Megyn Kelly Joined the Rest of Hillary Clinton’s Political Operatives and Lied About Donald Trump

Megyn Kelly joined the rest of Hillary Clinton’s mainstream political operatives last night when she accused Donald Trump of being a sexual predator in a fight she clearly wanted with Newt Gingrich, as you can listen to here. Just like the rest of the mainstream media, Megyn Kelly said that Donald Trump said he “likes to grab women by the genitals and kiss them against their will” on the Access Hollywood video, which is an outright lie because Donald Trump VERY CLEARLY said “they let you” on that video. And IF they “let you,” it’s NOT sexual assault or grabbing them and kissing them AGAINST THEIR WILL! So I encourage everyone to watch this full, unedited version of the Access Hollywood video because Donald Trump’s attitude isn’t at all what the mainstream media and Megyn Kelly have portrayed in their effort to help elect Hillary Clinton.

It appeared to many people who watched the interview that Megyn Kelly intentionally picked a fight with Newt Gingrich since she kept interrupting him whenever he tried to make a point and challenged anything he said. And that seems even more likely since immediately after her program, Don Lemon showed a highly edited version of the interview (totally leaving out the first half or more) on his CNN program and said he and Megyn Kelly are good friends and congratulated her for a job well done. So I agree with many other Fox News viewers that it’s time for Megyn Kelly to move on over to CNN or MSNBC, where viewers will appreciate her a lot more than we do. That means I’m going to join the boycott and hope Fox News will get the message and let her go; or else they’ll suffer in the ratings and that will hit them where it counts—in the pocketbook.

The mainstream media and people like Megyn Kelly seem to forget that we can “fact check” their slanderous and libelous statements about Donald Trump for ourselves via YouTube videos and other forms of social media, and when we realize how much they’ve lied or misstated everything Donald Trump said, they lose all credibility and end up making themselves totally irrelevant. I wrote about the Access Hollywood video a little more than two weeks ago and encourage everyone to read Donald Trump Courageously Fights Back against Mainstream Media Corruption and Hypocrisy because it’s nothing short of miraculous to see how Trump stands up under the constant barrage of lies and slander Hillary Clinton’s political operatives and the mainstream media have used against him. But that’s exactly why so many Americans know we can count on President Donald Trump to stand up for us and our country, and for the values we all hold so dear! So get ready America because the mainstream media and the corrupt Clinton machine have no idea what’s coming, and they probably aren’t going to take it very well since they think their corruption can overcome and thwart the will of the American people!

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