DOJ’s Assistant Attorney General Peter Kadzik Caught Colluding with Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

The evidence of corruption swirling around and through all things Hillary Clinton keeps piling up with each round of new emails released by WikiLeaks, and yesterday was no exception! The DOJ’s Assistant Attorney General Peter Kadzik was caught colluding with Hillary Clinton’s campaign regarding the Department of Justice’s Clinton email server investigation by secretly feeding them information about the investigation, as detailed here. John Podesta and Peter Kadzik were college buddies and Kadzik even represented him when he was charged with perjury in the Monica Lewinsky case and, according to Podesta, kept him out of jail. Kadzik’s son even reached out to Podesta for a job with the Clinton campaign. Needless to say, someone that close to the Clinton campaign chairman shouldn’t be handling the Department of Justice’s investigation into anything to do with Bill and Hillary Clinton. So with the revelation that Assistant Attorney General Peter Kadzik was feeding “heads up” information to his buddy John Podesta regarding the Clinton email server investigation, he should be asked to recuse himself from anything to do with the Clintons; especially since he’s the one in charge of the current investigation into the newly discovered Clinton related emails on Anthony Weiner’s computer! That just isn’t ethical or acceptable by any standard since there’s an obvious conflict of interest. Sadly, the Department of Justice has become an extension of Hillary Clinton’s campaign and nothing could be more corrupt than that! So as Donald Trump said at a rally in Florida yesterday, this election is our LAST CHANCE to stop the unprecedented corruption now overtaking and threatening our country!

Additionally, many sources have reported that FBI Clinton Foundation corruption and “pay to play” investigations have been blocked or severely hindered by the Department of Justice and some in the FBI; Including James McCabe, whose wife received over $675,000.00 in donations to her Virginia senatorial campaign from Clinton friends in high places. Yet James McCabe is still in charge of the Hillary Clinton illegal email server investigation. However, truly honest and dedicated FBI agents and investigators kept investigating the various Clinton scandals and barring extraordinary interference and obstruction from the Department of Justice, indictments are expected. And as Fox News reported last night, the FBI’s Clinton Foundation investigation is much more expansive than previously reported, an avalanche of new information is coming in every day and they’re interviewing witnesses for the second and third time as they receive new evidence, and despite previous limited immunity agreements with Hillary Clinton aides Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson, their laptops weren’t destroyed and are now being probed for additional evidence (which could potentially void their immunity agreements). And the FBI has found new email evidence from Clinton’s server on Anthony Weiner’s computer, including likely classified information, and they believe five foreign intelligence agencies accessed Hillary Clinton’s email server and removed data from it; which likely included some of our nation’s most highly classified and top secret information.

As more information comes out, including whatever WikiLeaks releases, the greatest danger for Bill and Hillary Clinton and many of those closest to them are people who’ll turn on them to avoid spending many years in prison. Not only that, Hillary Clinton has become a huge liability to many very powerful players on the world stage, and they don’t necessarily play nice. While I didn’t expect all of this to come out before the election, I’m also not surprised for several reasons. First and foremost, I’ve always believed President Obama would double-cross Hillary Clinton after the election because he doesn’t really want her to succeed him as President; which I’ve written about quite often, such as here. Secondly, I vividly remember listening to James Comey testify before Congress a month ago and being asked some very tough questions about the Clinton email server investigation, some of which are included here, and was really struck by his impassioned response and defense of the FBI when Trey Gowdy told him that’s not the FBI he knows and used to work with. When I heard Director Comey’s clearly heartfelt response, I had a very strong sense that he knew something he just couldn’t reveal at that time and that he knew Gowdy would change his mind about the FBI’s investigation in the end. That gave me the impression that the FBI was still investigating the Clinton Foundation and that they let the email server issue slide because it was considered almost inconsequential compared to everything else they had. However, I am a bit perplexed about why all of this is coming out before the election since I didn’t expect to hear anything about it until after Hillary had safely won; which is what they clearly expected and for some strange reason still seem to expect. So unless they have the electronic voting machines rigged so that a Trump win is impossible (with man and not with God), this is all very strange. But one possible explanation is that Hillary Clinton is so damaged by the WikiLeaks Podesta emails, the ObamaCare rate hikes and the Project Veritas videos, not to mention that early voting results show Donald Trump doing much better than anyone but his supporters thought possible, that President Obama needed a scapegoat for Hillary Clinton not winning the election and the obvious damage a Trump presidency will do to his precious legacy. But based on my research, including much of what I’ve previously included elsewhere on the site, if Hillary Clinton goes down, Barack Obama is probably going down with her. So perhaps damage to his legacy isn’t nearly as important as being charged with treason and war crimes. Another big problem for Bill and Hillary Clinton and their associates is that even though Barack Obama can pardon them for federal crimes, he can’t pardon them for state crimes, and four different states are currently investigating the Clinton Foundation. Needless to say, the information that’s coming from the FBI right now isn’t coming from the top, so it might just be some agents who think the American people have a right to know the truth about Hillary Clinton before the election and there’s no other way to get that done since they’re being blocked by the Department of Justice by people like Assistant Attorney General Peter Kadzik and others. Attorney General Lynch has totally discredited herself in this matter as well since she secretly met with Bill Clinton on her jet while these investigations were ongoing, and there’s no telling what information she passed on to him in those unprecedented thirty-nine minutes!

The good news is that the American people will make the decision about the future of our country in less than a week, and it will be up to us to decide whether or not corruption on a level never before seen in our federal government is acceptable. And call me an eternal optimist, but I just can’t imagine the majority of Americans giving their stamp/vote of approval to Hillary Clinton and the corruption she’d take into the Oval Office if elected. So let’s keep praying for our nation, the wisdom of the vast majority of the American people and that God will keep bringing to light everything that’s been and will no doubt continue to be done in darkness!

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