Exposing What’s Really Behind the Clinton Campaign’s Email Rant Against Conservative Catholics

WikiLeaks’ latest release of John Podesta’s emails (chairman of Hillary Clinton’s campaign) exposed how America’s conservative Catholics and evangelical Christians were ridiculed and scorned by her campaign in email messages between Jennifer Palmieri and John Halpin. The email messages were discussed in great detail here, as well as the potential political fallout for the Clinton campaign.

However, it’s VERY important to note that Palmieri and Halpin are specifically ridiculing and insulting “conservative Catholics” because they’re very supportive of Jesuit Catholics, who strongly believe in and promote liberation theology, don’t think very highly of the United States of America and are thus active participants in the pursuit of a “one world government” with significant Marxist/Communist leanings. It’s very important to make that distinction because Tim Kaine is a Jesuit Catholic and so is Pope Francis. In fact, Pope Francis is the very first Jesuit Catholic Pope. As I’ve previously written here, I believe President Obama really wants Tim Kaine to be his successor (and not Hillary Clinton) because they share the same Marxist ideology and both have very deep roots in liberation theology. In fact, I have little doubt that anyone casting a vote for Hillary Clinton in the upcoming election will actually be electing Tim Kaine as President of the United States, which means it’s VERY important to learn something about his background. So I strongly encourage everyone to read about Tim Kaine’s “spiritual and political awakening” as described in this New York Times article. Additionally, while President Barack Obama’s very long and close association with Reverend Jeremiah Wright is fairly well known, few Americans know about his devotion and unyielding dedication to liberation theology and all that entails, as revealed here. Again, this is something the American people should know before voting since electing Hillary Clinton is in effect electing Tim Kaine as President. And recognizing how closely Tim Kaine and Barack Obama are connected to Pope Francis through their shared goal of a Marxist/Communist one world government should make us realize that they’re much closer to accomplishing that than we think.

I just wrote about that last week and strongly encourage everyone to read that article and read or listen to the information provided at various links because the survival of our country as we know it and everything we hold dear as Americans and Christians really are on the ballot in this election. And even though the media will misdirect the focus from what’s really behind the Clinton campaign’s email rants against conservative Catholics, they only confirm everything in Cathy O’Brien’s shocking testimony about the wickedness that’s been at work in our government for decades. I’m just thankful beyond words to see once again just how faithfully God is answering the prayer He put in my heart at least four years ago, which is that HE will bring to light all that’s being done in darkness.

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