Hillary Clinton Proved Once Again that She Can’t Be Trusted With Our Country’s National Security

The hypocrisy and total lack of integrity of the mainstream media and political elites of both parties are on full display as they completely ignore how Hillary Clinton proved once again that she can’t be trusted with our country’s national security. As I watched the last presidential debate Wednesday night, I was really surprised to hear Hillary Clinton say that once a President gives the order to launch nuclear weapons, it takes another four minutes for his order to be carried out since I always thought the missiles would be launched almost instantaneously. I was so surprised that it didn’t occur to me immediately that I wasn’t the only one who didn’t know that. But then I was shocked when I realized that Hillary Clinton had disclosed our most highly sensitive national security information on live TV as the entire world watched the last presidential debate! Yet, soon after Donald Trump was nominated as the Republican candidate for President and mocked the media’s hypocrisy by saying he hoped Russia could find Hillary Clinton’s missing emails because the press would reward them mightily (as you really should listen to here), the political elites and mainstream media in this country were adamant that Donald Trump shouldn’t be given national security briefings. As you can read here, they didn’t think he could be trusted to keep our nation’s top national security secrets; yet it’s their revolutionary comrade Hillary Clinton who’s been spilling her guts and putting our country’s national security at risk by disclosing our most highly guarded national security secrets.

In fact, the real and present danger Hillary Clinton poses to our national security doesn’t stop there, because as Secretary of State, in addition to sending our country’s most highly classified information through her insecure personal server and to multiple recipients’ Gmail accounts, she literally approved the sale of our nations uranium production to her wealthy donors, which ultimately ended up giving Vladimir Putin control of at least twenty percent of America’s uranium production. And for those who might not know, uranium is the essential component of all nuclear weapons, as well as America’s nuclear power. Then on top of that, against the strong objections of many military and national security officials, Hillary Clinton also approved the sale and transfer of our nation’s most highly guarded military technology to Russia because that’s what even more of her wealthy donors wanted. So the mainstream media’s hype about Julian Assange being a Russian agent is nothing but a smoke screen because Hillary Clinton sold our nation’s most important natural resources and military technology to Russia in her pay-to-play schemes with rich donors, which is what the American people really need to know. So that’s explained in some detail here and here. And for even more details, watch the full Clinton Cash Documentary because it’s pretty shocking and provides much more detail than the media will ever report.

So as Hillary Clinton, her political operatives in both parties and the mainstream media do their best to persuade American voters that Donald Trump has some kind of mysterious and dangerous alliance with Russia, and that Vladimir Putin is interfering with our election to keep Clinton from being President, the American people know that doesn’t make any sense because she’s the one who already gave Russia and Putin access to our most significant military technology and twenty percent control of America’s uranium production. I often call the devil the master distractor because that’s what he always does, and that’s exactly what Hillary Clinton, the political elites in both parties and the mainstream media are doing; but the American people are a lot smarter than the corrupt ruling class give us credit for and we know better. We know who’s been selling out our country and endangering our national security in pay-to-play schemes for decades and made her and her family filthy rich in the process. We also know that Donald Trump won’t be bought off by anyone, including America’s potential enemies, so we won’t be distracted by mythical concerns that Russia is trying to interfere with the outcome of our election; especially since we know for a fact that the foreign countries and leaders who donated untold millions and billions of dollars to Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and their corrupt charities aren’t doing it out of the goodness of their hearts. In fact, we’re absolutely certain that these rich donors and others we don’t even know about expect something in return for their generosity. And that’s based on everything we already know about the beneficial treatment and “deals” foreign governments, rich Clinton corporate donors and “Friends of Bill” received from OUR State Department when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.

Contrary to what our nation’s political elites and the mainstream media seem to think, the American people know corruption when we see it, and this election is about putting an end to that; which is why Hillary Clinton proved once again at the last debate that she can’t be trusted with our country’s national security by disclosing how long it takes to launch nuclear weapons once the President gives the order. So that’s just one more reason why the majority of American people are going to prove a lot of political elites and the mainstream media wrong on November 8th…when we send them the loud and clear message that we’re sick and tired of their corruption and how it’s infected OUR entire government at the highest levels. We’ve been the silent majority for a long time, but we’re not so silent anymore and intend to make sure the world hears us when we vote in a little less than three weeks. So get ready America because we really are going to overcome the evil that threatens to destroy our country with good, and God really is going to heal our land!

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