Proof that Donald Trump Wasn’t Mocking Disabled Reporter Serge Kovaleski

When people explain why they don’t support Donald Trump, they often mention that he mocked and made fun of a disabled reporter, Serge Kovaleski. So after that came up in a recent conversation with a life-long, very liberal and self-acknowledged racist black friend, I decided to find out about the reporter and his disability. And looking back now, I don’t know why I never thought to investigate that since I know how the mainstream media and Hillary Clinton’s campaign and political operatives have totally made things up to discredit Donald Trump. I’ve even documented and disproved their false claims here repeatedly. Well, the accusation that Donald Trump mocked and made fun of a disabled reporter is just as much a lie as most other myths promulgated through the mainstream media and even featured in Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign ads.

Since a picture is supposed to paint a thousand words, watch how much more proof these videos provide that Donald Trump was NOT mocking or making fun of a reporter’s disability; rather he was mocking Serge Kovaleski’s inability to remember or being flustered because he wrote an article about celebrations in America on 9/11. As the above videos show, Donald Trump has done that multiple times when referring to people who couldn’t remember something or were flustered when called on to defend themselves and couldn’t, and none of the others were disabled. While Donald Trump’s public persona has always been a bit theatrical, there’s no evidence of him ever being unkind or insulting to disabled people.

In addition to the above proof that Donald Trump has used the same gestures when describing people when they’re flustered (who aren’t disabled), the mainstream media and Clinton presidential campaign narrative is even more outrageous since the sum total of Serge Kovaleski’s disability is that he simply can’t move one of his hands. So watch as Dennis Prager makes a very compelling case and proves that the media narrative is a lie. It’s obvious that Serge Kovaleski and Donald Trump’s gestures and tone have absolutely nothing in common; in fact, Trump even said Kovaleski was a nice reporter, which never gets included in the false narrative that he mocked a disabled reporter! And since Kovaleski now works as an investigative reporter for the New York Times, Hillary Clinton, her political operatives and the rest of the mainstream media know full well that his disability has nothing to do with Donald Trump’s gestures or tone; but they counted on everyone taking the accusation at face value without checking it out, which I finally did and should have done long ago.

So the narrative that Donald Trump mocked and made fun of a disabled reporter is just another lie fabricated by the mainstream media and the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. And here’s a very interesting article regarding Serge Kovaleski’s original article, which is further proof that the mainstream media still wants to cover up the fact that Muslims in Patterson, NJ were openly celebrating the terrorist attacks on 9/11. While the mainstream media and Hillary Clinton have repeatedly proven that they don’t care about the truth and have no qualms about fabricating and making up lies to further their liberal cause and to help elect Hillary Clinton, the truth still matters to the American people and the truth will always win out in the end!

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