Clinton’s Campaign Bus Caught Illegally Dumping Their Human Waste into a Storm Drain in Georgia

The extent of Hillary Clinton’s hypocrisy and arrogance couldn’t be more appropriately illustrated than by the news reports that her campaign bus was caught illegally dumping their human waste into a storm drain in Lawrenceville, Georgia yesterday! This is absolutely disgusting and beyond the bounds of common decency; not to mention extremely dangerous since the human waste Clinton’s campaign personnel were caught dumping drained into several nearby bodies of water, which a HAZMAT (hazardous material) team was called in to investigate and clean up. And believe it or not, the Democratic National Committee actually had the audacity to call it “an honest mistake.” Well, there wasn’t anything honest about it and there’s no way it was a mistake!

I can’t even imagine someone doing something like that and couldn’t help wondering what Hillary Clinton’s supporters (particularly the environmentalists) would think of her campaign doing something so disgusting. Only time will tell, but it probably won’t make a difference to those already supporting Clinton, which I base on my neighbor’s reaction when I told her about it this morning on our morning walk. She was upset alright, but not because human waste was illegally dumped into the storm drain; rather she was upset because someone took pictures of it! My neighbor is an elderly black woman who’s like a mother to me, and I know she’s a very strong Clinton supporter, but I was still mortified by her reaction. Yet that’s what we’re up against in this election, and having the mainstream media operating as an extension of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign doesn’t help! For instance, if the media had a video like this related to a Republican or the Trump campaign, you can be sure they’d be playing it non-stop on CNN and MSNBC! But I haven’t seen a thing from the mainstream media about Clinton’s campaign bus having the unmitigated gall to illegally dump their human waste into a storm drain on the side of the road in Georgia yesterday, and I’m definitely not going to hold my breath until that happens!

As sad and disgusting as Hillary Clinton’s campaign bus dumping their human waste into a storm drain is, it’s really just further evidence of how arrogant the vast majority of Democrats are and how they think they’re above the law, or that it’s okay to violate laws and ethics to win this election, as James O’Keefe proved in the release of this shocking video yesterday. But the American people have had enough of Hillary Clinton and the corruption that’s always been associated with her and Bill and now tainted every agency in our federal government, and I’m confident that the vast majority of us are going to elect Donald Trump in a landslide since we know that’s what it’ll take to overcome the fraud and corruption Clinton and the Democrats are relying on to win.

For instance, I know MANY people who are registered Democrats in rural areas of north Florida, and NONE of them or the people they know are voting for Hillary Clinton. In fact, they all support Donald Trump passionately, and even though a poll back in January showed that twenty percent of Democrats would vote for Trump, we don’t hear anything about that in the mainstream media anymore. Yet I’m also confident that the number of registered Democrats who vote for Donald Trump will be a lot more than twenty percent, but the polls don’t take that into consideration when they’re weighted, which means they’re going to be way off. So as I’ve been doing quite often these days, I just thank God for bringing to light everything Hillary Clinton and the Democrats have been doing in darkness since exposing and knowing the truth is the best defense we have against the corruption now threatening to destroy our country and all we hold dear as Americans. So please join me in praying for that and never forget Romans 12:21 (NKJV), which says Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good!

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