Dispelling Mainstream Media and Hillary Clinton’s Claims that Donald Trump is a Racist

I started researching and writing this several days ago and got sidetracked by other events, and after listening to Don King’s powerful introduction of Donald Trump this morning, I’m so glad I did! Of course, the folks at CNN were totally hysterical and offended beyond description that Don King would dare use “the “n” word,” and when challenged with the fact that it’s “okay” when blacks use it, the response was that Donald Trump’s “smile” and “grimace” when King said that was somehow inappropriate. Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to hear what he said and was in total awe because Don King made the best case yet for why blacks in America should support and vote for Donald Trump. And then I discovered the real reason behind President Obama’s desperation in his CBC speech Saturday night, as well as the unbelievable melt down of liberals in the mainstream media. They just can’t believe that Hillary Clinton has literally lost twenty percent of the black vote, and that Donald Trump’s support among America’s blacks has surged to twenty percent…that just isn’t supposed to happen in their elitist world! But listening to these mean spirited, mocking and condescending liberals have a total melt down, along with clips from Hillary Clinton’s “alt right” speech show why Don King’s words this morning have them all in such a tizzy. As Don King said, the “systemic racism” in America is the system and engine that keeps the Democratic Party in power, and black Americans apparently agree with Donald Trump that the only way to beat that system is to stop electing Democrats. And I can’t help wondering why it’s “insulting” for a presidential candidate to go to black Americans and ask for their vote and lay out how he intends to change their lives for the better as Hillary Clinton claims. I personally think saying something like that is the real insult to black Americans, and even if the Democrats and mainstream media don’t get that, it’s obvious that with every passing day, more and more black Americans do. Hillary Clinton, President Obama, the Democratic Party and the mainstream media really think the American people are stupid because they didn’t see anything wrong when Hillary Clinton said, “He doesn’t even respect all Americans. How can he serve all Americans?” Really! I don’t recall Donald Trump ever calling anyone “deplorables,” “irredeemable” or “not America”…much less at least half of the forty plus percent of Americans (which now includes at least twenty percent of black Americans) who support Donald Trump for President. That obviously means Hillary Clinton doesn’t “respect” ALL Americans, so by her own standard, she can’t serve ALL Americans.

Now I want to dispel some of the better known claims made by Hillary Clinton, President Obama and the mainstream media that Donald Trump is a racist. The earliest Trump controversy began when he announced his candidacy for President and described problems caused by illegal immigrants coming across America’s Southern border, which included people from other countries and terrorists from the Middle East. Yet the mainstream media, Hillary Clinton and other political hacks don’t mention that when attacking Trump’s statement and calling him a racist because of what he said. Unfortunately for Hillary Clinton and the mainstream media, there’s plenty of evidence that proves what Donald Trump said is factually true, and despite their best efforts to discredit and malign him, the American people know the truth. The first point the mainstream media, Hillary Clinton and other political hacks leave out when disingenuously discussing Trump’s statement is that he was NOT talking about LEGAL immigrants or Mexicans in general; he was very specifically explaining that we need to protect our Southern border because drugs, criminals and rapist are freely streaming into America from Mexico, as well as from other countries, and that even terrorists are coming across the border. Here’s what Donald Trump actually said about Mexicans coming across the border: ”Mexico’s not sending their best….They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re rapists, and some, I assume are good people.”

While all the hype about what Donald Trump said the day he announced his candidacy for president doesn’t mention it, the first problem he mentioned was the drugs pouring across our Southern border, and as this ABC report published today proves, that’s a very serious problem that hasn’t been address by the current administration; nor does Hillary Clinton propose any changes that would stop the free flow of drugs into our country that’s literally destroying the lives of countless young drug addicted Americans and their families, as documented here with vivid and shocking detail, including some offensive language . So Donald Trump’s plan to build a border wall is also intended to address America’s drug problem by keeping them out of the country. And that would be much more effective than all drug rehabilitation programs, which seems to be Hillary’s proposal even though we all know they don’t have a good record of success as also revealed in the documentary. And since drugs are a problem in every demographic and not restricted to non-blacks or other minorities, there’s no racial motivation in wanting to build a wall to stop the drugs coming across the border.

Secondly, Donald Trump specifically stated his concern about the criminal element coming across our Southern border with unrestricted illegal immigration, which is a legitimate concern based on these alarming statistics and how our government fails to resolve the problem and puts countless Americans’ safety and lives at risk. And as this revealing and informative documentary proves, border security and building a wall has nothing to do with racism because ALL Americans of every race are endangered and negatively impacted by illegal immigration because it increases criminal activity, the risk of terrorism and the outbreak of disease, as well as placing an unsustainable burden on our schools, public assistance programs intended for Americans, and overwhelms law enforcement and many other agencies as reported here. So as Donald Trump said, Americans are being murdered and raped at alarming rates by illegal immigrants, regardless of their race, which means this is not a matter of racism; rather a matter of a President fulfilling his highest responsibility which is to protect and defend ALL Americans. Yet Hillary Clinton, the Democrats and the mainstream media don’t think illegal immigration and an open border are a problem and Hillary Clinton has no intention of putting an end to “sanctuary cities” even though they violate current federal law.

Another accusation of racism lodged against Donald Trump is his plan to TEMPORARILY suspend immigration and additional refugees from countries plagued by terrorism until a better vetting process can be put into place. And that’s not due to racism since CIA Director John Brennan and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper have warned of the danger they pose, and FBI Director James Comey and others have testified or stated that they can’t be properly vetted; including Tom Ridge, a former Homeland Security official in the Bush administration. With terrorist attacks increasing all around the globe, especially in Brussels, France and Germany, not to mention the United States, it only makes good sense to temporarily halt our refugee and immigration programs until a more secure and effective screening and vetting program can be put into place. As Donald Trump says, his first concern is protecting and keeping Americans safe, and there are other ways to help those really suffering as a result of President Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s disastrous attempts to bring about regime change, intervention in other countries to promote the Muslim Brotherhood, foolish withdrawal from Iraq and their feckless “lead from behind” strategy; which are what created ISIS in the first place, as well as the current Syrian refugee crisis. So revisiting our current immigration and refugee screening and vetting processes for the sake of keeping Americans safe in dangerously changing times is good old fashioned common sense and has absolutely nothing to do with racism or xenophobia as Hillary Clinton, President Obama, the Democrats and the mainstream media keep saying. In fact, by making those charges, they don’t have to defend the dangerous policies and practices they’ve employed for the past seven plus years and can avoid talking about Hillary Clinton’s plan to increase the number of Syrian refugees coming to America from ten thousand a year to sixty-five thousand a year. That’s unspeakable reckless disregard for the safety of the American people and total abdication of a President’s highest responsibility, which is to defend and protect our country and further proof that Hillary Clinton is not fit to be our President or Commander in Chief. And any doubt that might remain about the absolute necessity of doing exactly as Donald Trump proposes should be dispelled with recent news that almost two thousand immigrants with possible ties to Islamic terrorists, who were slated for deportation under different names, were granted citizenship in 2014 and 2015–after which the program that caught the mistakes was halted! So who knows how many more potential Islamic terrorists have been granted citizenship so far this year! And considering the terrorist attacks over the weekend in New Jersey, New York and Minnesota by young Muslim men born in Islamic countries, it’s only reasonable and NOT racist or xenophobic to question the wisdom of Hillary Clinton’s plan to continue and even expand President Obama’s refugee and immigration policies and practices.

Just in case anyone still doubts who the real racist is in this presidential election, it would be a good idea to listen to Hillary Clinton’s own hateful, bigoted, racist words describing black youth, calling them “super predators” with “no conscience, no empathy” and saying “we must bring them to heel.” Talking about America’s black youth like they’re dogs is just about as low as it gets on that “totem pole” “someone” recently referred to! Hmmm, perhaps that sounds familiar, President Bill Clinton!

Donald Trump is clearly not a racist and no amount of shouting otherwise will convince the American people that he is; which even liberal Geraldo Rivera was willing to state very confidently, saying that he’s known Donald Trump for forty years and knows for a fact that “Donald Trump doesn’t have a racist bone in his body!” Donald Trump is gaining exponentially in the polls because something very transformative, exciting and significant is happening in America’s black communities! In fact, just a few days ago, this telling video was published and reveals why it’s a lot more important for blacks to question how Hillary Clinton would serve black Americans based on the Haitian people’s experience with the Clintons. They have a great deal of firsthand knowledge concerning Bill and Hillary Clinton based on their dealings with them over the past twenty-five years and they support and endorsed Donald Trump for President. And here’s a proud black Donald Trump voter defending his support for Trump when challenged by another black man, and making a strong case for why Hillary Clinton is the real racist. Wow, it appears that he isn’t alone, which probably scares Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, the Democratic Party and the liberal mainstream media to death! But just in case it doesn’t, check out this video from a few days ago!

Praise God, He really has answered my most fervent prayer for the past few years as these videos prove because He has been bringing to light what’s been done in darkness and the American people of ALL COLORS see the truth! And we ALL refuse to let the Democrats play the race card again in this most consequential of all elections because we all want REAL racial healing and unity in our country so everyone has a chance to experience the American Dream! That’s obviously very important to Donald Trump and he respects and cares for America’s blacks enough to fight the odds and work to earn their support and votes, which gives me more hope for our country than I’ve had in many years because seeing how the Democratic Party has historically treated impoverished blacks in our country in the past few decades has always made me very angry. But I have real hope for the black youth of this country now, who have every right and are equally entitled to fulfill their potential just as every other child in America, and I truly believe Donald Trump sincerely and genuinely shares that vision. If we all join together and take a stand against racism in every form, and refuse to let political forces divide us for the sake of their own agendas, we really can make America great again! God bless America and God bless Donald Trump, our next President!

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