The Democrats and Hillary Clinton Have a Huge Double Standard When it Comes to blacks and Misogyny

Despite the mainstream media’s unabashed efforts to further Hillary Clinton’s campaign to paint Donald Trump as a dangerous racist and misogynist, it’s not working because the American people aren’t clueless; which they’d have to be not to notice that the Democrats and Hillary Clinton have a huge double standard when it comes to blacks and misogyny. And even though I know that, I’m still amazed to see how stupid or uninformed the Democrats and Hillary Clinton think the American people are; it’s like they’re totally unaware of the impact social media has on our culture today and how a vast number of people get their news via the internet in one form or another.

A classic example of Hillary Clinton’s double standard was her campaign appearance and get out the vote effort last night in Cleveland, Ohio, that featured a concert with Jay-Z and Beyoncé; which proves their huge double standard considering how the mainstream media, Hillary Clinton, President Obama, Michelle Obama and other Democratic political operatives sanctimoniously berate Donald Trump for being a racist and misogynist based on things he’s said. IF they were really horrified and wanted the American people to reject Donald Trump because he “bragged about sexually assaulting women,” it seems like they’d think twice about closing out Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign with Jay-Z, whose song lyrics make Donald Trump’s offensive words seem tame in comparison! As this Business Insider article reports, Jay-Z “repeatedly used the n-word and dropped the f-bomb” last night. But that’s mild compared to the lyrics of most of Jay-Z’s songs, such as this one, which is so vile I can’t even include the title—so BEWARE! And to further make the point, here are the lyrics to many of his songs. In addition to being terribly racist because they very negatively stereotype both black men and women, Jay-Z’s song lyrics are also very misogynistic because they sexually objectify women in a way no one should ever applaud or support; yet the Democrats love Jay-Z and most celebrities who promote the same kind of racist and misogynist attitudes in our culture and poison the minds and hearts of our youth. . No one could honestly deny that Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s music and performances endorse and promote the sexual objectification of women (misogyny), racial stereotypes and division and even violence against police; yet they’re very close associates and friends of Barack and Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton. So by the fairness standards of most Americans, they have NO standing when it comes to criticizing anyone else for vulgarity or promoting racism and misogyny, but they don’t get that because they’re so blinded by their own double standards. And since Hillary Clinton is closely associated with other celebrities who are well-known for their vulgarity, racist and misogynistic attitudes, she’s in no position to pass that judgment on Donald Trump or anyone else, and the American people know that.

Most Americans don’t have a difficult time figuring out that if Donald Trump’s words are sufficient reason for the Democrats and Hillary Clinton to label him a racist and misogynist, Jay-Z’s well-known, very deliberate and repeated words are reason to label him a racist and misogynist. Additionally, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama and other Democrats feign outrage and horror at the thought of the bad example Donald Trump would set for America’s children if he were President, yet they’re not the least bit concerned or offended by the example Jay-Z and Beyoncé and other vulgar celebrities set for America’s children when they feature them at their campaign events and repeatedly welcome them into the White House, which is a HUGE double standard. So once again, Hillary Clinton and the Democrats prove how deaf and dumb they are when it comes to “getting it” because they don’t understand that the same people who were offended by Donald Trump’s vulgarity and secretly recorded words were just as offended by Jay-Z’s words—if not more so. Therefore, the Democrats and Hillary Clinton’s campaign don’t have a clue that they stepped on their own message and invalidated their efforts to paint Donald Trump as “unfit” for President by relying on Jay-Z in an act of sheer desperation to win this election. And if anyone had enough journalistic integrity to ask, Hillary Clinton would have a difficult time explaining her high praise for Jay-Z (even praising his “message”) in light of her criticism of Donald Trump for a whole lot less!

Not only that, one of Project Veritas’ latest undercover videos reveals what some Democrats and Clinton fundraisers really think about blacks, which is not all that different from the stereotypical racism often expressed by Democrats. Americans should ask themselves why Democrats and liberals always think and assume blacks are so different (often less capable than others in some way) from whites or any other group or race in America, as revealed in this campus survey. Sadly, Democratic racism is the worst racism of all because it’s the racism of low expectations, which they’ve been spreading all through our society for decades now. But people like Hillary Clinton who pursue power at all cost don’t care who gets hurt in the process as long as they gain control of the masses, and they know the best way to do that is to create “victims” by orchestrating one crisis after another because victims always need someone to help or rescue them; which is why the Democratic Party NEVER does anything meaningful to change the plight and lives of blacks and Hispanics trapped in America’s inner cities. That’s also why Democrats promote celebrities who just reinforce a victim mentality, stir up anger and division, and never inspire our youth to set and achieve high standards and goals. The last thing Democrats and Hillary Clinton want is for ALL Americans to have access to the American dream, and that’s why they’re so desperate to keep Donald Trump from being President, which their double standard about race and misogyny proves.

Hillary Clinton’s claim to fame has primarily been working all her life for women and children as a champion for their issues, but far from having a record of any real consequence in either area, she actually has a well-known and documented record of attacking and trying to discredit her husband’s accusers according to this report and so many others. However, the most damning evidence revealing the truth when it comes to women and little girls counting on Hillary Clinton comes from her own mouth…so listen as the “real” Hillary Clinton literally brags and laughs about getting a forty-two year old rapist a ridiculous plea deal despite knowing that he viciously raped a little twelve year old girl. I felt sick when I heard her bragging about how she got the attention of the “premier” blood analyst, and said, “If you could get him interested in the case, then you knew you had the foremost expert in the world willing to testify so that it came out the way you wanted it to come out.” Listening to her at the end of the tape, there’s no doubt she was pleased that she “got him off” with just “two months” for time served despite knowing he had brutally raped a young girl. So according to the double standards of Hillary Clinton, the Democrats and the mainstream media who back them, we’re not supposed to judge Hillary Clinton’s fitness to be our next President based on anything she actually did; yet we are supposed to evaluate Donald Trump’s fitness for the presidency based on things he’s said (most of which is taken out of context) and totally ignore his highly respected and distinguished record of REAL success and accomplishments. Again, that’s a huge double standard!

Finally, in addition to noting how friendly the Obamas are with Jay-Z and Beyoncé as stated above, it literally makes me sick to my stomach to hear Michelle and Barack Obama talk about setting high moral standards and act so smug and superior to Donald Trump, declaring him unfit for President because of what he said on the Access Hollywood video. They often talk about the need to “respect” women and to hold them in high regard, but that is NOT what Barack Obama was doing when he PROUDLY showed off his erection to the women travelling with him on a campaign plane in 2008, as disgustingly shown here. Of course, it’s hard to say what’s more disgusting…Barack Obama showing off for the cameras and women on the plane or how the women reacted! Yet THAT’S the “high” moral standard our President set for the youth and men in our country! Needless to say, that’s just another shameful double standard. Don’t be surprised if the video “disappears” because Hillary Clinton’s campaign and her political operatives and friends in high places are very busily removing or “hiding” as much as they can to keep the truth from coming out. But God has been bringing to light everything they’ve been doing in darkness and exposing their hypocrisy and double standards when it comes to blacks and misogyny; which the truth reveals is nothing but pandering to targeted voting demographics for the sake of winning an election.

One of my favorite and often used sayings is that “Man proposes and GOD DISPOSES.” So regardless of what Hillary Clinton and all of her political cronies propose, in the end it is God and God alone who will dispose, and I believe His hand of favor in this election is clearly on Donald Trump. So let’s keep Mr. Trump and our country lifted up in prayer because the really hard work begins AFTER the election, and our new President will need our prayers, God’s wisdom and His continued grace more than ever before. God bless Donald Trump and God bless America. AMEN!hich i

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