The President Lied About Knowing Hillary Clinton Wasn’t Using Government Email For Official Business

No matter how the White House, Hillary Clinton’s campaign and her political operatives in the mainstream media try to slice and dice the truth, President Obama clearly lied about knowing Hillary Clinton wasn’t using government email for official business while she was Secretary of State. As they always do, they’re all trying to change the focus to say the President meant he didn’t know Hillary Clinton was using a private server; yet that was NOT the question President Obama was asked and lied about when he answered falsely, as included in this Fox News report. Thankfully, the American people aren’t stupid like the Clinton/Democratic corrupt war machine and the mainstream media seem to think because despite their smoke and mirrors, we know the question Bill Plante asked President Obama was, “Mr. President, when did you first learn that Hillary Clinton used an email system outside the US Government for official business while she was Secretary of State?” We also know that President Obama lied when he answered, “Uh, the same time everybody else learned it through news reports.” And we know that’s a lie thanks to WikiLeaks, who leaked an email from Cheryl Mills shortly after President Obama said he didn’t know Hillary Clinton was using “an email system outside the US government for official business while she was secretary of State”, in which she told John Podesta (Clinton’s campaign chairman) “we need to clean this up – he has emails from her – they do not say” Since President Obama received email from Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State that didn’t say “,” he obviously knew she wasn’t using the US government email system to conduct official business. And we know the email he received from Hillary Clinton wasn’t just “personal” because the White House has claimed presidential privilege to keep their email communication from being released publically, and they can’t have it both ways. Not only that, a month ago, documents released by the FBI revealed that President Obama actually used a pseudonym to communicate with Hillary Clinton “OUTSIDE the US government” email system as reported here.

Even some anti-Trump YouTube reporters have called this a “smoking gun,” such as this TYT Politics report by Jordan Chariton of The Young Turks. Listening to Jordan’s report proves that even liberals don’t condone Hillary Clinton’s corruption and recognize how corrupt the mainstream media is, as well as how they’re even manipulating social media. So it will be interesting to see how the mainstream media and the Clinton/Democratic corrupt war machine try to “clean this up” as Cheryl Mills suggested!

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