Carl Rove, Please Don’t Presume To Know Why I and Millions Voted for Donald Trump!

After watching President Trump’s press conference Thursday and being totally satisfied and very impressed, I couldn’t believe my ears as I watched various television commentaries that followed; particularly when Karl Rove said the people who voted for Donald Trump would be very disappointed because he didn’t say anything about jobs and that’s why they voted for him.

Well, first and foremost, Karl Rove and the rest of the chattering class (including others on Fox News) presuming to know why I and millions of other Americans voted for Donald Trump, you don’t speak for us and you still don’t have a clue why we voted for President Trump! Yes, there’s no doubt that many Americans voted for Donald Trump because they believed he’d create a regulatory climate and negotiate trade deals that would encourage the creation of thousands and perhaps even millions of jobs in America. However, being involved in a nationwide ministry and blessed to know many, many people throughout the country who voted for Donald Trump, I can assure you that our votes had absolutely NOTHING to do with jobs. We voted for President Trump because we knew he’d approach the danger of Islamic terrorism very seriously; unlike Hillary Clinton who wouldn’t even call it Islamic terrorism. We knew he’d unleash the full force and power of our military to DESTROY ISIS and other radical Islamic terrorist groups that threaten the safety of Americans and people all over the world. We knew he’d stop the senseless flood of potentially dangerous refugees into our country and replace our nation’s current immigration and refugee vetting processes with something that actually works…yes, we voted for EXTREME VETTING! We voted for someone we KNOW really loves our country and our people, someone who is NOT a racist despite the media and Democrats doing their best to falsely portray him as such, someone who is REAL and NOT A PHONY POLL DRIVEN POLITICIAN, someone who despises political correctness as much as we do and someone who is clearly blessed with an abundance of good old fashioned common sense! We voted for the man we believed genuinely cares about the people trapped in America’s high crime and poverty ridden inner cities, who we believe will finally do something to significantly change their lives after being used as political pawns by the Democrat Party for so many decades. We voted for the only person we knew would keep our nation’s highest court grounded in America’s constitutional values by appointing Justices in the mode of Antonin Scalia; thereby protecting the constitutional rights of all Americans from a totally liberal court with no real regard or respect for our Constitution. We voted for the candidate who promised to restore law and order to our country and to enforce our laws rather than the one who promised to continue Barack Obama’s flagrant disregard for them and who views lawlessness and other crisis situations as incidents that shouldn’t be allowed to go to waste when they could be used and perhaps even orchestrated to accomplish political goals that might not be possible otherwise.

Not only that, Karl Rove et al, we voted for Donald Trump because politicians in Washington DC have promised the American people to build a wall on our southern border for DECADES and it NEVER happens! But when Donald Trump promised to build that wall, we believed him and we believed he’d actually get the job done! We also appreciated it when he pointed out that building a wall on the border isn’t just about controlling illegal immigration because we know that not having one contributes significantly to our country being ravished by the violent crime and illicit drugs that’s killing countless Americans every year. And most Americans actually agree with Donald Trump that illegal immigration negatively impacts the job market and wages for many Americans.

Another reason millions of Americans voted for Donald Trump that’s often overlooked by talking heads like Karl Rove and the mainstream media is that we knew without a doubt that he wouldn’t be bought and controlled by the special interest groups and lobbyists who now control other politicians once he was elected; in fact, we knew he couldn’t be bought because no other politician has ever funded his or her own campaign and election to the extent Donald Trump did! So he literally put his money where his mouth is and the American people love that because we’re sick and tired of corrupt politicians, which is what we considered Hillary Clinton!

We also voted for Donald Trump for President because he TIRELESSLY and enthusiastically travelled around the country to ask for our votes and very specifically told us what he would and wouldn’t do as our President, which Hillary Clinton never even came close to doing. In fact, Hillary Clinton spent most of her campaign fund raising in California or in seclusion somewhere, and when she did appear in public, it was totally choreographed and usually in the company of entertainers whose vulgar performances many Americans would never allow their children to watch or hear! Yet she spent most of her time trying to persuade the American people that Donald Trump was just too crude and rude, and a racist and misogynist even though he’s a saint compared to Jay-z and Beyoncé! Again, Donald Trump is REAL and Hillary Clinton is a total phony. Donald Trump also willingly took tough questions from the media while Hillary Clinton avoided them like the plague and only participated in highly scripted interviews. Another factor in the election was that Donald Trump was undoubtedly the picture of health during the campaign and Hillary Clinton quite often appeared to be frail and in poor health…and then lied about it! And even though those who prefer to rewrite history want to forget it, the American people weren’t willing to overlook what we instinctively KNEW was criminal and negligent handling of our nation’s most highly classified information, and unlike the Democrat Party bosses and the mainstream media, the American people weren’t willing to turn a blind eye to the undeniable pay for play that went on between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department. Then on top of all that, Hillary Clinton spent the bulk of her campaign calling Donald Trump and his supporters racists, bigots and even deplorables incapable of redemption! Who in their right mind thought insulting at least half of the American voters would be a winning campaign strategy! Hillary Clinton clearly incited racism and division while Donald Trump clearly wanted to bring ALL Americans together for the sake of the country, and in the end, the American people wanted to live in Donald Trump’s America and didn’t want anything to do with Hillary Clinton’s America.

Finally, Mr. Rove, I can’t help wondering if you and the rest of the chattering class media and political talking heads even watched the same press conference I did because President Trump actually spent MOST of the first part of the press conference talking about JOBS of all things! Apparently you and your cohorts missed it when he talked about improving the job market; including saying that he inherited a mess because JOBS were pouring out of the country, that there’s been a tremendous serge of optimism in the business world and how that means so much to him personally because “THAT’S GOOD FOR JOBS!” The President also told the American people that PLANTS AND FACTORIES ARE ALREADY STARTING TO MOVE BACK INTO THE UNITED STATES…specifically mentioning Ford and General Motors among others. And he very specifically talked about companies leaving the country and going to Mexico and other places, as well as low pay and low wages. But he told the American people that he would take care of it ALL (which surely included JOBS) and that his administration went to work on day one “to tackle these challenges,” which obviously meant JOBS to any OBJECTIVE listener! The President also touted developing a new council with Canada to promote women business leaders and entrepreneurs and said that was VERY IMPORTANT to him! He went on to say that he’s ordered plans to begin the “MASSIVE REBUILDING” of our military and that he’s had great support for that in the Senate and from Congress generally. Needless to say, that will also create THOUSANDS OF AMERICAN JOBS! And the President assured the American people that he’s very much aware of the threat posed by ISIS and that he’s working to defeat them in partnerships with other countries and by making sure our military has the equipment they need and that our military will be so strong that it will prevent future wars and conflicts…that we don’t go abroad in search of wars; rather we search for peace and that’s peace through strength. President Trump also said his administration has begun the monumental task of returning the government back to the people, that he’s keeping his campaign promises, including strong borders…that he’s following through on what he pledged to do. He also assured the American public that despite the news reports that his administration is in chaos, it’s actually running like a fine tuned machine…and all that despite not being able to get his cabinet approved by the Senate because the Democrats are delaying the approval of his nominees without cause.

It seems that Karl Rove and America’s talking heads and political chattering class weren’t even listening to what President Trump said before he started taking questions (none of which were about JOBS), especially since he listed what his administration has accomplished in the past first four weeks (even without his cabinet in place), MOST of which was about CREATING AND SAVING AMERICAN JOBS! First, he mentioned withdrawing from “the JOB KILLING DISASTER known as Trans Pacific Partnership” and said he’s going to make one-on-one bilateral trade deals. He said he’s “directed the ELIMINATION OF REGULATIONS THAT UNDERMINE MANUFACTURING and called for expedited approval of the permits needed for America and American infrastructure. And that means plant equipment, roads, bridges, factories.” Needless to say, all of that means MORE AMERICAN JOBS! Then President Trump talked about it taking years to get disapproved for a factory, and that at the end of the process people have spent millions of dollars and get rejected. He said he wants to speed up the process and very specifically said, “We want plants built and we want factories built…and WE WANT THE JOBS. WE DON’T WANT THE JOBS GOING TO OTHER COUNTRIES.” President Trump also reported to the American people that he’s imposed a temporary moratorium on new federal regulations” and “issued a game-changing new rule that says for each one new regulation, two old regulations must be eliminated.” Then he went on to explain how industries in other countries only have a tiny fraction of the regulations we have here in the United States. President Trump said he cares about safety and protecting the environment, but we don’t need four to six regulations for the same thing. He went on to talk about standing up for the men and women in law enforcement and directing federal agencies to make sure they’re protected from crimes of violence. He also talked about creating a task force for reducing violent crime in America, including the horrendous situation in Chicago and other inner cities. He said he’s ordered the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice to co-ordinate in a plan to destroy criminal cartels coming into the United States with drugs. and he talked about undertaking the most substantial border security measures in a generation and being in the process of building a wall on our southern border (which will no doubt CREATE EVEN MORE JOBS). He mentioned ordering a crack-down on sanctuary cities that refuse to comply with federal law and that harbor criminal aliens and reported that he’s already ordered an end to the “catch and release” policy on the border and begun a nationwide effort to remove criminal aliens, gang members, drug dealers and others who pose a threat to public safety. He said he’s even creating a new office in Homeland Security dedicated to the forgotten American victims of illegal immigrant violence. He mentioned his efforts to keep dangerous radical Islamic terrorist out of our country and said that despite recent court rulings blocking his actions, his administration is working night and day to keep us safe and that extreme vetting is already in place in many places. President Trump also informed the American public that he’ll be issuing a new and comprehensive executive order regarding immigration and refugees next week to protect our people. And he talked about beginning construction on the Keystone Pipeline, as well as the Dakota Access Pipeline, which he said will create “THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF JOBS!” He also put new “buy America” measures in place to require American steel for American pipelines, which he said no one had ever even thought of doing before and that all it took was asking! Presumably, that will also CREATE OR PROTECT EVEN MORE AMERICAN JOBS, Mr. Rove et al! The President talked about measures he’s taken to “drain the swamp,” and beginning the process of repealing and replacing ObamaCare, which will definitely positively impact JOBS in America. And then he talked about negotiating “a very historic tax reform to BRING OUR JOBS BACK…TO BRING OUR JOBS BACK TO THIS COUNTRY BIG LEAGUE. IT’S ALREADY HAPPENING, AND BIG LEAGUE.” President Trump said that he’s worked to install a cabinet over the delays and obstruction of Senate Democrats and praised his cabinet, saying that “among their responsibilities will be ENDING THE BLEEDING OF JOBS FROM OUR COUNTRY and negotiating fair trade deals for our citizens.” He went on to say that “JOBS HAVE ALREADY STARTED TO SURGE. SINCE MY ELECTION, FORD ANNOUNCED THAT IT WILL ABANDON ITS PLANS TO BUILD A NEW FACTORY IN MEXICO AND WILL INSTEAD INVEST SEVEN HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS IN MICHIGAN, CREATING MANY, MANY JOBS. FIAT CHRYSLER ANNOUNCED IT WILL INVEST ONE BILLION DOLLARS IN OHIO AND MICHIGAN, CREATING TWO THOUSAND NEW AMERICAN JOBS.” He continued, “GENERAL MOTORS LIKEWISE COMMITTED TO INVEST BILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN ITS AMERICAN MANUFACTURING OPERATION, KEEPING MANY JOBS HERE THAT WERE GOING TO LEAVE.” President Trump even went so far as to say that if he hadn’t been elected, those JOBS would have left, and the JOBS and investments he was announcing would have never come here! He also said that “INTEL JUST ANNOUNCED THAT IT WILL MOVE AHEAD WITH A NEW PLANT IN ARIZONA…THAT WILL RESULT IN AT LEAST TEN THOUSAND AMERICAN JOBS. WAL-MART ANNOUNCED IT WILL CREATE TEN THOUSAND JOBS IN THE UNITED STATES JUST THIS YEAR BECAUSE OF OUR, OUR VARIOUS PLANS AND INITIATIVES. THERE’LL BE MANY, MANY MORE…MANY MORE. THESE ARE A FEW THAT WE’RE NAMING.” Then President Trump talked about how other countries have taken advantage of us for decades and said he’s not going to let that happen anymore, which was still in reference to JOBS! And he finally reminded everyone that he had kept his campaign promise to the American people by nominating Judge Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court before taking questions from the press.

So to Karl Rove and the other talking heads I’m getting sick and tired of hearing LIE ad nauseam about President Donald Trump and his supporters, whom you obviously know absolutely nothing about, you should be ashamed of yourselves because you’re a disgrace to your profession. Anyone who actually watched the above press conference and listened to anything President Trump said in his opening remarks and then reported that he didn’t talk about jobs is either an intentional and deliberate liar or incapable of doing their job. Just look for the all caps above because they highlight how much President Trump talked about jobs yesterday, which you obviously didn’t listen to, or couldn’t hear through your bias deafened ears or are just knowingly lying about. In any case, I and millions of Americans who voted for Donald Trump sure would appreciate it if you’d stop presuming to know us and why we voted for and continue to STRONGLY support President Donald Trump. We were very pleased with President Trump’s press conference and you do not speak for us! However you and those just like you have provided the best evidence of why so many Americans can’t stand the media these days and why we don’t and won’t ever trust you. So we’d greatly appreciate it if you’d just give your own biased, politically motivated opinions without trying to attribute them to us because you obviously don’t know anything about us and either don’t watch the things you presume to report and comment on OR you’re intentionally lying and promulgating fake news just as President Trump rightly accused you and others of doing at the press conference.

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