Trump’s Tweet Baited the Mainstream Media and Democrats into Exposing Their Own Hypocrisy!

One of Hillary Clinton’s favorite knocks on Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign was, “A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons.” Yet it’s the mainstream media and Democrats who have gone totally nuclear because President Trump so brilliantly bated them into exposing their own hypocrisy with a simple tweet!

Whenever I want to take the unfiltered pulse of the American people in today’s swamp of journalistic activism, I listen to C-Span, and this morning was no exception and very encouraging! However, hearing what the American people had to say this morning on C-Span’s Washington Journal (and on subsequent programming throughout the morning) would have been very disheartening, disappointing and discouraging to Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, the mainstream media, Democrats and the political establishment because across the political spectrum, the American people clearly understand and support President Trump and his right to defend himself against the unprecedented media bias and hostility he deals with on a daily basis. In fact, I was very impressed with the reasoning and examples many of the well informed callers mentioned, which included Republicans, Democrats and Independents across the board. Two women called in and said they were Republicans and one even said she voted for Donald Trump, but they quickly exposed themselves as impostors; especially the one who referred to “his supporters” with undisguised disgust as she spewed the typical liberal rant against President Trump and Republicans in general. So I encourage everyone who wants to know what the American people REALLY think to listen to Washington Journal on c-Span whenever possible because despite being infected by the inescapable political bias (Greta read and played nothing but negative articles and commentaries about President Trump other than Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ statement about defending himself), for the most part, C-Span still gives the American people a national platform to express their political views and opinions. And they sure had a lot to say in support of President Trump this morning!

Getting back to President Trump’s tweet, his purpose was to expose the outrageous hypocrisy of media celebrities like Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, so he tweeted, “I heard poorly rated @Morning_Joe speaks badly of me (don’t watch anymore). Then how come low I.Q. Crazy Mika, along with Psycho Joe, came to Mar-a-Lago 3 nights in a row around New Year’s Eve, and insisted on joining me?” “She was bleeding badly from a face-lift. I said no!” Our President certainly knows how to yank the liberals’ chain–and just as he knew would happen, they reacted with mass hysteria and hypocrisy! So to keep the record straight, here are just some of the very nasty and personal insults Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough have spewed out against President Trump on a daily basis, which the mainstream media won’t bother playing. While some in the media have dutifully made passing references to Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski being “critical” of “this President,” that’s a far cry from accurately reporting the unprecedented nastiness of their commentary and the highly personal nature of their insults. While it’s not at all surprising that one mainstream media host and commentator after another on CNN and elsewhere have lamented that the President’s comments are beneath the dignity of the presidency, it is a sad state of affairs when they don’t also express concern or criticism of the lack of dignity, decency and journalistic ethics and integrity displayed by Joe and Mika and the rest of the mainstream media. In fact, most of them refuse to accept the results of the election and don’t even try to hide their desire to undermine and thwart the vote of the American people and the 2016 presidential election. Yet that’s something Hillary Clinton railed against and declared “horrifying”at least until SHE was the one who lost the election! In fact, not only did Hillary Clinton REFUSE to make a concession speech the night the election was called for Donald Trump, she now proudly declares that she’s “part of the resistance”. So now that she lost, Hillary Clinton openly supports a resistance movement that’s intent on thwarting the vote of the American people and thus destroying the bedrock of our democracy! Well, the bad news for Clinton and the rest of the “resistance” is that the vast majority of Americans don’t see things their way, which is why Hillary Clinton and the Democrats were so thoroughly trounced in the last election in favor of a man liberals find so utterly objectionable.

There’s a very old, tried and true statement that many seem to have forgotten based on the deranged hypocrisy we’re witnessing among the political chattering class and mainstream media these days, which is that “people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.” And there’s no doubt that would apply to the mysterious death of a twenty-eight year old young woman who worked for Joe Scarborough, Lori Klausutis, who was found dead in his office two months after he announced his resignation from Congress barely six months after winning re-election in 2000. Amazingly, detailed information about Lori Klausutis’ death has been swept under the carpet for the past sixteen years, but it’s all coming to light again now; especially with rumors that Scarborough’s considering running for elected office again. So there are still many unanswered questions surrounding the death of the young woman who worked in Congressman Joe Scarborough’s office, and why he resigned from office so soon after winning re-election two months before her mysterious death, which includes an apparent cover-up. Reading about how Joe Scarborough used his power and position to destroy the careers and reputations of anyone who dared to mention Lori Klausutis’ name exposes his liberal hypocrisy when he calls President Trump “a thug”…”a goon”… and even “a schmuck.” Additionally, it appears that it was common knowledge among those in political and media circles for the past decade that Joe and Mika were openly committing adultery based on this commentary by Glenn Beck from almost four years ago, along with many other commentaries. In fact, media accounts of Mika and Joe’s engagement announcement confirm those rumors based on Mika’s comments about finally facing their feelings for each other and both of them having to make some difficult choices.

In light of the very friendly relationship Donald Trump had with Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski before they turned on him like rabid dogs, it’s no wonder President Trump finally decided to fight back and expose their hypocrisy. Just listen to Joe and Mika in this backstage hot mic conversation with Donald Trump at a town hall they hosted for him! What a difference in tone and attitude; so which is real and which is phony? On top of that, two days after President Trump won the election, Joe Scarborough tore into the mainstream media for having a “blind spot” when it came to reporting on Donald Trump and accused them of becoming “cheerleaders” for Hillary Clinton instead of reporting what was really going on. And now he’s doing the exact same thing, which is a classic example of hypocrisy! Furthermore, there are several notable discrepancies in Joe’s and Mika’s “response” to President Trump’s tweet that was published in the Washington Post today and their subsequent comments on Morning Joe this morning. For instance, according to what Mika and Joe wrote, they didn’t really want to go to Mar-a-Lago (which we might never know the truth about in terms of who asked who); yet they were obviously there. And even though the Washington Post version of their “story” says Joe went for dinner the first night and they were back in their car fifteen minutes later the night Mika was in attendance, in today’s version of their story on Morning Joe, Mika said Joe only stayed for thirty minutes the first night (that was a real fast dinner!) and that she went the next night, thinking they could try to get an interview, which meant they obviously “wanted” to go. Mika said she talked to Melania (who she said she likes very much) and then they were “shuffled” into a “bedroom,” and talked for twenty minutes. While these seem like minor details, they’re still discrepancies and will likely cause many to question their account of events since the facts keep changing…either a story is true and the facts stay the same or it’s not true and the facts keep changing. If they talked in the “bedroom” for “twenty minutes” as Mika said this morning, they obviously weren’t back in their car fifteen minutes later as stated in the Washington Post version of their “story.” So once again, people are left to question the veracity of Joe’s and Mika’s version of events thanks to such discrepancies in the details, which do matter when evaluating someone’s truthfulness.

Then Miss High And Mighty Mika Brzezinski did the very thing she and the rest of the mainstream media and liberal Democrats are so offended by in President Trump’s tweet…believe it or not, she scornfully ridiculed, scoffed at and mocked all the people she saw at Mar-a-Lago she said had face-lifts and literally laughed at them! It was so bad that Joe Scarborough and everyone else on the set realized immediately that she had just stomped all over their high-sounding message and insulted a bunch of people in Palm Beach, so they tried to undo the damage by saying, “We love our Palm Beach viewers…that’s okay.” And “We love you in Palm Beach!” So if it’s wrong for President Trump to mention a woman having a face-lift, surely it’s the worst kind of hypocrisy for Mika Brzezinski to get away with literally ridiculing, mocking and laughing at women having face-lifts the way she did this morning. But as usual, the media and Democrats don’t recognize their own double standards and hypocrisy; yet the rest of America can’t miss them! And even though they said Mika did not have a “face-lift” and was not bleeding, they acknowledged that she did have “a little skin under her chin tweaked,” which most people in the “real world” would consider a “face-lift” of some kind…just another liberal distinction without a difference.

Despite their best efforts to make what President Trump tweeted about Mika Brzezinski’s and Joe Scarborough’s hypocrisy a sexist attack on Mika (and all about them notwithstanding their protests otherwise), the way they and the rest of the mainstream media and Democrats have responded best illustrates and proves Trump’s point about their double standards and hypocrisy. If mentioning a woman having a face-lift is forbidden and out of bounds for a president, surely a female so-called news anchor literally laughing scornfully at, ridiculing and mocking women who have had face-lifts in response to the alleged “sexist attack” regarding her own face-lift is forbidden and just as much out of bounds. Yet in the double standard world of hypocrisy people like Mika Brzezinski, Joe Scarborough, the mainstream media and Democrats live in, Mika hasn’t received a bit of push-back for insulting and ridiculing the women she saw at Mar-a-Lago and even mocked for being “dressed to nines” and having face-lifts. If a President mentioning a woman having a face-lift is “objectifying women,” surely a President who abused and took sexual advantage of an idealistic young intern under his desk in the Oval Office should have been called out for sexually “objectifying” her; especially when that same man was also sued for sexual harassment. However, while the Trump-hating mainstream media and Democrats say merely referring to a woman having a face-lift makes President Trump unfit for office (because he can’t control his “unhealthy” impulses), it was the same mainstream media and Democrats who defended President Bill Clinton’s disgusting and shameful behavior with Monica Lewinski to the hilt and said it was a private matter and “just about sex.” And when Paula Jones filed a sexual harassment suit against President Bill Clinton, the same Trump-hating mainstream media, the Clinton machine and Democrats did their best to destroy her, and despite their lofty protestations against ANY form of sexual harassment (including lodging the most flimsy and outlandish sexual harassment charges against Clarence Thomas in their effort to keep him from becoming a Supreme Court Justice–just because he’s a very conservative black man), there was absolutely no push-back when James Carville referred to Paula Jones as “trailer park trash.” So while the mainstream media and Democrats did their best to cover up and defend the Clintons regarding the multitude of accusations of rape and sexual molestation made against Bill Clinton, they have gone totally nuts just because the President merely tweeted about Mika Brzezinski having a face-lift! It’s all just too bazaar for words, so it’s no wonder the Democrats and mainstream media have lost all credibility with the vast majority of the American people!

The failure of the mainstream media to honestly cover and report on the Monica Lewinski scandal and the many other accusations of sexual misconduct by President Bill Clinton and other Clinton scandals without bias was undeniable evidence of the decline of the high and lofty ethics and standards of American journalism, and when the news media ceased to be the essential element of our democracy it was always intended and thought to be. For those who might be interested, Marvin Kalb wrote a very in depth and thought provoking book about how the Clinton/Lewinski scandal tarnished and forever changed American journalism, which he discusses in great detail here. And there’s probably no better evidence of that and the mainstream media’s bias, double standards and hypocrisy than watching CNN and MSNBC hosts running interference for Hillary Clinton during the 2016 Presidential election campaign by literally cutting off the mics and interrupting anyone who dared to speak ill of her.

Unfortunately for people like Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski and many others in the mainstream media and Democrat party, they’ve totally lost touch with the traditional and long-held values of the American people, and don’t understand that their general lack of moral and ethical standards don’t appeal to the majority of American voters who had way too much common sense to fall for their lies and propaganda. We saw right through them, but they’re so blinded by their own sense of superiority and condescension (we’re all a bunch of hopeless deplorables after all) that they still can’t grasp that; much less how a clearly less than perfect man earned and maintains the genuine admiration, respect and gratitude of a grateful nation that was sick of their lies, utter disregard for the rule of law and the politics of personal destruction and pay to play schemes that put the needs of their wealthy donors and special interest groups above those of the American people. In the midst of their blinding hatred and hypocrisy, they can’t begin to understand why we (not unlike them) are more than willing to overlook a man’s human flaws for the sake of the positive changes we sincerely believe he can and will bring about for the good of our country and to restore the values and traditions that have always been the hallmark of the United States of America. They thought they could tell us that those things we’ve always held dear and cherished aren’t good or decent, that their tendency to embrace every act of division, immorality and ungodliness is what America is really about—they want us to abandon our traditions and values and embrace their depravity, sexual promiscuity of every kind (which President Barack Obama did his best to enshrine in our government and culture on many levels) and to accept the total eradication of the standards of excellence, achievement and ethics Americans have always strived for in every area of our lives, government and culture. The mainstream media’s and Democrats’ multi-decade grand scheme for a socialist/Marxist revolution failed miserably and was ultimately thwarted by the election of Donald Trump, which is why they hate our President so much and why they’ve been forced out into the open with their previously covert “resistance” to everything America stands for, particularly our form of government. So they’ve been “outed,” and the American people finally saw them for who they are, which is why we rightly voted for President Donald Trump as our only hope of ever having someone who wasn’t tainted by political corruption and therefore able to stand up to everything we’ve already seen the mainstream media, Democrats and political establishment throw at him; particularly the “deep state” that’s now so deeply embedded in every area of our government as part of the revolution they were so close to achieving. But most important of all, Donald Trump would not be President of the United States of America today if not for the favor of God, and that’s something Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, the mainstream media, liberal Democrats and the political establishment just can’t understand or fathom, and why all their efforts will ultimately prove fruitless and self-destructive according to Isaiah 41:10-13! So I strongly encourage everyone to take the time to listen to this morning’s Washington Journal on C-span and find out what the American people REALLY think about President Trump’s tweet about Joe Scarborough’s and Mika Brzezinski’s hypocrisy, including outing Mika’s face-lift, and how the mainstream media and political chattering class (Democrats and Republicans alike) are overreacting to it! President Trump brilliantly used a harmless little tweet to “bait” Mika and Joe, the rest of the mainstream media, liberals and Republicans in name only into exposing their own hypocrisy and who they really are, which will ultimately lead to their destruction because they’re so hopelessly blinded by unabashed hatred of the man we elected as our President, the American people who voted for him and everything America stands for!

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