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President Trump Never Said He Wouldn’t Ask for a Special Prosecutor to Investigate Hillary Clinton

While it’s no surprise the mainstream media went bonkers because President Trump recently suggested that Congress and the Justice Department should be investigating Hillary Clinton, the email scandal and her ties to Russia, it’s very disappointing to hear so many “conservatives” repeating the lie that Donald Trump said he would put an end to further investigations and possible prosecution of the Clintons. So just to set the record straight, Donald Trump never said he wouldn’t ask for a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton because he didn’t want to hurt the Clintons or that they shouldn’t be investigated or prosecuted. In fact, he very clearly did NOT say that, so here’s what Donald Trump actually said when asked if he’d ask for a special prosecutor or try to put Hillary Clinton in jail. Even though we’d never know it based on the misleading reports from virtually all media sources, President-elect Trump’s response to that question was in fact, “Well, I’ll tell you what I’m going to do…I’m going to think about it.” What, “I’m going to think about it?” That’s certainly not “No, I’m not going to do that!” Trump went on to say that he wants to focus on jobs, healthcare, the border and immigration…to get the country straightened away. And when confronted about things he said about Hillary Clinton during the campaign, President Trump even said, “She did some bad things…I mean, she did some bad things.” Then when incredulously pressed again about actually asking for a special prosecutor, President-elect Trump repeatedly said he didn’t want to hurt the Clintons, even saying they’re good people, but went on to say, “I will give you a very, very good and definitive answer the next time we do 60 Minutes together.” So it’s a bald faced lie to say President Trump said he wasn’t going to ask for a special prosecutor regarding the Clinton email scandal in that 60 Minutes interview! He is a naturally compassionate man and doesn’t personally want to hurt the Clintons, who were his personal friends for many years. In fact, even though there are many instances of Donald Trump singing the praises of both Bill and Hillary Clinton on YouTube, that doesn’t mean he had to turn a blind eye to the laws they broke while she was Secretary of State. As we all know, it’s possible to have an opinion about someone or something that changes with the passing of time and events, so it’s no wonder that Donald Trump’s opinion of the Clintons changed in light of their undeniable criminal activities and corruption related to Hillary Clinton’s time as Secretary of State and the Clinton Foundation.

For instance, when President-elect Trump said he didn’t want to hurt the Clintons and acknowledged that they’ve also suffered through the recent scandals and by losing the election, he was extending an olive branch in hopes of healing a very divided nation and moving on to deal with the serious issues facing our country. But in response, Hillary Clinton and the Democrats rejected his gesture and actively started working to undermine and destroy his presidency as pointed out in this segment on Fox Business.

Unfortunately, despite their own transcripts proving otherwise, The New York Times did their best to mislead Donald Trump’s supporters and separate them from the President in this article from November 22, 2016 by stating, “President-elect Donald J. Trump said on Tuesday that he had no intention of pressing for an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server or the financial operations of her family’s foundation, dropping the “lock her up” pledge that became a rallying cry for his campaign for the White House.” First, “lock her up” was not a “pledge” from candidate Donald Trump; rather his supporters often chanted that at his rallies. Secondly, when very specifically asked and pressed about that, President-elect Donald Trump literally responded with “NO” as shown in the actual transcript of the full interview. Arthur Sulzberger Jr. (The New York Times publisher) asked, “If I could interject, we had a good conversation there, you and I, and it was off the record, but there was nothing secret, just wanted to make sure. The idea of looking forward was one of the themes that you were saying. That we need to now get past the election, right?” Then Matthew Purdy (deputy managing editor) said, “So you’re definitively taking that off the table? The investigation?” And VERY CLEARLY and UNAMBIGUOUSLY, Donald Trump replied, “No, but the question was asked.” Purdy clarified and interjected (presumably as Trump was already answering the question), “About the emails and the foundation?” And President-elect Trump continued, “No, no, but it’s just not something that I feel very strongly about. I feel very strongly about health care. I feel very strongly about an immigration bill that I think even the people in this room can be happy. You know, you’ve been talking about immigration bills for 50 years and nothing’s ever happened. I feel very strongly about an immigration bill that’s fair and just and a lot of other things. There are a lot of things I feel strongly about. I’m not looking to look back and go through this. This was a very painful period. This was a very painful election with all of the email things and all of the foundation things and all of the everything that they went through and the whole country went through.” So once again, Donald Trump never said he’d stop future investigations or the prosecution of the Clintons regarding Hillary’s private email server or the Clinton Foundation just because he said his top priorities are things like healthcare and immigration. Even though Trump had already repeatedly and clearly stated that he would NOT take future investigations and prosecution of the Clintons off the table, Elisabeth Bumiller (Washington bureau chief) pressed him again by asking, “I just wanted to follow up on the question you were asked about not pursuing any investigations into Hillary Clinton. Did you mean both the email investigation and the foundation investigation — you will not pursue either one of those?” It’s important to note that there were two distinctly separate questions in her statement, both of which Trump was responding to when he said, “Yeah” in response to the question, “Did you mean both the email investigation and the foundation investigation?” And then in response to the question, “you will not pursue either one of those?” Trump again clearly stated, “look, you know we’ll have people that do things but my inclination would be, for whatever power I have on the matter, is to say let’s go forward. This has been looked at for so long. Ad nauseam. Let’s go forward. And you know, you could also make the case that some good work was done in the foundation and they could have made mistakes, etc. etc. I think it’s time, I think it’s time for people to say let’s go and solve some of the problems that we have, which are massive problems and, you know, I do think that they’ve gone through a lot. I think losing is going through a lot. It was a tough, it was a very tough evening for her. I think losing is going through a lot. So, for whatever it’s worth, my, my attitude is strongly we have to go forward, we have so many different problems to solve, I don’t think we have to delve back in the past. I also think that would be a very divisive, well I think it would be very divisive, you know I’m talking about bringing together, and then they go into all sorts of stuff, I think it would be very, very divisive for the country.” So despite being a bit “squishy” when repeatedly hammered AFTER very clearly and unambiguously stating his position regarding future investigations and prosecutions of the Clintons, Trump still didn’t say he’d do anything to stop or interfere with such investigations and/or prosecutions of Hillary Clinton or anything related to the Clinton Foundation. In fact, he correctly pointed out the obvious–that he has little say in matters like that since they’d be handled by others and was just expressing his personal preference because he wants to get on with the business of making America great again!

President-elect Donald Trump graciously extended an olive branch to the Clintons and Democrats for the sake of healing our country, but he also understood that they should be brought to justice and reasonably expected Jeff Sessions to do that as Attorney General. So it’s no wonder President Trump is disappointed that Attorney General Sessions has allowed a totally unchecked witch hunt to be unleashed in an effort to destroy him, his family and anyone associated with him; especially since there isn’t a similar investigation (and never was) into the indisputable Clinton crimes and corruption, as well as the corruption of the Obama administration, including the Justice Department, FBI and various intelligence agencies. So no matter how many times we hear otherwise, the truth is that President Trump never said he wouldn’t ask for a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton or the Clinton Foundation. And while he clearly prefers to focus on creating jobs, fixing our failing healthcare system and protecting our country by enforcing and improving our current immigration laws, the only way to really put the Clintons and all their scandals behind us as a nation is to investigate and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law, especially now that we know the previous FBI investigation was a total sham and a very dark blot on America’s system of justice, where ALL Americans are supposed to be equal under the law. So make no mistake, the American people who elected Donald Trump will never be satisfied with Hillary Clinton merely losing a presidential campaign and getting a slap on the wrist when we all know she blatantly and arrogantly broke laws that would put anyone else in jail if not protected by a corrupt administration, Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation! That’s because we know that upholding the laws and Constitution of the United States of America is essential to making America great again, which is why we elected a “law and order” President!

New York Times Finally Admitted that Russia Election Hacking is Nothing But a Political Hoax!

Politically aware people know that it’s customary to release “bad news” right before a long holiday weekend so it won’t draw as much attention, which is exactly what the New York Times and Associated Press did last Thursday and Friday! They finally admitted that their previous reporting that all seventeen American intelligence agencies agreed that Russia had “hacked” the DNC and Jon Podesta’s email to help Donald trump win the election is false! The details of how that came about are very well presented in This article; but the good news is that the false narrative that Russia “hacked” the 2016 Presidential elections is literally collapsing under the mainstream media and Democrat Party since it was nothing but a well-orchestrated political hoax to undermine and destroy Donald Trump’s presidency!

In fact, the actual story the New York Times posted the correction on was written on June 25th and titled, Trump’s Deflections and Denials on Russia Frustrate Even His Allies, and started out by stating that President Trump “has refused to acknowledge that Russia orchestrated hacking during last year’s election.” Wow, how much worse could it get than that! Not only did the New York Times have to retract their lies, they made utter fools of themselves and PROVED just how smart President Trump really is! Al Drago even went on to say, “In the span of 72 hours, President Trump described the email hacking that roiled the 2016 campaign as a Democratic “hoax” and as clear aggression by Russia that his predecessor, President Barack Obama, failed to address.” And ALL of that’s undeniably true based on the FACTS! But please read the story because it’s ever so delicious now that the NYT has had to “eat crow” by editing the article (incorrectly) to say “four intelligence agencies” when issuing the following correction on June 29th:
“Correction: June 29, 2017
A White House Memo article on Monday about President Trump’s deflections and denials about Russia referred incorrectly to the source of an intelligence assessment that said Russia orchestrated hacking attacks during last year’s presidential election. The assessment was made by four intelligence agencies — the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the National Security Agency. The assessment was not approved by all 17 organizations in the American intelligence community.”

Unfortunately, it appears that the New York Times still can’t resist trying to make their bogus story sound better than it was since “the Office of the Director of National Intelligence” is NOT an “intelligence agency” as falsely stated in their correction. So in the end, the so-called “intelligence assessment” that Russia “hacked” the 2016 elections, specifically the DNC and John Podesta emails, to help elect Donald Trump was only approved by THREE intelligence agencies, and as Director Clapper acknowledged in his sworn testimony on May 8th, the two dozen analysts who made that determination were “hand-picked.” So relying on reports or assessments about Russia hacking into the 2016 election involving then FBI Director James Comey, Cia Director John Brennan and DNI Director James Clapper himself is risky business; especially since they’re all known to be highly political and/or less than honest (even when testifying under oath).

For instance, since I had always heard that the Republican National Committee was NOT hacked because they put more effective security measures in place and welcomed the assistance of the FBI, I was very surprised to hear James Clapper say (in his testimony on May 8th that’s linked to above) that the Russians also hacked the RNC, and didn’t disclose that information; which he testified is why the intelligence community concluded that Russia was trying to help Donald Trump win the election. That would make sense IF it was true, but when I started digging around, I found this testimony from FBI Director James Comey that there’s NO evidence that “either the Trump campaign or the CURRENT RNC was SUCCESSFULLY hacked.” Comey further testified that “old” RNC domains, old email domains that they were no longer using, were hacked and that information harvested from there was “old stuff,” and none of that was released. Additionally, back in December (BEFORE the final IC report was released last January), Sean Spicer made a very compelling argument disproving the false narrative that the RNC was hacked and showed that such claims were politically motivated. Spicer also proved that the Washington Post and New York Times KNEW way back then that the IC report was NOT approved by all seventeen intelligence agencies, NOT conclusive and that the RNC was NOT hacked.

However, as we’ve seen since then, the Trump-hating New York Times isn’t about to be deterred by the truth or facts; thus the “corrected”/”edited” section of the article still reads, “The latest presidential tweets were proof to dismayed members of Mr. Trump’s party that he still refuses to acknowledge a basic fact agreed upon by four American intelligence agencies: Russia orchestrated the attacks, and did it to help get him elected.” That statement is quite a stretch since the strongest “fact” agreed to and included in the intelligence report that was referred to literally states: “The recent disclosures of alleged hacked e-mails on sites like and WikiLeaks and by the Guccifer 2.0 online persona are consistent with the methods and motivations of Russian-directed efforts.” What…“the alleged hacked emails?” All this time, the New York Times, Washington Post, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and everyone else has been carrying on about this allegedly “conclusive” report from ALL SEVENTEEN INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES that “proves” that Russia “hacked” the 2016 Presidential election, and ALL it literally says is that the hacking in question are “alleged hacked emails” and that their “disclosure” on various websites is “consistent with the methods and motivations of Russian-directed efforts.” That’s really the best evidence all seventeen of our intelligence agencies were supposed to have that threw this country into such a tailspin? Surely the United States of America can do better than that! It seems utterly IMPOSSIBLE that the New York Times, Washington post, CNN, MSNBC and other news outlets have wasted so much time, energy and money foisting a total hoax on the American people and the entire world all these months based on something so flimsy as a questionable report that at BEST states that they “believe” that “only Russia’s senior-most officials could have authorized these activities.”…and now we’re wasting precious taxpayer money on all sorts of investigations based on a bunch of hot air! Sadly for the American people, it really isn’t a stretch to question the integrity and trustworthiness of the intelligence assessments and reports issued during the Obama presidency since so many senior administration officials have intentionally misled Congress and the American people and literally perjured themselves when testifying under oath at various hearings; including James Comey, John Brennan and James Clapper.

When it comes to former FBI Director James Comey’s stunning lack of credibility, in addition to so much other convincing evidence available online about how he handled/mishandled the FBI investigation into the Hillary Clinton email scandal, the down-to-earth, common sense questions Congressman Doug Collins asked FBI Director Comey say it best! And then the comments covered just about everything he might have left out; though readers should be warned that they contain some very offensive and inappropriate language. But one of the most recent and very compelling examples of former FBI Director James Comey lying and perjuring himself can be seen in this compilation of his testimony under oath showing how he contradicted himself about President Trump asking him to “shut down” the Russia investigation. And while this Breitbart News article details how Comey perjured himself about leaking to the media and likely did so while still the FBI Director, this video shows that James Comey has been trying to take down President Trump from day one! Comey even testified that he “leaked” to the New York Times because he wanted a special counsel to be appointed…and sure enough, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed one of Comey’s best friends, Robert Muller, as Special Counsel just one day after his memos were leaked to the New York Times!

Former CIA Director John Brennan also has a record of lying and misleading the American people and Congress, including lying about the CIA hacking into the Senate Intelligence Committee’s computers as documented here. And in his latest sworn testimony before the House, he was caught lying to Trey Gowdy, whose very direct and specific questions indicate that he believes Brennan “unmasked” someone (which is a felony) on his last day in office. And even though Director John Brennan corrected the record later by saying he “misspoke” and WAS in fact at the CIA headquarters that day, he was obviously lying when he said he wasn’t even “in the agency” on January 20th. With all that said, one of the most surprising things to me and many others was when the Director of the CIA literally testified under oath and said, “I don’t do evidence”! What…who knew the CIA doesn’t “do” evidence!”

Former DNI Director James Clapper has little credibility as well since he undoubtedly committed perjury when he infamously testified that the NSA doesn’t collect data on millions of Americans, which he later acknowledged doing so knowing that wasn’t true. Yet unlike many less fortunate individuals, Director James Clapper was never prosecuted for perjury, as just about any OTHER American would be! Not only that, James Clapper lied to Congress and to the American people about who changed the CIA’s Benghazi “talking points” as detailed here. And the evidence provided in this scathing Weekly Standard article about how the Benghazi “talking points” were changed is more than sufficient reason to question EVERYTHING put out by the intelligence agencies that provided the assessment about Russia hacking into our election!

First, some of the very same agencies and people were involved in the process that led to the intentionally deceptive Benghazi talking points, which reportedly included “senior officials from the State Department, the National Security Council, the CIA, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the White House.” With President Obama’s re-election on the line in just six weeks (along with Hillary Clinton’s future presidential plans), they obviously included only the people they could trust to hide the truth about the terrorist attacks in Benghazi from the American people! In fact, the article stated that, “As intelligence officials pieced together the puzzle of events unfolding in Libya, they concluded even before the assaults had ended that AL Qaeda-linked terrorists were involved. Senior administration officials, however, sought to obscure the emerging picture and downplay the significance of attacks that killed a U.S. Ambassador and three other Americans.” The article also states that the House report quotes directly from emails between top administration and intelligence officials, and that “If the House report provides an accurate and complete depiction of the emails, it is clear that senior administration officials engaged in a wholesale rewriting of intelligence assessments about Benghazi in order to mislead the public.” My emphasis was added for obvious reasons! So reading the above article in its entirety provides more than enough evidence of why the American people shouldn’t believe ANYTHING that came out of the Obama administration or the intelligence community under his direction, which includes the outrageous political hoax about Russia hacking the 2016 election! And after listening to former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Evelyn Farkas “spill the beans” and then try to “clean up” what she said and clearly meant, there’s no doubt that the Obama administration was actively working to smear President Trump by promoting and possibly even creating phony documentation for the Russia election interference and collusion hoax in its final days. Then according to Bombard’s Body Language analysis, Evelyn Farkas was lying and scared to death in the interviews where she tried to deny what the entire world heard her say, and probably with good reason.

In addition to all the other good reasons NOT to believe the Obama administration’s intelligence community reports regarding Russia hacking our election, particularly the DNC and Podesta email, WikiLeaks recently revealed in the release of Vault 7that the CIA has the ability to “mask” THEIR hacking efforts and make it look like someone else did the hacking…someone else like Russia. That’s really significant information since the IC reports didn’t definitively say Russia hacked the DNC and Podesta emails; only that the hacking and disclosure was “consistent with the methods and motivations of Russian-directed efforts.” Wow, that’s exactly what Julian Assange was talking about! Not only that, how could the intelligence community conclude anything about the DNC computers when the DNC refused to make their computers available to the FBI for examination?

Additionally, it was VERY convenient for Hillary Clinton that the Joint Statement from the Department of Homeland Security and Office of the Director of National Intelligence on Election Security that she and so many others KNOWINGLY AND FALSELY claimed was “approved” by all seventeen American intelligence agencies, was released on October 7, 2016, a mere two days before the second debate and twelve days before the last one; where she used it in another desperate and failed attempt to vanquish Donald Trump! She used that lie over and over again as she falsely stated that they (ALL seventeen intelligence agencies) “confirmed” and “concluded” the details she was spewing about the Russia hacking narrative we now know is nothing but a hoax! So just listen to what Hillary Clinton said now that the entire world knows it was nothing but a big fat lie! In hindsight, it’s also quite impressive to note how confidently Donald Trump told her she didn’t know what she was talking about AND that he did doubt the intelligence report, which he was obviously right to do!

As hard as it is to believe, even printed acknowledgements by the New York Times and the Associated Press that all seventeen intelligence agencies did NOT “approve” the intelligence assessment that Russia hacked the 2016 presidential election to benefit Donald Trump appears to make no difference to Senator Mark Werner as the Vice-Chair On the Senate Intelligence Committee. In an interview on CNN’s GPS (Global Public Square) with Fareed Zakaria on Sunday morning, Senator Mark Werner continued pushing the false Democratic narrative that all seventeen agencies agree that Russia hacked the 2016 election and totally disregarded that the agency directors who signed off on the report had testified under oath that there’s absolutely no evidence that Donald Trump or his campaign and administration colluded with Russia during or since the election. Sadly, it appears that the Democrats and mainstream media, who spun this political hoax and foisted it on the American people in the first place, are willing to go down with the ship before abandoning what most reasonable people now recognize as a total hoax. In fact, this shocking and very alarming Project Veritas American Pravda video (which also contains offensive language) proves without a shadow of doubt that CNN knows that there’s absolutely NOTHING to the Russia hacking story, but they’re more interested in ratings than reporting real fact-based news! And in the second Project Veritas American Pravda video, even CNN’s Van Jones admitted that “the Russian thing is just a big nothing burger! So I’m in full agreement with Tucker Carlson and Mark Steyn, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Tim Black and so many others that CNN and other mainstream media (as well as other deranged Trump-haters) are starting to self-destruct because of their hatred of President Trump and everything he intends to do on behalf of the American people who elected him. And one of the single most significant things our President is doing for the good of our country and the American people is standing up to and calling out the press, which obviously impresses and tickles Rush Limbaugh just as much as it does me! So I can’t help wondering how many other self-righteous, sanctimonious, unhinged Trump-haters who have made utter fools of themselves will have to issue retractions; especially if as I believe might soon happen, Julian Assange publishes proof that the DNC and Podesta emails were sent to him by Seth Rich or another disgruntled Bernie Sanders supporter.

Finally, for those determined to resist and overthrow President Donald Trump and invalidate the votes of the Americans who elected him, perhaps a reminder of what their favorite President said about “rigging” American elections BEFORE the election is instructive at this time; particularly since President Obama said challenging election results would weaken America and make it less great. Well, this is one time when I wholeheartedly agree with Barack Obama, and why I know the Russia election hacking hoax is a very sinister plot intended to do great harm to our country. But the really good news for all Americans is that just as the song America the Beautiful proclaims, God truly has shed His most amazing grace on America and saved us from destruction!