Beware of the Clinton Spinmeisters’ Outright Lying and Deceptive Headlines and Polls!

After looking at polls and early voting data online this morning, it’s obvious that the American people need to beware of the Clinton spinmeisters’ outright lying and deceptive headlines and polls! A perfect example was this new CNN article titled Early voting update: Positive signs for both parties in battleground states. That really caught my attention because the information I’ve been hearing didn’t seem to indicate things were going all that well for the Democrats in early voting. But the headlines ended up being a total lie and very deceptive and misleading because there isn’t much positive, favorable or good news for the Democrats in the actual early voting data provided in the article! The story starts out saying, “The numbers include some good news for Republicans in Ohio and Iowa…results are favorable for Democrats in Florida, Arizona and Colorado.” So based on the headlines and the opening statement, along with the definition of “favorable,” readers could reasonably conclude that early voting data gives Democrats an advantage in Florida, Arizona and Colorado. However, the truth is that the Clinton spinmisters at CNN were hard at work when they put that spin on the data included at the above link since the headlines don’t line up with the content and early voting data included in the article and there really isn’t much good, positive or favorable news to be found for the Democrats. But that didn’t keep them from again falsely stating, “The numbers include some good news for Republicans in Ohio and Iowa, and good news for Democrats in Florida, Arizona and Colorado, based on a CNN analysis of the latest early voting data.” Well, at least they didn’t say the numbers actually say that; rather CNN’s analysis of the numbers say that!

For instance, the early voting data is supposed to be positive, favorable and good for Democrats in Florida; yet the article states, “Republicans continue to lead Democrats in Florida early voting by a very slim margin. Registered Republicans are ahead by about 13,545 votes, a smaller lead than they had one week ago. This is still a decent showing for the GOP — it’s preferable to be ahead than behind — but they are still behind their pace from 2008, the last year that comparable data is available. At this point in 2008, registered Republicans had a 44,000-vote advantage, which meant they were ahead by about 2.8%. But even with that advantage in the early vote, it wasn’t enough for John McCain to carry the Sunshine State. Florida currently leads the nation in terms of early turnout, almost 3 million ballots already cast. A majority of the state’s voters went to the polls early in both 2012 and 2008.” They really had to spin those numbers to find something good for the Democrats in Florida’s early voting data; especially since they know full well that the VAST majority of Democrats in North Florida and the panhandle are voting for Donald Trump! I live in North Florida and no one I know or the people they know are voting for Hillary Clinton; yet they’re ALL registered Democrats and VERY STRONG Donald Trump supporters! In fact, many of them rarely vote, but they’re very determined this year and most of them have already voted for Donald Trump.

Additionally, the early voting data in Arizona isn’t any better for the Democrats since the article very clearly states that “Registered Republicans took the lead in Arizona this week, edging ahead of Democrats who surprisingly maintained a narrow turnout advantage during the first two weeks of early voting. But it’s not all good news for the GOP: Their advantage today is about half the size it was at this point in 2012. Republicans are currently ahead of Democrats by 34,000 votes, or 3.6% of the vote. At this point in 2012, Republicans were ahead by more than 62,000 votes, which translated to a 9.7% lead.
More than 915,000 people have already voted in Arizona, an increase from this time in 2012. About two-thirds of all votes in the Grand Canyon State were cast early in the last presidential election.” Needless to say, the Clinton spinmeisters have truly perfected the art of spin to find positive, favorable and good news for Hillary Clinton and the Democrats in those numbers!

On the other hand, without taking into account the possibility that many Democratic voters in Colorado could be voting for Donald Trump as they are in Florida, at first glance, the early voting data there seems to be positive, favorable or good news for the Democrats. So we can give the part about early voting in Colorado favoring the Democrats to the Clinton spinmeisters.

After digging into election data from 2012 and evaluating where the race is today, I’ve concluded that Donald Trump will win the election, and won’t be at all surprised if it’s by a landslide. In 2012, Mitt Romney ended up with 206 electoral votes and Barack Obama with 332 electoral votes, which was 33 less than he won in 2008. That means that in addition to winning every state won by Mitt Romney last year, Donald Trump has to find an additional 64 electoral votes somewhere to win the election. And despite Hillary Clinton’s campaign, Democrat political operatives and the mainstream media trying to convince voters that many so called “red” states are in play this year, the truth is that many more states President Obama won in 2012 are in play this year than the states won by Mitt Romney. So more than likely, Hillary Clinton’s spinmeisters and political operatives hoped false reports that he was in danger of losing “red” states would lead Donald Trump to spend valuable time and resources defending those electoral votes. But instead of taking the bait, Donald Trump marched right into so called “blue” states in a bold move to expand the electoral map in his favor! So putting aside the mainstream media hype, the only two states won by Mitt Romney in 2012 that could possibly be in play this year are North Carolina and Arizona, and I think Donald Trump will win both states.

North Carolina voted for Obama in 2008 and then against him in 2012, so it’s hard to imagine they’ll change course and vote for a continuation of the same policies they previously rejected and Hillary Clinton this year. Not only that, North Carolinians are not very happy about the Democrats trying to bully them into gender neutral bathrooms; which might be a great issue for the loud and obnoxious minority in North Carolina, but doesn’t go over well with the silent majority. Additionally, early voting in North Carolina is not going well for Democrats so far, as reported here. So I’m ignoring the polls since they’re so erratic and all over the place, and I’m confident that Donald Trump will win North Carolina and hold onto that red state again this year.

Then there’s Arizona, and despite the Clinton campaign’s spinmeisters and political operatives and the mainstream media doing their best to put it into play this year, the latest polls and early voting data just don’t show that. Not only that, it’s hard to believe any state is more concerned about illegal immigration and border security than Arizona. So I think Donald Trump will hold onto Arizona too, which would give him the same 206 electoral votes Mitt Romney won in 2012.

That means Donald Trump has to pick up another 64 electoral votes somewhere, and he already appears to be winning in Ohio, Iowa, Nevada and 1 of the electoral votes in Maine, which gives him 31 additional electoral votes. That means he just needs to find 33 more votes somewhere! And since Florida’s early voting data is favorable for Republicans and I don’t personally know any Democrats who aren’t voting for Donald Trump, and everyone they know (also registered Democrats) are voting for Donald Trump as well, I’m confident he’ll win Florida this year. Not only that, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are not popular with Cuban Americans (who make up the majority of Hispanics in Florida) because they don’t like Obama’s policies on Cuba or his immigration policies. In fact, my sister-in-law is from Honduras and she’s an ardent Trump supporter because she became an American citizen “the hard way” and can’t believe what’s going on with illegal immigration in our country now. And I’m pretty sure that’s how many Cuban Americans feel too since they came here and had to work very hard to make a life for themselves and their families. So they don’t think it’s right for illegal immigrants to get welfare benefits and help from the government, which is like an insult to them since they worked so hard to achieve the American dream for their families. Not only that, Florida has a significant Haitian American population and they despise the Clintons, so Hillary Clinton isn’t going to get their votes either. So I also expect Donald Trump to win Florida’s 29 electoral votes, which would give him a total of 60 additional electoral votes! That means he just has to find FOUR MORE VOTES, and the good news is that there are quite a few options and paths to get those ever so significant four little votes!

Despite all the hype and polls that don’t make much sense, it’s not unreasonable to think winning Wisconsin is within reach for Donald Trump, which would give him the election with an additional 10 electoral votes and even make up for possibly losing either Iowa or Nevada. Yesterday, Emerson came out with a Wisconsin poll showing Clinton winning with one hundred percent of voters voting and NO undecided voters, which seems highly unlikely. Their poll results showed Clinton at 48%, Trump 42%, Johnson 9% and Stein at 1%. However, they also released poll results for Wisconsin’s Senate race, and those results showed Feingold at 49% and Johnson at 44%, which leaves seven percent undecided…and that’s a HUGE difference! And since Governor Scott Walker won three very hard fought elections there in the past eight years, including a recall election, the odds seem pretty good that a Republican agenda might be more favorable in the eyes of the majority of Wisconsin voters, so Donald Trump has a realistic chance of winning those 10 additional electoral votes as well.

They don’t show up in the Real Clear Politics polls, but I heard poll results yesterday that said Trump and Clinton were tied in New Mexico, which hasn’t even been on anyone’s radar. And that’s worth 5 electoral votes to the winner. I also heard a poll that says Hillary Clinton was only winning in Pennsylvania by 3 points, which would be a HUGE win for Trump since that would give him another 20 electoral votes! Polls in New Hampshire have also favored Donald Trump from time to time, which would be worth another 4 electoral votes if he wins there. And despite so many political analysts pooh-poohing the possibility of Donald Trump winning Pennsylvania, Michigan or Virginia, I won’t be surprised if he wins all three states because his policies are very popular with those voters, which really could push him over the top in all three states. The polls have been all over the place in those states too, even though none of them have shown Trump winning; yet they also indicate a lot of voters are still undecided. Virginia polls are rather notorious for getting election outcomes wrong by HUGE margins, so anything is possible there. But the polls won’t cast a single vote in the end, so listen to these encouraging early voting results!

Then on top of everything else, the models we’ve all heard about with very good track records for accurately predicting election outcomes are predicting a win for Donald Trump. In fact, just two days ago, a new one even predicted a landslide election in Trump’s favor! MogIA is an election model developed by Sanjiv Rai, who is the founder of an Indian company called That model takes in 20 million data points from public platforms in the United States like Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and analyzes the information to make predictions. The results are real good news for Donald Trump because they show that he’s exceeded Barack Obama’s peak engagement numbers from 2008 by a whopping 25%! So that’s why their model predicts a Trump landslide. And despite all the polls predicting otherwise, Professor Helmut Norpoth recently said he stands by his model and still predicts a Trump victory, and he’s got an excellent record of getting it right! Even an obvious Trump hater predicts a Trump victory based on his own model, which I recently wrote about in great detail in The Pollsters Weren’t Right About Ronald Reagan and They’re Not Right about Donald Trump! Additionally, now that early voting data is available, the polls are moving more in Trump’s favor because the pollsters are beginning to “weight” their polls accordingly; which simply means they aren’t giving the Democratic samples nearly the same weight they gave them in earlier poll results.

Even though I reached the above conclusions before Friday’s news that the FBI reopened their investigation into Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of her email as Secretary of State, as well as illegally handling top secret classified national security information, there’s little doubt that such news will impact the outcome of the election to some degree. If nothing else, it will depress Clinton’s voter turnout and she was already suffering an enthusiasm deficit. So finding those new emails on a computer Huma Abedin shared with her husband, Anthony Weiner, is not good news for the Clinton campaign since it raises even more questions about Hillary’s judgment and once again demonstrates extreme carelessness on her part in protecting our nation’s most highly guarded top secret information as required by law. Yet the biggest problem for Hillary Clinton is that our country is not where she and Barack Obama, along with all of their fans and political operatives in the mainstream media are politically or culturally. We genuinely love our country and the people who also love our country, and we treasure our Constitution and the wholesome values and traditions our country was built on. We’re not haters and we’re not bigots, but we are nationalists in some ways and want to put America first for a change. We’re sick and tired of the fear mongering and division Democrats fuel every election season and we want our country to truly be united and for our laws to be applied EQUALLY to ALL Americans. We want EVERY American to have equal access to the American dream and we want common sense, decency and ethics to have a place in our culture and governance again. We’re sick beyond description of the corruption, incompetence and lack of accountability we’ve seen in every area of our government over the past eight years, and we know without a doubt that Hillary Clinton, Democrats and Republicans in name only will NEVER do a thing to change that. So we’re willing to give someone else a chance even though he doesn’t have political experience; in fact, probably BECAUSE he doesn’t have political experience, and because we don’t believe he’ll be bought off by special interest groups and wealthy donors. That’s why the enthusiasm gap overwhelmingly benefits Donald Trump in this election, and the Clinton political machine won’t be able to overcome that. Not only that, anyone who is used to seeing the hand of God at work in their lives and circumstances recognizes that God’s hand of favor is definitely at work in Donald Trump’s life and bid for President. And as stated in Romans 8:31, “If God is for us, who can be against us?” So for those still wondering how Donald Trump keeps standing after saying and doing so many things that would have destroyed any other presidential candidate, the answer is that he doesn’t stand in his own strength and power. Instead, the power of God is being perfected In Donald Trump’s weakness just as declared in 2 Corinthians 12:9, and he’s well on his way to being elected President of the United States in one of our country’s most historic elections! So get ready as God continues to bring to light even more wickedness and corruption that’s been done in darkness because it’s coming!

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