America’s Election is being STOLEN with Flagrant Voter Fraud in Florida and elsewhere

As America faces the most consequential election in our country’s history, it will take an overwhelming voter turnout for Donald Trump tomorrow and an act of God to overcome the corruption that’s infected our government at EVERY level. As many very close elections over the past sixteen years have proven, it doesn’t take widespread voter and election fraud to steal an election when it can be done in just ONE THOROUGHLY CORRUPT Supervisor of Elections’ office, such as the one in Broward County, Florida. And now that FBI Director Comey has sent a loud and clear message to pro-Clinton lawbreakers that they won’t face prosecution or legal consequences for their crimes, they’re emboldened to openly and flagrantly defy long-established laws governing elections as revealed by this shocking report that tens of thousands of vote-by-mail ballots have been illegally opened in Broward County, Florida. Even though a lawsuit was filed, there’s no real remedy and those votes will end up being counted regardless of where they came from and without the validation and authentication REQUIRED BY LAW. Sadly, this is what happens in a country where the rule of law doesn’t exist and there are no checks and balances on government corruption because the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigations are in the tank for corrupt politicians.

However, flagrant voter fraud in Broward County doesn’t stop there based on another report by an eye-witness who saw Supervisor of Elections (SOE) workers filling out blank ballots as reported here and here. According to a sworn affidavit by Chelsea Marie Smith, a former SOE employee in Broward County, she saw four other SOE employees filling out blank ballots in a locked room and was fired the next day. Brenda Snipes, the Broward County Supervisor of Elections, initially claimed that the employees were filling out “damaged ballots,” but her latest story is that the employees were transferring faxed ballots from military personnel serving overseas. Yet Chelsea’s very detailed affidavit doesn’t mention seeing a third stack of fax papers or damaged ballots in front of any of the workers filling out the blank ballots. And since Florida’s presidential elections have been won by far less than these thousands of potentially fraudulent ballots, it will take a huge voter turnout or an act of God to overcome such massive voter fraud. Fortunately, all things are possible with God!

Not only that, in addition to determining the results of the presidential election and the majority party in the U.S. Senate next year, there are also two very controversial ballot initiatives being decided in Florida’s general election this year. That means flagrant voter fraud of such magnitude could also lead to the approval of medical marijuana in the state and the passage of a very controversial Constitutional anti-solar amendment (even though it’s presented as being pro-solar via confusing wording of the amendment, which is also forbidden by law and yet approved by the Florida Supreme Court). So voters in all states need to beware that voter fraud doesn’t just effect the outcome of elections and who wins a political campaign because it can also be used to fraudulently win controversial ballot initiatives. For example, most people don’t think Donald Trump or other Republicans are likely to fare well in California; yet another case of absentee voter fraud was uncovered there when 83 absentee ballots were delivered to the wrong address, as detailed in this Fox News report. They were actually addressed to different people at the two bedroom house next door, where an 89 year old woman lives by herself. Of course, that was “just a computer glitch.”

Unfortunately, flagrant voter fraud isn’t the only way elections are stolen in America based on this shocking revelation by a Hollywood Producer, Bettina Viviano, who says Barack Obama stole the 2008 election and silenced Bill and Hillary Clinton with the murder of a very close friend and associate! You can listen to Bettina Viviano’s shocking account of threats, extortion and murder in the 2008 presidential election here. Bettina Viviano also confirmed that Donald Trump was right when he said the Clintons were behind the “birther” movement in her 2013 interview. So after Hearing Viviano’s account of the 2008 election based on her personal experience and knowledge, and knowing how Barack Obama coerced Hillary Clinton and that the Clintons believe he had their friend and close associate murdered, I’m even more convinced than ever that Barack Obama will not allow Hillary to succeed him as President, which I’ve written about previously.

Another potential “swing” state where the Democrats are playing fast and loose with the law and doing whatever it takes to steal the election is Virginia, as explained here. But that’s no real big surprise since Bill Clinton and Barack Obama have both openly encouraged illegal immigrants to vote in this election as reported here, which you can listen to here. And then President Obama literally told illegal immigrants that it’s okay to vote and that they don’t have to worry about deportation because as he said, “when you vote, you are a citizen yourself”…and that was when he was asked if non-citizens who vote should fear deportation. Again, it’s no wonder we have so many corrupt politicians who so boldly violate and thumb their noses at our laws when the agencies tasked with holding them accountable are in their pocket!

Other examples of voter fraud have been exposed in Illinois, in Indiana and even in Massachusetts. In fact, after being at my current home for almost seventeen years, I received a voter registration card this year for someone I don’t even know and who hasn’t lived here for at least twenty years. So I called the Supervisor of Elections’ office and was told to send it back to them, but received a voters’ guide addressed to him several months later. So who knows if that person will be voting, but if dead people can vote, I guess he can too!

Of course, anyone who paid attention to the Democratic primary elections knows that Hillary Clinton stole the Democratic Party nomination from Bernie Sanders’ voters, which led to a federal racketeering lawsuit being filed as reported here and a class action lawsuit on behalf of Bernie Sanders’ supporters. In fact, here’s a video of Shawn Lucas serving notice of that suit; whose name has unfortunately been added to the very long list of mysterious and suspicious deaths connected to Bill and Hillary Clinton as reported here. But for those resistant to “conspiracy” theories, here’s proof of how Bill and Hillary Clinton committed voter fraud to keep Bernie Sanders from winning in Massachusetts. However, that probably doesn’t really matter since the Clintons already had that election wrapped up before Bernie’s campaign even got off the ground based on recent WikiLeaks emails about their “secret” deal, as detailed here. But this news will probably be devastating to Bernie Sanders’ very loyal supporters since it indicates that he’s just as much a fraud as Bill and Hillary Clinton. Our elections are in real trouble when political opponents secretly enter into “agreements” that gives one of them “leverage” over the other one before the campaign even begins! And no one knows how many other opponents (including Republicans) Hillary Clinton had similar agreements with. So much for free and fair elections in America!

Then on top of all that, even more of the recent WikiLeaks emails reveal the very cozy, symbiotic relationship between Hillary Clinton’s campaign, the Democratic National Committee and the mainstream media, especially CNN, as covered here. And even though Donna Brazile initially lied about giving Hillary Clinton debate questions before the debates, she’s bragging about it now and isn’t the least bit remorseful as reported in the Washington Post. Apparently she just regrets getting caught and would do it all over again if she had to, even though she’d be a lot more careful about cyber security.

Sadly, the American people have witnessed corruption in our government on a scale we’ve never seen before, which is why it’s so important that we all turn out in HUGE numbers tomorrow to vote for Donald Trump and keep Hillary Clinton and the Democratic political machine from flagrantly stealing this election through voter fraud in Florida and elsewhere around the country. And even though we’ll probably never know just how much fraud takes place in the Democratic Party’s efforts to steal this election, I know millions and millions of Americans from both political parties are going to do our best to keep that from happening, and with the help of God Almighty, I believe we will! So may God bless America and Donald Trump and pour out His grace and favor on all of us!

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