Tonight’s Presidential Debate Puts a Spotlight on Hillary Clinton’s Health

Since questions about Hillary Clinton’s health and even theories about “Hillary doubles” abound on the internet, not to mention recent polls indicating that the majority of voters don’t think her health is all that good, there’s no doubt that tonight’s presidential debate puts a spotlight on Hillary Clinton’s health. And the news reports over the past day or so that the Clinton presidential campaign actually asked for a step stool at her podium tonight only heightened concerns and questions about whether or not she’ll be able to stand for ninety minutes during tonight’s debate; especially in light of these pictures of Hillary needing step-stools at recent campaign events. Additionally, while many think the recent videos of Hillary with a “lazy eye” prove there are one or two Hillary doubles, some think it’s just further evidence that her health is deteriorating quite rapidly; such as Dr. Ted Noel. A few days before Hillary Clinton collapsed on 9/11, Dr. Ted Noel explained his conclusion that she has Parkinson’s Disease. This video of Clinton’s campaign event at Temple University last Monday shows her lazy or wandering eye, as well as how she needed help up the steps.

While I’m not sure what to believe about “Hillary doubles” appearing at some of the campaign events after 9/11, I don’t think that was Hillary Clinton leaving her daughter’s apartment after her collapse on 9/11. In addition to the visual clues, when I close my eyes and just listen to what she says, that person seems to have a distinct New York accent, which Hillary doesn’t have. However, it’s all pretty bazaar since there are some really strange anomalies in the videos of some of her recent appearances and multiple news outlets even reported her death on 9/11, which sparked all sorts of conspiracy theories. In any case, Here’s some of the more reasonable evidence that two Hillary Clinton doubles might have been seen in public since 9/11.

Needless to say, with so much interest, the spotlight will be on Hillary Clinton’s health at tonight’s presidential debate as everyone watches to see if she coughs, if her eye wanders, if she can stand unassisted for the full ninety minutes and even if it’s the real Hillary or a double. I’ve wondered for some time now if they’d have the audacity to put someone else in her place (even before her collapse on 9/11) because it’s been very clear to anyone paying attention that Hillary Clinton’s health has been in decline since last April and she has problems standing unassisted or speaking for very long without coughing. I think that’s why her campaign has been so busy trying to divert attention away from that by attacking Donald Trump’s credibility so viciously. We’ve never seen anything like this before, but if God is for Donald Trump as I believe, it won’t matter because I know He will bring to light EVERYTHING they do and have done in the darkness!

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