Liberal and Progressive Democrats are Obviously Drinking Their Own Kool-Aid

Watching the reaction of liberals and progressives in the Democratic Party foaming at the mouth with relentless fear mongering and spewing the same racist and divisive rants that contributed to Hillary Clinton losing the election just proves that Democrats are drinking their own Kool-Aid and are totally blinded by their own radical ideology. They obviously don’t understand that the American people rejected that kind of politics by electing Donald Trump and that the mainstream media has become virtually irrelevant because the American people know they can’t be trusted to honestly report the news or to provide the unbiased and objective information they need to reach their own conclusions about who to vote for or anything else that’s going on. For instance, I was amazed by how many people called into C-Span prior to the election and said they were so upset by the media’s obvious bias against Donald Trump (saying they’d never seen anything like it before) that they decided to listen to him, which they were able to do on the internet. And even though they were life-long Democrats and had never voted for a Republican, after actually listening to Donald Trump for themselves, they said they were going to vote for him, along with everyone else in their families!

Additionally, ever since the Republican Party’s historic wins in the US House and Senate and state legislative bodies in 2010, many Democrats have concluded that having Republicans in control of their government actually makes their lives better, which is why I predicted that Wisconsin would go red and vote for Donald Trump this year. And since 2010, Republicans have continued to win elections throughout the country and now control both legislative bodies in twenty-four states with Republican governors, while Democrats only control legislative bodies in six states with Democratic governors. There are now thirty-four Republican governors, with Vermont, New Hampshire and Missouri electing Republican governors this year, and Pat McCrory is waiting for the results of a recount in North Carolina. Furthermore, the Democratic Party only picked up six seats in the US House of Representatives this year even though they said they’d consider picking up less than twelve seats a huge loss. And despite their obvious confidence in gaining control of the Senate again this year, that didn’t happen either. So it’s really dumbfounding to see that the Democrats are so unwilling to look at the facts as they are instead of pushing the very things that have been costing them elections since they started shoving their liberal ideology, and policies like ObamaCare, same-sex marriage and gender neutral bathrooms down the throats of a decidedly unwilling electorate, who ultimately felt they had no choice but stop them dead in their tracks by electing Donald Trump.

It’s even more incredible that the Democrats think the American people are fooled by the professional/paid protestors they’ve hired all over the country to riot and engage in violent demonstrations since we know it’s nothing but organized opposition to the election outcome, which reveals the liberal and progressive Democrats’ utter contempt for our country. Not only that, since we also know that the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton’s campaign orchestrated and paid for the so-called violence at Donald Trump’s rallies (thanks to the Project Veritas videos), we don’t believe the claims of racist and anti-Muslim incidents around the country either; especially since it’s supposed to be happening primarily on college campuses. After all, we also remember the “poop swastika” incident at Gateway Hall on the Mizzou campus last year; along with many other questionable racial incidents and hoaxes, which I wrote about in Claims of Racial Incidents on MIZZOU campus unravel. So unless someone proven to be a Donald Trump supporter is caught in the act, Americans aren’t going to believe they’re behind such nonsense, especially since some of the allegations have already been proven false, such as the alleged attack on a female Muslim student in Louisiana. On the other hand, there are videos of violent racist attacks on Donald Trump supporters such as a black mob beating an older white man in Chicago, which he describes here. And a white high school girl was beaten by a black Hispanic in California for voting for Trump. As further proof of the Democratic, liberal and progressive double standard, we hear their political operatives and the mainstream media calling for Donald Trump to speak out against alleged attacks on blacks, Muslims and women around the country, but they aren’t calling on the President or Hillary Clinton to speak out, or themselves speaking out against the documented racist and violent attacks on Donald Trump’s supporters. And while the Democrats and mainstream media were totally outraged when they predicted that Donald Trump and his supporters wouldn’t accept the outcome of the election if Hillary Clinton won, they’re now defending the right of protestors to voice their objection to the election outcome and they don’t even seem all that concerned about the violence associated with those so-called protests. But that’s exactly what happens when liberal and progressive Democrats drink their own Kool-Aid and don’t realize that fewer and fewer Americans like their Kool-Aid anymore, which is why they keep losing one election after another. That’s very well summed up in this awesome article by John Hawkins, entitled “7 Things Liberals Should Learn From This Election But Won’t.”

Even though liberal and progressive Democrats drinking their own Kool-Aid and trying to push the Democratic Party further left than Barack Obama did is really bad news for them, it’s not bad news for the Republican Party and America because the more Republicans we have running things, the better things will get in our country. But just as we’ve shown the Democrats, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, if the Republicans do NOT DO WHAT THEY PROMISED when running for election, we’ll get rid of them too! I’m so excited to see what Donald Trump gets done for ALL Americans in the coming months and years because I honestly believe he’ll find some way to do the things he promised the American people; he said he won’t let us down and will fight for us and we will win, and that’s exactly what I believe and expect him to do! Winners have a way of attracting people to their cause, so as time passes and Donald Trump keeps his promises, I think even more Americans will join the movement to make America great again. So God bless America and our new President!

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