Donald Trump Courageously Fights Back against Mainstream Media Corruption and Hypocrisy

Donald Trump has once again demonstrated his amazing ability to instinctively and courageously fight back against mainstream media corruption and hypocrisy and thus proven his fitness to be the next President of the United States of America as few others could. For years, the American people have longed for someone who will courageously stand up to the politics of personal destruction and for real American values and principles instead of caving when there’s even a hint of political peril. We finally have such a man in Donald Trump because his opinions and values regarding many of the most important issues facing all of us as Americans don’t change in the face of opposition or extreme political pressure.

The Hillary Clinton campaign and mainstream media were pretty sure they’d take Donald Trump down with the recent release of a secretly (and probably illegally) recorded crude and braggadocios conversation he had with Billy Bush (which contains offensive language) eleven years ago. While Mr. Trump’s language is offensive and the conversation is totally rude and crude, it hardly amounts to “sexual assault” as the mainstream media and Hillary Clinton campaign political operatives keep repeating ad nauseam. In fact, Mr. Trump very clearly said that despite his best efforts, his “moves” on the lady in question were UNSUCCESSFUL; which means he ASKED and the lady said no. In other words, he did exactly what millions of men do on a regular basis when they’re trying to SEDUCE a woman they’re attracted to, and there was nothing in the conversation that indicates otherwise. Since when is taking a woman furniture shopping akin to sexual assault! So based on what Donald Trump actually said and admitted on the video, he tried to “charm” a woman into a CONSENTIAL sexual encounter and failed because she didn’t consent to his advances, which is the exact opposite of how the mainstream media and Hillary Clinton’s campaign have tried to portray what we can all very clearly hear with our own ears in the UNEDITED version of the video. Then as the recording continues, Donald Trump again clearly said that “when you’re a star” women “LET you do anything”…kiss them…grab them in a sexual manner…again, something that often happens in a CONSENTIAL sexual encounter. Apparently, the mainstream media is so blinded by their hatred of Donald Trump and conservatives that they didn’t even hear him say that women “LET YOU” do whatever you want to just because you’re a star, which means they CONSENT and ACCEPT sexual advances. And that’s not sexual assault by any standard. In fact, everyone knows that women literally throw themselves at celebrities all the time. So instead of encouraging or admitting that he’s guilty of sexual assault, Donald Trump was just stating the obvious, which the media can’t distort because everyone knows the truth whether they’ll admit it or not. So I encourage everyone to listen to the entire conversation because it’s been very selectively edited by the mainstream media, and clearly reveals that just as Donald Trump said, it was nothing more than typical rude and crude talk between men about women they find sexually attractive.

The Democrats are used to destroying their political opponents with scandalous accusations just like the one they’ve launched against Donald Trump over the past few days; but as they usually do, they underestimated how he’d respond. Contrary to what they expected, Donald Trump fought back against the mainstream media’s corruption and hypocrisy with courage and common sense and didn’t cave under the overwhelming pressure they and the lily-livered, spineless Republicans have piled on in an effort to force him to withdraw from his bid for the presidency because he threatens the corruption that keeps them in power. I remember hearing several people at the Republican National Convention say that Donald Trump is just getting started when everyone else is ready to give up and quit. Well, he certainly proved that last night by appearing with Paula Jones, Kathy Shelton, Juanita Broaddrick and Kathleen Willey before the debate and inviting them to sit with his family on the front row during the debate. And contrary to what the media predicted, Millions of Americans cheered and applauded seeing Donald Trump do that because we’re so sick and tired of the Republicans we’ve elected to stand up for us and our Constitutional form of government cave in and go along with anything and everything just to get along. We didn’t elect them to do whatever it takes to avoid conflict and controversy for making the politically difficult choices required to safeguard our country and way of life. We just want someone to stand up for what’s RIGHT without regard for their personal political survival and to speak truth to power, which is EXACTLY what Donald Trump did at the debate last night! And we’re particularly glad that someone FINALLY stood up to Bill Clinton and wasn’t afraid to call him and Hillary Clinton out for the way they’ve abused and assaulted women for decades, exposing the mainstream media’s total hypocrisy. Not only did Donald Trump call them out, he made Bill and Hillary Clinton literally face their victims on live TV, and that’s the kind of courage and boldness the American people have longed for in our leaders! So thanks to the miscalculations of the mainstream media’s release of the video and the media personalities who hysterically hype it as sexual assault, we’ve finally found our champion; someone we know without a doubt will fight back against media corruption and hypocrisy and WIN!

What the mainstream media, Hillary Clinton and the rest of the political elites and snobs don’t get is that when Donald Trump tells the American people he will stand up for us and fight for us and make America great again, we believe him. Therefore, their latest efforts to bring him down backfired because we got to see firsthand how President Donald Trump will stand up under extreme pressure, how good his political instincts are and how he refuses to be deterred no matter what’s thrown at him. The American people have seen Donald Trump under fire and how he instinctively and courageously fights back against mainstream media corruption and hypocrisy, and we know that’s exactly how he’ll deal with the serious issues that threaten our country and way of life as our President. So the more the mainstream media, Hillary Clinton and Republican elites try to destroy and bring down Donald Trump, the more the American people will see their corruption and hypocrisy and why he’s the only choice we have for President if we want someone to REALLY change things in Washington and start the truly hard work of making America great again! God bless America and God bless Donald Trump and Mike Pence!

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