Traditional American Values Trumped the Socialist Agenda to Fundamentally Transform America!

After virtually no sleep Monday and Tuesday night, and after taking one phone call after another throughout the night Tuesday and all day Wednesday, I’ve finally had a little time to rest and consider the magnitude of Donald Trump’s stunning election as the forty-fifth President of the United States. First and foremost, I’m filled with immeasurable gratitude and thanksgiving to God for His faithfulness and the mercy He’s bestowed on a nation that doesn’t deserve it. Of course, none of us deserve the mercy God extends to us, but that’s the measure of His great love for us as His beloved. Needless to say, there’s so much that could and no doubt will be written about this historic event in our country’s history, and after listening to a lot of pontification and a multitude of varying explanations about what happened and why, it’s interesting to see how many still don’t get that when all is said and done, Traditional American values trumped the socialist agenda to fundamentally transform America. So contrary to what many want to believe, the unmistakable message delivered to liberals, globalist and elite politicians in our country from the previously silent majority of Americans who showed up at the polls is that we won’t sit by and let our country be so fundamentally transformed that we no longer recognize it. And since President Obama so aggressively and repeatedly stated that his name wasn’t on the ballot this year, but his legacy and the progress he made that so fundamentally changed our country were, and at risk of being undone, that’s exactly what the vast majority of American people chose to do either by voting for Donald Trump, Gary Johnson, Jill Stein or by staying home. In fact, many people were shocked, angered and themselves insulted when President Obama so arrogantly said that he’d consider it a personal insult to him and his legacy if blacks didn’t get out and vote. Needless to say, since so many blacks and Democrats who previously voted for Barack Obama sat out the election and voted with their seats or voted for Donald Trump, they obviously didn’t feel compelled or obligated to save President Obama’s legacy or to protect what he considers “progress” in fundamentally transforming America, as he promised to do five days before winning the presidency in 2008. Instead, the American people chose to preserve traditional American values and to restore our long cherished institutions over President Obama’s liberal and progressive, racist and divisive policies and agenda. Thankfully, the American people have rejected and turned back the socialist revolution that’s been under way in our country for decades and elected and entrusted President Donald Trump and the Republicans in Congress to restore our traditional values and the institutions we cherish as Americans.

By listening to Barack Obama’s speech right before his historic election as our fourty-fourth President in 2008, it’s much easier to understand why Donald Trump won in an equally historic election as his successor. After boldly and confidently declaring that “we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America,” Barack Obama promised the American people that in five days, “you can turn the page on policies that put greed and irresponsibility on Wall Street before the hard work and sacrifice of folks on Main Street.” He continued by declaring, “In five days you can choose policies that invest in our middle class, and create new jobs and grow this economy so that everyone has a chance to succeed.” He went on to mention “Folks who can’t pay their medical bills or send their kids to college, or you not being able to afford college or thinking about that thirty or forty or fifty thousand dollars of debt that you might have to carry, people who, who can’t save for retirement.” Then he said, “You know, ordinary Americans, we can’t take a back seat to CEOs and Wall Street banks for four more years.” Then after conceding that people had a right to be cynical about politics, he finally promised that if elected, he would “change this country and change the world.” Sadly, that’s the one promise Barack Obama did keep, But the American people don’t like the changes he made in our country and the world and that’s why they voted to reverse them and to dismantle his legacy. And no amount of spinning will change that undeniable truth.

The truth is that instead of keeping all those high sounding promises, Barack Obama and the Democratic Party passed legislation that literally bailed out and rewarded the greed and irresponsibility of Wall Street and did nothing to hold them accountable or to reward the hard work and sacrifice of folks on Main Street. They bailed out the CEOs of Wall Street banks and the automobile industry, and instead of helping the middle class, they rewarded their rich donors and lobbyists from the unions, healthcare industry and squandered billions of hard working Americans’ taxpayer dollars on countless green energy companies that went bust. And Barack Obama and the Democrats did absolutely nothing to invest in the middle class, to create new jobs or to grow our economy. In fact, they virtually destroyed our economy and countless middle class American businesses and jobs were destroyed and lost because of onerous environmental and business regulations, social engineering Supreme Court Rulings and ObamaCare. And even though Americans are paying more than ever for health insurance, they can’t afford to use it because of outrageously high deductibles and out-of-pocket costs. In fact, according to this report last month, middle-aged individuals will pay over $500.00 a month for health insurance that won’t kick in until they meet a $6,000.00 deductible, and the deductibles for families this coming year will average $12,393.00…and that’s on the CHEAPEST plans! So now even more “folks” can’t pay their medical bills despite having health insurance, and eight years later, they still can’t afford to send their kids to college because Barack Obama and the Democrats didn’t do a thing to reduce the cost of college or to help students and families pay for it. Not only that, “folks” who did have retirement plans before Obama’s fundamental transformation of America don’t even have jobs now, and over the eight years of his presidency, those who are already receiving Social Security didn’t receive cost of living increases most of those years (for the first time in decades), yet their Medicare premiums steadily went up. So despite Barack Obama’s promises to the American people, they ended up taking a back seat to CEOs and Wall Street banks as he and the Democrats rewarded their wealthy donors and special interest groups and did absolutely nothing for average Americans other than destroy our healthcare system, intentionally put the coal industry and others they don’t like out of business, put a stranglehold on our economy with unconstitutional regulations, endangered countless Americans and our national security by ignoring immigration laws and with very lax refugee policies and so much more. For those who would argue that President Obama kept those promises, just replay Hillary Clinton’s campaign speeches (the few that weren’t focused on bashing Donald Trump and his deplorable supporters) because she made all of the same promises; which means President Obama and the Democrats didn’t do what they promised to do eight years ago even though they had a majority in the House and Senate for two years and could have passed whatever legislation they wanted to.

Then by examining some of the most fundamental ways Barack Obama and the Democratic Party fundamentally transformed and drastically changed our country and the world over the past eight years, it’s easier to understand why Donald Trump was elected in a landslide and why the American people so strongly rejected Obama’s policies and kept the Republicans in control of the Senate and House of Representatives to insure that President Trump’s policies and promises can be put into effect. Of course, it would literally take a book to delve into all the things President Obama, the Democrats and lily-livered Republicans did or didn’t do during his presidency that the American people didn’t vote to continue or specifically voted to reverse, but I’m just going to cover the ones I know were the most important based on my personal conversations with black, Hispanic and white Americans from all over the United States; including some legal immigrants.

While there were many truly serious issues on the minds of Americans as they voted for Donald Trump and even those who stayed home, one of the most consistent concerns for just about everyone regardless of their stand on particular issues was the radical cultural and social changes that occurred in our country under the leadership of President Barack Obama. In fact, it’s hard to imagine that such radical cultural and social changes could be made in such a short time, and even though they did their best to cover it up, the American people realize that these changes were very deliberately and intentionally brought about by the racially and socially divisive policies of the Obama Administration, the Democratic Party and those in league with them; such as George Soros, countless sports celebrities and many in Hollywood. In pursuit of their radical social engineering agendas, liberals declared anyone who disagreed with their liberal ideology intolerant and became the most aggressively intolerant social and cultural movement our country has ever known.

For example, the LBGTQ community initially said they just wanted to be accepted for who they are and to be able to love who they love without fear of retribution. But it didn’t take long to realize that was a total farce since their real agenda went way beyond that. Once the courts gave same-sex couples the legal right to marry (which was all they said they wanted), they viciously set out to destroy anyone who refused to participate in their weddings because of their personal religious beliefs. And to the dismay and horror of many Christians, the very same courts sworn to uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States of America, which guarantees every American the right to FREELY practice their religion and very specifically bars the passage of ANY LAWS that infringe on that right, ruled that the constitutionally guaranteed right to practice our religion is trumped by the court ordered right of same-sex couples to marry. That’s totally absurd since the couples could have easily found other bakers, florists and photographers for their weddings, which means the Christians who didn’t want to participate in their weddings because it would violate their personal and constitutionally protected religious rights didn’t prevent them from exercising their right to marry. So without realizing it, as liberals often do, they went too far and American Christians realized that upcoming Supreme Court appointments trumped any and all other concerns they might have about electing Donald Trump. And more recently, the LBGTQ lobby has been pushing a gender neutral bathroom and locker-room policies that parents all over the country (even liberals) found totally objectionable. That’s far too much social engineering for most people and even with pushback, President Obama and the Democrats didn’t back off. So Americans knew the only way to put an end to such a ridiculous policy and return to common sense bathroom and locker-room policies was to elect Donald Trump, and that’s what they did!

Similarly, after most Americans were so deeply traumatized by videos proving that Planned Parenthood was literally selling the dead bodies of the babies they aborted and were using specific abortion procedures to insure getting the most money for the babies they murdered, the Democrats and President Obama pushed back and vigorously defended Planned Parenthood and repeated the false narrative that abortion is about a woman’s right to choose what to do with her own body. Well, the only problem with that for most Americans is that those videos literally showed what the abortionists were doing with the bodies of their murdered babies! So a woman’s right to choose what to do with HER body is the choice she makes BEFORE she gets pregnant, and once she fails to responsibly practice proper preventive measures to keep from creating an unwanted baby, it’s no longer just about her body, and the baby shouldn’t be murdered to keep her from dealing with the consequences of her own irresponsibility. Of course, in cases of rape and incest, the woman has no choice; but in those rare cases, the abortion can be induced by abortive drugs or surgically performed immediately and would never require the barbaric practice of partial birth abortions the Democrats don’t seem to find the least bit objectionable. Barack Obama even fought a law in the Illinois senate to require medical care for the aborted babies who dared to survive the abortion! Again, that’s a step way too far for the vast majority of Americans; yet Hillary Clinton proudly campaigned on overturning the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits taxpayer funded abortions and unashamedly defended partial birth abortion right up to the baby’s due date on live TV at the last presidential debate. So again, people who don’t want the blood of millions and millions of more aborted babies on their hands and to stand before God one day and give account to Him for not stopping it when they had a chance by electing Donald Trump decided to do exactly that!

Then Americans watched in utter disbelief as President Obama time and time again literally incited racial tension and division in our country by speaking out on various racial incidents involving blacks and Muslims and always called out what he instinctively perceives as America’s systemic racism. However, he NEVER chose to speak out on cases that involved white Americans or other minorities; so rightly or wrongly, Americans were left with the perception that their President considered himself the President of black and Muslim Americans and had little to no regard for white Americans. Then we were left speechless when he started strongly supporting and even encouraging Black Lives Matter, which deeply troubled most Americans since they were literally calling for the assassination of police officers around the country. And things only got worse as we witnessed the slaughter of eight police officers last July in Dallas and Baton Rouge and the assassination of America’s police virtually became an everyday occurrence. So while Hillary Clinton might have garnered the support of a radical fringe minority of black Americans by pandering to the Black Lives Matter movement, including having the “Mothers of the Movement” at many of her campaign events, as well as Muslims by using Khizr Kahn to incite even more division in our nation, the vast majority of Americans strongly oppose the racist and divisive tactics and agenda of Black Lives Matter and their call for the murder of our country’s heroic police officers and don’t understand why President Obama and Hillary Clinton refuse to call radical Islamic terrorists what they are. That’s why Donald Trump’s promise to restore law and order in our country and his refusal to bow to outrageous political correctness appealed to so many Americans, particularly to far more black and Hispanic Americans than the liberals ever thought possible!

Another significant factor the mainstream media, Democrats and Hillary Clinton’s campaign failed to understand about this election is that the American people were sick and tired of race baiting, division and the radical social engineering policies and agenda being promoted and fostered by the liberals and progressives in our country, and finally stood up and said NO MORE! We’re sick and tired of being called racist, bigots and haters because we’re genuinely conservative and don’t agree with President Obama’s policies, which we wouldn’t like any more if his skin was white, yellow or purple. We desperately want to get back to a time in our country when diversity of thought and opinion was not only respected but cherished and encouraged. That’s why it’s so shocking to most Americans to realize that the kids in our universities and colleges today are literally emotional basket cases because they’ve been coddled in progressive ideology promoted in today’s schools, which have completely failed to educate and prepare them in any meaningful way for life because they were too busy brain washing them and creating more robotic liberals incapable of rational and intelligent thought. They don’t know a thing about America’s history, our Constitution or the proper role of government in our country. They’ve been spoon-fed climate change terrorism, white privilege nonsense and socialist rot and are scared to death of everything, including their own shadows. So, much to our great shame, America’s education system is one of our country’s most profound failures, and the parents whose children still live at home and can’t find or keep a job are really feeling the effects of that failure. That’s a cycle that has to be broken so future generations can get a real education and become productive members of our society instead of the emotional cripples now being produced in America’s schools, which is what the American people did by rejecting the same old policies of the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton.

Another serious and fatally flawed miscalculation by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party and the mainstream media is that the American people are fed up with their double standards on just about everything imaginable. Most Americans expect everyone to be held to the same standard, including being held to the same standard when it comes to violating rules and laws and being held accountable when those rules and laws are violated. So it’s really hard to comprehend how the Democratic Party ever thought parents who still care about the example our country’s leaders set for their children would elect as their President a woman who everyone knows committed multiple federal crimes that would have sent anyone else to prison for years, and for which others who did far less than she did are now in prison. All through the election process, I just couldn’t believe that the Democrats really thought a majority of American people would turn a blind eye to Hillary Clinton’s crimes and blatant disregard for the law and undeniably careless and reckless mishandling of our top national security information. And contrary to what they seemed to think, Americans knew the truth when political operatives made baseless accusations about Donald Trump having nefarious ties to Russia and Vladimir Putin; especially since everyone knew for a fact that Hillary Clinton’s husband and her family foundation received and even solicited BILLIONS of dollars from Russia and known enemies of the United States, who were then rewarded with favorable transactions approved by none other than Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. Since she’s the one who literally handed over twenty percent control of America’s uranium production to Vladimir Putin, along with some of our nation’s most highly guarded military technology as Secretary of State (going against the advice of various defense and intelligence agencies), the American people were reasonably a lot more concerned about what she might do as President if the payoff was high enough. Then after welcoming Jay-Z and Beyoncé to perform at the White House many times throughout his presidency, most Americans saw right through Michelle and Barack Obama’s hypocrisy and double standard when they warned that Donald Trump would set a terrible example for America’s youth because he’s such a racist and misogynist. And I honestly believe that Hillary Clinton made the same mistake and did irreparable damage to her own campaign by inviting Jay-Z and Beyoncé to perform at one of her last campaign events because she was so desperate to get the black vote. After her repeated criticisms of Donald Trump for his vulgarity on the Access Hollywood tapes and other things she deliberately took out of context to label him a racist and misogynist (including in her ads), there couldn’t have been a more powerful picture of hypocrisy and a huge double standard than seeing Hillary Clinton clapping her hands and enthusiastically enjoying herself as Jay-Z repeatedly let loose with the “n word” and repeatedly dropped “f bombs” throughout his virulently racist and misogynistic performance and as Beyoncé danced around and disgracefully grabbed her crotch! Any argument she might have made against Donald Trump regarding the example he’d set for our children went right out the window when the American people saw that! Sadly, the liberal and very progressive Democratic Party have sexualized our culture and demeaned women and stirred up racism so much that they no longer have any credibility on such matters, and they’re so blinded by their own perversity and ideology that they don’t even realize that the American people see right through their hypocrisy and double standards. In fact, it’s largely because the American people are so sick of Democratic hypocrisy and double standards that Donald Trump’s politically incorrect speech is so refreshing and even loved by so many Americans. He literally says what many others are thinking and would love to say, but don’t dare say for fear of retribution from the radically liberal left in our country who are more than willing to violently resist and put down anyone who disagrees with them on anything.

I’m actually surprised that so many people seem to be genuinely shocked by Donald Trump’s election, which really just goes to show that the liberals and political elites in this country were even more out of touch with everyday Americans than I thought! Unfortunately for them, they forgot that the government of this country does not belong to them and that it belongs entirely to we the people, and contrary to what they apparently thought, we the people won’t be bullied or shamed into abandoning that right and responsibility. So ALL politicians need to take heed to the loud and clear message the American people are sending, which is that we expect the men and women we elect to do what they promised to do while campaigning once they’re in office, and if they don’t, we’ll eventually vote them out. For instance, I voted for Marco Rubio only because he’s a Republican and I wanted Donald Trump to have a Republican Senate to insure the confirmation of his Supreme Court nominees; otherwise, I would not have voted for him because of his weak immigration policies, the way he attacked Donald Trump so personally and his record of very poor attendance. I have no doubt that many others used the same strategy to insure Republican control of the Senate; which means that Donald Trump most certainly had coattails despite all the assertions that he wouldn’t. It’s also interesting to note that the three Senators who unwisely “unendorsed” Donald Trump instead of saying they supported him as their party’s nominee and his policies even though his comments were indefensible didn’t get re-elected. Hopefully, the Republicans will finally figure out that instead of losing when they stand up to intimidation by the Democrats instead of cowering in fear, the American people who elected them in the first place will stand behind them if they stand strong on the policies they were elected to enact, defend or to end. For instance, it was foolish of Republicans to back away from Donald Trump so they wouldn’t “lose” the election; surely they didn’t expect Democrats to vote for them instead of their Democratic opponent! They should have known that Donald Trump’s devoted supporters would be angry and wouldn’t vote for them and that they didn’t stand a chance of winning without them, which is why that wasn’t a winning election strategy. Additionally, since the men and women the American people send to Washington, DC to represent us are supposed to represent what we want and what we want for our country, the minute they forget that and unwisely ignore the will of the people, as President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party did by using deception and outright lies, dirty tricks and political games to force ObamaCare down our throats, the American people will rise up against them and they’ll never be able to repair the damage they’ve done by betraying the trust of the electorate. President Obama also made a lot of other promises in his campaign speeches about no lobbyists influencing his administration, having the most transparent administration in history, that all bills would be published online for three days so the American people could review them before they were voted on, that the healthcare debates would be televised on C-Span and on and on; YET NONE OF THAT EVER HAPPENED! And that’s why the Democratic Party is in worse shape now than they’ve been in for a very long time, as spelled out in this article from last year. Unfortunately for the Democrats, everything I’m reading today about how they should go about changing the party going forward proves that they still don’t “get it” because they think moving the party more in the direction of Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders is the answer. But they’re still banking on and proposing more divisive policies and spewing accusations of racism, classism and misogyny and defeating wicked capitalism, which was NOT the message of this election. But that’s something the Democratic Party will have to figure out for themselves. However, since Missouri, Vermont and New Hampshire also rejected Democrats and elected Republican governors this year, the American people are doing their best to send the Democratic Party a message, but it seems they’re still refusing to listen! That means Republicans now hold thirty-four governorships, even though Governor Pat McCrory (who was targeted by the left for supporting the so-called “bathroom bill”) is currently behind in North Carolina and awaiting a recount because the vote was so close. Governor McCrory took a very bold and courageous stand for traditional American values, so I’m praying that God will reward him with victory in the recount! Additionally, twenty-four states are now totally controlled by Republicans and only six are controlled by Democrats. Surprisingly, the New York Times has one of the best analysis’ of this year’s Republican blowout election , especially since it details how Republicans started gaining significant power throughout the United States in 2010 after the passage of ObamaCare against the will of the people. For some reason, the Democrats just don’t get that the American people still expect their leaders to be honest and trustworthy, and that they will not tolerate racially divisive politics, incompetence or corruption in their government, which will sadly be the historic hallmarks of President Barack Obama’s presidency. And Democrats will do themselves great disservice if they fail to realize that they lost this election because of the arrogance, condescension and disdain displayed toward America’s electorate by the Clinton campaign and other political operatives (including Michelle and Barack Obama), along with their failure to provide a compelling reason to elect Hillary Clinton and a campaign based almost entirely on an unprecedented effort to totally destroy and annihilate Donald Trump despite knowing that millions of Americans knew him quite well after welcoming him into their homes every week for so many years. Whoever devised that strategy should never again be entrusted with another political campaign because they just don’t have common sense and they obviously don’t know the American people!

Of course, voters had many other issues on their minds when they elected Donald Trump this year, such as the economy, jobs, terrorism, border security, illegal immigration, unfair trade agreements, replacing a failed system of education and ObamaCare, and so much more, which are often mentioned in discussions of what went so terribly wrong for the Democrats and Hillary Clinton in this election. But we’re not very likely to hear political pundits talk about what I’ve mentioned here, so I just wanted to toss my two cents into the mix and proclaim what a truly great day it was for America when traditional American values trumped and so thoroughly vanquished the socialist agenda to fundamentally transform America and stopped it dead in its tracks with the historic election of Donald Trump as our next President! So may God forever bless America, bring healing and unity to our country and continue to bless Donald Trump with boundless wisdom, courage and strength as he undertakes a truly monumental task on behalf of the American people!

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