Shocking News! President Obama Bought Retirement Property in Qatar Right Around 2008 Election!

It will probably come as quite a shock to most Americans to learn that right around the time Barack Obama was elected President of the United States in November of 2008, he bought a lavish two million dollar retirement property on the Northern coast of Qatar in the Middle East and has been preparing to retire there when his presidency comes to an end in January! Despite apparent efforts to keep the American people from knowing that, President Obama’s purchase and plan to leave the United States after his presidency are revealed in this Boston Tribune article. I’m not at all surprised to hear that Barack Obama never intended to stay in our country after doing everything he could to destroy it, but I know this news will no doubt come as a shock and disappointment to the millions of Americans who put a lot of misplaced hope and confidence in him.

That means Barack Obama took office as President of the United States in January of 2009 with the intent of leaving the country after his presidency, and the American people should ask themselves why. We should also ask why he tried to hide his plans to retire in the Middle East from the American people, and why he used a Canadian company to restore and prepare the property for his post-presidency residence instead of an American company. Of course, President Obama and his administration always seem to prefer giving his and America’s business to Canadians since his campaign bus was made in Canada and the demonstratively incompetent company he hired for the disastrous ObamaCare website was Canadian as well…also another example of how Barack Obama and his administration have repaid and rewarded their political donors and personal friends and associates. From the time Barack Obama began his campaign for President, it was clear to anyone who really listened to him that he didn’t hold the United States of America in very high regard; in fact, he thought it was so bad that it needed radical and “fundamental” transformation, which he promised to do five days before winning the election in 2008. Unfortunately, as we all know now, Barack Obama’s promises were all lies, and he did the exact opposite of everything he promised. However, he did succeed in fundamentally transforming our nation and literally changed this country and the world, though not for the better.

Additionally, there’s been an awful lot of interest in Qatar recently. For instance, right after meeting with President Obama in the White House, Ahmed Mohamed and his family decided to move to Qatar. Ahmed Mohamed is the fourteen year old boy who brought a suspicious looking “clock” to class as a school project and was arrested in Texas; but there’s a lot more to that story than reported by the mainstream media. Also, Michelle Obama went to Qatar just a year ago…perhaps she was checking out her new home or making important final decoration decisions. And even though it’s “supposed” to be a hoax, there have been rumors online that Hillary Clinton moved 1.8 BILLION dollars from the Clinton Foundation to a bank in Qatar. It’s a pretty sad commentary for our country that in light of the Clintons’ lack of integrity and undeniable corruption (especially knowing where the Obama family intends to retire), rumors of Hillary sending 1.8 billion dollars to a bank in Qatar actually have a shred of credibility! Not only that, John Kerry is selling his Nantucket mansion and yacht as reported here. Perhaps fear of criminal exposure and the realization that Donald Trump could win this year’s election and seriously start rooting out the corruption that’s so pervasive in all areas of our government is causing certain people to prepare to leave the country for places where they’re safe from extradition and prosecution, such as Qatar.

Even though learning that Barack Obama bought retirement property in Qatar right around the 2008 election is shocking news, he’s never truly demonstrated American patriotism or love for our country; especially in the anti-American speeches he gave around the world as our President, and now his anti-American, racist and immoral ideology has spread like poison through our country and culture. That’s why it’s no surprise to me that he never intended to stay here to suffer the consequences of the immeasurable damage he’s caused and the literal hatred he’s stirred up in the hearts of millions of Americans. He’s virtually bankrupted our country, and he and Hillary Clinton implemented policies that provided our worst enemies with the weapons and cash they need to destroy us, created the vacuum that spawned ISIS, placed such restrictive “rules of engagement” on our military personnel that defeating terrorism is impossible, fomented revolution and the overthrow of American allies in the Middle East and North Africa in favor of radical Islamists, flooded our country with refugees bent on destroying our country and illegal immigrants bent on crime, flaunted and totally disregarded all immigration laws now on the books, personally supported and aggressively pushed for same-sex marriage and to obliterate all religious rights and sexual distinctions in our society, supported and encouraged hatred and violence against America’s police officers, gutted our military, squandered BILLIONS and TRILLIONS of dollars on one failed “green” initiative after another…and the list goes on and on. The bottom line is that if Barack Obama had campaigned for President with the goal of destroying the United States of America, he would have promised to do EXACTLY what he’s done over the past eight years. So that’s what Americans should keep in mind now that we know President Obama never intended to live in the hate-filled, racially divided, thoroughly corrupt, morally bankrupt, impoverished and militarily impotent country he will pass on to the next President in little more than two months. And IF that President were to be Hillary Clinton, God help America because she would just finish the job Barack Obama started eight years ago! So thank God that by His grace, the American spirit is alive and well and much stronger than those who hope to destroy it think! Therefore, we the American people will make our voices heard loud and clear on November 8th as we overcome evil with good and embark on the long and arduous task of making America great again for ALL AMERICANS!

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