Tom Fuentes of CNN Says Reports that the FBI is Not Investigating the Clinton Foundation are Wrong!

I heard an interview on CNN tonight with Tom Fuentes, which really surprised me since what he said is very different from what’s being reported in the news and by Hillary Clinton’s campaign and political operatives. According to Tom Fuentes, who said he got his information directly from current members of the FBI, the team investigating the Anthony Weiner sexting case unexpectedly found Huma Abedin’s emails at the beginning of the week and took them to the team who investigated the Clinton email server to review. Then AFTER they looked at the newly discovered Huma Abedin emails (which presumably means they read them), both teams went to FBI Director Comey on Thursday and asked to reopen the original Clinton email investigation. Tom Fuentes also revealed that the team who investigated the Clinton email server had agreed with Director Comey’s decision not to recommend charges last July. So the reports that the FBI hasn’t even read the Huma Abedin emails now in question is not true, which means the investigators most likely found something they didn’t have in their initial investigation; otherwise they wouldn’t want to reopen the investigation and Comey certainly wouldn’t have done so at this particular time without a real good reason.

However, the most surprising thing I heard in the interview with Tom Fuentes is that public reports that the DOJ blocked requests to conduct investigations into the Clinton Foundation are not true either. Fuentes said that even though the Clinton Foundation investigation doesn’t “originate” with the FBI as requested, there are three separate Clinton Foundation investigations now working together with the FBI. Somehow, even though that’s an even more significant and explosive bombshell than yesterday’s news that the FBI has reopened their investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server and mishandling of national security information, I have a feeling it won’t get any coverage by the mainstream media. While it’s very difficult (if not impossible) to know what’s REALLY going on, everything I hear just affirms my expectation that even IF Hillary Clinton were to win the election, Barack Obama has no intention of letting her succeed him as President and she’s very likely going to be indicted and convicted as a result of some or all of these ongoing investigations after the election. So the Clinton dramas continue and the American people may have their faith in the rule of law restored in the end, but the truly good news is that it won’t paralyze our country since Donald Trump will be our next President!

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