Exposing the Resurrection of Malcolm X’s Call for Bloodshed and a Black Revolution in America

The racial riots, violence and luting in Charlotte, NC this past week, including the murder of a young black man, exposes what’s really behind the Black Lives Matter movement. And it’s not at all what most people think because the ultimate goal of Black Lives Matter and the millions of dollars, celebrities and politicians behind the movement is to foment and resurrect Malcolm X’s call for bloodshed and a black revolution in America. So while it might have shocked most people to hear Keith Lamont Scott’s brother call all white people and cops “white devils” (includes offensive language), I wasn’t at all surprised since I’ve researched and written about the racial revolution that’s under way in America quite extensively. And since Keith Lamont Scott and Officer Brentley Vinson, the officer who shot him, are both black, the man’s comment didn’t have anything to do with his brother’s death; he was just spewing out the poison many blacks in America have been fed for decades.

However, this isn’t the first time Black Lives Matter orchestrated riots after a black police officer shot and killed a black man in self defense, which I wrote about in ALL Black Lives Don’t Matter to Black Lives Matter and the Democratic Party Financing Them. In that case, Milwaukee was subjected to riots, violence and luting and five businesses were burned down after an African-American officer shot and killed Sylville Smith (who was pointing a stolen and loaded automatic weapon at him) in self defense. And despite the claims we hear of “systemic racism” in America’s police departments, three of the officers charged (and later acquitted or exonerated) in the Freddie Gray case in Baltimore were also blacks. So despite ANY evidence WHATSOEVER (as declared by a black judge who acquitted one of the officers) of police wrongdoing or racism of any kind, the city of Baltimore was subjected to violence and luting, and their businesses were destroyed. On the other hand, there were no riots, no violence and no luting in Chicago after very disturbing police shooting incidents that took the lives of seventeen year old Laquan McDonald and eighteen year old Paul O’Neal (as documented in this terribly disturbing video, which contains offensive language). Laquan McDonald and Paul O’Neal were not armed and did not pose a threat to police officers, but THEIR black lives don’t matter to the Black Lives Matter agitators because the mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emmanuel, is a close associate and friend of President Obama, one of their most ardent, powerful and influential supporters..

So no matter how much they say otherwise, the above information is clear and convincing evidence that Black Lives Matter is not at all concerned with eradicating systemic racism in America’s police departments. Instead, the riots, luting and violence fomented, orchestrated and underwritten by George Soros and wealthy celebrities like Jay Z and Beyoncé all around the country are actually in furtherance of a black revolution that “the powers that be” have been working to achieve for decades, and as Malcolm X often declared, the resulting and “necessary” bloodshed associated with the revolution in order to achieve their ultimate revolutionary goal should be acceptable and expected. As further proof of that, this video reveals The riots and violence in Charlotte were largely “stirred up” by people from out of state who were bused in for that very purpose, which has happened time and time again in one situation after another in recent years. The locals are usually peacefully protesting the conditions in their communities and the disgraceful failures of their local governments and issues far beyond specific incidents involving police, as reported here in even more detail.

Further evidence of what’s really going on is available in this very informative article, where I strongly urge you to “Play Media” and listen to the statement from a communist/anarchist who was in Charlotte for the sole purpose of inciting violence, black revolution and openly called for bloodshed. The article quotes him saying, “It’s a revolution. Can’t have it without a little bloodshed. Don’t be afraid of a little bloodshed,” but the man went on to say, “So if we have to shed a little blood, so be it.” It’s way past time for Americans to wake up and stop turning a blind eye and deaf ear to the racial hatred that’s being planted in the hearts and minds of so many young blacks in this country; such as Louis Farrakhan explaining why white people are devils and have to be killed”. As people have given voice to during this particular disturbance, they believe it’s okay and even necessary to shed blood in furtherance of their revolution, which is why I think the young black man was shot in the head and killed at the protest Tuesday night since it was immediately promoted as another police execution on social media (it’s all over the internet(. We can also find repeated incidents of blacks intentionally provoking and goading police during normal traffic stops, which don’t always end well as we’ve all seen way too many times. So IF revolutionaries are teaching that bloodshed is necessary and even required for revolution, is it a stretch to think that just as with Islamic suicide bombers, people knowingly challenge police with the expectation of being killed? As bazaar as that might sound, it’s not insignificant that the families of people involved in these incidents often become celebrities and very well off through the foundations created in the names of their loved ones, supported and promoted by Black Lives Matter, the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton and Beyoncé.

Hopefully, holding people legally accountable for inciting violence and racial unrest will finally bring this insanity to an end because in response to the attack on twelve police officers (including the death of five) in Dallas a few months ago, a cop just filed a legal suit against Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, Rev. Al Sharpton and the National Action Network, George Soros, President Barack Obama, former Attorney General Eric Holder, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and a handful of high profile Black Lives Matter and New Black Panther Party members for “repeatedly” encouraging their supporters and others to “engage in threats of and attacks to cause serious bodily injury or death upon police officers and other law enforcement persons of all races and ethnicities including but not limited to Jews, Christians and Caucasians.”, as detailed in this article. The lawyer who filed the suit said the defendants and others are responsible “for igniting a race war that will ultimately totally destroy the freedoms that our Founding Fathers bequeathed to us.” Sadly our current and previous Attorney General haven’t cared about what’s been going on or tried to reign in the violence; rather they’ve actively defended and encouraged it. And since this should be an easy case to prove, we might finally see people held accountable for the trouble they’ve caused, and perhaps other people who have suffered loss as a result of the violence will be encouraged to file law suits as well.

As I said earlier, I’ve done a lot of research and have written about this extensively, such as Democrats Know the Effectiveness and Success of Racial Politics Hinges on Making Everything racial and It’s Time to Turn Back the Socialist Revolution Now Under Way in America. So I urge everyone who’s truly interested in understanding what’s happening in our country today and how people are literally trying to destroy it, to take the time to read these articles and to check out the vast amount of information provided through various links because when you do, you’ll likely come to the same conclusion I have; which is that it all makes total sense with the realization that Barack Obama is Malcolm X’s son and has literally taken on the mantel of his father’s dreams of a black Islamic revolution and has virtually succeeded in “fundamentally transforming the United States of America” and changing the world as he declared just days before the 2008 election.. Listening to Barack Obama reading from Dreams from My Father in 1995 is very telling since he shares his admiration and affinity with Malcolm X (starting around 12:30) and goes on to say that he imagined himself “following Malcolm’s call,” that Malcolm’s wish that his white blood could be “expunged” stayed with him, and that if Malcolm’s discovery toward the end of his life that “some whites might live beside him as BROTHERS IN ISLAM seemed to offer some hope of eventual reconciliation…where were the people who would work toward this future and populate this new world?” Then he continues in a VERY interesting and clever literary twist by uncannily describing himself in the person of “Malik” (since his birth name is Bari Malik Shabazz, about whom much is written). To more fully understand who Barack Obama is and what’s at the core of his racist, Marxist-Leninist DNA, it’s also helpful to read another post I wrote titled, Getting to Know the Communist, Marxist, Socialists and Racists Who Shaped Barack Obama’s Destiny.

There’s no doubt that Barack Obama remains a true enigma due to the cloud of secrecy regarding his birth and early life, but I’ve concluded that regardless of what we do and don’t know about him, our President does not love (or even like) America and that his plan to fundamentally transform America meant destroying our country and everything that’s always made us such a great nation. So to that end, he and his administration have undermined and weakened America’s most cherished institutions and wreaked havoc here at home and abroad with racially divisive and pro-Islamic policies that have endangered all Americans and Europe by giving rise to terrorist groups like ISIS and by backing anti-American Islamic organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood. He and Hillary Clinton literally instigated and orchestrated the overthrow of one government after another (including those of long time American allies) in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood and worked to effect the outcomes of elections abroad; such as in Israel, the United Kingdom and Canada. Regardless of President Obama’s intentions, his presidency has to be measured by the impact it’s had on America and the world, and there’s no denying that his policies have indeed fundamentally transformed both, though not for the better by any objective measure. However, IF his objective was the resurrection of Malcolm X’s call for bloodshed and a black Islamic revolution, he’d be doing exactly what he’s done for the past seven plus years both here in America and around the world. But as I’ve written previously, I honestly believe Barack Obama and his revolutionary partners have seriously underestimated the spirit and resolve of Americans and that in the end, we can’t be so easily manipulated because we love our country and know what America has always stood for and will not be told otherwise. So what they’ve attempted to do in Charlotte this past week is evidence that they see their plan and dreams of a black Islamic revolution slipping away because Americans see the America they want and love reflected more in Donald Trump than in Hillary Clinton, who merely promises a continuation of Barack Obama’s policies and to protect his legacy. Well, the American people are a lot more concerned about protecting and defending America’s legacy than Barack Obama’s legacy, and Hillary Clinton, the mainstream media and the Democratic Party are so blinded by their radical and liberal ideology that they don’t see that. Just the same, the only revolution the vast majority of Americans really want is to get back to a government of, by and for the people instead of having our country destroyed by the politics of personal destruction, graft and corruption, unprecedented incompetence in every government agency and rewarding special interest groups and wealthy donors. We want to be proud of our country again, to love and respect each other and to embrace our differences instead of using them to foment division. We want a country where the rule of law still matters, where the best interests and needs of our citizens (especially those trapped in our inner cities) are put before the interests and needs of immigrants, refugees and special interest groups; which we simply can’t afford financially or risk in terms of the safety and security of Americans. We don’t think it’s wrong to be “nationalists” or that it’s racist to display signs of our patriotism or wrong to set high standards of behavior, achievement and education for ALL Americans. And just as importantly, we’re sick and tired of being called bigots, racists, xenophobic and Islamophobic because we have good reason to oppose the policies intended to destroy our country and everything America stands for in furtherance of a radical revolution. So the silent majority of Americans intend to make our voices heard loud and clear on November 8th because we reject the resurrection of Malcom X’s call for bloodshed in America for the sake of a black Islamic revolution intended to destroy America. We know the truth, and the truth will make and keep America free for ALL Americans!

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