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Why Donald Trump WILL Lose His Supporters If He Abandons His Campaign Promises

As someone who very strongly supported and encouraged the election of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton as President, in light of very disturbing news that he’s abandoning many of the positions he ran on, I’m willing to withhold judgment regarding his fidelity to those campaign promises UNTIL he does or doesn’t do some of the things now being reported by the mainstream media. However, with that said, Donald trump would do well to remember why he was elected President because if he turns out to be just another lying politician who doesn’t keep his campaign promises to the American people who elected him, contrary to what he seems to think, he WILL lose his supporters IF he abandons his campaign promises. We elected him because we were sick and tired of politicians, particularly Republican politicians, promising one thing when they were campaigning for our votes only to get into office and do the exact opposite of what they promised.

Therefore, if Donald Trump does not appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton’s criminal activities as promised at a presidential debate on live TV and in other forums, or otherwise assure the American people that the FBI will fully investigate and the DOJ will fully prosecute the case against her, he will lose faith with the American people because that would prove him a liar and show us that we were once again mistaken and wrong to think he meant what he said and was a man of his word. Donald Trump also specifically promised that as President, America would withdraw from the Paris climate change agreement and stated that he’d pull US funding for climate change initiatives from the UN and use that money to improve America’s water systems and infrastructure. He repeatedly referred to climate change as a hoax, and if he so quickly changes his position on such a significant issue, the ONLY possible conclusion is that he was intentionally lying to the American people and used deception to get elected the same way most politicians do. And if Donald Trump is modifying his position on building a wall on our southern border and abandoning his repeated promises to make border security one of the top priorities of his administration, that too was a lie. So no matter what Donald Trump might think, the American people who voted for him will not continue to support him if he turns out to be just one more lying politician.

While many of Donald Trump’s supporters don’t understand the appointment of Nikki Haley as Ambassador to the United Nations, knowing that she has a demonstrable record of very strong immigration policies that are consistent with those espoused by Donald Trump as a candidate for President makes that appointment much easier to understand and accept. And while my initial reaction to the possible appointment of Mitt Romney as Secretary of State was not good, after researching his positions on immigration and trade, I can understand why Donald Trump might consider nominating him for such an important position. Their positions on illegal immigration and trade and the negative impact they have on employment and business here in the United States are also very similar. So if Donald Trump is willing to overlook how Mitt Romney and Nikki Haley behaved during the campaign and has confidence that they’ll carry out the policies he espoused regarding immigration and trade and putting America first, I can follow his lead. That doesn’t mean I’ll ever fully trust Mitt Romney; yet it’s only fair for Donald Trump to forgive and set aside Mitt Romney’s insults in light of the most honorable example Dr. Ben Carson set in that regard. Additionally, those appointments will more fully unite the Republican Party, and I learned very early on that Donald Trump is so confident in what he knows and believes that he’s not threatened by opposition and actually enjoys making a case for himself and his policies in the face of the most ardent opposition.

So while I’m willing to withhold judgment until I see what Donald Trump actually does, I hope he understands that he can and will lose the support of the American people if he abandons the campaign promises he made and used to gain our support and confidence. On the other hand, as his supporters, we have to remember that the mainstream media is NEVER going to give Donald Trump a break and that they will ALWAYS do everything in their power to put him in a bad light and to create doubt and division among his historically loyal supporters. Donald Trump had to overcome many misgivings the American people had about him to win the election; particularly that he was a bleeding heart liberal masquerading as a Republican or mostly conservative presidential candidate. In fact, many of us were initially concerned that he had some kind of secret agreement with the Clintons and was running just to insure her election. Even though that’s obviously not the case, it’s still very disconcerting to hear Donald Trump praise Hillary Clinton for serving her country for so many years and saying that she’s suffered enough, which also means calling her “Crooked Hillary” and saying everything else he did about her were at best disingenuous. That’s why hearing Donald Trump actually praise Hillary Clinton in his belated acceptance speech after the election made me feel very uneasy; it was so hypocritical, and that’s the one thing we all thought Donald Trump would never be. Then hearing him say that Hillary Clinton has suffered enough only heightened my concern about Donald Trump’s trustworthiness and unfortunately causes me to be less likely to automatically reject mainstream media reports that he’s abandoning one campaign promise after another. Donald Trump either believes what he said about law and order and that Hillary Clinton is not and should not be above the law or he doesn’t, and if he doesn’t, then the American people who believed him when he said that have no reason to ever believe anything else he said or ever says again. This election was about rejecting hypocrisy and politicians who lie and do anything to get elected and stay in office, and if Donald Trump ends up being just like the rest of the politicians the American people are sick and tired of, it’s a big mistake to think his supporters won’t abandon him to the same extent he abandons his campaign promises. So I urge the millions of Americans who voted for Donald Trump to take a deep breath and wait to see what he actually says and does in terms of doing what he promised to do during the campaign. The mainstream media will always twist everything he says and does and take things out of context or leave out specific words and qualifying statements, so let’s hope that’s all that’s going on now. And remember that it will be up to Jeff Sessions as the Attorney General to determine how to proceed in the investigation and prosecution of Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation, who I’d expect to do a great job and to uphold the laws of this country. We’ll all have plenty of time to make a judgment regarding Donald Trump’s fidelity to his campaign promises, and I still believe he knows how important it is to do what he promised the American people he’d do as President. So let’s keep praying for our country and for our new President!

Liberal and Progressive Democrats are Obviously Drinking Their Own Kool-Aid

Watching the reaction of liberals and progressives in the Democratic Party foaming at the mouth with relentless fear mongering and spewing the same racist and divisive rants that contributed to Hillary Clinton losing the election just proves that Democrats are drinking their own Kool-Aid and are totally blinded by their own radical ideology. They obviously don’t understand that the American people rejected that kind of politics by electing Donald Trump and that the mainstream media has become virtually irrelevant because the American people know they can’t be trusted to honestly report the news or to provide the unbiased and objective information they need to reach their own conclusions about who to vote for or anything else that’s going on. For instance, I was amazed by how many people called into C-Span prior to the election and said they were so upset by the media’s obvious bias against Donald Trump (saying they’d never seen anything like it before) that they decided to listen to him, which they were able to do on the internet. And even though they were life-long Democrats and had never voted for a Republican, after actually listening to Donald Trump for themselves, they said they were going to vote for him, along with everyone else in their families!

Additionally, ever since the Republican Party’s historic wins in the US House and Senate and state legislative bodies in 2010, many Democrats have concluded that having Republicans in control of their government actually makes their lives better, which is why I predicted that Wisconsin would go red and vote for Donald Trump this year. And since 2010, Republicans have continued to win elections throughout the country and now control both legislative bodies in twenty-four states with Republican governors, while Democrats only control legislative bodies in six states with Democratic governors. There are now thirty-four Republican governors, with Vermont, New Hampshire and Missouri electing Republican governors this year, and Pat McCrory is waiting for the results of a recount in North Carolina. Furthermore, the Democratic Party only picked up six seats in the US House of Representatives this year even though they said they’d consider picking up less than twelve seats a huge loss. And despite their obvious confidence in gaining control of the Senate again this year, that didn’t happen either. So it’s really dumbfounding to see that the Democrats are so unwilling to look at the facts as they are instead of pushing the very things that have been costing them elections since they started shoving their liberal ideology, and policies like ObamaCare, same-sex marriage and gender neutral bathrooms down the throats of a decidedly unwilling electorate, who ultimately felt they had no choice but stop them dead in their tracks by electing Donald Trump.

It’s even more incredible that the Democrats think the American people are fooled by the professional/paid protestors they’ve hired all over the country to riot and engage in violent demonstrations since we know it’s nothing but organized opposition to the election outcome, which reveals the liberal and progressive Democrats’ utter contempt for our country. Not only that, since we also know that the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton’s campaign orchestrated and paid for the so-called violence at Donald Trump’s rallies (thanks to the Project Veritas videos), we don’t believe the claims of racist and anti-Muslim incidents around the country either; especially since it’s supposed to be happening primarily on college campuses. After all, we also remember the “poop swastika” incident at Gateway Hall on the Mizzou campus last year; along with many other questionable racial incidents and hoaxes, which I wrote about in Claims of Racial Incidents on MIZZOU campus unravel. So unless someone proven to be a Donald Trump supporter is caught in the act, Americans aren’t going to believe they’re behind such nonsense, especially since some of the allegations have already been proven false, such as the alleged attack on a female Muslim student in Louisiana. On the other hand, there are videos of violent racist attacks on Donald Trump supporters such as a black mob beating an older white man in Chicago, which he describes here. And a white high school girl was beaten by a black Hispanic in California for voting for Trump. As further proof of the Democratic, liberal and progressive double standard, we hear their political operatives and the mainstream media calling for Donald Trump to speak out against alleged attacks on blacks, Muslims and women around the country, but they aren’t calling on the President or Hillary Clinton to speak out, or themselves speaking out against the documented racist and violent attacks on Donald Trump’s supporters. And while the Democrats and mainstream media were totally outraged when they predicted that Donald Trump and his supporters wouldn’t accept the outcome of the election if Hillary Clinton won, they’re now defending the right of protestors to voice their objection to the election outcome and they don’t even seem all that concerned about the violence associated with those so-called protests. But that’s exactly what happens when liberal and progressive Democrats drink their own Kool-Aid and don’t realize that fewer and fewer Americans like their Kool-Aid anymore, which is why they keep losing one election after another. That’s very well summed up in this awesome article by John Hawkins, entitled “7 Things Liberals Should Learn From This Election But Won’t.”

Even though liberal and progressive Democrats drinking their own Kool-Aid and trying to push the Democratic Party further left than Barack Obama did is really bad news for them, it’s not bad news for the Republican Party and America because the more Republicans we have running things, the better things will get in our country. But just as we’ve shown the Democrats, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, if the Republicans do NOT DO WHAT THEY PROMISED when running for election, we’ll get rid of them too! I’m so excited to see what Donald Trump gets done for ALL Americans in the coming months and years because I honestly believe he’ll find some way to do the things he promised the American people; he said he won’t let us down and will fight for us and we will win, and that’s exactly what I believe and expect him to do! Winners have a way of attracting people to their cause, so as time passes and Donald Trump keeps his promises, I think even more Americans will join the movement to make America great again. So God bless America and our new President!

Traditional American Values Trumped the Socialist Agenda to Fundamentally Transform America!

After virtually no sleep Monday and Tuesday night, and after taking one phone call after another throughout the night Tuesday and all day Wednesday, I’ve finally had a little time to rest and consider the magnitude of Donald Trump’s stunning election as the forty-fifth President of the United States. First and foremost, I’m filled with immeasurable gratitude and thanksgiving to God for His faithfulness and the mercy He’s bestowed on a nation that doesn’t deserve it. Of course, none of us deserve the mercy God extends to us, but that’s the measure of His great love for us as His beloved. Needless to say, there’s so much that could and no doubt will be written about this historic event in our country’s history, and after listening to a lot of pontification and a multitude of varying explanations about what happened and why, it’s interesting to see how many still don’t get that when all is said and done, Traditional American values trumped the socialist agenda to fundamentally transform America. So contrary to what many want to believe, the unmistakable message delivered to liberals, globalist and elite politicians in our country from the previously silent majority of Americans who showed up at the polls is that we won’t sit by and let our country be so fundamentally transformed that we no longer recognize it. And since President Obama so aggressively and repeatedly stated that his name wasn’t on the ballot this year, but his legacy and the progress he made that so fundamentally changed our country were, and at risk of being undone, that’s exactly what the vast majority of American people chose to do either by voting for Donald Trump, Gary Johnson, Jill Stein or by staying home. In fact, many people were shocked, angered and themselves insulted when President Obama so arrogantly said that he’d consider it a personal insult to him and his legacy if blacks didn’t get out and vote. Needless to say, since so many blacks and Democrats who previously voted for Barack Obama sat out the election and voted with their seats or voted for Donald Trump, they obviously didn’t feel compelled or obligated to save President Obama’s legacy or to protect what he considers “progress” in fundamentally transforming America, as he promised to do five days before winning the presidency in 2008. Instead, the American people chose to preserve traditional American values and to restore our long cherished institutions over President Obama’s liberal and progressive, racist and divisive policies and agenda. Thankfully, the American people have rejected and turned back the socialist revolution that’s been under way in our country for decades and elected and entrusted President Donald Trump and the Republicans in Congress to restore our traditional values and the institutions we cherish as Americans.

By listening to Barack Obama’s speech right before his historic election as our fourty-fourth President in 2008, it’s much easier to understand why Donald Trump won in an equally historic election as his successor. After boldly and confidently declaring that “we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America,” Barack Obama promised the American people that in five days, “you can turn the page on policies that put greed and irresponsibility on Wall Street before the hard work and sacrifice of folks on Main Street.” He continued by declaring, “In five days you can choose policies that invest in our middle class, and create new jobs and grow this economy so that everyone has a chance to succeed.” He went on to mention “Folks who can’t pay their medical bills or send their kids to college, or you not being able to afford college or thinking about that thirty or forty or fifty thousand dollars of debt that you might have to carry, people who, who can’t save for retirement.” Then he said, “You know, ordinary Americans, we can’t take a back seat to CEOs and Wall Street banks for four more years.” Then after conceding that people had a right to be cynical about politics, he finally promised that if elected, he would “change this country and change the world.” Sadly, that’s the one promise Barack Obama did keep, But the American people don’t like the changes he made in our country and the world and that’s why they voted to reverse them and to dismantle his legacy. And no amount of spinning will change that undeniable truth.

The truth is that instead of keeping all those high sounding promises, Barack Obama and the Democratic Party passed legislation that literally bailed out and rewarded the greed and irresponsibility of Wall Street and did nothing to hold them accountable or to reward the hard work and sacrifice of folks on Main Street. They bailed out the CEOs of Wall Street banks and the automobile industry, and instead of helping the middle class, they rewarded their rich donors and lobbyists from the unions, healthcare industry and squandered billions of hard working Americans’ taxpayer dollars on countless green energy companies that went bust. And Barack Obama and the Democrats did absolutely nothing to invest in the middle class, to create new jobs or to grow our economy. In fact, they virtually destroyed our economy and countless middle class American businesses and jobs were destroyed and lost because of onerous environmental and business regulations, social engineering Supreme Court Rulings and ObamaCare. And even though Americans are paying more than ever for health insurance, they can’t afford to use it because of outrageously high deductibles and out-of-pocket costs. In fact, according to this report last month, middle-aged individuals will pay over $500.00 a month for health insurance that won’t kick in until they meet a $6,000.00 deductible, and the deductibles for families this coming year will average $12,393.00…and that’s on the CHEAPEST plans! So now even more “folks” can’t pay their medical bills despite having health insurance, and eight years later, they still can’t afford to send their kids to college because Barack Obama and the Democrats didn’t do a thing to reduce the cost of college or to help students and families pay for it. Not only that, “folks” who did have retirement plans before Obama’s fundamental transformation of America don’t even have jobs now, and over the eight years of his presidency, those who are already receiving Social Security didn’t receive cost of living increases most of those years (for the first time in decades), yet their Medicare premiums steadily went up. So despite Barack Obama’s promises to the American people, they ended up taking a back seat to CEOs and Wall Street banks as he and the Democrats rewarded their wealthy donors and special interest groups and did absolutely nothing for average Americans other than destroy our healthcare system, intentionally put the coal industry and others they don’t like out of business, put a stranglehold on our economy with unconstitutional regulations, endangered countless Americans and our national security by ignoring immigration laws and with very lax refugee policies and so much more. For those who would argue that President Obama kept those promises, just replay Hillary Clinton’s campaign speeches (the few that weren’t focused on bashing Donald Trump and his deplorable supporters) because she made all of the same promises; which means President Obama and the Democrats didn’t do what they promised to do eight years ago even though they had a majority in the House and Senate for two years and could have passed whatever legislation they wanted to.

Then by examining some of the most fundamental ways Barack Obama and the Democratic Party fundamentally transformed and drastically changed our country and the world over the past eight years, it’s easier to understand why Donald Trump was elected in a landslide and why the American people so strongly rejected Obama’s policies and kept the Republicans in control of the Senate and House of Representatives to insure that President Trump’s policies and promises can be put into effect. Of course, it would literally take a book to delve into all the things President Obama, the Democrats and lily-livered Republicans did or didn’t do during his presidency that the American people didn’t vote to continue or specifically voted to reverse, but I’m just going to cover the ones I know were the most important based on my personal conversations with black, Hispanic and white Americans from all over the United States; including some legal immigrants.

While there were many truly serious issues on the minds of Americans as they voted for Donald Trump and even those who stayed home, one of the most consistent concerns for just about everyone regardless of their stand on particular issues was the radical cultural and social changes that occurred in our country under the leadership of President Barack Obama. In fact, it’s hard to imagine that such radical cultural and social changes could be made in such a short time, and even though they did their best to cover it up, the American people realize that these changes were very deliberately and intentionally brought about by the racially and socially divisive policies of the Obama Administration, the Democratic Party and those in league with them; such as George Soros, countless sports celebrities and many in Hollywood. In pursuit of their radical social engineering agendas, liberals declared anyone who disagreed with their liberal ideology intolerant and became the most aggressively intolerant social and cultural movement our country has ever known.

For example, the LBGTQ community initially said they just wanted to be accepted for who they are and to be able to love who they love without fear of retribution. But it didn’t take long to realize that was a total farce since their real agenda went way beyond that. Once the courts gave same-sex couples the legal right to marry (which was all they said they wanted), they viciously set out to destroy anyone who refused to participate in their weddings because of their personal religious beliefs. And to the dismay and horror of many Christians, the very same courts sworn to uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States of America, which guarantees every American the right to FREELY practice their religion and very specifically bars the passage of ANY LAWS that infringe on that right, ruled that the constitutionally guaranteed right to practice our religion is trumped by the court ordered right of same-sex couples to marry. That’s totally absurd since the couples could have easily found other bakers, florists and photographers for their weddings, which means the Christians who didn’t want to participate in their weddings because it would violate their personal and constitutionally protected religious rights didn’t prevent them from exercising their right to marry. So without realizing it, as liberals often do, they went too far and American Christians realized that upcoming Supreme Court appointments trumped any and all other concerns they might have about electing Donald Trump. And more recently, the LBGTQ lobby has been pushing a gender neutral bathroom and locker-room policies that parents all over the country (even liberals) found totally objectionable. That’s far too much social engineering for most people and even with pushback, President Obama and the Democrats didn’t back off. So Americans knew the only way to put an end to such a ridiculous policy and return to common sense bathroom and locker-room policies was to elect Donald Trump, and that’s what they did!

Similarly, after most Americans were so deeply traumatized by videos proving that Planned Parenthood was literally selling the dead bodies of the babies they aborted and were using specific abortion procedures to insure getting the most money for the babies they murdered, the Democrats and President Obama pushed back and vigorously defended Planned Parenthood and repeated the false narrative that abortion is about a woman’s right to choose what to do with her own body. Well, the only problem with that for most Americans is that those videos literally showed what the abortionists were doing with the bodies of their murdered babies! So a woman’s right to choose what to do with HER body is the choice she makes BEFORE she gets pregnant, and once she fails to responsibly practice proper preventive measures to keep from creating an unwanted baby, it’s no longer just about her body, and the baby shouldn’t be murdered to keep her from dealing with the consequences of her own irresponsibility. Of course, in cases of rape and incest, the woman has no choice; but in those rare cases, the abortion can be induced by abortive drugs or surgically performed immediately and would never require the barbaric practice of partial birth abortions the Democrats don’t seem to find the least bit objectionable. Barack Obama even fought a law in the Illinois senate to require medical care for the aborted babies who dared to survive the abortion! Again, that’s a step way too far for the vast majority of Americans; yet Hillary Clinton proudly campaigned on overturning the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits taxpayer funded abortions and unashamedly defended partial birth abortion right up to the baby’s due date on live TV at the last presidential debate. So again, people who don’t want the blood of millions and millions of more aborted babies on their hands and to stand before God one day and give account to Him for not stopping it when they had a chance by electing Donald Trump decided to do exactly that!

Then Americans watched in utter disbelief as President Obama time and time again literally incited racial tension and division in our country by speaking out on various racial incidents involving blacks and Muslims and always called out what he instinctively perceives as America’s systemic racism. However, he NEVER chose to speak out on cases that involved white Americans or other minorities; so rightly or wrongly, Americans were left with the perception that their President considered himself the President of black and Muslim Americans and had little to no regard for white Americans. Then we were left speechless when he started strongly supporting and even encouraging Black Lives Matter, which deeply troubled most Americans since they were literally calling for the assassination of police officers around the country. And things only got worse as we witnessed the slaughter of eight police officers last July in Dallas and Baton Rouge and the assassination of America’s police virtually became an everyday occurrence. So while Hillary Clinton might have garnered the support of a radical fringe minority of black Americans by pandering to the Black Lives Matter movement, including having the “Mothers of the Movement” at many of her campaign events, as well as Muslims by using Khizr Kahn to incite even more division in our nation, the vast majority of Americans strongly oppose the racist and divisive tactics and agenda of Black Lives Matter and their call for the murder of our country’s heroic police officers and don’t understand why President Obama and Hillary Clinton refuse to call radical Islamic terrorists what they are. That’s why Donald Trump’s promise to restore law and order in our country and his refusal to bow to outrageous political correctness appealed to so many Americans, particularly to far more black and Hispanic Americans than the liberals ever thought possible!

Another significant factor the mainstream media, Democrats and Hillary Clinton’s campaign failed to understand about this election is that the American people were sick and tired of race baiting, division and the radical social engineering policies and agenda being promoted and fostered by the liberals and progressives in our country, and finally stood up and said NO MORE! We’re sick and tired of being called racist, bigots and haters because we’re genuinely conservative and don’t agree with President Obama’s policies, which we wouldn’t like any more if his skin was white, yellow or purple. We desperately want to get back to a time in our country when diversity of thought and opinion was not only respected but cherished and encouraged. That’s why it’s so shocking to most Americans to realize that the kids in our universities and colleges today are literally emotional basket cases because they’ve been coddled in progressive ideology promoted in today’s schools, which have completely failed to educate and prepare them in any meaningful way for life because they were too busy brain washing them and creating more robotic liberals incapable of rational and intelligent thought. They don’t know a thing about America’s history, our Constitution or the proper role of government in our country. They’ve been spoon-fed climate change terrorism, white privilege nonsense and socialist rot and are scared to death of everything, including their own shadows. So, much to our great shame, America’s education system is one of our country’s most profound failures, and the parents whose children still live at home and can’t find or keep a job are really feeling the effects of that failure. That’s a cycle that has to be broken so future generations can get a real education and become productive members of our society instead of the emotional cripples now being produced in America’s schools, which is what the American people did by rejecting the same old policies of the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton.

Another serious and fatally flawed miscalculation by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party and the mainstream media is that the American people are fed up with their double standards on just about everything imaginable. Most Americans expect everyone to be held to the same standard, including being held to the same standard when it comes to violating rules and laws and being held accountable when those rules and laws are violated. So it’s really hard to comprehend how the Democratic Party ever thought parents who still care about the example our country’s leaders set for their children would elect as their President a woman who everyone knows committed multiple federal crimes that would have sent anyone else to prison for years, and for which others who did far less than she did are now in prison. All through the election process, I just couldn’t believe that the Democrats really thought a majority of American people would turn a blind eye to Hillary Clinton’s crimes and blatant disregard for the law and undeniably careless and reckless mishandling of our top national security information. And contrary to what they seemed to think, Americans knew the truth when political operatives made baseless accusations about Donald Trump having nefarious ties to Russia and Vladimir Putin; especially since everyone knew for a fact that Hillary Clinton’s husband and her family foundation received and even solicited BILLIONS of dollars from Russia and known enemies of the United States, who were then rewarded with favorable transactions approved by none other than Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. Since she’s the one who literally handed over twenty percent control of America’s uranium production to Vladimir Putin, along with some of our nation’s most highly guarded military technology as Secretary of State (going against the advice of various defense and intelligence agencies), the American people were reasonably a lot more concerned about what she might do as President if the payoff was high enough. Then after welcoming Jay-Z and Beyoncé to perform at the White House many times throughout his presidency, most Americans saw right through Michelle and Barack Obama’s hypocrisy and double standard when they warned that Donald Trump would set a terrible example for America’s youth because he’s such a racist and misogynist. And I honestly believe that Hillary Clinton made the same mistake and did irreparable damage to her own campaign by inviting Jay-Z and Beyoncé to perform at one of her last campaign events because she was so desperate to get the black vote. After her repeated criticisms of Donald Trump for his vulgarity on the Access Hollywood tapes and other things she deliberately took out of context to label him a racist and misogynist (including in her ads), there couldn’t have been a more powerful picture of hypocrisy and a huge double standard than seeing Hillary Clinton clapping her hands and enthusiastically enjoying herself as Jay-Z repeatedly let loose with the “n word” and repeatedly dropped “f bombs” throughout his virulently racist and misogynistic performance and as Beyoncé danced around and disgracefully grabbed her crotch! Any argument she might have made against Donald Trump regarding the example he’d set for our children went right out the window when the American people saw that! Sadly, the liberal and very progressive Democratic Party have sexualized our culture and demeaned women and stirred up racism so much that they no longer have any credibility on such matters, and they’re so blinded by their own perversity and ideology that they don’t even realize that the American people see right through their hypocrisy and double standards. In fact, it’s largely because the American people are so sick of Democratic hypocrisy and double standards that Donald Trump’s politically incorrect speech is so refreshing and even loved by so many Americans. He literally says what many others are thinking and would love to say, but don’t dare say for fear of retribution from the radically liberal left in our country who are more than willing to violently resist and put down anyone who disagrees with them on anything.

I’m actually surprised that so many people seem to be genuinely shocked by Donald Trump’s election, which really just goes to show that the liberals and political elites in this country were even more out of touch with everyday Americans than I thought! Unfortunately for them, they forgot that the government of this country does not belong to them and that it belongs entirely to we the people, and contrary to what they apparently thought, we the people won’t be bullied or shamed into abandoning that right and responsibility. So ALL politicians need to take heed to the loud and clear message the American people are sending, which is that we expect the men and women we elect to do what they promised to do while campaigning once they’re in office, and if they don’t, we’ll eventually vote them out. For instance, I voted for Marco Rubio only because he’s a Republican and I wanted Donald Trump to have a Republican Senate to insure the confirmation of his Supreme Court nominees; otherwise, I would not have voted for him because of his weak immigration policies, the way he attacked Donald Trump so personally and his record of very poor attendance. I have no doubt that many others used the same strategy to insure Republican control of the Senate; which means that Donald Trump most certainly had coattails despite all the assertions that he wouldn’t. It’s also interesting to note that the three Senators who unwisely “unendorsed” Donald Trump instead of saying they supported him as their party’s nominee and his policies even though his comments were indefensible didn’t get re-elected. Hopefully, the Republicans will finally figure out that instead of losing when they stand up to intimidation by the Democrats instead of cowering in fear, the American people who elected them in the first place will stand behind them if they stand strong on the policies they were elected to enact, defend or to end. For instance, it was foolish of Republicans to back away from Donald Trump so they wouldn’t “lose” the election; surely they didn’t expect Democrats to vote for them instead of their Democratic opponent! They should have known that Donald Trump’s devoted supporters would be angry and wouldn’t vote for them and that they didn’t stand a chance of winning without them, which is why that wasn’t a winning election strategy. Additionally, since the men and women the American people send to Washington, DC to represent us are supposed to represent what we want and what we want for our country, the minute they forget that and unwisely ignore the will of the people, as President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party did by using deception and outright lies, dirty tricks and political games to force ObamaCare down our throats, the American people will rise up against them and they’ll never be able to repair the damage they’ve done by betraying the trust of the electorate. President Obama also made a lot of other promises in his campaign speeches about no lobbyists influencing his administration, having the most transparent administration in history, that all bills would be published online for three days so the American people could review them before they were voted on, that the healthcare debates would be televised on C-Span and on and on; YET NONE OF THAT EVER HAPPENED! And that’s why the Democratic Party is in worse shape now than they’ve been in for a very long time, as spelled out in this article from last year. Unfortunately for the Democrats, everything I’m reading today about how they should go about changing the party going forward proves that they still don’t “get it” because they think moving the party more in the direction of Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders is the answer. But they’re still banking on and proposing more divisive policies and spewing accusations of racism, classism and misogyny and defeating wicked capitalism, which was NOT the message of this election. But that’s something the Democratic Party will have to figure out for themselves. However, since Missouri, Vermont and New Hampshire also rejected Democrats and elected Republican governors this year, the American people are doing their best to send the Democratic Party a message, but it seems they’re still refusing to listen! That means Republicans now hold thirty-four governorships, even though Governor Pat McCrory (who was targeted by the left for supporting the so-called “bathroom bill”) is currently behind in North Carolina and awaiting a recount because the vote was so close. Governor McCrory took a very bold and courageous stand for traditional American values, so I’m praying that God will reward him with victory in the recount! Additionally, twenty-four states are now totally controlled by Republicans and only six are controlled by Democrats. Surprisingly, the New York Times has one of the best analysis’ of this year’s Republican blowout election , especially since it details how Republicans started gaining significant power throughout the United States in 2010 after the passage of ObamaCare against the will of the people. For some reason, the Democrats just don’t get that the American people still expect their leaders to be honest and trustworthy, and that they will not tolerate racially divisive politics, incompetence or corruption in their government, which will sadly be the historic hallmarks of President Barack Obama’s presidency. And Democrats will do themselves great disservice if they fail to realize that they lost this election because of the arrogance, condescension and disdain displayed toward America’s electorate by the Clinton campaign and other political operatives (including Michelle and Barack Obama), along with their failure to provide a compelling reason to elect Hillary Clinton and a campaign based almost entirely on an unprecedented effort to totally destroy and annihilate Donald Trump despite knowing that millions of Americans knew him quite well after welcoming him into their homes every week for so many years. Whoever devised that strategy should never again be entrusted with another political campaign because they just don’t have common sense and they obviously don’t know the American people!

Of course, voters had many other issues on their minds when they elected Donald Trump this year, such as the economy, jobs, terrorism, border security, illegal immigration, unfair trade agreements, replacing a failed system of education and ObamaCare, and so much more, which are often mentioned in discussions of what went so terribly wrong for the Democrats and Hillary Clinton in this election. But we’re not very likely to hear political pundits talk about what I’ve mentioned here, so I just wanted to toss my two cents into the mix and proclaim what a truly great day it was for America when traditional American values trumped and so thoroughly vanquished the socialist agenda to fundamentally transform America and stopped it dead in its tracks with the historic election of Donald Trump as our next President! So may God forever bless America, bring healing and unity to our country and continue to bless Donald Trump with boundless wisdom, courage and strength as he undertakes a truly monumental task on behalf of the American people!

America’s Election is being STOLEN with Flagrant Voter Fraud in Florida and elsewhere

As America faces the most consequential election in our country’s history, it will take an overwhelming voter turnout for Donald Trump tomorrow and an act of God to overcome the corruption that’s infected our government at EVERY level. As many very close elections over the past sixteen years have proven, it doesn’t take widespread voter and election fraud to steal an election when it can be done in just ONE THOROUGHLY CORRUPT Supervisor of Elections’ office, such as the one in Broward County, Florida. And now that FBI Director Comey has sent a loud and clear message to pro-Clinton lawbreakers that they won’t face prosecution or legal consequences for their crimes, they’re emboldened to openly and flagrantly defy long-established laws governing elections as revealed by this shocking report that tens of thousands of vote-by-mail ballots have been illegally opened in Broward County, Florida. Even though a lawsuit was filed, there’s no real remedy and those votes will end up being counted regardless of where they came from and without the validation and authentication REQUIRED BY LAW. Sadly, this is what happens in a country where the rule of law doesn’t exist and there are no checks and balances on government corruption because the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigations are in the tank for corrupt politicians.

However, flagrant voter fraud in Broward County doesn’t stop there based on another report by an eye-witness who saw Supervisor of Elections (SOE) workers filling out blank ballots as reported here and here. According to a sworn affidavit by Chelsea Marie Smith, a former SOE employee in Broward County, she saw four other SOE employees filling out blank ballots in a locked room and was fired the next day. Brenda Snipes, the Broward County Supervisor of Elections, initially claimed that the employees were filling out “damaged ballots,” but her latest story is that the employees were transferring faxed ballots from military personnel serving overseas. Yet Chelsea’s very detailed affidavit doesn’t mention seeing a third stack of fax papers or damaged ballots in front of any of the workers filling out the blank ballots. And since Florida’s presidential elections have been won by far less than these thousands of potentially fraudulent ballots, it will take a huge voter turnout or an act of God to overcome such massive voter fraud. Fortunately, all things are possible with God!

Not only that, in addition to determining the results of the presidential election and the majority party in the U.S. Senate next year, there are also two very controversial ballot initiatives being decided in Florida’s general election this year. That means flagrant voter fraud of such magnitude could also lead to the approval of medical marijuana in the state and the passage of a very controversial Constitutional anti-solar amendment (even though it’s presented as being pro-solar via confusing wording of the amendment, which is also forbidden by law and yet approved by the Florida Supreme Court). So voters in all states need to beware that voter fraud doesn’t just effect the outcome of elections and who wins a political campaign because it can also be used to fraudulently win controversial ballot initiatives. For example, most people don’t think Donald Trump or other Republicans are likely to fare well in California; yet another case of absentee voter fraud was uncovered there when 83 absentee ballots were delivered to the wrong address, as detailed in this Fox News report. They were actually addressed to different people at the two bedroom house next door, where an 89 year old woman lives by herself. Of course, that was “just a computer glitch.”

Unfortunately, flagrant voter fraud isn’t the only way elections are stolen in America based on this shocking revelation by a Hollywood Producer, Bettina Viviano, who says Barack Obama stole the 2008 election and silenced Bill and Hillary Clinton with the murder of a very close friend and associate! You can listen to Bettina Viviano’s shocking account of threats, extortion and murder in the 2008 presidential election here. Bettina Viviano also confirmed that Donald Trump was right when he said the Clintons were behind the “birther” movement in her 2013 interview. So after Hearing Viviano’s account of the 2008 election based on her personal experience and knowledge, and knowing how Barack Obama coerced Hillary Clinton and that the Clintons believe he had their friend and close associate murdered, I’m even more convinced than ever that Barack Obama will not allow Hillary to succeed him as President, which I’ve written about previously.

Another potential “swing” state where the Democrats are playing fast and loose with the law and doing whatever it takes to steal the election is Virginia, as explained here. But that’s no real big surprise since Bill Clinton and Barack Obama have both openly encouraged illegal immigrants to vote in this election as reported here, which you can listen to here. And then President Obama literally told illegal immigrants that it’s okay to vote and that they don’t have to worry about deportation because as he said, “when you vote, you are a citizen yourself”…and that was when he was asked if non-citizens who vote should fear deportation. Again, it’s no wonder we have so many corrupt politicians who so boldly violate and thumb their noses at our laws when the agencies tasked with holding them accountable are in their pocket!

Other examples of voter fraud have been exposed in Illinois, in Indiana and even in Massachusetts. In fact, after being at my current home for almost seventeen years, I received a voter registration card this year for someone I don’t even know and who hasn’t lived here for at least twenty years. So I called the Supervisor of Elections’ office and was told to send it back to them, but received a voters’ guide addressed to him several months later. So who knows if that person will be voting, but if dead people can vote, I guess he can too!

Of course, anyone who paid attention to the Democratic primary elections knows that Hillary Clinton stole the Democratic Party nomination from Bernie Sanders’ voters, which led to a federal racketeering lawsuit being filed as reported here and a class action lawsuit on behalf of Bernie Sanders’ supporters. In fact, here’s a video of Shawn Lucas serving notice of that suit; whose name has unfortunately been added to the very long list of mysterious and suspicious deaths connected to Bill and Hillary Clinton as reported here. But for those resistant to “conspiracy” theories, here’s proof of how Bill and Hillary Clinton committed voter fraud to keep Bernie Sanders from winning in Massachusetts. However, that probably doesn’t really matter since the Clintons already had that election wrapped up before Bernie’s campaign even got off the ground based on recent WikiLeaks emails about their “secret” deal, as detailed here. But this news will probably be devastating to Bernie Sanders’ very loyal supporters since it indicates that he’s just as much a fraud as Bill and Hillary Clinton. Our elections are in real trouble when political opponents secretly enter into “agreements” that gives one of them “leverage” over the other one before the campaign even begins! And no one knows how many other opponents (including Republicans) Hillary Clinton had similar agreements with. So much for free and fair elections in America!

Then on top of all that, even more of the recent WikiLeaks emails reveal the very cozy, symbiotic relationship between Hillary Clinton’s campaign, the Democratic National Committee and the mainstream media, especially CNN, as covered here. And even though Donna Brazile initially lied about giving Hillary Clinton debate questions before the debates, she’s bragging about it now and isn’t the least bit remorseful as reported in the Washington Post. Apparently she just regrets getting caught and would do it all over again if she had to, even though she’d be a lot more careful about cyber security.

Sadly, the American people have witnessed corruption in our government on a scale we’ve never seen before, which is why it’s so important that we all turn out in HUGE numbers tomorrow to vote for Donald Trump and keep Hillary Clinton and the Democratic political machine from flagrantly stealing this election through voter fraud in Florida and elsewhere around the country. And even though we’ll probably never know just how much fraud takes place in the Democratic Party’s efforts to steal this election, I know millions and millions of Americans from both political parties are going to do our best to keep that from happening, and with the help of God Almighty, I believe we will! So may God bless America and Donald Trump and pour out His grace and favor on all of us!

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Democratic Political Operatives Losing it on the Campaign Trail!

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Democratic Political Operatives are Losing it on the Campaign Trail!
Since the mainstream media won’t show viewers what really happened when a Trump supporter showed up at President Barack Obama’s North Carolina Clinton campaign rally the other day, here’s what really happened. So much for cool, calm and collected Barack Obama, and so much for being able to get those angry supporters to listen to him! I couldn’t believe it when President Obama kept yelling, “Sit down and be quiet, which the mainstream media is not showing—or how long it went on! His tone and attitude have certainly changed since this Clinton rally three weeks ago, when they all thought Hillary was going to win in a landslide! Needless to say, President Obama is not at all happy that the blacks who helped elect him aren’t turning out for Hillary Clinton, and he angrily told the Congressional Black Caucus last September that he’d take that as a personal insult to him and his legacy. In fact, President Obama, Hillary Clinton’s campaign, Democrats and the mainstream media have virtually given up on trying to persuade Americans that Clinton is the best candidate for President and are now relying entirely on race baiting and fear mongering out on the campaign trail and in their reporting. But even when President Obama goes out campaigning for Hillary Clinton instead of doing the job the American people are paying him to do, he spends more time promoting and defending his record and his legacy than Hillary Clinton, which even the media has noticed. And even “MoveOn” considers this President Obama’s “most impassioned speech on the campaign trail yet”, which is not about Hillary Clinton!

So no matter how much they try to spin the truth, things are not going well for Hillary Clinton and her surrogates out on the campaign trail, as seen when Bill Clinton was confronted about Hillary lying about Benghazi. And poor Senator Tim Kaine can’t even get anyone to show up at his events; such as this one where only 24 people showed up in Ft. Myers, Florida yesterday and only 30 people were at this one in West Palm Beach the week before. Then this is Hillary’s attack on Trump supporters when a protestor called Bill Clinton a rapist. And if the mainstream media had a shred of integrity, they’d be playing this Hillary Clinton scream, which isn’t much different from the one that destroyed Howard dean in 2004.

However, the best evidence that Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and their political operatives, including the mainstream media are losing it is that the only thing they have left to run on in the closing days of the presidential campaign is race baiting and fear mongering, as reported here and again here. Watching President Barack Obama out on the campaign trail for Hillary Clinton probably makes people wonder what happened to his message of hope and change. Well, it’s been co-opted by Donald Trump and they don’t have an answer to counteract his message of REAL hope and change in America; so they have to resort to race baiting and fear mongering, which they’ve been doing for years as the above video also shows.

Despite today’s surprising announcement from FBI Director James Comey that after looking at the newly discovered email found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop, his conclusion in July that Hillary Clinton shouldn’t be prosecuted even though her handling of national security information was extremely careless has not changed, I’m still confident the American people will not elect her President. However, that doesn’t mean that the Clintons and the corrupt Democratic machine won’t do everything in their power to steal this election or that they’d do what’s best for the country when Donald Trump wins. So we have to keep praying for our country and be prepared for the possibility of widespread riots and violence after the election Tuesday. Despite criticizing Donald Trump for saying he’d have to wait to see what happens before he’d accept the results of the election, Democrats have dispatched an army of lawyers and have been quietly filing endless law suits in battleground states, so I’ll be very surprised if they don’t keep doing that after the election. And despite Democratic and mainstream media protestations otherwise, there’s already a MOUNTAIN of evidence showing how the Democrats are rigging the elections, so they aren’t going to go quietly into the night if Donald Trump wins—even if it’s by a landslide. Unfortunately, President Obama and the Democrats have spent the past eight years plus intentionally stirring up virulent racial hatred and division, and as President Obama’s inability to control that crowd in North Carolina last week proves, they won’t be able to control the destructive force they’ve unleashed in our country even if they want to, and the American people will be paying the high cost of that for years to come. So I want to urge everyone to keep praying for peace and to be prepared just in case things don’t go well after the election, which means having plenty of food and water on hand, cash, gasoline, power back up for cell phones—all the same things we all do when we prepare for hurricanes. God will not stop bringing to light everything they’re doing in the darkness, so we’re probably all in for a rough ride over the next few days and need to keep our focus on God and remember that NOTHING the Democrats, Hillary Clinton or anyone else does will succeed against HIM and HIS plan!

The Democrats and Hillary Clinton Have a Huge Double Standard When it Comes to blacks and Misogyny

Despite the mainstream media’s unabashed efforts to further Hillary Clinton’s campaign to paint Donald Trump as a dangerous racist and misogynist, it’s not working because the American people aren’t clueless; which they’d have to be not to notice that the Democrats and Hillary Clinton have a huge double standard when it comes to blacks and misogyny. And even though I know that, I’m still amazed to see how stupid or uninformed the Democrats and Hillary Clinton think the American people are; it’s like they’re totally unaware of the impact social media has on our culture today and how a vast number of people get their news via the internet in one form or another.

A classic example of Hillary Clinton’s double standard was her campaign appearance and get out the vote effort last night in Cleveland, Ohio, that featured a concert with Jay-Z and Beyoncé; which proves their huge double standard considering how the mainstream media, Hillary Clinton, President Obama, Michelle Obama and other Democratic political operatives sanctimoniously berate Donald Trump for being a racist and misogynist based on things he’s said. IF they were really horrified and wanted the American people to reject Donald Trump because he “bragged about sexually assaulting women,” it seems like they’d think twice about closing out Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign with Jay-Z, whose song lyrics make Donald Trump’s offensive words seem tame in comparison! As this Business Insider article reports, Jay-Z “repeatedly used the n-word and dropped the f-bomb” last night. But that’s mild compared to the lyrics of most of Jay-Z’s songs, such as this one, which is so vile I can’t even include the title—so BEWARE! And to further make the point, here are the lyrics to many of his songs. In addition to being terribly racist because they very negatively stereotype both black men and women, Jay-Z’s song lyrics are also very misogynistic because they sexually objectify women in a way no one should ever applaud or support; yet the Democrats love Jay-Z and most celebrities who promote the same kind of racist and misogynist attitudes in our culture and poison the minds and hearts of our youth. . No one could honestly deny that Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s music and performances endorse and promote the sexual objectification of women (misogyny), racial stereotypes and division and even violence against police; yet they’re very close associates and friends of Barack and Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton. So by the fairness standards of most Americans, they have NO standing when it comes to criticizing anyone else for vulgarity or promoting racism and misogyny, but they don’t get that because they’re so blinded by their own double standards. And since Hillary Clinton is closely associated with other celebrities who are well-known for their vulgarity, racist and misogynistic attitudes, she’s in no position to pass that judgment on Donald Trump or anyone else, and the American people know that.

Most Americans don’t have a difficult time figuring out that if Donald Trump’s words are sufficient reason for the Democrats and Hillary Clinton to label him a racist and misogynist, Jay-Z’s well-known, very deliberate and repeated words are reason to label him a racist and misogynist. Additionally, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama and other Democrats feign outrage and horror at the thought of the bad example Donald Trump would set for America’s children if he were President, yet they’re not the least bit concerned or offended by the example Jay-Z and Beyoncé and other vulgar celebrities set for America’s children when they feature them at their campaign events and repeatedly welcome them into the White House, which is a HUGE double standard. So once again, Hillary Clinton and the Democrats prove how deaf and dumb they are when it comes to “getting it” because they don’t understand that the same people who were offended by Donald Trump’s vulgarity and secretly recorded words were just as offended by Jay-Z’s words—if not more so. Therefore, the Democrats and Hillary Clinton’s campaign don’t have a clue that they stepped on their own message and invalidated their efforts to paint Donald Trump as “unfit” for President by relying on Jay-Z in an act of sheer desperation to win this election. And if anyone had enough journalistic integrity to ask, Hillary Clinton would have a difficult time explaining her high praise for Jay-Z (even praising his “message”) in light of her criticism of Donald Trump for a whole lot less!

Not only that, one of Project Veritas’ latest undercover videos reveals what some Democrats and Clinton fundraisers really think about blacks, which is not all that different from the stereotypical racism often expressed by Democrats. Americans should ask themselves why Democrats and liberals always think and assume blacks are so different (often less capable than others in some way) from whites or any other group or race in America, as revealed in this campus survey. Sadly, Democratic racism is the worst racism of all because it’s the racism of low expectations, which they’ve been spreading all through our society for decades now. But people like Hillary Clinton who pursue power at all cost don’t care who gets hurt in the process as long as they gain control of the masses, and they know the best way to do that is to create “victims” by orchestrating one crisis after another because victims always need someone to help or rescue them; which is why the Democratic Party NEVER does anything meaningful to change the plight and lives of blacks and Hispanics trapped in America’s inner cities. That’s also why Democrats promote celebrities who just reinforce a victim mentality, stir up anger and division, and never inspire our youth to set and achieve high standards and goals. The last thing Democrats and Hillary Clinton want is for ALL Americans to have access to the American dream, and that’s why they’re so desperate to keep Donald Trump from being President, which their double standard about race and misogyny proves.

Hillary Clinton’s claim to fame has primarily been working all her life for women and children as a champion for their issues, but far from having a record of any real consequence in either area, she actually has a well-known and documented record of attacking and trying to discredit her husband’s accusers according to this report and so many others. However, the most damning evidence revealing the truth when it comes to women and little girls counting on Hillary Clinton comes from her own mouth…so listen as the “real” Hillary Clinton literally brags and laughs about getting a forty-two year old rapist a ridiculous plea deal despite knowing that he viciously raped a little twelve year old girl. I felt sick when I heard her bragging about how she got the attention of the “premier” blood analyst, and said, “If you could get him interested in the case, then you knew you had the foremost expert in the world willing to testify so that it came out the way you wanted it to come out.” Listening to her at the end of the tape, there’s no doubt she was pleased that she “got him off” with just “two months” for time served despite knowing he had brutally raped a young girl. So according to the double standards of Hillary Clinton, the Democrats and the mainstream media who back them, we’re not supposed to judge Hillary Clinton’s fitness to be our next President based on anything she actually did; yet we are supposed to evaluate Donald Trump’s fitness for the presidency based on things he’s said (most of which is taken out of context) and totally ignore his highly respected and distinguished record of REAL success and accomplishments. Again, that’s a huge double standard!

Finally, in addition to noting how friendly the Obamas are with Jay-Z and Beyoncé as stated above, it literally makes me sick to my stomach to hear Michelle and Barack Obama talk about setting high moral standards and act so smug and superior to Donald Trump, declaring him unfit for President because of what he said on the Access Hollywood video. They often talk about the need to “respect” women and to hold them in high regard, but that is NOT what Barack Obama was doing when he PROUDLY showed off his erection to the women travelling with him on a campaign plane in 2008, as disgustingly shown here. Of course, it’s hard to say what’s more disgusting…Barack Obama showing off for the cameras and women on the plane or how the women reacted! Yet THAT’S the “high” moral standard our President set for the youth and men in our country! Needless to say, that’s just another shameful double standard. Don’t be surprised if the video “disappears” because Hillary Clinton’s campaign and her political operatives and friends in high places are very busily removing or “hiding” as much as they can to keep the truth from coming out. But God has been bringing to light everything they’ve been doing in darkness and exposing their hypocrisy and double standards when it comes to blacks and misogyny; which the truth reveals is nothing but pandering to targeted voting demographics for the sake of winning an election.

One of my favorite and often used sayings is that “Man proposes and GOD DISPOSES.” So regardless of what Hillary Clinton and all of her political cronies propose, in the end it is God and God alone who will dispose, and I believe His hand of favor in this election is clearly on Donald Trump. So let’s keep Mr. Trump and our country lifted up in prayer because the really hard work begins AFTER the election, and our new President will need our prayers, God’s wisdom and His continued grace more than ever before. God bless Donald Trump and God bless America. AMEN!hich i

The Future of America’s Supreme Court and Our Culture Will Be Determined in this Election

When all is said and done after this election, only one issue will really matter because we’re literally voting on the direction of America’s Supreme Court, which will determine the future of our country and culture for decades to come. So I urge everyone concerned about that, particularly Christians who feel conflicted about voting for Donald Trump, to listen to this very powerful message from Tommy Nelson, titled The Continental Divide. As he pointed out, some of the recent rulings from the Supreme Court that were most consequential to all of us as Americans, especially for Christians, were made by five to four rulings; including same-sex marriage, Hobby Lobby and Heller. So one of the very first decisions by the next President will either change or maintain that balance on the Supreme Court, and literally determine if our government will continue to recognize and uphold our Constitutional right to practice and live according to our faith, whether or not the government can deny Americans the right to keep and bear arms and even if we have the freedom of speech that’s guaranteed in our Constitution…and that’s just for starters! So please listen to Tommy Nelson’s powerful message and pass it on to others because the direction of America’s Supreme Court and the future of our culture and so much more really will be determined in this election. And if you haven’t already done so, please take the time to read the Democratic Party Platform and the Republican Party Platform because these two radically different platforms and roadmaps for America’s Supreme Court and future are what we’re literally choosing in this election.

Finally, let’s keep praying for everything that’s been done in darkness to be brought to light and for the truth to set our country free of the demonic forces now threatening to destroy it. And let’s never forget that just as declared in Proverbs 21:30, there’s no wisdom, no insight and no plan that can succeed against the Lord!

DOJ’s Assistant Attorney General Peter Kadzik Caught Colluding with Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

The evidence of corruption swirling around and through all things Hillary Clinton keeps piling up with each round of new emails released by WikiLeaks, and yesterday was no exception! The DOJ’s Assistant Attorney General Peter Kadzik was caught colluding with Hillary Clinton’s campaign regarding the Department of Justice’s Clinton email server investigation by secretly feeding them information about the investigation, as detailed here. John Podesta and Peter Kadzik were college buddies and Kadzik even represented him when he was charged with perjury in the Monica Lewinsky case and, according to Podesta, kept him out of jail. Kadzik’s son even reached out to Podesta for a job with the Clinton campaign. Needless to say, someone that close to the Clinton campaign chairman shouldn’t be handling the Department of Justice’s investigation into anything to do with Bill and Hillary Clinton. So with the revelation that Assistant Attorney General Peter Kadzik was feeding “heads up” information to his buddy John Podesta regarding the Clinton email server investigation, he should be asked to recuse himself from anything to do with the Clintons; especially since he’s the one in charge of the current investigation into the newly discovered Clinton related emails on Anthony Weiner’s computer! That just isn’t ethical or acceptable by any standard since there’s an obvious conflict of interest. Sadly, the Department of Justice has become an extension of Hillary Clinton’s campaign and nothing could be more corrupt than that! So as Donald Trump said at a rally in Florida yesterday, this election is our LAST CHANCE to stop the unprecedented corruption now overtaking and threatening our country!

Additionally, many sources have reported that FBI Clinton Foundation corruption and “pay to play” investigations have been blocked or severely hindered by the Department of Justice and some in the FBI; Including James McCabe, whose wife received over $675,000.00 in donations to her Virginia senatorial campaign from Clinton friends in high places. Yet James McCabe is still in charge of the Hillary Clinton illegal email server investigation. However, truly honest and dedicated FBI agents and investigators kept investigating the various Clinton scandals and barring extraordinary interference and obstruction from the Department of Justice, indictments are expected. And as Fox News reported last night, the FBI’s Clinton Foundation investigation is much more expansive than previously reported, an avalanche of new information is coming in every day and they’re interviewing witnesses for the second and third time as they receive new evidence, and despite previous limited immunity agreements with Hillary Clinton aides Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson, their laptops weren’t destroyed and are now being probed for additional evidence (which could potentially void their immunity agreements). And the FBI has found new email evidence from Clinton’s server on Anthony Weiner’s computer, including likely classified information, and they believe five foreign intelligence agencies accessed Hillary Clinton’s email server and removed data from it; which likely included some of our nation’s most highly classified and top secret information.

As more information comes out, including whatever WikiLeaks releases, the greatest danger for Bill and Hillary Clinton and many of those closest to them are people who’ll turn on them to avoid spending many years in prison. Not only that, Hillary Clinton has become a huge liability to many very powerful players on the world stage, and they don’t necessarily play nice. While I didn’t expect all of this to come out before the election, I’m also not surprised for several reasons. First and foremost, I’ve always believed President Obama would double-cross Hillary Clinton after the election because he doesn’t really want her to succeed him as President; which I’ve written about quite often, such as here. Secondly, I vividly remember listening to James Comey testify before Congress a month ago and being asked some very tough questions about the Clinton email server investigation, some of which are included here, and was really struck by his impassioned response and defense of the FBI when Trey Gowdy told him that’s not the FBI he knows and used to work with. When I heard Director Comey’s clearly heartfelt response, I had a very strong sense that he knew something he just couldn’t reveal at that time and that he knew Gowdy would change his mind about the FBI’s investigation in the end. That gave me the impression that the FBI was still investigating the Clinton Foundation and that they let the email server issue slide because it was considered almost inconsequential compared to everything else they had. However, I am a bit perplexed about why all of this is coming out before the election since I didn’t expect to hear anything about it until after Hillary had safely won; which is what they clearly expected and for some strange reason still seem to expect. So unless they have the electronic voting machines rigged so that a Trump win is impossible (with man and not with God), this is all very strange. But one possible explanation is that Hillary Clinton is so damaged by the WikiLeaks Podesta emails, the ObamaCare rate hikes and the Project Veritas videos, not to mention that early voting results show Donald Trump doing much better than anyone but his supporters thought possible, that President Obama needed a scapegoat for Hillary Clinton not winning the election and the obvious damage a Trump presidency will do to his precious legacy. But based on my research, including much of what I’ve previously included elsewhere on the site, if Hillary Clinton goes down, Barack Obama is probably going down with her. So perhaps damage to his legacy isn’t nearly as important as being charged with treason and war crimes. Another big problem for Bill and Hillary Clinton and their associates is that even though Barack Obama can pardon them for federal crimes, he can’t pardon them for state crimes, and four different states are currently investigating the Clinton Foundation. Needless to say, the information that’s coming from the FBI right now isn’t coming from the top, so it might just be some agents who think the American people have a right to know the truth about Hillary Clinton before the election and there’s no other way to get that done since they’re being blocked by the Department of Justice by people like Assistant Attorney General Peter Kadzik and others. Attorney General Lynch has totally discredited herself in this matter as well since she secretly met with Bill Clinton on her jet while these investigations were ongoing, and there’s no telling what information she passed on to him in those unprecedented thirty-nine minutes!

The good news is that the American people will make the decision about the future of our country in less than a week, and it will be up to us to decide whether or not corruption on a level never before seen in our federal government is acceptable. And call me an eternal optimist, but I just can’t imagine the majority of Americans giving their stamp/vote of approval to Hillary Clinton and the corruption she’d take into the Oval Office if elected. So let’s keep praying for our nation, the wisdom of the vast majority of the American people and that God will keep bringing to light everything that’s been and will no doubt continue to be done in darkness!

The Web of Clinton Corruption is Finally Catching up with Hillary Clinton and Her Entire Crime Syndicate

Based on information gleaned from WikiLeaks, Project Veritas videos and from FBI and police sources in New York after finding over 650,000 Clinton related emails and files on Anthony Weiner’s computer, the American people are in for a rough ride and need to buckle up because the web of Clinton corruption is finally catching up with Hillary Clinton and threatens to bring down her entire crime syndicate. For instance, yesterday’s WikiLeaks release included an email message from John Podesta (Clinton’s campaign chairman) to Cheryl Mills (Clinton’s top assistant and attorney) on March 2, 2015 (right when the email server scandal broke), in which he told her that they have to “dump” the emails. Podesta actually wrote, “we are going to have to dump all those emails so better to do so sooner rather than later.” And when we add to that the fact that they used bleach bit on the server to make sure Hillary Clinton’s emails could NEVER be recovered and literally smashed her other devices to bits with a hammer, it’s obvious that Hillary Clinton and her campaign never wanted those emails to see the light of day! So the Clinton campaign’s claim that Podesta meant they needed to turn the emails over as soon as possible is an insult to the intelligence of the American people because we KNOW what they did, and they DID NOT turn them over; they destroyed them and we KNOW that’s exactly what John Podesta was telling Cheryl Mills to do when he said “dump all those emails” and to do so “sooner rather than later!” Not only that, we know that since they willfully broke the law by doing that AFTER Hillary Clinton was served a lawfully authorized subpoena to preserve and produce the server and all related emails, all those emails must be EXTREMELY damaging! We also know they never would have done that unless they were confident Hillary Clinton and her criminal conspirators would never be held accountable for their crimes. And using our good old everyday common sense, we know that Bill Clinton didn’t meet secretly with Loretta Lynch on her jet for thirty-nine minutes days before James Comey failed to charge Hillary Clinton just to talk about his golf game and grandchildren! Contrary to what the Clintons and most Democrats seem to think, the American people aren’t that stupid!

Considering everything the Clinton campaign et al did to get rid of those emails, it’s no wonder the discovery of over six hundred fifty thousand emails that Huma Abedin (Hillary’s closest aide) had somehow downloaded onto Anthony Weiner’s computer sent shockwaves through the Clinton presidential campaign and her entire crime syndicate! Contrary to misleading reports in the mainstream media, the 650,000 plus emails often referred to are actually considered “relevant” to the FBI’s investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email server, and considering the astounding volume of data, there’s no way it’s “just duplicates.” In fact, the initial scan of those emails by the FBI revealed that thousands of them came from the email address Hillary Clinton was known to use, as well as from multiple “.gov” email accounts, which means they were email accounts used by government employees to conduct official government business. Initial scans also seem to indicate that thousands of the documents included in the newly discovered email are indeed classified; in fact, the FBI is looking for “cleared” agents to assist in their review of the emails. That means they have top national security clearance, which EVERYONE who sees and has access to classified material is required to have BY LAW. Yet the nation’s top secret classified information that ended up on Anthony Weiner’s computer was forwarded through Huma Abedin’s Yahoo email account, which everyone knows are notorious for being so easily hacked!

While much of what’s now being exposed about Hillary Clinton and the corruption she’s been part of for decades is shocking for so many Americans, many others have been aware of it all along. For instance, this article was written about Hillary Clinton’s involvement in the murders in Benghazi as a cover-up operation four years ago, and with the WikiLeaks confirmation since then to back him up, author Dave Hodges has updated that with this article about Hillary Clinton being complicit in Chris Stevens’ murder because he found out about the illegal activities that were sanctioned and financed by President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and was about to spill the beans. It’s a tale of corruption and intrigue that’s beyond the imagination of most decent and honest Americans, and the only hope of saving our country is preventing Hillary Clinton from ever becoming our President! Dave Hodges seems to have some well-informed sources within our government, and a few days ago, he shared a shocking letter from a Drug Enforcement agent, who wrote about the web of drug running our government and the Clinton Foundation are involved in. Since there are MANY books and documentaries about Bill and Hillary Clinton’s legendary corruption, the information is available for anyone interested in finding it. But for those who might just be starting to have questions about the Clintons and have believed the farcical persona they present to the public, a lot of information about the web of Clinton corruption is included in an article I wrote back in July, titled Corruption, Lies and Death Always Reign in Hillary’s Parade. Additionally, two great sources for understanding the extent of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s corruption and how they operate the world’s largest crime syndicate are the Clinton Cash Documentary, which details many of the “pay to play” transactions that took place while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, and then an updated version of Clinton Chronicles, which details their criminal activities all the way back to drug running, government corruption and murders in Arkansas.

However, all of that is pretty complicated and will seem like small potatoes if the shocking news now being leaked by angry FBI and police sources in New York end up being true; some of which is detailed here and here. Be warned, it really is shocking; yet it would confirm every word of testimony from government whistleblowers Mark Phillips and Cathy O’Brien, links to which I included in The Survival of American Democracy and Traditional Values are on the Ballot this November. It will literally take hours to listen to everything I included from Cathy and Mark in that post, but if you really care about our country and want to know the truth about how wicked the people running it (which does include Bill and Hillary Clinton) for the past fifty plus years are, you’ll take the time to listen to what they have to say. It’s all based on their eye-witness experience; Cathy as a government owned and mind controlled “Presidential model” sex slave and courier, and Mark as someone who worked in the CIA and rescued Cathy and literally saved her and her daughter’s lives years later. I inadvertently discovered this video from their presentation at a forum in 1996 when looking for something else…which I now realize was divine intervention. Then I watched this presentation from when George W. Bush was President. While it’s really difficult to describe the impact Cathy O’Brien’s testimony had on me as she described the shocking details of unimaginable corruption in the very highest levels of our government, the following is a lengthy excerpt from the above post:
Something about their presentations resonated as truth and something we have to face if we’re to save our country, our American democracy, our traditional values and everything else we hold dear as Americans and especially as Christians. So hearing Cathy O’Brien’s shocking and graphic testimony personally challenged me to accept information about people I’ve previously held in high regard and to abandon the idealism I’ve held to for many years, having to face the existence of absolute corruption, perversion, cruelty and wickedness in all levels of our government. But I couldn’t deny the truth of what she shared because it explains what we see going on in today’s political realm. It explains why so many political elites support Hillary Clinton despite her well documented and undeniable corruption, and have even endorsed her and actively oppose Donald Trump. It explains why President George H. Bush is voting for Hillary Clinton, why none of the Bush family support Donald Trump and even why Mitt Romney is so strongly against him. Donald Trump is the greatest threat to completing their long awaited plan for a one world government because he actually inspires American patriotism and espouses putting America and the interests of the American people FIRST; which also explains the mainstream media’s political collusion with the Clinton campaign and their unprecedented efforts to control public opinion and to turn Americans against Donald Trump. Everything they’ve worked to accomplish for decades is on the line in this election and only a significant majority of the American voters can stop it by electing Donald Trump in a landslide. So I encourage every American concerned about the survival of American democracy and our traditional values to listen to Trance Formation of America: The Cathy O’Brien Story and decide if it’s credible or so vile and repulsive that it’s just too shocking and incomprehensible to believe and accept. It’s a truly horrifying and shameful exposé of the criminal, inhumane and excessively perverted activities of America’s highest and most powerful government leaders for decades; yet not all that shocking in light of the corruption we’ve seen so blatantly displayed in many federal agencies in their efforts to hide and excuse Hillary Clinton’s criminal activities to insure her election as our next President. They don’t even try to hide it anymore because they’re convinced that the American people are sufficiently under their control and powerless to stop them. For example, by listening from the 6:58 mark, Cathy reveals how drugs were intentionally brought into America from Mexico as part of a drug running partnership between the Mexican and American governments. For years, many in the black community have claimed that the CIA brought drugs into their communities, which is now proven and documented by Cathy O’Brien’s revealing testimony of how she was used as a mind control sex slave and courier for the Whitehouse and Pentagon for years. It also details how she was subjected to decades of unspeakable brutality, horrifying sexual, physical and mental abuse by those at the very highest levels of our government. Everyone will have to listen to all of this and determine for themselves if it’s significant and credible, but regardless of what anyone thinks of the information Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips have brought to light, it will change your perspective on many things because it’s really not possible to totally dismiss it based on what we see happening in our government and country today, and so much of what they predicted and talked about has come to pass since they started sharing Cathy’s horrifying experience at the hands of our own government over twenty years ago. And for those who don’t realize it, information like this is precisely what Hillary Clinton means when she defames and attacks the “alt right.” She’s scared to death that a majority of Americans will figure out what’s going on in our country and how the wicked, corrupt and evil forces she’s associated with have been trying to control our minds and emotions for decades in order to accomplish their goal of a one world government. If human beings can be reduced to emotionally reactive, angry beings without moral restraints and without the ability for analytical thinking because they’ve been manipulated and controlled by unrestrained sexual urges, legalized and government sanctioned drug use, absolute disregard for law and order and a well-orchestrated assault on everything we hold dear, as we’ve all witnessed in excess over the past eight years, they win and Americans lose.

It’s hard to believe I wrote that just one month ago and had no idea what was about to happen or that the web of Clinton corruption would be finally catching up with Hillary Clinton and threatening to bring down her entire crime syndicate, which seemed impossible at the time. But as we should NEVER forget, with God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! So the American people really need to buckle up because if the leaks coming from the FBI, police in New York, WikiLeaks and other sources take hold and are proven true, God is literally bringing to light the unspeakable corruption and wickedness that’s been at work in our country and the world for decades, and that’s going to shake us and our country to our very core. However, that’s necessary if we’re to survive, and to that end, God has obviously called some very bold and courageous individuals who really love our country and are willing to literally put their lives on the line to save it, making them His chosen ones for a time such as this. Even though what lies ahead will be very painful and tumultuous for our nation, we’ll never overcome the web of wickedness that now threatens to destroy us if we don’t drain the swamp of corruption that’s literally engulfed our government and many of those we’ve unwisely entrusted and empowered to run it. So please join me in praying for our country and those GOD has given the monumental task of rescuing the nation and people He loves. I also pray that Americans will turn to GOD for wisdom and strength in these turbulent times and that our hearts and minds will be set on glorifying and magnifying Him and His Holy name. May God bless and keep America!

Shocking News! President Obama Bought Retirement Property in Qatar Right Around 2008 Election!

It will probably come as quite a shock to most Americans to learn that right around the time Barack Obama was elected President of the United States in November of 2008, he bought a lavish two million dollar retirement property on the Northern coast of Qatar in the Middle East and has been preparing to retire there when his presidency comes to an end in January! Despite apparent efforts to keep the American people from knowing that, President Obama’s purchase and plan to leave the United States after his presidency are revealed in this Boston Tribune article. I’m not at all surprised to hear that Barack Obama never intended to stay in our country after doing everything he could to destroy it, but I know this news will no doubt come as a shock and disappointment to the millions of Americans who put a lot of misplaced hope and confidence in him.

That means Barack Obama took office as President of the United States in January of 2009 with the intent of leaving the country after his presidency, and the American people should ask themselves why. We should also ask why he tried to hide his plans to retire in the Middle East from the American people, and why he used a Canadian company to restore and prepare the property for his post-presidency residence instead of an American company. Of course, President Obama and his administration always seem to prefer giving his and America’s business to Canadians since his campaign bus was made in Canada and the demonstratively incompetent company he hired for the disastrous ObamaCare website was Canadian as well…also another example of how Barack Obama and his administration have repaid and rewarded their political donors and personal friends and associates. From the time Barack Obama began his campaign for President, it was clear to anyone who really listened to him that he didn’t hold the United States of America in very high regard; in fact, he thought it was so bad that it needed radical and “fundamental” transformation, which he promised to do five days before winning the election in 2008. Unfortunately, as we all know now, Barack Obama’s promises were all lies, and he did the exact opposite of everything he promised. However, he did succeed in fundamentally transforming our nation and literally changed this country and the world, though not for the better.

Additionally, there’s been an awful lot of interest in Qatar recently. For instance, right after meeting with President Obama in the White House, Ahmed Mohamed and his family decided to move to Qatar. Ahmed Mohamed is the fourteen year old boy who brought a suspicious looking “clock” to class as a school project and was arrested in Texas; but there’s a lot more to that story than reported by the mainstream media. Also, Michelle Obama went to Qatar just a year ago…perhaps she was checking out her new home or making important final decoration decisions. And even though it’s “supposed” to be a hoax, there have been rumors online that Hillary Clinton moved 1.8 BILLION dollars from the Clinton Foundation to a bank in Qatar. It’s a pretty sad commentary for our country that in light of the Clintons’ lack of integrity and undeniable corruption (especially knowing where the Obama family intends to retire), rumors of Hillary sending 1.8 billion dollars to a bank in Qatar actually have a shred of credibility! Not only that, John Kerry is selling his Nantucket mansion and yacht as reported here. Perhaps fear of criminal exposure and the realization that Donald Trump could win this year’s election and seriously start rooting out the corruption that’s so pervasive in all areas of our government is causing certain people to prepare to leave the country for places where they’re safe from extradition and prosecution, such as Qatar.

Even though learning that Barack Obama bought retirement property in Qatar right around the 2008 election is shocking news, he’s never truly demonstrated American patriotism or love for our country; especially in the anti-American speeches he gave around the world as our President, and now his anti-American, racist and immoral ideology has spread like poison through our country and culture. That’s why it’s no surprise to me that he never intended to stay here to suffer the consequences of the immeasurable damage he’s caused and the literal hatred he’s stirred up in the hearts of millions of Americans. He’s virtually bankrupted our country, and he and Hillary Clinton implemented policies that provided our worst enemies with the weapons and cash they need to destroy us, created the vacuum that spawned ISIS, placed such restrictive “rules of engagement” on our military personnel that defeating terrorism is impossible, fomented revolution and the overthrow of American allies in the Middle East and North Africa in favor of radical Islamists, flooded our country with refugees bent on destroying our country and illegal immigrants bent on crime, flaunted and totally disregarded all immigration laws now on the books, personally supported and aggressively pushed for same-sex marriage and to obliterate all religious rights and sexual distinctions in our society, supported and encouraged hatred and violence against America’s police officers, gutted our military, squandered BILLIONS and TRILLIONS of dollars on one failed “green” initiative after another…and the list goes on and on. The bottom line is that if Barack Obama had campaigned for President with the goal of destroying the United States of America, he would have promised to do EXACTLY what he’s done over the past eight years. So that’s what Americans should keep in mind now that we know President Obama never intended to live in the hate-filled, racially divided, thoroughly corrupt, morally bankrupt, impoverished and militarily impotent country he will pass on to the next President in little more than two months. And IF that President were to be Hillary Clinton, God help America because she would just finish the job Barack Obama started eight years ago! So thank God that by His grace, the American spirit is alive and well and much stronger than those who hope to destroy it think! Therefore, we the American people will make our voices heard loud and clear on November 8th as we overcome evil with good and embark on the long and arduous task of making America great again for ALL AMERICANS!