Why Donald Trump WILL Lose His Supporters If He Abandons His Campaign Promises

As someone who very strongly supported and encouraged the election of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton as President, in light of very disturbing news that he’s abandoning many of the positions he ran on, I’m willing to withhold judgment regarding his fidelity to those campaign promises UNTIL he does or doesn’t do some of the things now being reported by the mainstream media. However, with that said, Donald trump would do well to remember why he was elected President because if he turns out to be just another lying politician who doesn’t keep his campaign promises to the American people who elected him, contrary to what he seems to think, he WILL lose his supporters IF he abandons his campaign promises. We elected him because we were sick and tired of politicians, particularly Republican politicians, promising one thing when they were campaigning for our votes only to get into office and do the exact opposite of what they promised.

Therefore, if Donald Trump does not appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton’s criminal activities as promised at a presidential debate on live TV and in other forums, or otherwise assure the American people that the FBI will fully investigate and the DOJ will fully prosecute the case against her, he will lose faith with the American people because that would prove him a liar and show us that we were once again mistaken and wrong to think he meant what he said and was a man of his word. Donald Trump also specifically promised that as President, America would withdraw from the Paris climate change agreement and stated that he’d pull US funding for climate change initiatives from the UN and use that money to improve America’s water systems and infrastructure. He repeatedly referred to climate change as a hoax, and if he so quickly changes his position on such a significant issue, the ONLY possible conclusion is that he was intentionally lying to the American people and used deception to get elected the same way most politicians do. And if Donald Trump is modifying his position on building a wall on our southern border and abandoning his repeated promises to make border security one of the top priorities of his administration, that too was a lie. So no matter what Donald Trump might think, the American people who voted for him will not continue to support him if he turns out to be just one more lying politician.

While many of Donald Trump’s supporters don’t understand the appointment of Nikki Haley as Ambassador to the United Nations, knowing that she has a demonstrable record of very strong immigration policies that are consistent with those espoused by Donald Trump as a candidate for President makes that appointment much easier to understand and accept. And while my initial reaction to the possible appointment of Mitt Romney as Secretary of State was not good, after researching his positions on immigration and trade, I can understand why Donald Trump might consider nominating him for such an important position. Their positions on illegal immigration and trade and the negative impact they have on employment and business here in the United States are also very similar. So if Donald Trump is willing to overlook how Mitt Romney and Nikki Haley behaved during the campaign and has confidence that they’ll carry out the policies he espoused regarding immigration and trade and putting America first, I can follow his lead. That doesn’t mean I’ll ever fully trust Mitt Romney; yet it’s only fair for Donald Trump to forgive and set aside Mitt Romney’s insults in light of the most honorable example Dr. Ben Carson set in that regard. Additionally, those appointments will more fully unite the Republican Party, and I learned very early on that Donald Trump is so confident in what he knows and believes that he’s not threatened by opposition and actually enjoys making a case for himself and his policies in the face of the most ardent opposition.

So while I’m willing to withhold judgment until I see what Donald Trump actually does, I hope he understands that he can and will lose the support of the American people if he abandons the campaign promises he made and used to gain our support and confidence. On the other hand, as his supporters, we have to remember that the mainstream media is NEVER going to give Donald Trump a break and that they will ALWAYS do everything in their power to put him in a bad light and to create doubt and division among his historically loyal supporters. Donald Trump had to overcome many misgivings the American people had about him to win the election; particularly that he was a bleeding heart liberal masquerading as a Republican or mostly conservative presidential candidate. In fact, many of us were initially concerned that he had some kind of secret agreement with the Clintons and was running just to insure her election. Even though that’s obviously not the case, it’s still very disconcerting to hear Donald Trump praise Hillary Clinton for serving her country for so many years and saying that she’s suffered enough, which also means calling her “Crooked Hillary” and saying everything else he did about her were at best disingenuous. That’s why hearing Donald Trump actually praise Hillary Clinton in his belated acceptance speech after the election made me feel very uneasy; it was so hypocritical, and that’s the one thing we all thought Donald Trump would never be. Then hearing him say that Hillary Clinton has suffered enough only heightened my concern about Donald Trump’s trustworthiness and unfortunately causes me to be less likely to automatically reject mainstream media reports that he’s abandoning one campaign promise after another. Donald Trump either believes what he said about law and order and that Hillary Clinton is not and should not be above the law or he doesn’t, and if he doesn’t, then the American people who believed him when he said that have no reason to ever believe anything else he said or ever says again. This election was about rejecting hypocrisy and politicians who lie and do anything to get elected and stay in office, and if Donald Trump ends up being just like the rest of the politicians the American people are sick and tired of, it’s a big mistake to think his supporters won’t abandon him to the same extent he abandons his campaign promises. So I urge the millions of Americans who voted for Donald Trump to take a deep breath and wait to see what he actually says and does in terms of doing what he promised to do during the campaign. The mainstream media will always twist everything he says and does and take things out of context or leave out specific words and qualifying statements, so let’s hope that’s all that’s going on now. And remember that it will be up to Jeff Sessions as the Attorney General to determine how to proceed in the investigation and prosecution of Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation, who I’d expect to do a great job and to uphold the laws of this country. We’ll all have plenty of time to make a judgment regarding Donald Trump’s fidelity to his campaign promises, and I still believe he knows how important it is to do what he promised the American people he’d do as President. So let’s keep praying for our country and for our new President!

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