The Direction of the Supreme Court and the Future of Our Country are on the Ballot in this Election

As Americans decide who to vote for in this election, especially Christians, the single most important consideration on the ballot this year is how our vote will impact the direction of the Supreme Court and the future of our country. Since the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, the Supreme Court consists of three conservative Justices who believe their rulings should be based on the Constitution, three liberal Justices who believe their rulings don’t have to follow the intent or text of the Constitution, and one Justice who swings either way from one ruling to the next. So the President we elect this year will determine the direction of the Supreme Court and our country for the next generation because he or she will most likely appoint at least three Supreme Court Justices.

Therefore, Americans need to know where both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton stand on the most fundamental and consequential issues facing our nation in the future and what each of them have conveyed regarding the kind of Supreme Court Justices they’ll nominate. And we know how important that is since the Supreme Court repeatedly blocked President Obama’s unprecedented and unconstitutional use of executive orders to effect legislation he couldn’t get passed through the United States Congress as per our Constitution, or to frustrate and put an end to the egregious abuse of power during his presidency. For instance, in an outrageous case when the Obama administration tried to use a federal statute against chemical weapons to prosecute a woman for putting toxic chemicals on the door handle of the car belonging to her husband’s mistress, the Supreme Court ruled UNANIMOUSLY against the Obama Department of Justice. Reading the Supreme Court’s decision in that case proves how vitally important it is to every American to have a Supreme Court that will reasonably and judiciously apply the Constitution and law whenever the federal government exceeds the bounds of law, our Constitution and common sense as the DOJ did in that case. In another unanimous ruling, the Supreme Court found that President Obama exceeded his power under the Constitution when he filled three federal positions while the Senate was on a brief break. And in a narrow five to four ruling, the Supreme Court ruled against Obama again and struck down a provision in ObamaCare that required for-profit companies to violate their religious beliefs and rights and provide contraceptives and abortives in the Hobby Lobby case. Fortunately, we’ve been able to rely on the Supreme Court in many cases to stop President Obama’s administration regarding their unlawful environmental regulations, attempting to rewrite immigration laws and even more alarming, by unanimous rulings when the Obama DOJ argued in favor of warrantless and unconstitutional search and seizure of cell phone information, data and GPS tracking as reported here. And more Recently, the Supreme Court also protected the religious rights of the Little Sisters of the Poor in a unanimous ruling when the Obama administration tried to force them to provide contraceptives and abortive drugs to their employees. So as the past eight years have proven, the Supreme Court is the only safeguard the American people have left to stop a President intent on disregarding our Constitution and frustrating the duly passed laws governing our country. Therefore, if Hillary Clinton is elected President and allowed to pack the Supreme Court with the liberal Justices she wants, we can kiss the Constitution and rule of law goodbye because no one will stand in her way as she pursues a radical and destructive agenda for our country.

With that in mind, let’s look at Hillary Clinton’s position on some of our nation’s most important and consequential Constitutional issues. First, Hillary Clinton does not agree with the Supreme Court’s finding that the Second Amendment provides a Constitutional right for individuals to own and bear arms as they ruled in the District of Columbia v. Heller case. However, in the final Presidential debate, she even said the Heller case was about protecting toddlers from guns; which was an outright lie as the above Wikipedia link proves. The argument in the Heller case was that provisions of the Firearms Control Regulations Act of 1975 infringe an individual’s right to bear arms as protected by the Second Amendment, and the Supreme Court’s simple ruling was that the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution applies to federal enclaves and protects an individual’s right to possess a firearm for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense within the home. So Hillary Clinton lied when she said Heller was about protecting toddlers, and since she always tries to hide the truth about her position on the Second Amendment, listen to her vow to fight the NRA and to overturn the Heller ruling. And as also revealed at the last presidential debate, Hillary Clinton believes that unborn babies don’t have Constitutional rights and wants to repeal the Hyde Amendment, which outlaws taxpayer funding for abortions. So without a Supreme Court to protect our Constitutional rights and defend and uphold the rule of law, in addition to losing our right to own and bear arms for self-defense, our religious right not to pay for unrestricted partial birth abortions and the loss of many other civil rights provided in and protected by the Constitution, Hillary Clinton will implement environmental regulations that will totally ruin our economy, grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, rewrite our immigration laws and approve destructive trade agreements in pursuit of her one world government, open borders and open trade agenda and literally shred the Constitution of the United States in her ruthless quest for unrestrained power. That means Americans who really care about this country and our future can’t justify giving Hillary Clinton the power to pack the Supreme Court with men and women who agree with her one world government agenda and will rule against us and our Constitutional rights accordingly.

In the third debate, when Hillary Clinton was specifically asked how Supreme Court Justices should interpret and apply the Constitution, she didn’t answer and didn’t even mention the Constitution in terms of who she’d appoint. However, she did say her criteria for the Supreme Court would be to nominate someone who stands on the side of the American people and will stand up to the powerful; which would be laughable if not so absurd considering the corruption and abuse of power she demonstrated as Secretary of State and in many scandalous matters since then. On the other hand, Donald Trump said he believes the Constitution should be interpreted as written and the way our founders intended, and even provided a list of people he’d choose his nominees from, which is available here. If we don’t uphold and defend the Constitution on which our form of government rests, we have nothing and America as we know it will cease to exist. Unfortunately, our elected representatives in the House of Representatives and Senate have become useless and totally abdicated their Constitutional duty; the greatest of which is to protect and maintain the balance of power among the three CO-EQUAL branches of our government and to defend our Constitution. So if the American people elect Hillary Clinton and allow her to pack the Supreme Court and the rest of our judicial system with liberal men and women who dont believe in the Constitution as written, America will cease to exist because there won’t be any checks and balances on her power, and she’ll be able to accomplish her life-long revolutionary goal of overthrowing our Constitutional form of government. that’s why the single most important issue to ALL of us as Americans is upholding and defending our Constitution, which is literally on the ballot along with the direction of the Supreme Court and the future of our country in this election. So may God bless Americans with the wisdom to realize that and to vote accordingly.

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