The Impostors Who Want a Revolution in the Republican Party and Our Country Are Finally Exposed!

WikiLeaks’ recently leaked emails from John Podesta (Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman) revealed that progressive Democrats and Jesuit Catholics have been trying to “plant the seeds of the revolution” in the Catholic Church as part of their long sought plan for a revolution in our country. So I strongly urge everyone to read the above article and check out the information provided at various links because it’s vitally important to grasp and understand the tactics of the political elites who want a revolution in America. As I’ve thought about this over the past week or so, I realized that since John Podesta acknowledged that “we” have already started the process of infiltrating the Catholic Church to bring about a “Catholic Spring” and to further the change and revolution they want within the church, Republicans should realize that they’ve also done the same thing in the Republican Party. Therefore, the Republicans now lamenting the undeniable rift in our party should be thankful because the impostors who want a revolution in the Republican Party and our country are finally exposed!

That’s why it’s not insignificant or surprising that the past two presidential nominees of the Republican Party who weren’t elected don’t support Donald Trump. While John McCain never really supported Donald Trump and just “played the game” to win his primary election, he finally came out of the closet and admitted that he won’t vote for Donald Trump as reported here. But since John McCain knows full well that a write in vote for President might as well be a vote for Hillary Clinton, I have a strong suspicion that he’ll actually vote for her. After all, in this article from 2013, McCain virtually endorsed Hillary Clinton, and even called her record as Secretary of State (other than Benghazi) “outstanding!” And no real Republican thinks Hillary Clinton’s record as Secretary of State was outstanding! However, that’s exactly what Democrats think, so John McCain, on that issue alone, more closely identifies with the Democratic Party than with the Republican Party. In fact, another article from 2013 exposed John McCain as a Republican in name only and makes a very good case for why he’s finally been exposed as an impostor who wants a revolution in the Republican Party and our country.

The other recent presidential candidate, loser and Republican in name only is Mitt Romney, and when he smeared Donald Trump in this speech, he disgraced himself (especially since Donald Trump supported and helped finance his presidential campaign) and proved that he’s just another impostor who wants a revolution in the Republican Party and our country. Mitt Romney was even included on a list of top ten Republicans in name only back in 2005; which shows how Republican impostors have long been fomenting a revolution in the Republican Party and our country. Anyone who doesn’t agree with the Republican Party platform shouldn’t run as a Republican because they are in fact Republicans in name only (often called RINOs) and as this video proves, Mitt Romney opposed many Republican Party platform positions.

The American people who register as Republicans agree with the Republican Party’s platform, and when the impostors and Republican elites who want a revolution in our party and country select our nominee for President, the American people know there’s no difference in voting for them or the Democratic candidate since they espouse the same policies; which is why both John McCain and Mitt Romney lost to Barack Obama. On the other hand, Barack Obama would have been easily defeated if the Republican Party had nominated a Republican whose policies and voting/governing record lined up with our party’s platform instead of the Democratic Party’s platform. But the powers that be in the Republican Party have finally been exposed because they don’t agree with our party’s platform and are trying to destroy it from within through fomenting division or subversion and revolution, which the base of the party soundly rejected in this year’s Republican Party primary elections. And now the base of the Republican Party and a majority of Independents, along with what I’m sure will prove to be a historic number of registered or previously registered Democrats, are going to send a lot of impostors who want a revolution in the Republican Party and our country a very loud and clear message when we elect Donald Trump as our President in a landslide!

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