Lester Holt Was Clinton’s Fact Checker in Chief Monday Night and Orchestrated a Kangaroo Debate

Everyone who thought Hillary Clinton wouldn’t be able to stand up for the ninety minute debate Monday night or handle difficult questions was surprised on both accounts. Hillary certainly exceeded our expectations in that she was very much on her game Monday night, and other than a short segment when she seemed to be in trouble (mispronounced some words and definitely slowed down), I’m sure she did exactly what her campaign wanted and hoped she’d do. On the other hand, it can’t be said that she handled tough questions since Lester Holt didn’t ask her any, and instead of being an objective debate moderator, he literally orchestrated a kangaroo debate and acted more like a Clinton campaign political operative. So it wasn’t at all just a coincidence that the Clinton campaign’s and Mainstream media political operatives’ commentary prior to the debate was mostly demands for Lester Holt to “fact check” in real time if Donald Trump said anything about opposing the Iraq war, that Hillary Clinton started the “birther” controversy, denied his comments about women or defended not releasing his tax returns because he’s under audit. In fact, Lester Holt did them one better because Holt didn’t even wait to “fact check” IF Donald Trump said any of that; instead, he stated Hillary Clinton’s campaign position as established fact in the questions he asked Donald Trump. Not only that, he asked Donald Trump fifteen questions and only asked Hillary Clinton two. So there was no reason to fact check since he declared the facts as the Clinton campaign wanted them portrayed in his questions, which also put Trump on the defensive. Of course, that was part of the plan as well since the number one reason Hillary Clinton uses for not voting for Donald Trump is his temperament. Well, for most informed and objective viewers (and there are a LOT more than the mainstream media and Democrats think), Donald Trump handled their duplicity with more grace than most of us think we would have, and their dirty tricks only made Hillary Clinton look worse and confirmed our already low opinion of the mainstream media.

So here’s my commentary and a review of what I call the “kangaroo debate”, and how the first presidential debate went Monday night from my perspective. First, Lester Holt announced that there would be three topic areas for the debate; Achieving Prosperity, America’s Direction and Securing America, and further stated that he’d be raising issues that “voters tell us are most important” and that he’d press for specifics. Well, that’s really strange since none of the “let’s fact check Donald Trump questions before he even opens his mouth” questions ever come up on any list of things Americans are most concerned about, and he virtually ignored issues actually on the list of top concerns according to this Pew Research Center poll from two months ago. Holt didn’t ask about terrorism, foreign policy, health care, gun policy or immigration and barely touched on the economy. He didn’t mention the Supreme Court, and his question to Donald Trump about the birther controversy was clearly intended to imply that he’s a racist and to give Hillary Clinton another chance to jump on that bandwagon. So contrary to his claim otherwise, Mr. Holt’s questions had a lot more to do with furthering Hillary Clinton’s bid for the presidency than it did with addressing the issues that most concern American voters.

Mr. Holt started out the section on Achieving Prosperity by stating that “after a record six straight years of job growth” and “incomes have increased at a record rate after years of stagnation,” people aren’t really feeling it. That was an intentionally misleading and deceptive statement because “it” isn’t real and we’re actually in the worst economic recovery since World War II. So hearing Lester Holt say that and knowing that it was so misleading and disingenuous indicated to me how the rest of the night would go. Then Holt’s first question to Hillary Clinton was, “Why are you a better choice than your opponent to create the kinds of jobs that will put more money in the pockets of American workers?” Hillary rattled off a myriad of things that won’t add jobs, primarily focusing on clean energy and solar jobs, but didn’t really answer the question. Then Donald Trump talked about jobs lost to companies leaving America and significantly reducing business taxes.
Holt didn’t challenge anything Clinton said even though she was vague, but asked Trump to specifically say how he’d bring back industries that have left America to go to countries with lower wages. And as Trump was answering, Holt said “Let me interrupt you,” but Donald kept talking about bad trade deals. Holt again asked how you make them bring the jobs back and Trump said you keep them from leaving in the first place by applying a tax to their goods when they come back into the United States. Holt then asked Hillary to respond to the question of bringing jobs back and she went into how bad the economy was eight years ago and how bad Trump’s plan is, how good her plan is and didn’t say a word about bringing jobs back, but Holt didn’t ask her to respond to the specific question about bringing back the jobs that have already left the country. Then Clinton and Trump debated whether or not Clinton was for TPP and she denied calling it the “gold standard,” which Holt didn’t challenge. Holt said, “We’re going to move on” when Trump said she had no plan and then let Hillary go on and on without stopping her, so Trump jumped in again. It looked like Holt only wanted to interrupt or “move on” when Hillary was in trouble, so he was running interference for her on top of his “fact check questions.” In fact, he said they were moving on again and then let her go on for another several minutes without stopping her. And when Trump tried to respond, Holt kept interrupting him.

Holt then asked Clinton to defend tax increases and for Trump to defend tax cuts, starting with Trump. Trump talked about all of the money that’s been taken out of the country that won’t be brought back in because of the onerous taxes and said that cutting those taxes would bring all that money back into our economy. Hillary was sarcastic, and when Trump responded, Holt told him it was Clinton’s time, which he did repeatedly. She just bashed tax cuts and didn’t really defend raising taxes other than listing all the things we should pay for to rebuild and invest in the middle class, such as making college debt free, helping people refinance their college debt, of which she said ”those are the kinds of things that will REALLY boost the economy. Broad based, inclusive growth is what we need in America, not more advantages for the people at the very top.” I couldn’t believe she said that college kids getting a free education would REALLY boost our economy; those degrees won’t do them a bit of good in the kind of economy we currently have; just look at how many college graduates are already out of work or working in jobs way below their educational qualifications—or even living with their parents.

Then Holt said, “Mr. Trump, we’re talking about the burden that Americans have to pay; yet you have not released your tax returns. And the reason nominees have released their returns for decades is so that voters will know if their potential President owes money to, who he owes it to and any business conflicts. Don’t Americans have a right to know if there are any conflicts?” Talk about a loaded and biased question! Trump said he doesn’t mind releasing his tax returns, but he can’t do that because he’s still under audit and that there was more information on the required financial statement than from his returns. He said he made over 694 million dollars last year and that the country needs that kind of thinking, mentioned our trade deficit of 800 billion dollars and asked who’s negotiating the trade deals, saying it was political hacks. Lester Holt interrupted him then, fact checking as dictated by the Clinton campaign, and said “The IRS said the audit of your taxes…(stuttered a bit… you’re perfectly free to release your taxes during an audit. And so the question…does the public’s right to know outweigh your personal…”. Trump said “Excuse me.,” when Holt first interrupted him and again repeated that he would release them as soon as the audit…that he gets audited every year. Then he said he’d release them against his lawyer’s wishes “when she releases her thirty-three thousand emails that have been deleted. As soon as she releases them, I will release (the crowd went crazy), I will release my tax returns. And that’s against my lawyers—they say don’t do it.” He reiterated that every lawyer says not to release them until after the audit is complete, but that he would if Hillary releases her email, and Holt said, “So it’s negotiable?” Trump said it wasn’t negotiable and asked why she deleted thirty-three thousand emails. Holt said he’d let her answer that and then admonished the audience to be silent (which he didn’t do when they responded to Hillary earlier).

Hillary went into a list of all the reasons she thought Trump wouldn’t release his taxes, repeating Holt’s statement that IRS said he could. She said he didn’t pay any income tax, and Trump interjected, “That makes me smart.” She actually said “There’s something he’s hiding.” Holt asked if she wanted to respond to the question about her email and she said it was a mistake and she takes responsibility for it. Holt called on Trump to respond and he said, “That was more than a mistake. That was done purposely, okay. That was not a mistake. That was done purposely. When you have your staff taking the Fifth Amendment, taking the Fifth so they’re not prosecuted; when you have the man that set up the illegal server taking the Fifth, I think it’s disgraceful. And believe me, this country thinks it’s a disgrace, really thinks it’s disgraceful also.” He went back to defend himself against some of the things Clinton said, saying he’d be glad to give a list of banks holding notes for his business and that he was “very under leveraged” and that “it’s about time that this country had somebody running it that has an idea about money.” He went on to talk about being twenty trillion in debt and the country still being in a mess. Lester stopped Trump and told Hillary she could respond and then they needed to move on and she went on to new topics, trashing Trump as a businessman for three minutes before Holt interrupted her (one of the only times he did) and said to let Trump respond. He spoke about the success of his business and explained that the four times he had bankrupted companies, it was in accordance with the law and that if she didn’t like the law, she was there and should have changed it. As Trump explained how he completed the Old Post Office in DC “way under budget and way ahead of schedule and we should be able to do that for our country,” Holt said they needed to move to the next segment about America’s Direction.

Holt wanted to start with race and said, “The share of Americans who say that race relations are bad in this country is the highest it’s been in decades.” I’m actually surprised he’d admit that since that’s not what we hear from Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. He went on to say that “much of it amplified by shootings of African-Americans by police, as we’ve seen recently in Charlotte and Tulsa. Race has been a big issue in this campaign and one of you is gonna have to bridge a very wide and bitter gap. So how do you heal the divide?” Clinton got to answer first and talked about restoring trust, better police training, Criminal justice reform and said, “We have to tackle the plague of gun violence, which is a big contributor to a lot of the problems that we’re seeing today.” Holt asked Trump how to heal the divide, and he talked about the need for law and order and the violence in inner cities, saying that we have to stop the violence, bring back law and order, and that “stop and frisk” might work in Chicago since it worked so well in New York, that you take the gun away from criminals that shouldn’t be having it. He also talked about gangs roaming the streets and that many times, they’re here illegally and have guns. He said we have to be vigilant, that we have to protect our police, who in many cases are afraid to do anything and that we have to protect our inner cities because African-American communities are being decimated by crime. Then Mr. Fact Checker in Chief Holt stopped Trump, saying that his two minutes were up and then he said, “Stop and frisk was ruled unconstitutional in New York because it largely singled out black and Hispanic young men.” Hmmm, was his two minutes up or not? And Donald Trump CORRECTLY responded, “No, you’re wrong. It went before a judge, who was a very against police judge; it was taken away from her, and our Mayor, our new Mayor, refused to go forward with the case. They would have won on appeal. If you look at it, throughout the country, there are many places where…” Holt became an active participant in the debate at that point, interrupted Trump and stuttered as he said, “The, the argument is that it’s, it’s a form of racial profiling.” But Trump stood his ground and replied, “No, the argument is that we have to take the guns away from these people that have them and that are bad people that shouldn’t have ‘em. These are felons, these are people that are bad people that shouldn’t be…when you have three thousand shootings in Chicago from January 1st,…you have to have stop and frisk. You need more police. You need a better community, ya know, relation. You don’t have good community relations in Chicago… It’s terrible what’s going on in Chicago.” He went on to say that he agrees with Secretary Clinton about better relationships between the communities and the police because in some places it’s not good. Then he pointed out that Dallas has great relationships and yet five officers were killed. And as soon as he started saying that some bad things are happening, after two minutes into his own debate with Trump, Holt just ignored what Trump was saying and interrupted, saying “Secretary Clinton?”…but Trump was determined to finish what he was saying and continued, ”We need…Lester! We need law and order. And we need law and order in the inner cities because the people that are most affected by what’s happening are African-American and Hispanic people. And it’s very unfair to them what our politicians are allowing to happen.

Then Holt said, “Secretary Clinton?” and she said, “Well, I, I’ve heard, I’ve heard Donald say this at his rallies and it’s, it’s really unfortunate that he paints such a dire, negative picture of black communities in our country.” She started talking about “the vibrancy of the black church, the black businesses that employ so many people, uh, the opportunities that so many families are working to provide for their kids. Uh, there’s a lot that we should be proud of and we should be supporting and lifting up.” She said we have to find the right way to keep people safe and that stop and frisk was found to be unconstitutional, in part because it was ineffective, which isn’t true on any level. Then she compared today’s crime to what it was in 1991 and actually had the audacity to say that ”too many young African-American and Latino males ended up in jail for non-violent offenses.”. Too bad Fact Checker in Chief didn’t jump in there and say that was because of policies she and her husband pushed–when she described black youth as “super predators” with “no conscience, no empathy” and saying “we must bring them to heel.” That’s why so many blacks hate her, but Lester Holt didn’t think that was worth a real time fact check either. She went on to say that we have to do something about the systemic racism in our criminal justice system, to divert people from the criminal justice system, deal with mandatory minimum sentences (even Rahm Emmanuel says convicted violent offenders have to start serving the appropriate time for their crimes – begins at 14.45). She said we need to have more “second chance” programs, which don’t work; but that doesn’t matter as long as she “panders” to get elected. She went on with a few other ideas that don’t work, and when she was done, Holt asked her about something she had said about policing and “implicit bias” and asked, “Do you believe that police are implicitly biased against black people?” Well, that’s when Hillary Clinton said that she thinks implicit bias is a problem for everyone, not just police! Then she said it was unfortunate that too many of us jump to conclusions about each other! Oh, Lester, Mr. Fact Checker in Chief, what about that “basket of deplorables” and irredeemables…since you were obviously playing that role? How sanctimonious and hypocritical! Then she went on to say that the Federal government should step in and provide training…and THAT’S the REAL goal of all this “police are racists” talk, the federal take-over of another state function.

Trump asked to respond and said he agrees that no one on a watch list or no-fly list should have a gun, and that they have to be helped to get off if they’re wrongly put on the list. Then he reminded Clinton that she called young black men super predators, that even though she’s apologized for saying it, it was a terrible thing to say. Then he defended stop and frisk and said it brought New York murders down to five hundred from two thousand and two hundred, and challenged her statement that it had no impact. Then Hillary said that crime and murders have continued to drop under the current mayor, which is not true. Trump told her she was wrong and she said she was right, so he said murders are up and she kept denying it, so he said, “Alright, we’ll check it.” She kept saying that stop and frisk wasn’t effective and that the rights of young black men have to be protected. But that’s not true and just last year, New Yorkers were calling for stop and frisk again.

Lester had his next zinger fact check question all ready to go and started off saying, “This, this conversation is about race, and so Mr. Trump, I have to ask you..” when Trump politely asked if he could respond and was grudgingly granted permission from Mr. Fact Checker in Chief, who was REALLY chomping at the bit! So Trump said the African-American community has been let down by politicians, who talk good around election time like right now, and after the election they say, “See ya later…I’ll see you in four years.” He talked about how they’ve been used and abused by Democrat politicians to get votes. He pointed out that these communities have been controlled by Democrats for up to a hundred years. Holt tried to stop him and Hillary jumped in too, but Trump continued, saying that he’d just been to Detroit and Philadelphia (and couldn’t resist pointing out that he’s been all over the place and Hillary decided to stay home) and that he’s “talked to a lot of people in these communities and they’re very, very upset with what their politicians have told them and what their politicians have done.” Holt and Clinton both tried to jump in again, and Hillary stammered as she got out that “zinger” she’d no doubt been waiting for all night and said she thought Donald was criticizing her for preparing for the debate, which she acknowledged doing, and then sounded like the cat who was about to swallow the canary as she very proudly said, “And you know what else I prepared for? I prepared to be President, and I think that’s a good thing.”

Her fans applauded loudly, but Mr. Fact checker in Chief obviously didn’t hear that since he didn’t say a word…he was just too eager to get that next all important question out. So he said, “Mr. Trump, for five years, you perpetuated a false claim that the nation’s first black President was not a natural born citizen. You questioned his legitimacy. In the last couple of weeks, you acknowledged what most Americans have accepted for years, the President was born in the United States. Can you tell us what took you so…?” Trump interrupted him and pointed out that it was the Clinton 2008 presidential campaign people who started asking about that, that they even sent people to Kenya to ask about it, but she failed to get the birth certificate, and when he got involved, he didn’t fail. He got the President to give out his birth certificate…that he was satisfied with it (Holt tried to interrupt again, but I can’t tell what he said), and Trump went on to say he was satisfied ”because I want to get on to defeating ISIS, because I want to get on to creating jobs, because I want to get on to having a strong border, because I want to get on to things that are very important to me and that are very important to the country.” But that didn’t satisfy Mr. Fact Checker in Chief, who obviously thought this was his debate rather than the presidential candidates’ debate, because he said, ”I’ll, I’ll let you respond, it’s important, but I just wanna get, get the answer here. The birth certificate was produced in 2011, you continued to tell the story and question the President’s legitimacy in 2012, 13, 14, 15 and as recently as January. So the question is what changed your mind?” Trump said no one was pressing it or cared much about it and he figured Holt would ask about it. He said he did a good job of getting the birth certificate, that Hillary didn’t and told everyone to watch the interview Hillary’s former campaign manager did on CNN the previous week because she was involved with it. Then he said that just like she can’t bring back jobs, she can’t produce. Holt was clearly not a happy camper at this point and insisted on continuing HIS own personal debate with Trump. He told Clinton that he was sorry, that he wanted to follow up and would let her respond because there’s a lot there, and continued, “But we’re talking about racial healing in this segment (REALLY! I thought that segment was supposed to be America’s Direction!)…What do you say to Americans…people of color…?” It was hard to hear what he was saying because Trump interrupted Holt and said he says nothing because he was able to get the President to produce his birth certificate, that he should have produced it a long time before. Then he said that talking about healing, he has “developed very, very good relationships over the last little while with the African-American community. I think you can see that.” He said he felt they wanted him to come to that conclusion and that he ”did a great job and great service, not only for the country, but even for the President in getting him to produce his birth certificate.”

Holt could barely contain his anger when he very tersely said, “Secretary Clinton.” Her smug response was ”Well, just listen to what you heard.” The crowd cracked up, but once again, Mr. Holt didn’t say a word. She said the birther lie can’t be dismissed that easily because Trump ”started his political activity based on this racist lie that our first black President was not an American citizen.” She said there was absolutely no evidence for it, yet he persisted year after year for political reasons. Then she went to the 1973 DOJ racial discrimination suit about not renting to blacks, and said he has a ”LONG record of engaging in racist behavior.” She said the birther lie was very hurtful and she could tell how much it bothered and annoyed President Obama. Again, Holt very angrily said, “Mr. Trump, you can respond and then we’re gonna move on.” So Trump said that as he prepared for the debates, he watched and got to see how Clinton treated Obama with terrible disrespect in their debates in 2008. He said now she wants to talk about how lovely everything is and how wonderful she is, but it doesn’t work that way, that she was after him, and that her campaign even sent out pictures of Obama in Muslim garb, and that just last week, her campaign manager said it was true. Then he said, “So when you try to act holier than thou, it really doesn’t work.” Then he explained that the law suit she likes to bring up was a Department of Justice suit involving many businesses all over the United States and that he settled the case without any admission of guilt, which was very easy to do. He said it was a case brought against many real estate firms and went on to tell how he opened his Palm Beach club (he didn’t say it, but he was the first to do it and it was very controversial at the time) and there was no discrimination against African-Americans or Muslims or anybody. He said he’s very proud of that because that’s the true way he feels.

Holt announced that the next segment was Securing America and wanted to start with institutions being under cyber-attack. He said our secrets are being stolen, so he wants to know who’s behind it and how we fight it. REALLY! One of the most important things on the minds of the voters he talks to is cyber-attack and not ISIS! No way! Even that question was a set-up so Clinton could raise all sorts of allegations about Trump’s “ties” and “fondness” for Putin, as she and her political operatives (including the mainstream media) have been doing for months now. Holt really should lose his job over this, but that’s not likely. But if it were and Hillary gets elected, he can count on a job in her administration–the same way she announced that she’d keep Loretta Lynch on as Attorney General if she’s elected…right before her case was resolved and right after Lynch secretly met Bill Clinton in her jet on the tarmac. Clinton said she thinks cyber security and cyber warfare will be one of the greatest challenges facing the next President. She described the problem as she sees it and as anticipated, got around to saying how praiseworthy Donald was of Putin, accused Russia of attacking into the DNC computers (even though there’s no evidence of that), and on and on she went. Of course, she said she was “so shocked when Donald publically invited Putin to hack into Americans…that is, that is just unacceptable.” (The only problem with that claim is that Russia couldn’t hack into her illegal server since it had been wiped with bleach bit and was in the hands of the FBI, and Trump was clearly mocking the press in the statement she’s referring to.) She went on to say that’s why fifty national security officials who served in Republican administrations said Donald is unfit to be Commander in Chief. Holt actually interrupted her and told her that her time had expired, but she kept talking. Holt was still clearly annoyed when he told Donald Trump that he had two minutes to respond to the same question. Trump said he was proud to have the support of over two hundred admirals and generals, that ICE just endorsed him and he was recently endorsed by sixteen thousand and five hundred border control agents. He said he’d take the endorsement of the admirals and generals over the political hacks that have led our country over the past ten years…”look at the mess that we’re in.” He said he agrees in part with what Clinton said about cyber, that we should be better than anyone else and perhaps we’re not. He pointed out that no one knows it was Russia who hacked into the DNC, and said it could be Russia, but it could also be China and lots of other people. He told Clinton that she doesn’t know who broke into the DNC and then pointed out what we learned about how her campaign and the DNC took advantage of Bernie Sanders in the primaries. He went on to say that under Obama we’ve lost control of things we used to control and agreed that cyber warfare is a big problem, especially with ISIS and how they use the internet. Then Hillary talked about ISIS being a problem and touted her plan to defeat them, saying that stopping them from using the internet to radicalize is important. She talked about her plan to defeat ISIS, which didn’t seem to be anything different than Obama has been doing since they sprang up on their watch.

Then Holt asked how they’d specifically prevent home grown attacks by Americans citizens and went to Trump first. First, Trump talked about how Obama and Clinton created the vacuum that allowed ISIS to form by withdrawing from Iraq. He said she’s been fighting ISIS for a long time and that they also should have taken the oil because that’s been their primary source of income. He said they now have Libya’s oil, which was another one of Clinton’s disasters. Holt very tersely said, “Secretary Clinton.” And she said she hoped the fact checkers are really turning up the volume and working hard and stated that Donald Trump supported the war, at which time he said quite emphatically, “Wrong!” She insisted that he was always for the war and then said it was George Bush who made the agreement about when American troops would leave Iraq…not Barack Obama. She went on to say that the only way troops could have stayed was if they got an agreement that would protect the troops and Iraq wouldn’t give it, so I guess she’s not such a great negotiator after all. Of course, if that was all decided before she and Obama took over, how does she know that? She went on to say we need an “intelligence surge” to protect people here at home and then said, “I was so proud of law enforcement in New York, in Minnesota, in New Jersey. You know, they responded so quickly, so professionally to the attacks…”. Well, I think it’s a lot more important to investigate properly to PREVENT attacks rather than after one takes place and who knows how many people die! She went on to say we need to “vacuum up intelligence” from Europe, from the Middle East,” which is going to be pretty hard when we won’t have Americans there to do the work according to her plan. She went into her NATO rant, talked about how closely we’re working with our allies, and how Donald dismisses that and insults Muslim countries around the world and Muslims here at home. She talked about how important it is to have Muslim cooperation here because they’re on the frontlines; well, they haven’t been doing a very good job lately considering all the terrorists attacks we’ve had recently by young Muslims. Holt started asking Trump another question, so he asked if he could respond and Holt told him to go ahead. So Trump pointed out that we’ve been working with them for years and we have the greatest mess anyone has ever seen. He said, “You look at the Middle East, it’s a total mess…under your direction to a large extent.” He talked about how bad the deal with Iran is and the money Obama sent to them. He said expecting our NATO partners to pay what their supposed to by treaty and contract is just common sense, that they should pay their “fair share.” It’s sad that Clinton and Obama want Americans to pay “their fair share,” but not other countries and think it’s okay for the American tax payer to make up the difference. He also pointed out that after he said NATO was obsolete and needed to focus on terrorism, they decided to add a terrorism division. He also pointed out that we pay seventy-three percent of the cost of NATO and that’s not fair. Trump said we need to get NATO and surrounding nations to go into the Middle East with us and we have to knock the hell out of them…and we have to do it fast. When Trump started talking about Clinton and Obama forming the vacuum in Iraq and even announced the date they were withdrawing, Clinton complained saying, “Lester, we’ve covered…we’ve covered this ground…”. But Trump continued saying that ISIS was something that never should have happened…it never should have happened. Then he said, “And you’re talking about taking out ISIS. But you were there and you were Secretary of State when it was a little infant. Now it’s in over thirty countries. And you’re gonna stop them…I don’t think so.”

So stuttering Lester Holt rode to Hillary’s rescue again and said, “Mr. Trump, you…with…a lot of these are judgment questions. You had supported the war in Iraq before the invasion. What makes your judgment…” Trump interjected, “I did not support the war in Iraq!” Holt said something about “2002” and Trump continued, ”That is a mainstream media nonsense put out by her because she…frankly, I think the best person in her campaign is mainstream media.” Holt jumped back into the debate again and interrupted and talked over Trump saying, “My question is that since you supported it, why is your…why is your judgment…” Trump said, “Wait a minute, I was against the war in Iraq, just so you put it out.” A stuttering Lester Holt continued debating Donald Trump and said, “The record shows otherwise, so why is…why was you…why is your judgment any…”. Trump said, “The record does not show that. The record shows that I’m right.” He explained that when he did an interview with Howard Stern and he asked about the war, he half-heartedly said “I don’t know…maybe.” Then he said he did an interview with Neil Cavuto and said he wasn’t really for the war, that the economy was more important, which Neil Cavuto has since confirmed and even said Holt was wrong. Trump then talked about how he and Sean Hannity used to argue about the war before it started because Hannity was for it and he was against it, and that no one wants to ask Sean about it. He even mentioned other media sources that prove he was against the war and then said “I said it’s a terrible and a stupid thing. It’s going to destabilize the Middle East. And that’s exactly what it’s done. It’s been a disaster.” But Holt would have none of that, interrupted Trump and stuttered his way right into the debate again saying, ”My, my, my reference was to what you said in 2002 and my question was why is your judgment, why is your judgment any different than Mrs. Clinton’s?” While Holt was talking over Trump, he said, “I know, but you didn’t listen to what I said.” Then Trump answered, “Well, I have much better judgment than she has. There’s no question about that. I also have a much better temperament than she has.” Trump went on to say that Clinton spent hundreds of millions of dollars of Madison Avenue advertisement to go after his temperament, and he thinks his strongest asset, and maybe by far, is his temperament. He said he has a winning temperament and he knows how to win and she doesn’t know how to win….Holt interrupted him again saying, “Mrs. Clinton.” But Trump said, “Wait. The AF of L/CIO…the other day, behind the blue screen, I don’t know who you were talking to (Holt was trying to stop him, clearing his throat and finally said, “Mrs. Clinton” again, but Trump continued), but you were totally out of control. I said, there’s a person with a temperament that’s got a problem.”

Holt regained his composure and again said, “Secretary Clinton.” She did some cute little “whew” sort of thing and said, “Okay!” She talked about NATO fighting with us after 9/11. She said Iran was weeks away from forming a bomb when she became Secretary of State, that she spent a year and a half getting Iran to the negotiating table…that’s diplomacy. Then she said Trump had said he’d blow the Iranian boats that taunted our sailors out of the water, and that would start a war (which he interjected wouldn’t happen), and went on to say that’s not the right temperament for Commander in Chief. She lied and said he had said repeatedly that he didn’t care if other nations got nuclear weapons, that it had been US policy for years to reduce the proliferation of nuclear weapons. She kept misstating things he said, even that he said it would be fine if there was a nuclear war in East Asia , and that his “cavalier attitude about nuclear weapons is so deeply troubling.” That it’s the number one threat we face, especially if terrorists ever get their hands on any nuclear material, and finished with her infamous, “So a man who can be provoked by a tweet should not have his fingers anywhere near the nuclear codes…”. Holt tried to say something beginning with “Alright,” but didn’t get anywhere because Trump said that was getting a little bit old. Clinton said it was a good one, though and well describes the problem. Trump said it wasn’t accurate, and then said he agrees with her on one thing, the single greatest problem the world has is nuclear armament, nuclear weapons and not global warming like she and the President think. He said we defend Japan, Germany, South Korea, and Saudi Arabia and they don’t pay us what they should; that we’re providing a tremendous service and losing a fortune. He talked about how much we’re losing and said we can’t afford to do what we could forty years ago because we’re a debtor nation, that countries need to pay their fair share, we can’t keep defending Japan, who is a behemoth, selling us cars by the million. Mr. Holt interrupted and said, “We need to move on.” Trump said wait, it’s very important, that all he said was that they may have to defend themselves or they have to help us out and mentioned our twenty trillion dollar debt again. Holt tried again, saying “Our, our last…” and Trump said that as far as nuclear is concerned, he agrees that it’s the single greatest threat our country has.

Holt went on to his next question and said that on nuclear weapons, the President is said to be considering changing America’s policy on “first use” and asked if Trump agreed with the current policy. Trump talked about Russia expanding their nuclear and that they have a much newer capability than we do, we haven’t been updating, and that our B52s are outdated…that we’re not keeping up with other countries. He said he wishes we could all just do away with it, but he wouldn’t do a first strike…that once the nuclear alternative happens, it’s over. But he said we have to be prepared at the same time and he couldn’t take anything off the table. He mentioned the danger North Korea poses and said that China should go in there and solve that problem, that China has power when it comes to North Korea. Then he talked about Iran and what a terrible nuclear deal we made with them, that they were one of North Korea’s biggest trading partners and they have power over North Korea. So he said the deal should have included Iran using their influence to help with North Korea and with Yemen and other places. He mentioned the 1.73 billion dollars that went to Iran, said it was a terrible deal and will lead to all sorts of problems down the line because they just have to sit back for ten years. Holt told him his time had expired and Trump said he had met with Netanyahu and said he is not a happy camper.

Clinton said words matter and she wants to assure our allies that we have mutual defense treaties and we will honor them. She said it is essential that America’s word is good, that the campaign has raised questions and worries with many global leaders and that she’s talked to some of them and wants to assure them that our word is good. She defended the Iran deal and went into full campaign mode, talking about the kind of leader she’ll be and how bad Trump will be. Lester didn’t want to give Trump time to respond, but he did when Trump asked and Trump said ISIS could have been taken care of when it wasn’t such a big problem and now it’s going to be a lot harder. He said he wants to help all of our allies, but we are losing billions and billions of dollars and cannot be the policemen of the world. He said we can’t protect countries all over the world when they’re not paying us what we need (Holt kept trying to interrupt him) and she doesn’t say that because she doesn’t have any business ability, that we need heart and a lot of things, but we have to have some basic ability, and sadly, she doesn’t have that. He said these problems existed when she had great power and they weren’t taken care of and they won’t be taken care of if she wins.

Then Holt interrupted again and got in that last Clinton campaign zinger, opening the door for her last attack on Trump, and said, “Mr. Trump, this year, Secretary Clinton became the first woman nominated for President by a major party. Earlier this month, you said quote, she doesn’t have a presidential look. She’s standing here uh righght now. What did you mean by that?” Trump said she doesn’t have the look, the stamina. He said he doesn’t believe she has the stamina, to be President of this country, you need tremendous stamina. And as he was continuing, Holt angrily interrupted him again and talking over him said, ”The quote was I just don’t think she has a presidential look.” Trump said, “Wait a minute, Lester, you asked me a question. Did you ask me a question? Trump went on to say you have to be able to negotiate our trade deals, you have to be able to negotiate with Japan, with Saudi Arabia…then said with all the money Saudi Arabia has, we’re defending them and they’re not paying us. He said he just doesn’t believe Hillary has the stamina to do all the things a President has to do.

Then Holt smugly said, “Let’s let her respond.” Hillary talked about all the countries she travelled to, her eleven hours of Benghazi testimony and said Trump should do all that and then talk to her about stamina. Of course, all that travel was before her fall and the blood clot in her head in December of 2012. Then Trump said Hillary has experience, but it’s bad experience and said she didn’t make any good deals and that this country can’t afford four more years of that kind of experience. Then Hillary got out the points she wanted to about what Trump said about Rosie O’Donnell, and said he calls “women pigs, slobs and dogs.” She said he said pregnancy is an inconvenience to employers (which it is). She said he said women don’t deserve equal pay unless they do as good a job as men (which makes perfect sense to me). Then she said the worst thing he said was to call a beauty contestant Miss Piggy and Miss Housekeeping because she was Latina. Well, Hillary forgot to mention that Alicia Machado is on her payroll and has an unsavory past with criminal connections, and there are always two sides to every story, as shown in this CNN report from 1997. Then as Trump started responding, Lester Holt told him that he only had ten seconds. Trump said Hillary was hitting him with commercials about some things said as “entertainment,” some of it about Rosie O’Donnell, who had been very vicious to him, and he was going to say something extremely rough to Hillary and her family, but he just couldn’t do it because it wouldn’t be nice. Yet she’s spent hundreds of millions of negative ads on him, many of which he said are absolutely untrue. He said they’re untrue and misrepresentations, , that it’s not nice and he doesn’t deserve that; but the gratifying thing is that despite the hundreds of millions of dollars she’s spent in negative ads against him, , he’s either winning or tied according to the newest polls and he’s spent practically nothing.

Holt’s final statement was that one of them will not win the election, so he wanted to know if they’re willing to accept the outcome as the will of the voters. Clinton said she would, but she knows that Donald is trying to plant doubts about it and urged everyone to vote because this election is so important and their future depends on it. Trump said he wants to make America great again, listed some of the problems we have as a country, said he doesn’t think Hillary will make the country great again, but if she wins, he will absolutely support her. Of course, even though Lester Holt didn’t interrupt Hillary’s little campaign speech, he interrupted Trump by asking the question again.

So in the end, Lester Holt will go down in history as the worst debate moderator in American history, and I personally think he should be fired from NBC because what he did was so disgraceful. But I am certain it will backfire on them significantly because the Clintons and mainstream media and political elites just don’t seem to get that they’re so out of touch with the American people that they don’t know anything about us anymore. And we can see right through what they tried to pull off Monday night, which is why Donald Trump won all of the polls but CNN’s, which was no surprise. That’s why Trump raised so much money in the next twenty-four hours, and that’s why so many thousands of new voters registered in Ohio and Pennsylvania that we know of, and I’m sure in many other states as well. Hillary Clinton was so smug and cocky, but we’ll see just who gets the last laugh, and I really don’t think it’s going to be her. So I hope she really enjoyed her little kangaroo debate because it probably did a lot to cost her the election, if she even had a chance in the first place. Every American watching the debate Monday night knows we’ve never seen anything like that in a presidential debate, so to us, it was just further evidence of the absolute corruption that infects anyone and everyone connected to Bill and Hillary Clinton, and we don’t want anything to do with them or their corruption. They represent America’s past and we’re ready for a real change this time around, which is why I believe Donald Trump is going to win this election in a landslide!

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