The Survival of American Democracy and Traditional Values are on the Ballot this November

If a significant majority of American voters don’t recognize that the survival of American democracy and the traditional values we hold dear are on the ballot this November, and allow themselves to be shamelessly manipulated by Hillary Clinton’s ruthlessly corrupt presidential campaign and an equally corrupt mainstream media propaganda machine, we can kiss American democracy goodbye this November. Bill and Hillary Clinton are experts when it comes to smoke and mirrors and obfuscation, and having a totally corrupt mainstream media openly acting as their political operatives makes that a whole lot easier.

Bill and Hillary Clinton have operated a mafia type organized crime syndicate since Bill Clinton became Governor of Arkansas in 1979, which continued through the eight years of his presidency, through Hillary’s eight years as a New York Senator, her four years as Secretary of State and beyond. They have thoroughly corrupted everything they touch; including the FBI and Department of Justice as The bogus investigation into how she violated many federal laws regarding preserving and producing her work product records as required by the Freedom of Information Act, the safekeeping of classified information, destroying evidence after it was lawfully subpoenaed and lying under oath prove. Even though I included a great deal of evidence regarding much of that in this article the day after FBI Director Comey’s announcement that she wouldn’t be prosecuted, we’ve learned even more since then; including that bleach bit was used to destroy information on Hillary Clinton’s servers, that her devices were “lost” or destroyed with a hammer, that her closest aides and the technicians who destroyed her servers and devices were given immunity, that there was no effort at all to prove intent in the investigation and so much more. So I strongly urge everyone who cares about this country and preserving everything we hold dear, including American democracy, to watch this documentary about the Clintons’ long record of corruption and criminal activityand then how they sold out our country during Hillary Clinton’s years as Secretary of State and in anticipation of her election as President of the United States.

For years, I’ve called the devil the “Master Distractor” because he always does his best to distract us from the things God wants us to see and stay focused on, and that’s exactly what Hillary Clinton, her presidential campaign political operatives and the mainstream media propagandists have been doing during this election cycle. I think one of the most outrageous examples of that was displayed at the first presidential debate when Hillary Clinton said Donald Trump was trying to hide something because he wasn’t releasing his tax returns. That’s the height of hypocrisy and arrogance since Donald Trump is not required by law to release his tax returns, but we know without a doubt that Hillary Clinton desperately tried to hide something when she violated the law by keeping her classified work product as Secretary of State on non-secure servers, failed to comply with federal law requiring production in response to FOIA requests, deleted and destroyed at least thirty-three thousand emails (we only know the number based on her statement, and there’s no reason to believe that now that we know she lied about everything else) even though she had been served a subpoena to preserve and produce all of her email, used bleach bit to destroy the server, “lost” and literally destroyed the devices she used while Secretary of State, lied under oath and is still fighting federal court orders to produce information as required by law. While it isn’t totally unreasonable to wonder if Donald Trump is trying to hide something by not releasing his tax returns as a private citizen and businessman, we KNOW for a fact that Hillary Clinton was so intent on hiding what she was doing as our Secretary of State that she broke multiple federal laws to keep that from the American people. So even though there’s not a shred of evidence to support those accusations against Donald Trump, there’s a mountain of evidence that proves what Hillary Clinton did. Lester Holt perfectly illustrated the mainstream media bias and how they’re literally working as political operatives for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign at the first presidential debate when he repeatedly questioned Donald Trump about not releasing his tax returns and expressed great concern about the American people’s right to know what he did as a private citizen and businessman; yet he wasn’t the least bit concerned about the American people’s right to know what Hillary Clinton did as our Secretary of State.

Another example of how Hillary Clinton’s “master distractors” are hard at work is revealed in the Alicia Machado media campaign she launched right at the end of the first presidential debate. There’s absolutely NO EVIDENCE to substantiate Alicia Machado’s claim that Donald Trump called her “Miss Piggy” or “Miss Housekeeping” as Hillary Clinton told eighty-four million viewers Monday night. That was another totally fabricated and well-orchestrated political attack as proven by the “ready-to-go” media campaign that launched immediately after the debate. But the truth is that Alicia Machado gained approximately sixty pounds after becoming Miss Universe, which violated her contract, and advertisers were dumping her and pulling out, so true to what he always does, Donald Trump stepped in to help her lose the weight and save the pageant as shown in video from the time in question. The Clinton campaign and Alicia Machado also allege that Donald Trump’s “fat shaming” caused her to have eating disorders, which we know for a fact is an outright lie as proven here. Since Alicia Machado denied what she said, which was written about in real time, about having an eating disorder and not eating for the entire year before winning the Miss Universe title, nothing else she says about Donald Trump should be believed. She’s just another pawn in Hillary Clinton’s ruthless quest for power and the presidency, and Hillary could care less about what happens to Alicia Machado as a result of honest media outlets telling the truth about her past. She served Hillary’s purpose and that’s all she’s worth to the Clinton campaign. But here’s another point of view from dying Melissa Young, Miss Wisconsin USA 2005, and I have to admit to being very surprised to see this amazing interview with Melissa Young on CNN, of all places! But Melissa isn’t the only former beauty contestant strongly supporting Donald Trump, and Alicia Machado isn’t the only contestant he stood up for when she faced losing her title, as revealed by Carrie Prejean in this interview. Carrie Prejean was targeted by a gay judge at the pageant and the gay rights movement because she stated that she was against Proposition 8 and the legalization of gay marriage, but Donald Trump refused to throw her under the bus and allowed her to keep her title as indicated here. And here’s Carrie’s full speech at the press conference. Finally, listen to Melissa Young, Senada Adzem and Carrie Prejean Boller talk about their experience with Donald Trump. So once again, the Alicia Machado controversy contrived by the Clinton campaign is just another example of outrageous hypocrisy because there’s no evidence that Donald Trump SAID what Alicia Machado and Hillary Clinton claim; but there is irrefutable evidence that Hillary Clinton shamelessly and VOLUNTARILY defended a forty-three year old man she knew had viciously raped and brutalized a twelve year old little girl. She destroyed that little girl’s life in the process, as she talks about in her own words here. Sadly, I doubt that the same people who are so offended by the questionable accusations levelled against Donald Trump regarding what he’s alleged to have said to Alicia Machado will even be offended to hear Hillary Clinton laugh and brag about knowingly getting a rapist off with just two months (time served) for raping a twelve year old little girl, as she did in this interview some years later.

Only very naïve and uninformed voters believe Hillary Clinton and the corrupt crime syndicate that backs her won’t steal this election if that’s the only way she can become President of the United States. After all, that’s the only real reason to oppose requiring photo identification when voting, and as we’ve heard recently, that’s necessary since Democrats have already been caught registering dead people to vote in some of the battleground states. Additionally, for almost two decades now, Democrats have been miraculously “finding lost ballot boxes”, which have conveniently changed the outcome of very close elections a number of times. And now we know how they do that and why Hillary Clinton pulled out of Ohio, including all advertisement, since tens of thousands of fraudulent votes for Hillary Clinton were just found in sealed boxes in a virtually unused warehouse in Franklin County, Ohio. That’s why it will take a SIGNIFICANT majority of Americans voting for Donald Trump to overcome the fraud and corruption the upcoming election will no doubt be fraught with since that’s the only way Hillary Clinton can become President. And as we’ve all seen in the total corruption of the FBI and the Department of Justice, they can’t be counted on to do anything about anything Hillary Clinton and her corrupt criminal enterprise do because they’re all part of it.

Most Americans aren’t aware of just how close we are to the one world government we’ve heard about for so many years, even though we’ve been moving in that direction for decades and Barack Obama has moved us toward it at warp speed. But make no mistake about it, that’s exactly what’s on the ballot this November. Bill and Hillary Clinton have been part of the vile, totally criminal one world government plan for decades and as troubling as it is to believe, brave U.S. government whistleblowers have been trying to sound the alarm with their shocking (yet well documented) testimonies for decades as well. I have to admit that I was hesitant to accept some of the details revealed in this presentation by Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips at a forum in October of 1996 and in this one during George W. Bush’s presidency, but something about their presentations resonated as truth and something we have to face if we’re to save our country, our American democracy, our traditional values and everything else we hold dear as Americans and especially as Christians. So hearing Cathy O’Brien’s shocking and graphic testimony personally challenged me to accept information about people I’ve previously held in high regard and to abandon the idealism I’ve held to for many years, having to face the existence of absolute corruption, perversion, cruelty and wickedness in all levels of our government. But I couldn’t deny the truth of what she shared because it explains what we see going on in today’s political realm. It explains why so many political elites support Hillary Clinton despite her well documented and undeniable corruption, and have even endorsed her and actively oppose Donald Trump. It explains why President George H. Bush is voting for Hillary Clinton, why none of the Bush family support Donald Trump and even why Mitt Romney is so strongly against him. Donald Trump is the greatest threat to completing their long awaited plan for a one world government because he actually inspires American patriotism and espouses putting America and the interests of the American people FIRST; which also explains the mainstream media’s political collusion with the Clinton campaign and their unprecedented efforts to control public opinion and to turn Americans against Donald Trump. Everything they’ve worked to accomplish for decades is on the line in this election and only a significant majority of the American voters can stop it by electing Donald Trump in a landslide. So I encourage every American concerned about the survival of American democracy and our traditional values to listen to Trance Formation of America: The Cathy O’Brien Story and decide if it’s credible or so vile and repulsive that it’s just too shocking and incomprehensible to believe and accept. It’s a truly horrifying and shameful exposé of the criminal, inhumane and excessively perverted activities of America’s highest and most powerful government leaders for decades; yet not all that shocking in light of the corruption we’ve seen so blatantly displayed in many federal agencies in their efforts to hide and excuse Hillary Clinton’s criminal activities to insure her election as our next President. They don’t even try to hide it anymore because they’re convinced that the American people are sufficiently under their control and powerless to stop them. For example, by listening from the 6:58 mark, Cathy reveals how drugs were intentionally brought into America from Mexico as part of a drug running partnership between the Mexican and American governments. For years, many in the black community have claimed that the CIA brought drugs into their communities, which is now proven and documented by Cathy O’brien’s revealing testimony of how she was used as a mind control sex slave and courier for the Whitehouse and Pentagon for years. It also details how she was subjected to decades of unspeakable brutality, horrifying sexual, physical and mental abuse by those at the very highest levels of our government. Everyone will have to listen to all of this and determine for themselves if it’s significant and credible, but regardless of what anyone thinks of the information Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips have brought to light, it will change your perspective on many things because it’s really not possible to totally dismiss it based on what we see happening in our government and country today, and so much of what they predicted and talked about has come to pass since they started sharing Cathy’s horrifying experience at the hands of our own government over twenty years ago. And for those who don’t realize it, information like this is precisely what Hillary Clinton means when she defames and attacks the “alt right.” She’s scared to death that a majority of Americans will figure out what’s going on in our country and how the wicked, corrupt and evil forces she’s associated with have been trying to control our minds and emotions for decades in order to accomplish their goal of a one world government. If human beings can be reduced to emotionally reactive, angry beings without moral restraints and without the ability for analytical thinking because they’ve been manipulated and controlled by unrestrained sexual urges, legalized and government sanctioned drug use, absolute disregard for law and order and a well-orchestrated assault on everything we hold dear, as we’ve all witnessed in excess over the past eight years, they win and Americans lose. It will take many hours to listen to everything I’ve provided links for here, but I hope the survival of American democracy and the traditional values we all hold so dear are worth such a small investment because that really is what’s on the ballot this November.

Like Cathy O’Brien, I honestly believe Hillary Clinton and the wicked and depraved people behind her have underestimated the strength of the human spirit and that Americans will strike a death blow to their decades long plan for a one world government this November when we stand up for America and our traditional values by electing Donald Trump as President of the United States in a landslide election because he’s the only one with policies that can turn back the tide of corruption that now threatens to destroy America. So my prayer that God will bring to light everything our political leaders have been doing in darkness continues and I’m confident that He will answer as He always does!

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