniably illustrated here! And more recently, they’re so blinded by their own deceit and hypocrisy that they don’t see anything wrong with “excusing” George H. Bush’s clearly inappropriate behavior as recently reported by two actresses or attacking his victims for making such accusations! What Bush did to those women was WRONG, but it pales in comparison to how he viciously and brutally raped both Cathy O’Brien and Brice Taylor and their little girls! They both also provide vivid firsthand accounts that confirm the very worst of everything we’ve heard about Bill and Hillary Clinton; including Bill’s use of cocaine and drug running operations in Arkansas and Missouri, and how Hillary sexually assaulted both Cathy and Brice as young mind controlled sex slaves under the control of our government. And before anyone jumps on their high horse and says that’s just not possible, watch this updated version of The Clinton Chronicles, which was included in a previous article entitled, The Web of Clinton Corruption is Finally Catching up with Hillary Clinton and Her Entire Crime Syndicate. So despite all the feigned horror and phony disgust, it’s widely known that the systematic sexual abuse of children and child sex trafficking is rampant throughout the entire United States. In fact, just last week, the FBI arrested one hundred and twenty vile and wicked human beings involved in sex trafficking children and rescued over eighty child victims as young as three months and five years old, as reported primarily through local news outlets; such as here, here and here. So why doesn’t the mainstream news media consider the systematic rape and sexual abuse of children as young as three months and five years old worthy of even a few minutes’ coverage on their networks, and how can all of Hollywood and everyone else feign shock and horror when the debauchery and perversity that’s so pervasive in Hollywood is in plain view for all to see in their movies, humor and even award ceremonies? Well, the answer is that all of the anti-American rhetoric, depravity, perversion and debauchery that Americans have been subjected to (which really escalated during Barack Obama’s presidency) is ALL part of a well-orchestrated plot and scheme to overthrow and destroy the United States of America and to usher in the “New World Order” George H. Bush repeatedly proclaimed publically.

Something that really struck me as I recently listened to Brice Taylor’s book, Thanks for the Memories (on YouTube), was how Henry Kissinger used to brag about doing all of the wicked stuff they were doing right out in plain view; they were so cocky and confident that what they were doing was so outrageous and inconceivable that no one would believe it even if they saw it with their own eyes or heard about it from someone else. Well, as both Brice and Cathy have said, they made a huge miscalculation because they underestimated the power of truth and the strength of the human spirit, which in the end will always prevail. That’s why Ravelgate is so quickly and effectively unravelling and exposing the diabolical cabal that’s been under way in America and around the world for at least the past seventy years…and we’re just getting started! So let’s all stay tuned as GOD’S plan (which NEVER fails) is manifested and Ravelgate continues until the very last shred of the plots and schemes devised by the Illuminati and Lucifer/Satan are exposed and put asunder for all the world to se!