There’s an Amazing and Exciting Ground Swell of Black Support Growing for Donald Trump

This has to be one of the most amazing and exciting times in our nation’s history because despite an endless and unprecedented mainstream media campaign to elect Hillary Clinton by attacking and painting Donald Trump as a racist and total nincompoop, a real ground swell of black support is growing for Donald Trump and he’s moving up in the polls. Some of the mainstream media’s hysteria when it comes to Trump makes more sense when we know who’s behind it, as Bill O’Reilly reports here. For instance, as revealed here, it’s ridiculous to accuse Trump of encouraging Putin to hack Clinton’s email since those servers have long been destroyed by Hillary’s people (AFTER receiving a subpoena)and this comment that so offended them was clearly a joke and meant to mock the media’s hysteria. And since the most ardent opposition and attacks against Donald Trump come from people who don’t particularly think we have such a great country, including many who want a socialist or communist revolution, they naturally oppose his strong patriotism and desire to put America FIRST and make America great again for EVERYONE. Then there are the elites from both parties who don’t want to lose their power and opportunity for self-enrichment or for the status quo to be jeopardized, which Trump makes no bones about changing. However, most Americans aren’t happy with the way things are done in Washington these days, so we’re ready for REAL change and Donald Trump gives us REAL hope that we’ll FINALLY get it when he’s elected President.

I was so proud of Donald Trump for taking his campaign for President directly to America’s blacks, even though he knew he’d face tremendous opposition and open himself up to sabotage (which actually happened in Flint), but that’s what REAL leaders do! Thankfully, it’s really making a difference because the people who meet Donald Trump personally always talk about how genuine and sincere he is, which people just can’t fake. And that’s paying off big time now because black Americans are leaving Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party to vote for Donald Trump in significant numbers because they know he isn’t a racist and believe he really can help make America great again, including in their own communities. So it’s VERY exciting to see how strongly and boldly blacks are supporting and defending Donald Trump against the mainstream media and Clinton’s charges of racism. In fact, based on a stunning LA Times poll that was released last weekend, black Americans are abandoning Hillary Clinton to support Donald Trump in very significant numbers; she’s lost twenty percent of the black vote and Trump now has twenty percent of their votes. That probably explains why even the electoral map is turning red and Donald Trump has gained a substantial lead in more states, including Florida and Ohio, and he’s now leading in Nevada and gaining in Iowa (which are typically Democratic states), as reported here. Additionally, there’s been a significant drop in voter registration for Democrats at the same time there’s been a significant increase in voter registration for Republicans and Independents.

So no matter how hard the mainstream media and Hillary Clinton press their claims that Donald Trump is a racist, the truth is that he respects black Americans and wants them to have equal access to the American Dream and will work tirelessly to make that happen, which is why such an amazing and exciting ground swell of support from black voters for Trump is growing. And the same way we’ve seen Donald Trump withstand the onslaught of the mainstream media, the Republican elites, the Democrats and the Hillary Clinton war machine is the same way he’ll stand up for ALL of us and for America…with the courage of his convictions, genuine compassion, integrity, boldness to call out wrong where he sees it and to propose effective common sense solutions, and the strength it takes to get the job done and make America great again–for ALL Americans!

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