Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Democratic Political Operatives Losing it on the Campaign Trail!

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Democratic Political Operatives are Losing it on the Campaign Trail!
Since the mainstream media won’t show viewers what really happened when a Trump supporter showed up at President Barack Obama’s North Carolina Clinton campaign rally the other day, here’s what really happened. So much for cool, calm and collected Barack Obama, and so much for being able to get those angry supporters to listen to him! I couldn’t believe it when President Obama kept yelling, “Sit down and be quiet, which the mainstream media is not showing—or how long it went on! His tone and attitude have certainly changed since this Clinton rally three weeks ago, when they all thought Hillary was going to win in a landslide! Needless to say, President Obama is not at all happy that the blacks who helped elect him aren’t turning out for Hillary Clinton, and he angrily told the Congressional Black Caucus last September that he’d take that as a personal insult to him and his legacy. In fact, President Obama, Hillary Clinton’s campaign, Democrats and the mainstream media have virtually given up on trying to persuade Americans that Clinton is the best candidate for President and are now relying entirely on race baiting and fear mongering out on the campaign trail and in their reporting. But even when President Obama goes out campaigning for Hillary Clinton instead of doing the job the American people are paying him to do, he spends more time promoting and defending his record and his legacy than Hillary Clinton, which even the media has noticed. And even “MoveOn” considers this President Obama’s “most impassioned speech on the campaign trail yet”, which is not about Hillary Clinton!

So no matter how much they try to spin the truth, things are not going well for Hillary Clinton and her surrogates out on the campaign trail, as seen when Bill Clinton was confronted about Hillary lying about Benghazi. And poor Senator Tim Kaine can’t even get anyone to show up at his events; such as this one where only 24 people showed up in Ft. Myers, Florida yesterday and only 30 people were at this one in West Palm Beach the week before. Then this is Hillary’s attack on Trump supporters when a protestor called Bill Clinton a rapist. And if the mainstream media had a shred of integrity, they’d be playing this Hillary Clinton scream, which isn’t much different from the one that destroyed Howard dean in 2004.

However, the best evidence that Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and their political operatives, including the mainstream media are losing it is that the only thing they have left to run on in the closing days of the presidential campaign is race baiting and fear mongering, as reported here and again here. Watching President Barack Obama out on the campaign trail for Hillary Clinton probably makes people wonder what happened to his message of hope and change. Well, it’s been co-opted by Donald Trump and they don’t have an answer to counteract his message of REAL hope and change in America; so they have to resort to race baiting and fear mongering, which they’ve been doing for years as the above video also shows.

Despite today’s surprising announcement from FBI Director James Comey that after looking at the newly discovered email found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop, his conclusion in July that Hillary Clinton shouldn’t be prosecuted even though her handling of national security information was extremely careless has not changed, I’m still confident the American people will not elect her President. However, that doesn’t mean that the Clintons and the corrupt Democratic machine won’t do everything in their power to steal this election or that they’d do what’s best for the country when Donald Trump wins. So we have to keep praying for our country and be prepared for the possibility of widespread riots and violence after the election Tuesday. Despite criticizing Donald Trump for saying he’d have to wait to see what happens before he’d accept the results of the election, Democrats have dispatched an army of lawyers and have been quietly filing endless law suits in battleground states, so I’ll be very surprised if they don’t keep doing that after the election. And despite Democratic and mainstream media protestations otherwise, there’s already a MOUNTAIN of evidence showing how the Democrats are rigging the elections, so they aren’t going to go quietly into the night if Donald Trump wins—even if it’s by a landslide. Unfortunately, President Obama and the Democrats have spent the past eight years plus intentionally stirring up virulent racial hatred and division, and as President Obama’s inability to control that crowd in North Carolina last week proves, they won’t be able to control the destructive force they’ve unleashed in our country even if they want to, and the American people will be paying the high cost of that for years to come. So I want to urge everyone to keep praying for peace and to be prepared just in case things don’t go well after the election, which means having plenty of food and water on hand, cash, gasoline, power back up for cell phones—all the same things we all do when we prepare for hurricanes. God will not stop bringing to light everything they’re doing in the darkness, so we’re probably all in for a rough ride over the next few days and need to keep our focus on God and remember that NOTHING the Democrats, Hillary Clinton or anyone else does will succeed against HIM and HIS plan!

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