The Web of Clinton Corruption is Finally Catching up with Hillary Clinton and Her Entire Crime Syndicate

Based on information gleaned from WikiLeaks, Project Veritas videos and from FBI and police sources in New York after finding over 650,000 Clinton related emails and files on Anthony Weiner’s computer, the American people are in for a rough ride and need to buckle up because the web of Clinton corruption is finally catching up with Hillary Clinton and threatens to bring down her entire crime syndicate. For instance, yesterday’s WikiLeaks release included an email message from John Podesta (Clinton’s campaign chairman) to Cheryl Mills (Clinton’s top assistant and attorney) on March 2, 2015 (right when the email server scandal broke), in which he told her that they have to “dump” the emails. Podesta actually wrote, “we are going to have to dump all those emails so better to do so sooner rather than later.” And when we add to that the fact that they used bleach bit on the server to make sure Hillary Clinton’s emails could NEVER be recovered and literally smashed her other devices to bits with a hammer, it’s obvious that Hillary Clinton and her campaign never wanted those emails to see the light of day! So the Clinton campaign’s claim that Podesta meant they needed to turn the emails over as soon as possible is an insult to the intelligence of the American people because we KNOW what they did, and they DID NOT turn them over; they destroyed them and we KNOW that’s exactly what John Podesta was telling Cheryl Mills to do when he said “dump all those emails” and to do so “sooner rather than later!” Not only that, we know that since they willfully broke the law by doing that AFTER Hillary Clinton was served a lawfully authorized subpoena to preserve and produce the server and all related emails, all those emails must be EXTREMELY damaging! We also know they never would have done that unless they were confident Hillary Clinton and her criminal conspirators would never be held accountable for their crimes. And using our good old everyday common sense, we know that Bill Clinton didn’t meet secretly with Loretta Lynch on her jet for thirty-nine minutes days before James Comey failed to charge Hillary Clinton just to talk about his golf game and grandchildren! Contrary to what the Clintons and most Democrats seem to think, the American people aren’t that stupid!

Considering everything the Clinton campaign et al did to get rid of those emails, it’s no wonder the discovery of over six hundred fifty thousand emails that Huma Abedin (Hillary’s closest aide) had somehow downloaded onto Anthony Weiner’s computer sent shockwaves through the Clinton presidential campaign and her entire crime syndicate! Contrary to misleading reports in the mainstream media, the 650,000 plus emails often referred to are actually considered “relevant” to the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email server, and considering the astounding volume of data, there’s no way it’s “just duplicates.” In fact, the initial scan of those emails by the FBI revealed that thousands of them came from the email address Hillary Clinton was known to use, as well as from multiple “.gov” email accounts, which means they were email accounts used by government employees to conduct official government business. Initial scans also seem to indicate that thousands of the documents included in the newly discovered email are indeed classified; in fact, the FBI is looking for “cleared” agents to assist in their review of the emails. That means they have top national security clearance, which EVERYONE who sees and has access to classified material is required to have BY LAW. Yet the nation’s top secret classified information that ended up on Anthony Weiner’s computer was forwarded through Huma Abedin’s Yahoo email account, which everyone knows are notorious for being so easily hacked!

While much of what’s now being exposed about Hillary Clinton and the corruption she’s been part of for decades is shocking for so many Americans, many others have been aware of it all along. For instance, this article was written about Hillary Clinton’s involvement in the murders in Benghazi as a cover-up operation four years ago, and with the WikiLeaks confirmation since then to back him up, author Dave Hodges has updated that with this article about Hillary Clinton being complicit in Chris Stevens’ murder because he found out about the illegal activities that were sanctioned and financed by President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and was about to spill the beans. It’s a tale of corruption and intrigue that’s beyond the imagination of most decent and honest Americans, and the only hope of saving our country is preventing Hillary Clinton from ever becoming our President! Dave Hodges seems to have some well-informed sources within our government, and a few days ago, he shared a shocking letter from a Drug Enforcement agent, who wrote about the web of drug running our government and the Clinton Foundation are involved in. Since there are MANY books and documentaries about Bill and Hillary Clinton’s legendary corruption, the information is available for anyone interested in finding it. But for those who might just be starting to have questions about the Clintons and have believed the farcical persona they present to the public, a lot of information about the web of Clinton corruption is included in an article I wrote back in July, titled Corruption, Lies and Death Always Reign in Hillary’s Parade. Additionally, two great sources for understanding the extent of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s corruption and how they operate the world’s largest crime syndicate are the Clinton Cash Documentary, which details many of the “pay to play” transactions that took place while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, and then an updated version of Clinton Chronicles, which details their criminal activities all the way back to drug running, government corruption and murders in Arkansas.

However, all of that is pretty complicated and will seem like small potatoes if the shocking news now being leaked by angry FBI and police sources in New York end up being true; some of which is detailed here and here. Be warned, it really is shocking; yet it would confirm every word of testimony from government whistleblowers Mark Phillips and Cathy O’Brien, links to which I included in The Survival of American Democracy and Traditional Values are on the Ballot this November. It will literally take hours to listen to everything I included from Cathy and Mark in that post, but if you really care about our country and want to know the truth about how wicked the people running it (which does include Bill and Hillary Clinton) for the past fifty plus years are, you’ll take the time to listen to what they have to say. It’s all based on their eye-witness experience; Cathy as a government owned and mind controlled “Presidential model” sex slave and courier, and Mark as someone who worked in the CIA and rescued Cathy and literally saved her and her daughter’s lives years later. I inadvertently discovered this video from their presentation at a forum in 1996 when looking for something else…which I now realize was divine intervention. Then I watched this presentation from when George W. Bush was President. While it’s really difficult to describe the impact Cathy O’Brien’s testimony had on me as she described the shocking details of unimaginable corruption in the very highest levels of our government, the following is a lengthy excerpt from the above post:
Something about their presentations resonated as truth and something we have to face if we’re to save our country, our American democracy, our traditional values and everything else we hold dear as Americans and especially as Christians. So hearing Cathy O’Brien’s shocking and graphic testimony personally challenged me to accept information about people I’ve previously held in high regard and to abandon the idealism I’ve held to for many years, having to face the existence of absolute corruption, perversion, cruelty and wickedness in all levels of our government. But I couldn’t deny the truth of what she shared because it explains what we see going on in today’s political realm. It explains why so many political elites support Hillary Clinton despite her well documented and undeniable corruption, and have even endorsed her and actively oppose Donald Trump. It explains why President George H. Bush is voting for Hillary Clinton, why none of the Bush family support Donald Trump and even why Mitt Romney is so strongly against him. Donald Trump is the greatest threat to completing their long awaited plan for a one world government because he actually inspires American patriotism and espouses putting America and the interests of the American people FIRST; which also explains the mainstream media’s political collusion with the Clinton campaign and their unprecedented efforts to control public opinion and to turn Americans against Donald Trump. Everything they’ve worked to accomplish for decades is on the line in this election and only a significant majority of the American voters can stop it by electing Donald Trump in a landslide. So I encourage every American concerned about the survival of American democracy and our traditional values to listen to Trance Formation of America: The Cathy O’Brien Story and decide if it’s credible or so vile and repulsive that it’s just too shocking and incomprehensible to believe and accept. It’s a truly horrifying and shameful exposé of the criminal, inhumane and excessively perverted activities of America’s highest and most powerful government leaders for decades; yet not all that shocking in light of the corruption we’ve seen so blatantly displayed in many federal agencies in their efforts to hide and excuse Hillary Clinton’s criminal activities to insure her election as our next President. They don’t even try to hide it anymore because they’re convinced that the American people are sufficiently under their control and powerless to stop them. For example, by listening from the 6:58 mark, Cathy reveals how drugs were intentionally brought into America from Mexico as part of a drug running partnership between the Mexican and American governments. For years, many in the black community have claimed that the CIA brought drugs into their communities, which is now proven and documented by Cathy O’Brien’s revealing testimony of how she was used as a mind control sex slave and courier for the Whitehouse and Pentagon for years. It also details how she was subjected to decades of unspeakable brutality, horrifying sexual, physical and mental abuse by those at the very highest levels of our government. Everyone will have to listen to all of this and determine for themselves if it’s significant and credible, but regardless of what anyone thinks of the information Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips have brought to light, it will change your perspective on many things because it’s really not possible to totally dismiss it based on what we see happening in our government and country today, and so much of what they predicted and talked about has come to pass since they started sharing Cathy’s horrifying experience at the hands of our own government over twenty years ago. And for those who don’t realize it, information like this is precisely what Hillary Clinton means when she defames and attacks the “alt right.” She’s scared to death that a majority of Americans will figure out what’s going on in our country and how the wicked, corrupt and evil forces she’s associated with have been trying to control our minds and emotions for decades in order to accomplish their goal of a one world government. If human beings can be reduced to emotionally reactive, angry beings without moral restraints and without the ability for analytical thinking because they’ve been manipulated and controlled by unrestrained sexual urges, legalized and government sanctioned drug use, absolute disregard for law and order and a well-orchestrated assault on everything we hold dear, as we’ve all witnessed in excess over the past eight years, they win and Americans lose.

It’s hard to believe I wrote that just one month ago and had no idea what was about to happen or that the web of Clinton corruption would be finally catching up with Hillary Clinton and threatening to bring down her entire crime syndicate, which seemed impossible at the time. But as we should NEVER forget, with God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! So the American people really need to buckle up because if the leaks coming from the FBI, police in New York, WikiLeaks and other sources take hold and are proven true, God is literally bringing to light the unspeakable corruption and wickedness that’s been at work in our country and the world for decades, and that’s going to shake us and our country to our very core. However, that’s necessary if we’re to survive, and to that end, God has obviously called some very bold and courageous individuals who really love our country and are willing to literally put their lives on the line to save it, making them His chosen ones for a time such as this. Even though what lies ahead will be very painful and tumultuous for our nation, we’ll never overcome the web of wickedness that now threatens to destroy us if we don’t drain the swamp of corruption that’s literally engulfed our government and many of those we’ve unwisely entrusted and empowered to run it. So please join me in praying for our country and those GOD has given the monumental task of rescuing the nation and people He loves. I also pray that Americans will turn to GOD for wisdom and strength in these turbulent times and that our hearts and minds will be set on glorifying and magnifying Him and His Holy name. May God bless and keep America!

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