Newly Discovered Huma Abedin Emails are Fraught with Legal and Political Danger for Hillary Clinton

Based on news coverage of the newly discovered Huma Abedin emails found on a laptop owned by her husband, Anthony Weiner, the mainstream media seems to be overlooking that they’re potentially fraught with legal and political danger for Hillary Clinton. First, when Hillary Clinton turned over print copies of her email from the time she was Secretary of State to the State Department, they didn’t have the digital information the newly discovered Abedin emails contain and could have easily been edited or altered in some way before being printed. But the newly discovered emails contain significant digital data and could potentially provide evidence of the intent James Comey initially concluded didn’t exist last July. And that seems more likely than not because when additional information came out over the past few months, including additional emails, Director Comey refused to reopen the investigation. Additionally, the only reason Comey didn’t recommend charges in July was because he didn’t have sufficient evidence of “intent,” and then he didn’t act on the new evidence because it was just more of the same and he didn’t think it met the threshold required to reopen the case. Therefore, the newly discovered Huma Abedin emails must be significantly different from the evidence he had previously since he concluded that it’s sufficient to meet the threshold required to reopen the investigation; especially just eleven days before a presidential election when he knows it could impact the outcome of the election. There’s no way Director Comey would do that at this time unless he has sufficient reason to believe these emails provide evidence of intent or something more sinister, and his original letter to Congress said they “appear to be pertinent” to the investigation.

Another problem for the Clinton campaign is that these emails were discovered on a computer owned and in the possession of Anthony Weiner, and not in the control of Huma Abedin, so there’s little they can do to prevent the discovery and examination of the evidence contained on the laptop in question. And even more unfortunate for Abedin and Hillary Clinton, having all of this come out in the midst of a divorce just adds more drama, especially since Mr. Weiner obviously isn’t trying to protect either of them and might even welcome the opportunity to exact a little revenge. Divorces tend to be very nasty and the Weiner divorce might not be any different!

However, one of the most serious areas that could be highly fraught with legal and political danger for Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin is if the newly discovered emails include communication between Huma Abedin and the terrorists she’s very closely connected to in the Muslim Brotherhood as detailed here. Her family are very much involved in the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization and Hillary Clinton made a lot of deals with them as Secretary of State; including providing them with arms and financial support in the overthrow of the governments in Egypt, Libya and elsewhere. Not only that, these emails could provide clear and convincing evidence of the pay to play we all know was going on between the State Department and Clinton Foundation since Huma Abedin was very much involved in that as well. Needless to say, if such emails are among those discovered, that would explain why James Comey did something so unprecedented and earth shattering by announcing that he reopened the Clinton email investigation eleven days before the election.

Politically speaking, since Anthony Weiner has proven himself to be a very unsavory character, it doesn’t help Hillary Clinton that he had access to her work product as Secretary of State. Not only that, Yahoo email accounts are notoriously hacked and have to be among the least secure, which most of us know personally since we’ve likely received spam email after someone we know had their Yahoo account hacked. So anyone who thinks Hillary Clinton can be trusted to properly handle our nation’s most top secret classified information or has the judgment to be our next President should know better after seeing how carelessly top secret classified information was handled by both Hillary Clinton and her most trusted aide and confidante, Huma Abedin.

It’s actually poetic justice that after the extreme efforts made by the Clinton team to keep the emails they destroyed with bleach bit and contained on devices they smashed with hammers from seeing the light of day, the one little rock they left unturned was the laptop left in Anthony Weiner’s possession! Yes indeed, God is bringing to light everything they’ve done in darkness and these newly discovered Huma Abedin emails are fraught with a great deal of legal and political danger for Hillary Clinton!

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