Even Mainstream Media Fake News Can’t Make the Anti-Trump Protest “Fake Movement” Real!

After watching this “puff piece” on the anti-Trump protest group known as “Indivisible” on CNN’s Out Front with Erin Burnett last night, saying it sprung up organically and that its success surprised the founders, I did a little research and wasn’t at all surprised by what I found. As this Breitbart article documents, Indivisible leaders are affiliated with groups funded by George Soros, and Barack Obama’s Organizing for Action organization has partnered with them to mobilize train paid protestors at Republican town halls and other events to block President Trump’s agenda. So much for accepting the results of the election, which the Democrats were all up in arms about when they thought Donald Trump might not do if he lost!

CNN’s fake news segment on Indivisible is just as misleading and deceptive as Politico’s article entitled, Inside the protest movement that has Republicans reeling. While they’re doing their best to present themselves as a “organic grassroots movement,” nothing could be farther from the truth and the mainstream media knows it! They’re desperately trying to create a Democrat version of the Tea Party movement, which I seriously doubt will pan out since all of the protest groups being organized now consist of (and even require) paid and trained protestors. In the above CNN video, the woman didn’t even bother denying being paid when asked; instead, she just cast dispersions on the motives behind the claim. But there’s no denying what’s REALLY behind Indivisible and how they’re intentionally trying to “imitate” the Tea Party movement when listening to Angel Padilla’s revealing interview on the Thom Hartmann Program. Angel Padilla is one of Indivisible’s founders and actually brags about providing “scripts” for protestors to use when talking to their Congressional representatives, which is pathetic and only proves how phony their so-called organic and grassroots “movement” really is and why it’s a “fake movement.” Indivisible is nothing like the Tea Party movement since no one had to tell them how to express their grievances to their Congressional representatives or anyone else and they certainly didn’t need scripts! Unfortunately for Angel Padilla, Thom Hartmann and all the liberals who mistakenly think they can replicate what the Tea Party did, they still don’t get the Tea Party movement! Contrary to what they think, it wasn’t formed in opposition to a party or a President; it was formed in opposition to their liberal policies, which is why Donald Trump is now our President. And since they’re focusing all their money and energy on opposing President Trump and literally have to pay and train protestors, their anti-Trump protest movement will probably fizzle out the same way Occupy Wall Street did. It’s actually quite enlightening and informative to watch Indivisible’s supposedly spontaneously viral online guide, Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda. There’s obviously nothing surprising, organic, natural or spontaneous about it, which the mainstream media knows, as well as knowing there’s NOTHING “organic” or “grassroots” about Barack Obama’s Organizing for Action or any of the other anti-Trump groups and organizations. So all of the glowing articles and mainstream media reports about the anti-Trump protest groups are just more of the mainstream media’s “fake news” campaign against President Trump and further evidence that they’ve totally given up on truthful and objective reporting.

As we see over and over again, liberal Democrats and the mainstream media just don’t understand the vast majority of the American people. For instance, they think the women’s march the day after President Trump’s inauguration was a great success; yet in reality, it was a huge turnoff to millions of Americans because of the vulgarity, anger and hatred on display, which does not represent the vast majority of the decent people in our country. Then when they organized their “day without immigrants protests” last week, the participation was rather insignificant and they obviously didn’t care that hundreds of immigrants and protestors throughout the country would end up losing their jobs, as reported here. And despite their best efforts, yesterday’s “Not My President’s Day” protests were a total flop since the predicted crowds of up to ten thousand per event didn’t materialize and the most generous reports say only “hundreds” actually showed up. And “Not My President’s Day” protestors in Portland, Oregon were even arrested. The problem with all these so-called anti-Trump protests is that they rail against hate as they spew hate; they protest building walls and tout building bridges as they intimidate and threaten anyone who supports or even considers talking to our President; they dismiss legitimate concerns about radical Islamic terrorism as racism and they’re loud, rude, crude and often demonstratively ignorant–none of which are likely to bring about their desired results. So even the mainstream media fake news can’t make the anti-Trump protest fake movement real! Therefore, if they keep it up, the odds are that President Trump will gain even more support as America continues to witness the violence, flag burning, obscenity, intolerance, anger and hatred associated with the anti-Trump protests and the liberal left’s totally manufactured fake movement!

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