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Lester Holt Was Clinton’s Fact Checker in Chief Monday Night and Orchestrated a Kangaroo Debate

Everyone who thought Hillary Clinton wouldn’t be able to stand up for the ninety minute debate Monday night or handle difficult questions was surprised on both accounts. Hillary certainly exceeded our expectations in that she was very much on her game Monday night, and other than a short segment when she seemed to be in trouble (mispronounced some words and definitely slowed down), I’m sure she did exactly what her campaign wanted and hoped she’d do. On the other hand, it can’t be said that she handled tough questions since Lester Holt didn’t ask her any, and instead of being an objective debate moderator, he literally orchestrated a kangaroo debate and acted more like a Clinton campaign political operative. So it wasn’t at all just a coincidence that the Clinton campaign’s and Mainstream media political operatives’ commentary prior to the debate was mostly demands for Lester Holt to “fact check” in real time if Donald Trump said anything about opposing the Iraq war, that Hillary Clinton started the “birther” controversy, denied his comments about women or defended not releasing his tax returns because he’s under audit. In fact, Lester Holt did them one better because Holt didn’t even wait to “fact check” IF Donald Trump said any of that; instead, he stated Hillary Clinton’s campaign position as established fact in the questions he asked Donald Trump. Not only that, he asked Donald Trump fifteen questions and only asked Hillary Clinton two. So there was no reason to fact check since he declared the facts as the Clinton campaign wanted them portrayed in his questions, which also put Trump on the defensive. Of course, that was part of the plan as well since the number one reason Hillary Clinton uses for not voting for Donald Trump is his temperament. Well, for most informed and objective viewers (and there are a LOT more than the mainstream media and Democrats think), Donald Trump handled their duplicity with more grace than most of us think we would have, and their dirty tricks only made Hillary Clinton look worse and confirmed our already low opinion of the mainstream media.

So here’s my commentary and a review of what I call the “kangaroo debate”, and how the first presidential debate went Monday night from my perspective. First, Lester Holt announced that there would be three topic areas for the debate; Achieving Prosperity, America’s Direction and Securing America, and further stated that he’d be raising issues that “voters tell us are most important” and that he’d press for specifics. Well, that’s really strange since none of the “let’s fact check Donald Trump questions before he even opens his mouth” questions ever come up on any list of things Americans are most concerned about, and he virtually ignored issues actually on the list of top concerns according to this Pew Research Center poll from two months ago. Holt didn’t ask about terrorism, foreign policy, health care, gun policy or immigration and barely touched on the economy. He didn’t mention the Supreme Court, and his question to Donald Trump about the birther controversy was clearly intended to imply that he’s a racist and to give Hillary Clinton another chance to jump on that bandwagon. So contrary to his claim otherwise, Mr. Holt’s questions had a lot more to do with furthering Hillary Clinton’s bid for the presidency than it did with addressing the issues that most concern American voters.

Mr. Holt started out the section on Achieving Prosperity by stating that “after a record six straight years of job growth” and “incomes have increased at a record rate after years of stagnation,” people aren’t really feeling it. That was an intentionally misleading and deceptive statement because “it” isn’t real and we’re actually in the worst economic recovery since World War II. So hearing Lester Holt say that and knowing that it was so misleading and disingenuous indicated to me how the rest of the night would go. Then Holt’s first question to Hillary Clinton was, “Why are you a better choice than your opponent to create the kinds of jobs that will put more money in the pockets of American workers?” Hillary rattled off a myriad of things that won’t add jobs, primarily focusing on clean energy and solar jobs, but didn’t really answer the question. Then Donald Trump talked about jobs lost to companies leaving America and significantly reducing business taxes.
Holt didn’t challenge anything Clinton said even though she was vague, but asked Trump to specifically say how he’d bring back industries that have left America to go to countries with lower wages. And as Trump was answering, Holt said “Let me interrupt you,” but Donald kept talking about bad trade deals. Holt again asked how you make them bring the jobs back and Trump said you keep them from leaving in the first place by applying a tax to their goods when they come back into the United States. Holt then asked Hillary to respond to the question of bringing jobs back and she went into how bad the economy was eight years ago and how bad Trump’s plan is, how good her plan is and didn’t say a word about bringing jobs back, but Holt didn’t ask her to respond to the specific question about bringing back the jobs that have already left the country. Then Clinton and Trump debated whether or not Clinton was for TPP and she denied calling it the “gold standard,” which Holt didn’t challenge. Holt said, “We’re going to move on” when Trump said she had no plan and then let Hillary go on and on without stopping her, so Trump jumped in again. It looked like Holt only wanted to interrupt or “move on” when Hillary was in trouble, so he was running interference for her on top of his “fact check questions.” In fact, he said they were moving on again and then let her go on for another several minutes without stopping her. And when Trump tried to respond, Holt kept interrupting him.

Holt then asked Clinton to defend tax increases and for Trump to defend tax cuts, starting with Trump. Trump talked about all of the money that’s been taken out of the country that won’t be brought back in because of the onerous taxes and said that cutting those taxes would bring all that money back into our economy. Hillary was sarcastic, and when Trump responded, Holt told him it was Clinton’s time, which he did repeatedly. She just bashed tax cuts and didn’t really defend raising taxes other than listing all the things we should pay for to rebuild and invest in the middle class, such as making college debt free, helping people refinance their college debt, of which she said ”those are the kinds of things that will REALLY boost the economy. Broad based, inclusive growth is what we need in America, not more advantages for the people at the very top.” I couldn’t believe she said that college kids getting a free education would REALLY boost our economy; those degrees won’t do them a bit of good in the kind of economy we currently have; just look at how many college graduates are already out of work or working in jobs way below their educational qualifications—or even living with their parents.

Then Holt said, “Mr. Trump, we’re talking about the burden that Americans have to pay; yet you have not released your tax returns. And the reason nominees have released their returns for decades is so that voters will know if their potential President owes money to, who he owes it to and any business conflicts. Don’t Americans have a right to know if there are any conflicts?” Talk about a loaded and biased question! Trump said he doesn’t mind releasing his tax returns, but he can’t do that because he’s still under audit and that there was more information on the required financial statement than from his returns. He said he made over 694 million dollars last year and that the country needs that kind of thinking, mentioned our trade deficit of 800 billion dollars and asked who’s negotiating the trade deals, saying it was political hacks. Lester Holt interrupted him then, fact checking as dictated by the Clinton campaign, and said “The IRS said the audit of your taxes…(stuttered a bit… you’re perfectly free to release your taxes during an audit. And so the question…does the public’s right to know outweigh your personal…”. Trump said “Excuse me.,” when Holt first interrupted him and again repeated that he would release them as soon as the audit…that he gets audited every year. Then he said he’d release them against his lawyer’s wishes “when she releases her thirty-three thousand emails that have been deleted. As soon as she releases them, I will release (the crowd went crazy), I will release my tax returns. And that’s against my lawyers—they say don’t do it.” He reiterated that every lawyer says not to release them until after the audit is complete, but that he would if Hillary releases her email, and Holt said, “So it’s negotiable?” Trump said it wasn’t negotiable and asked why she deleted thirty-three thousand emails. Holt said he’d let her answer that and then admonished the audience to be silent (which he didn’t do when they responded to Hillary earlier).

Hillary went into a list of all the reasons she thought Trump wouldn’t release his taxes, repeating Holt’s statement that IRS said he could. She said he didn’t pay any income tax, and Trump interjected, “That makes me smart.” She actually said “There’s something he’s hiding.” Holt asked if she wanted to respond to the question about her email and she said it was a mistake and she takes responsibility for it. Holt called on Trump to respond and he said, “That was more than a mistake. That was done purposely, okay. That was not a mistake. That was done purposely. When you have your staff taking the Fifth Amendment, taking the Fifth so they’re not prosecuted; when you have the man that set up the illegal server taking the Fifth, I think it’s disgraceful. And believe me, this country thinks it’s a disgrace, really thinks it’s disgraceful also.” He went back to defend himself against some of the things Clinton said, saying he’d be glad to give a list of banks holding notes for his business and that he was “very under leveraged” and that “it’s about time that this country had somebody running it that has an idea about money.” He went on to talk about being twenty trillion in debt and the country still being in a mess. Lester stopped Trump and told Hillary she could respond and then they needed to move on and she went on to new topics, trashing Trump as a businessman for three minutes before Holt interrupted her (one of the only times he did) and said to let Trump respond. He spoke about the success of his business and explained that the four times he had bankrupted companies, it was in accordance with the law and that if she didn’t like the law, she was there and should have changed it. As Trump explained how he completed the Old Post Office in DC “way under budget and way ahead of schedule and we should be able to do that for our country,” Holt said they needed to move to the next segment about America’s Direction.

Holt wanted to start with race and said, “The share of Americans who say that race relations are bad in this country is the highest it’s been in decades.” I’m actually surprised he’d admit that since that’s not what we hear from Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. He went on to say that “much of it amplified by shootings of African-Americans by police, as we’ve seen recently in Charlotte and Tulsa. Race has been a big issue in this campaign and one of you is gonna have to bridge a very wide and bitter gap. So how do you heal the divide?” Clinton got to answer first and talked about restoring trust, better police training, Criminal justice reform and said, “We have to tackle the plague of gun violence, which is a big contributor to a lot of the problems that we’re seeing today.” Holt asked Trump how to heal the divide, and he talked about the need for law and order and the violence in inner cities, saying that we have to stop the violence, bring back law and order, and that “stop and frisk” might work in Chicago since it worked so well in New York, that you take the gun away from criminals that shouldn’t be having it. He also talked about gangs roaming the streets and that many times, they’re here illegally and have guns. He said we have to be vigilant, that we have to protect our police, who in many cases are afraid to do anything and that we have to protect our inner cities because African-American communities are being decimated by crime. Then Mr. Fact Checker in Chief Holt stopped Trump, saying that his two minutes were up and then he said, “Stop and frisk was ruled unconstitutional in New York because it largely singled out black and Hispanic young men.” Hmmm, was his two minutes up or not? And Donald Trump CORRECTLY responded, “No, you’re wrong. It went before a judge, who was a very against police judge; it was taken away from her, and our Mayor, our new Mayor, refused to go forward with the case. They would have won on appeal. If you look at it, throughout the country, there are many places where…” Holt became an active participant in the debate at that point, interrupted Trump and stuttered as he said, “The, the argument is that it’s, it’s a form of racial profiling.” But Trump stood his ground and replied, “No, the argument is that we have to take the guns away from these people that have them and that are bad people that shouldn’t have ‘em. These are felons, these are people that are bad people that shouldn’t be…when you have three thousand shootings in Chicago from January 1st,…you have to have stop and frisk. You need more police. You need a better community, ya know, relation. You don’t have good community relations in Chicago… It’s terrible what’s going on in Chicago.” He went on to say that he agrees with Secretary Clinton about better relationships between the communities and the police because in some places it’s not good. Then he pointed out that Dallas has great relationships and yet five officers were killed. And as soon as he started saying that some bad things are happening, after two minutes into his own debate with Trump, Holt just ignored what Trump was saying and interrupted, saying “Secretary Clinton?”…but Trump was determined to finish what he was saying and continued, ”We need…Lester! We need law and order. And we need law and order in the inner cities because the people that are most affected by what’s happening are African-American and Hispanic people. And it’s very unfair to them what our politicians are allowing to happen.

Then Holt said, “Secretary Clinton?” and she said, “Well, I, I’ve heard, I’ve heard Donald say this at his rallies and it’s, it’s really unfortunate that he paints such a dire, negative picture of black communities in our country.” She started talking about “the vibrancy of the black church, the black businesses that employ so many people, uh, the opportunities that so many families are working to provide for their kids. Uh, there’s a lot that we should be proud of and we should be supporting and lifting up.” She said we have to find the right way to keep people safe and that stop and frisk was found to be unconstitutional, in part because it was ineffective, which isn’t true on any level. Then she compared today’s crime to what it was in 1991 and actually had the audacity to say that ”too many young African-American and Latino males ended up in jail for non-violent offenses.”. Too bad Fact Checker in Chief didn’t jump in there and say that was because of policies she and her husband pushed–when she described black youth as “super predators” with “no conscience, no empathy” and saying “we must bring them to heel.” That’s why so many blacks hate her, but Lester Holt didn’t think that was worth a real time fact check either. She went on to say that we have to do something about the systemic racism in our criminal justice system, to divert people from the criminal justice system, deal with mandatory minimum sentences (even Rahm Emmanuel says convicted violent offenders have to start serving the appropriate time for their crimes – begins at 14.45). She said we need to have more “second chance” programs, which don’t work; but that doesn’t matter as long as she “panders” to get elected. She went on with a few other ideas that don’t work, and when she was done, Holt asked her about something she had said about policing and “implicit bias” and asked, “Do you believe that police are implicitly biased against black people?” Well, that’s when Hillary Clinton said that she thinks implicit bias is a problem for everyone, not just police! Then she said it was unfortunate that too many of us jump to conclusions about each other! Oh, Lester, Mr. Fact Checker in Chief, what about that “basket of deplorables” and irredeemables…since you were obviously playing that role? How sanctimonious and hypocritical! Then she went on to say that the Federal government should step in and provide training…and THAT’S the REAL goal of all this “police are racists” talk, the federal take-over of another state function.

Trump asked to respond and said he agrees that no one on a watch list or no-fly list should have a gun, and that they have to be helped to get off if they’re wrongly put on the list. Then he reminded Clinton that she called young black men super predators, that even though she’s apologized for saying it, it was a terrible thing to say. Then he defended stop and frisk and said it brought New York murders down to five hundred from two thousand and two hundred, and challenged her statement that it had no impact. Then Hillary said that crime and murders have continued to drop under the current mayor, which is not true. Trump told her she was wrong and she said she was right, so he said murders are up and she kept denying it, so he said, “Alright, we’ll check it.” She kept saying that stop and frisk wasn’t effective and that the rights of young black men have to be protected. But that’s not true and just last year, New Yorkers were calling for stop and frisk again.

Lester had his next zinger fact check question all ready to go and started off saying, “This, this conversation is about race, and so Mr. Trump, I have to ask you..” when Trump politely asked if he could respond and was grudgingly granted permission from Mr. Fact Checker in Chief, who was REALLY chomping at the bit! So Trump said the African-American community has been let down by politicians, who talk good around election time like right now, and after the election they say, “See ya later…I’ll see you in four years.” He talked about how they’ve been used and abused by Democrat politicians to get votes. He pointed out that these communities have been controlled by Democrats for up to a hundred years. Holt tried to stop him and Hillary jumped in too, but Trump continued, saying that he’d just been to Detroit and Philadelphia (and couldn’t resist pointing out that he’s been all over the place and Hillary decided to stay home) and that he’s “talked to a lot of people in these communities and they’re very, very upset with what their politicians have told them and what their politicians have done.” Holt and Clinton both tried to jump in again, and Hillary stammered as she got out that “zinger” she’d no doubt been waiting for all night and said she thought Donald was criticizing her for preparing for the debate, which she acknowledged doing, and then sounded like the cat who was about to swallow the canary as she very proudly said, “And you know what else I prepared for? I prepared to be President, and I think that’s a good thing.”

Her fans applauded loudly, but Mr. Fact checker in Chief obviously didn’t hear that since he didn’t say a word…he was just too eager to get that next all important question out. So he said, “Mr. Trump, for five years, you perpetuated a false claim that the nation’s first black President was not a natural born citizen. You questioned his legitimacy. In the last couple of weeks, you acknowledged what most Americans have accepted for years, the President was born in the United States. Can you tell us what took you so…?” Trump interrupted him and pointed out that it was the Clinton 2008 presidential campaign people who started asking about that, that they even sent people to Kenya to ask about it, but she failed to get the birth certificate, and when he got involved, he didn’t fail. He got the President to give out his birth certificate…that he was satisfied with it (Holt tried to interrupt again, but I can’t tell what he said), and Trump went on to say he was satisfied ”because I want to get on to defeating ISIS, because I want to get on to creating jobs, because I want to get on to having a strong border, because I want to get on to things that are very important to me and that are very important to the country.” But that didn’t satisfy Mr. Fact Checker in Chief, who obviously thought this was his debate rather than the presidential candidates’ debate, because he said, ”I’ll, I’ll let you respond, it’s important, but I just wanna get, get the answer here. The birth certificate was produced in 2011, you continued to tell the story and question the President’s legitimacy in 2012, 13, 14, 15 and as recently as January. So the question is what changed your mind?” Trump said no one was pressing it or cared much about it and he figured Holt would ask about it. He said he did a good job of getting the birth certificate, that Hillary didn’t and told everyone to watch the interview Hillary’s former campaign manager did on CNN the previous week because she was involved with it. Then he said that just like she can’t bring back jobs, she can’t produce. Holt was clearly not a happy camper at this point and insisted on continuing HIS own personal debate with Trump. He told Clinton that he was sorry, that he wanted to follow up and would let her respond because there’s a lot there, and continued, “But we’re talking about racial healing in this segment (REALLY! I thought that segment was supposed to be America’s Direction!)…What do you say to Americans…people of color…?” It was hard to hear what he was saying because Trump interrupted Holt and said he says nothing because he was able to get the President to produce his birth certificate, that he should have produced it a long time before. Then he said that talking about healing, he has “developed very, very good relationships over the last little while with the African-American community. I think you can see that.” He said he felt they wanted him to come to that conclusion and that he ”did a great job and great service, not only for the country, but even for the President in getting him to produce his birth certificate.”

Holt could barely contain his anger when he very tersely said, “Secretary Clinton.” Her smug response was ”Well, just listen to what you heard.” The crowd cracked up, but once again, Mr. Holt didn’t say a word. She said the birther lie can’t be dismissed that easily because Trump ”started his political activity based on this racist lie that our first black President was not an American citizen.” She said there was absolutely no evidence for it, yet he persisted year after year for political reasons. Then she went to the 1973 DOJ racial discrimination suit about not renting to blacks, and said he has a ”LONG record of engaging in racist behavior.” She said the birther lie was very hurtful and she could tell how much it bothered and annoyed President Obama. Again, Holt very angrily said, “Mr. Trump, you can respond and then we’re gonna move on.” So Trump said that as he prepared for the debates, he watched and got to see how Clinton treated Obama with terrible disrespect in their debates in 2008. He said now she wants to talk about how lovely everything is and how wonderful she is, but it doesn’t work that way, that she was after him, and that her campaign even sent out pictures of Obama in Muslim garb, and that just last week, her campaign manager said it was true. Then he said, “So when you try to act holier than thou, it really doesn’t work.” Then he explained that the law suit she likes to bring up was a Department of Justice suit involving many businesses all over the United States and that he settled the case without any admission of guilt, which was very easy to do. He said it was a case brought against many real estate firms and went on to tell how he opened his Palm Beach club (he didn’t say it, but he was the first to do it and it was very controversial at the time) and there was no discrimination against African-Americans or Muslims or anybody. He said he’s very proud of that because that’s the true way he feels.

Holt announced that the next segment was Securing America and wanted to start with institutions being under cyber-attack. He said our secrets are being stolen, so he wants to know who’s behind it and how we fight it. REALLY! One of the most important things on the minds of the voters he talks to is cyber-attack and not ISIS! No way! Even that question was a set-up so Clinton could raise all sorts of allegations about Trump’s “ties” and “fondness” for Putin, as she and her political operatives (including the mainstream media) have been doing for months now. Holt really should lose his job over this, but that’s not likely. But if it were and Hillary gets elected, he can count on a job in her administration–the same way she announced that she’d keep Loretta Lynch on as Attorney General if she’s elected…right before her case was resolved and right after Lynch secretly met Bill Clinton in her jet on the tarmac. Clinton said she thinks cyber security and cyber warfare will be one of the greatest challenges facing the next President. She described the problem as she sees it and as anticipated, got around to saying how praiseworthy Donald was of Putin, accused Russia of attacking into the DNC computers (even though there’s no evidence of that), and on and on she went. Of course, she said she was “so shocked when Donald publically invited Putin to hack into Americans…that is, that is just unacceptable.” (The only problem with that claim is that Russia couldn’t hack into her illegal server since it had been wiped with bleach bit and was in the hands of the FBI, and Trump was clearly mocking the press in the statement she’s referring to.) She went on to say that’s why fifty national security officials who served in Republican administrations said Donald is unfit to be Commander in Chief. Holt actually interrupted her and told her that her time had expired, but she kept talking. Holt was still clearly annoyed when he told Donald Trump that he had two minutes to respond to the same question. Trump said he was proud to have the support of over two hundred admirals and generals, that ICE just endorsed him and he was recently endorsed by sixteen thousand and five hundred border control agents. He said he’d take the endorsement of the admirals and generals over the political hacks that have led our country over the past ten years…”look at the mess that we’re in.” He said he agrees in part with what Clinton said about cyber, that we should be better than anyone else and perhaps we’re not. He pointed out that no one knows it was Russia who hacked into the DNC, and said it could be Russia, but it could also be China and lots of other people. He told Clinton that she doesn’t know who broke into the DNC and then pointed out what we learned about how her campaign and the DNC took advantage of Bernie Sanders in the primaries. He went on to say that under Obama we’ve lost control of things we used to control and agreed that cyber warfare is a big problem, especially with ISIS and how they use the internet. Then Hillary talked about ISIS being a problem and touted her plan to defeat them, saying that stopping them from using the internet to radicalize is important. She talked about her plan to defeat ISIS, which didn’t seem to be anything different than Obama has been doing since they sprang up on their watch.

Then Holt asked how they’d specifically prevent home grown attacks by Americans citizens and went to Trump first. First, Trump talked about how Obama and Clinton created the vacuum that allowed ISIS to form by withdrawing from Iraq. He said she’s been fighting ISIS for a long time and that they also should have taken the oil because that’s been their primary source of income. He said they now have Libya’s oil, which was another one of Clinton’s disasters. Holt very tersely said, “Secretary Clinton.” And she said she hoped the fact checkers are really turning up the volume and working hard and stated that Donald Trump supported the war, at which time he said quite emphatically, “Wrong!” She insisted that he was always for the war and then said it was George Bush who made the agreement about when American troops would leave Iraq…not Barack Obama. She went on to say that the only way troops could have stayed was if they got an agreement that would protect the troops and Iraq wouldn’t give it, so I guess she’s not such a great negotiator after all. Of course, if that was all decided before she and Obama took over, how does she know that? She went on to say we need an “intelligence surge” to protect people here at home and then said, “I was so proud of law enforcement in New York, in Minnesota, in New Jersey. You know, they responded so quickly, so professionally to the attacks…”. Well, I think it’s a lot more important to investigate properly to PREVENT attacks rather than after one takes place and who knows how many people die! She went on to say we need to “vacuum up intelligence” from Europe, from the Middle East,” which is going to be pretty hard when we won’t have Americans there to do the work according to her plan. She went into her NATO rant, talked about how closely we’re working with our allies, and how Donald dismisses that and insults Muslim countries around the world and Muslims here at home. She talked about how important it is to have Muslim cooperation here because they’re on the frontlines; well, they haven’t been doing a very good job lately considering all the terrorists attacks we’ve had recently by young Muslims. Holt started asking Trump another question, so he asked if he could respond and Holt told him to go ahead. So Trump pointed out that we’ve been working with them for years and we have the greatest mess anyone has ever seen. He said, “You look at the Middle East, it’s a total mess…under your direction to a large extent.” He talked about how bad the deal with Iran is and the money Obama sent to them. He said expecting our NATO partners to pay what their supposed to by treaty and contract is just common sense, that they should pay their “fair share.” It’s sad that Clinton and Obama want Americans to pay “their fair share,” but not other countries and think it’s okay for the American tax payer to make up the difference. He also pointed out that after he said NATO was obsolete and needed to focus on terrorism, they decided to add a terrorism division. He also pointed out that we pay seventy-three percent of the cost of NATO and that’s not fair. Trump said we need to get NATO and surrounding nations to go into the Middle East with us and we have to knock the hell out of them…and we have to do it fast. When Trump started talking about Clinton and Obama forming the vacuum in Iraq and even announced the date they were withdrawing, Clinton complained saying, “Lester, we’ve covered…we’ve covered this ground…”. But Trump continued saying that ISIS was something that never should have happened…it never should have happened. Then he said, “And you’re talking about taking out ISIS. But you were there and you were Secretary of State when it was a little infant. Now it’s in over thirty countries. And you’re gonna stop them…I don’t think so.”

So stuttering Lester Holt rode to Hillary’s rescue again and said, “Mr. Trump, you…with…a lot of these are judgment questions. You had supported the war in Iraq before the invasion. What makes your judgment…” Trump interjected, “I did not support the war in Iraq!” Holt said something about “2002” and Trump continued, ”That is a mainstream media nonsense put out by her because she…frankly, I think the best person in her campaign is mainstream media.” Holt jumped back into the debate again and interrupted and talked over Trump saying, “My question is that since you supported it, why is your…why is your judgment…” Trump said, “Wait a minute, I was against the war in Iraq, just so you put it out.” A stuttering Lester Holt continued debating Donald Trump and said, “The record shows otherwise, so why is…why was you…why is your judgment any…”. Trump said, “The record does not show that. The record shows that I’m right.” He explained that when he did an interview with Howard Stern and he asked about the war, he half-heartedly said “I don’t know…maybe.” Then he said he did an interview with Neil Cavuto and said he wasn’t really for the war, that the economy was more important, which Neil Cavuto has since confirmed and even said Holt was wrong. Trump then talked about how he and Sean Hannity used to argue about the war before it started because Hannity was for it and he was against it, and that no one wants to ask Sean about it. He even mentioned other media sources that prove he was against the war and then said “I said it’s a terrible and a stupid thing. It’s going to destabilize the Middle East. And that’s exactly what it’s done. It’s been a disaster.” But Holt would have none of that, interrupted Trump and stuttered his way right into the debate again saying, ”My, my, my reference was to what you said in 2002 and my question was why is your judgment, why is your judgment any different than Mrs. Clinton’s?” While Holt was talking over Trump, he said, “I know, but you didn’t listen to what I said.” Then Trump answered, “Well, I have much better judgment than she has. There’s no question about that. I also have a much better temperament than she has.” Trump went on to say that Clinton spent hundreds of millions of dollars of Madison Avenue advertisement to go after his temperament, and he thinks his strongest asset, and maybe by far, is his temperament. He said he has a winning temperament and he knows how to win and she doesn’t know how to win….Holt interrupted him again saying, “Mrs. Clinton.” But Trump said, “Wait. The AF of L/CIO…the other day, behind the blue screen, I don’t know who you were talking to (Holt was trying to stop him, clearing his throat and finally said, “Mrs. Clinton” again, but Trump continued), but you were totally out of control. I said, there’s a person with a temperament that’s got a problem.”

Holt regained his composure and again said, “Secretary Clinton.” She did some cute little “whew” sort of thing and said, “Okay!” She talked about NATO fighting with us after 9/11. She said Iran was weeks away from forming a bomb when she became Secretary of State, that she spent a year and a half getting Iran to the negotiating table…that’s diplomacy. Then she said Trump had said he’d blow the Iranian boats that taunted our sailors out of the water, and that would start a war (which he interjected wouldn’t happen), and went on to say that’s not the right temperament for Commander in Chief. She lied and said he had said repeatedly that he didn’t care if other nations got nuclear weapons, that it had been US policy for years to reduce the proliferation of nuclear weapons. She kept misstating things he said, even that he said it would be fine if there was a nuclear war in East Asia , and that his “cavalier attitude about nuclear weapons is so deeply troubling.” That it’s the number one threat we face, especially if terrorists ever get their hands on any nuclear material, and finished with her infamous, “So a man who can be provoked by a tweet should not have his fingers anywhere near the nuclear codes…”. Holt tried to say something beginning with “Alright,” but didn’t get anywhere because Trump said that was getting a little bit old. Clinton said it was a good one, though and well describes the problem. Trump said it wasn’t accurate, and then said he agrees with her on one thing, the single greatest problem the world has is nuclear armament, nuclear weapons and not global warming like she and the President think. He said we defend Japan, Germany, South Korea, and Saudi Arabia and they don’t pay us what they should; that we’re providing a tremendous service and losing a fortune. He talked about how much we’re losing and said we can’t afford to do what we could forty years ago because we’re a debtor nation, that countries need to pay their fair share, we can’t keep defending Japan, who is a behemoth, selling us cars by the million. Mr. Holt interrupted and said, “We need to move on.” Trump said wait, it’s very important, that all he said was that they may have to defend themselves or they have to help us out and mentioned our twenty trillion dollar debt again. Holt tried again, saying “Our, our last…” and Trump said that as far as nuclear is concerned, he agrees that it’s the single greatest threat our country has.

Holt went on to his next question and said that on nuclear weapons, the President is said to be considering changing America’s policy on “first use” and asked if Trump agreed with the current policy. Trump talked about Russia expanding their nuclear and that they have a much newer capability than we do, we haven’t been updating, and that our B52s are outdated…that we’re not keeping up with other countries. He said he wishes we could all just do away with it, but he wouldn’t do a first strike…that once the nuclear alternative happens, it’s over. But he said we have to be prepared at the same time and he couldn’t take anything off the table. He mentioned the danger North Korea poses and said that China should go in there and solve that problem, that China has power when it comes to North Korea. Then he talked about Iran and what a terrible nuclear deal we made with them, that they were one of North Korea’s biggest trading partners and they have power over North Korea. So he said the deal should have included Iran using their influence to help with North Korea and with Yemen and other places. He mentioned the 1.73 billion dollars that went to Iran, said it was a terrible deal and will lead to all sorts of problems down the line because they just have to sit back for ten years. Holt told him his time had expired and Trump said he had met with Netanyahu and said he is not a happy camper.

Clinton said words matter and she wants to assure our allies that we have mutual defense treaties and we will honor them. She said it is essential that America’s word is good, that the campaign has raised questions and worries with many global leaders and that she’s talked to some of them and wants to assure them that our word is good. She defended the Iran deal and went into full campaign mode, talking about the kind of leader she’ll be and how bad Trump will be. Lester didn’t want to give Trump time to respond, but he did when Trump asked and Trump said ISIS could have been taken care of when it wasn’t such a big problem and now it’s going to be a lot harder. He said he wants to help all of our allies, but we are losing billions and billions of dollars and cannot be the policemen of the world. He said we can’t protect countries all over the world when they’re not paying us what we need (Holt kept trying to interrupt him) and she doesn’t say that because she doesn’t have any business ability, that we need heart and a lot of things, but we have to have some basic ability, and sadly, she doesn’t have that. He said these problems existed when she had great power and they weren’t taken care of and they won’t be taken care of if she wins.

Then Holt interrupted again and got in that last Clinton campaign zinger, opening the door for her last attack on Trump, and said, “Mr. Trump, this year, Secretary Clinton became the first woman nominated for President by a major party. Earlier this month, you said quote, she doesn’t have a presidential look. She’s standing here uh righght now. What did you mean by that?” Trump said she doesn’t have the look, the stamina. He said he doesn’t believe she has the stamina, to be President of this country, you need tremendous stamina. And as he was continuing, Holt angrily interrupted him again and talking over him said, ”The quote was I just don’t think she has a presidential look.” Trump said, “Wait a minute, Lester, you asked me a question. Did you ask me a question? Trump went on to say you have to be able to negotiate our trade deals, you have to be able to negotiate with Japan, with Saudi Arabia…then said with all the money Saudi Arabia has, we’re defending them and they’re not paying us. He said he just doesn’t believe Hillary has the stamina to do all the things a President has to do.

Then Holt smugly said, “Let’s let her respond.” Hillary talked about all the countries she travelled to, her eleven hours of Benghazi testimony and said Trump should do all that and then talk to her about stamina. Of course, all that travel was before her fall and the blood clot in her head in December of 2012. Then Trump said Hillary has experience, but it’s bad experience and said she didn’t make any good deals and that this country can’t afford four more years of that kind of experience. Then Hillary got out the points she wanted to about what Trump said about Rosie O’Donnell, and said he calls “women pigs, slobs and dogs.” She said he said pregnancy is an inconvenience to employers (which it is). She said he said women don’t deserve equal pay unless they do as good a job as men (which makes perfect sense to me). Then she said the worst thing he said was to call a beauty contestant Miss Piggy and Miss Housekeeping because she was Latina. Well, Hillary forgot to mention that Alicia Machado is on her payroll and has an unsavory past with criminal connections, and there are always two sides to every story, as shown in this CNN report from 1997. Then as Trump started responding, Lester Holt told him that he only had ten seconds. Trump said Hillary was hitting him with commercials about some things said as “entertainment,” some of it about Rosie O’Donnell, who had been very vicious to him, and he was going to say something extremely rough to Hillary and her family, but he just couldn’t do it because it wouldn’t be nice. Yet she’s spent hundreds of millions of negative ads on him, many of which he said are absolutely untrue. He said they’re untrue and misrepresentations, , that it’s not nice and he doesn’t deserve that; but the gratifying thing is that despite the hundreds of millions of dollars she’s spent in negative ads against him, , he’s either winning or tied according to the newest polls and he’s spent practically nothing.

Holt’s final statement was that one of them will not win the election, so he wanted to know if they’re willing to accept the outcome as the will of the voters. Clinton said she would, but she knows that Donald is trying to plant doubts about it and urged everyone to vote because this election is so important and their future depends on it. Trump said he wants to make America great again, listed some of the problems we have as a country, said he doesn’t think Hillary will make the country great again, but if she wins, he will absolutely support her. Of course, even though Lester Holt didn’t interrupt Hillary’s little campaign speech, he interrupted Trump by asking the question again.

So in the end, Lester Holt will go down in history as the worst debate moderator in American history, and I personally think he should be fired from NBC because what he did was so disgraceful. But I am certain it will backfire on them significantly because the Clintons and mainstream media and political elites just don’t seem to get that they’re so out of touch with the American people that they don’t know anything about us anymore. And we can see right through what they tried to pull off Monday night, which is why Donald Trump won all of the polls but CNN’s, which was no surprise. That’s why Trump raised so much money in the next twenty-four hours, and that’s why so many thousands of new voters registered in Ohio and Pennsylvania that we know of, and I’m sure in many other states as well. Hillary Clinton was so smug and cocky, but we’ll see just who gets the last laugh, and I really don’t think it’s going to be her. So I hope she really enjoyed her little kangaroo debate because it probably did a lot to cost her the election, if she even had a chance in the first place. Every American watching the debate Monday night knows we’ve never seen anything like that in a presidential debate, so to us, it was just further evidence of the absolute corruption that infects anyone and everyone connected to Bill and Hillary Clinton, and we don’t want anything to do with them or their corruption. They represent America’s past and we’re ready for a real change this time around, which is why I believe Donald Trump is going to win this election in a landslide!

Tonight’s Presidential Debate Puts a Spotlight on Hillary Clinton’s Health

Since questions about Hillary Clinton’s health and even theories about “Hillary doubles” abound on the internet, not to mention recent polls indicating that the majority of voters don’t think her health is all that good, there’s no doubt that tonight’s presidential debate puts a spotlight on Hillary Clinton’s health. And the news reports over the past day or so that the Clinton presidential campaign actually asked for a step stool at her podium tonight only heightened concerns and questions about whether or not she’ll be able to stand for ninety minutes during tonight’s debate; especially in light of these pictures of Hillary needing step-stools at recent campaign events. Additionally, while many think the recent videos of Hillary with a “lazy eye” prove there are one or two Hillary doubles, some think it’s just further evidence that her health is deteriorating quite rapidly; such as Dr. Ted Noel. A few days before Hillary Clinton collapsed on 9/11, Dr. Ted Noel explained his conclusion that she has Parkinson’s Disease. This video of Clinton’s campaign event at Temple University last Monday shows her lazy or wandering eye, as well as how she needed help up the steps.

While I’m not sure what to believe about “Hillary doubles” appearing at some of the campaign events after 9/11, I don’t think that was Hillary Clinton leaving her daughter’s apartment after her collapse on 9/11. In addition to the visual clues, when I close my eyes and just listen to what she says, that person seems to have a distinct New York accent, which Hillary doesn’t have. However, it’s all pretty bazaar since there are some really strange anomalies in the videos of some of her recent appearances and multiple news outlets even reported her death on 9/11, which sparked all sorts of conspiracy theories. In any case, Here’s some of the more reasonable evidence that two Hillary Clinton doubles might have been seen in public since 9/11.

Needless to say, with so much interest, the spotlight will be on Hillary Clinton’s health at tonight’s presidential debate as everyone watches to see if she coughs, if her eye wanders, if she can stand unassisted for the full ninety minutes and even if it’s the real Hillary or a double. I’ve wondered for some time now if they’d have the audacity to put someone else in her place (even before her collapse on 9/11) because it’s been very clear to anyone paying attention that Hillary Clinton’s health has been in decline since last April and she has problems standing unassisted or speaking for very long without coughing. I think that’s why her campaign has been so busy trying to divert attention away from that by attacking Donald Trump’s credibility so viciously. We’ve never seen anything like this before, but if God is for Donald Trump as I believe, it won’t matter because I know He will bring to light EVERYTHING they do and have done in the darkness!

Proof that Donald Trump Wasn’t Mocking Disabled Reporter Serge Kovaleski

When people explain why they don’t support Donald Trump, they often mention that he mocked and made fun of a disabled reporter, Serge Kovaleski. So after that came up in a recent conversation with a life-long, very liberal and self-acknowledged racist black friend, I decided to find out about the reporter and his disability. And looking back now, I don’t know why I never thought to investigate that since I know how the mainstream media and Hillary Clinton’s campaign and political operatives have totally made things up to discredit Donald Trump. I’ve even documented and disproved their false claims here repeatedly. Well, the accusation that Donald Trump mocked and made fun of a disabled reporter is just as much a lie as most other myths promulgated through the mainstream media and even featured in Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign ads.

Since a picture is supposed to paint a thousand words, watch how much more proof these videos provide that Donald Trump was NOT mocking or making fun of a reporter’s disability; rather he was mocking Serge Kovaleski’s inability to remember or being flustered because he wrote an article about celebrations in America on 9/11. As the above videos show, Donald Trump has done that multiple times when referring to people who couldn’t remember something or were flustered when called on to defend themselves and couldn’t, and none of the others were disabled. While Donald Trump’s public persona has always been a bit theatrical, there’s no evidence of him ever being unkind or insulting to disabled people.

In addition to the above proof that Donald Trump has used the same gestures when describing people when they’re flustered (who aren’t disabled), the mainstream media and Clinton presidential campaign narrative is even more outrageous since the sum total of Serge Kovaleski’s disability is that he simply can’t move one of his hands. So watch as Dennis Prager makes a very compelling case and proves that the media narrative is a lie. It’s obvious that Serge Kovaleski and Donald Trump’s gestures and tone have absolutely nothing in common; in fact, Trump even said Kovaleski was a nice reporter, which never gets included in the false narrative that he mocked a disabled reporter! And since Kovaleski now works as an investigative reporter for the New York Times, Hillary Clinton, her political operatives and the rest of the mainstream media know full well that his disability has nothing to do with Donald Trump’s gestures or tone; but they counted on everyone taking the accusation at face value without checking it out, which I finally did and should have done long ago.

So the narrative that Donald Trump mocked and made fun of a disabled reporter is just another lie fabricated by the mainstream media and the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. And here’s a very interesting article regarding Serge Kovaleski’s original article, which is further proof that the mainstream media still wants to cover up the fact that Muslims in Patterson, NJ were openly celebrating the terrorist attacks on 9/11. While the mainstream media and Hillary Clinton have repeatedly proven that they don’t care about the truth and have no qualms about fabricating and making up lies to further their liberal cause and to help elect Hillary Clinton, the truth still matters to the American people and the truth will always win out in the end!

Exposing the Resurrection of Malcolm X’s Call for Bloodshed and a Black Revolution in America

The racial riots, violence and luting in Charlotte, NC this past week, including the murder of a young black man, exposes what’s really behind the Black Lives Matter movement. And it’s not at all what most people think because the ultimate goal of Black Lives Matter and the millions of dollars, celebrities and politicians behind the movement is to foment and resurrect Malcolm X’s call for bloodshed and a black revolution in America. So while it might have shocked most people to hear Keith Lamont Scott’s brother call all white people and cops “white devils” (includes offensive language), I wasn’t at all surprised since I’ve researched and written about the racial revolution that’s under way in America quite extensively. And since Keith Lamont Scott and Officer Brentley Vinson, the officer who shot him, are both black, the man’s comment didn’t have anything to do with his brother’s death; he was just spewing out the poison many blacks in America have been fed for decades.

However, this isn’t the first time Black Lives Matter orchestrated riots after a black police officer shot and killed a black man in self defense, which I wrote about in ALL Black Lives Don’t Matter to Black Lives Matter and the Democratic Party Financing Them. In that case, Milwaukee was subjected to riots, violence and luting and five businesses were burned down after an African-American officer shot and killed Sylville Smith (who was pointing a stolen and loaded automatic weapon at him) in self defense. And despite the claims we hear of “systemic racism” in America’s police departments, three of the officers charged (and later acquitted or exonerated) in the Freddie Gray case in Baltimore were also blacks. So despite ANY evidence WHATSOEVER (as declared by a black judge who acquitted one of the officers) of police wrongdoing or racism of any kind, the city of Baltimore was subjected to violence and luting, and their businesses were destroyed. On the other hand, there were no riots, no violence and no luting in Chicago after very disturbing police shooting incidents that took the lives of seventeen year old Laquan McDonald and eighteen year old Paul O’Neal (as documented in this terribly disturbing video, which contains offensive language). Laquan McDonald and Paul O’Neal were not armed and did not pose a threat to police officers, but THEIR black lives don’t matter to the Black Lives Matter agitators because the mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emmanuel, is a close associate and friend of President Obama, one of their most ardent, powerful and influential supporters..

So no matter how much they say otherwise, the above information is clear and convincing evidence that Black Lives Matter is not at all concerned with eradicating systemic racism in America’s police departments. Instead, the riots, luting and violence fomented, orchestrated and underwritten by George Soros and wealthy celebrities like Jay Z and Beyoncé all around the country are actually in furtherance of a black revolution that “the powers that be” have been working to achieve for decades, and as Malcolm X often declared, the resulting and “necessary” bloodshed associated with the revolution in order to achieve their ultimate revolutionary goal should be acceptable and expected. As further proof of that, this video reveals The riots and violence in Charlotte were largely “stirred up” by people from out of state who were bused in for that very purpose, which has happened time and time again in one situation after another in recent years. The locals are usually peacefully protesting the conditions in their communities and the disgraceful failures of their local governments and issues far beyond specific incidents involving police, as reported here in even more detail.

Further evidence of what’s really going on is available in this very informative article, where I strongly urge you to “Play Media” and listen to the statement from a communist/anarchist who was in Charlotte for the sole purpose of inciting violence, black revolution and openly called for bloodshed. The article quotes him saying, “It’s a revolution. Can’t have it without a little bloodshed. Don’t be afraid of a little bloodshed,” but the man went on to say, “So if we have to shed a little blood, so be it.” It’s way past time for Americans to wake up and stop turning a blind eye and deaf ear to the racial hatred that’s being planted in the hearts and minds of so many young blacks in this country; such as Louis Farrakhan explaining why white people are devils and have to be killed”. As people have given voice to during this particular disturbance, they believe it’s okay and even necessary to shed blood in furtherance of their revolution, which is why I think the young black man was shot in the head and killed at the protest Tuesday night since it was immediately promoted as another police execution on social media (it’s all over the internet(. We can also find repeated incidents of blacks intentionally provoking and goading police during normal traffic stops, which don’t always end well as we’ve all seen way too many times. So IF revolutionaries are teaching that bloodshed is necessary and even required for revolution, is it a stretch to think that just as with Islamic suicide bombers, people knowingly challenge police with the expectation of being killed? As bazaar as that might sound, it’s not insignificant that the families of people involved in these incidents often become celebrities and very well off through the foundations created in the names of their loved ones, supported and promoted by Black Lives Matter, the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton and Beyoncé.

Hopefully, holding people legally accountable for inciting violence and racial unrest will finally bring this insanity to an end because in response to the attack on twelve police officers (including the death of five) in Dallas a few months ago, a cop just filed a legal suit against Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, Rev. Al Sharpton and the National Action Network, George Soros, President Barack Obama, former Attorney General Eric Holder, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and a handful of high profile Black Lives Matter and New Black Panther Party members for “repeatedly” encouraging their supporters and others to “engage in threats of and attacks to cause serious bodily injury or death upon police officers and other law enforcement persons of all races and ethnicities including but not limited to Jews, Christians and Caucasians.”, as detailed in this article. The lawyer who filed the suit said the defendants and others are responsible “for igniting a race war that will ultimately totally destroy the freedoms that our Founding Fathers bequeathed to us.” Sadly our current and previous Attorney General haven’t cared about what’s been going on or tried to reign in the violence; rather they’ve actively defended and encouraged it. And since this should be an easy case to prove, we might finally see people held accountable for the trouble they’ve caused, and perhaps other people who have suffered loss as a result of the violence will be encouraged to file law suits as well.

As I said earlier, I’ve done a lot of research and have written about this extensively, such as Democrats Know the Effectiveness and Success of Racial Politics Hinges on Making Everything racial and It’s Time to Turn Back the Socialist Revolution Now Under Way in America. So I urge everyone who’s truly interested in understanding what’s happening in our country today and how people are literally trying to destroy it, to take the time to read these articles and to check out the vast amount of information provided through various links because when you do, you’ll likely come to the same conclusion I have; which is that it all makes total sense with the realization that Barack Obama is Malcolm X’s son and has literally taken on the mantel of his father’s dreams of a black Islamic revolution and has virtually succeeded in “fundamentally transforming the United States of America” and changing the world as he declared just days before the 2008 election.. Listening to Barack Obama reading from Dreams from My Father in 1995 is very telling since he shares his admiration and affinity with Malcolm X (starting around 12:30) and goes on to say that he imagined himself “following Malcolm’s call,” that Malcolm’s wish that his white blood could be “expunged” stayed with him, and that if Malcolm’s discovery toward the end of his life that “some whites might live beside him as BROTHERS IN ISLAM seemed to offer some hope of eventual reconciliation…where were the people who would work toward this future and populate this new world?” Then he continues in a VERY interesting and clever literary twist by uncannily describing himself in the person of “Malik” (since his birth name is Bari Malik Shabazz, about whom much is written). To more fully understand who Barack Obama is and what’s at the core of his racist, Marxist-Leninist DNA, it’s also helpful to read another post I wrote titled, Getting to Know the Communist, Marxist, Socialists and Racists Who Shaped Barack Obama’s Destiny.

There’s no doubt that Barack Obama remains a true enigma due to the cloud of secrecy regarding his birth and early life, but I’ve concluded that regardless of what we do and don’t know about him, our President does not love (or even like) America and that his plan to fundamentally transform America meant destroying our country and everything that’s always made us such a great nation. So to that end, he and his administration have undermined and weakened America’s most cherished institutions and wreaked havoc here at home and abroad with racially divisive and pro-Islamic policies that have endangered all Americans and Europe by giving rise to terrorist groups like ISIS and by backing anti-American Islamic organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood. He and Hillary Clinton literally instigated and orchestrated the overthrow of one government after another (including those of long time American allies) in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood and worked to effect the outcomes of elections abroad; such as in Israel, the United Kingdom and Canada. Regardless of President Obama’s intentions, his presidency has to be measured by the impact it’s had on America and the world, and there’s no denying that his policies have indeed fundamentally transformed both, though not for the better by any objective measure. However, IF his objective was the resurrection of Malcolm X’s call for bloodshed and a black Islamic revolution, he’d be doing exactly what he’s done for the past seven plus years both here in America and around the world. But as I’ve written previously, I honestly believe Barack Obama and his revolutionary partners have seriously underestimated the spirit and resolve of Americans and that in the end, we can’t be so easily manipulated because we love our country and know what America has always stood for and will not be told otherwise. So what they’ve attempted to do in Charlotte this past week is evidence that they see their plan and dreams of a black Islamic revolution slipping away because Americans see the America they want and love reflected more in Donald Trump than in Hillary Clinton, who merely promises a continuation of Barack Obama’s policies and to protect his legacy. Well, the American people are a lot more concerned about protecting and defending America’s legacy than Barack Obama’s legacy, and Hillary Clinton, the mainstream media and the Democratic Party are so blinded by their radical and liberal ideology that they don’t see that. Just the same, the only revolution the vast majority of Americans really want is to get back to a government of, by and for the people instead of having our country destroyed by the politics of personal destruction, graft and corruption, unprecedented incompetence in every government agency and rewarding special interest groups and wealthy donors. We want to be proud of our country again, to love and respect each other and to embrace our differences instead of using them to foment division. We want a country where the rule of law still matters, where the best interests and needs of our citizens (especially those trapped in our inner cities) are put before the interests and needs of immigrants, refugees and special interest groups; which we simply can’t afford financially or risk in terms of the safety and security of Americans. We don’t think it’s wrong to be “nationalists” or that it’s racist to display signs of our patriotism or wrong to set high standards of behavior, achievement and education for ALL Americans. And just as importantly, we’re sick and tired of being called bigots, racists, xenophobic and Islamophobic because we have good reason to oppose the policies intended to destroy our country and everything America stands for in furtherance of a radical revolution. So the silent majority of Americans intend to make our voices heard loud and clear on November 8th because we reject the resurrection of Malcom X’s call for bloodshed in America for the sake of a black Islamic revolution intended to destroy America. We know the truth, and the truth will make and keep America free for ALL Americans!

There’s an Amazing and Exciting Ground Swell of Black Support Growing for Donald Trump

This has to be one of the most amazing and exciting times in our nation’s history because despite an endless and unprecedented mainstream media campaign to elect Hillary Clinton by attacking and painting Donald Trump as a racist and total nincompoop, a real ground swell of black support is growing for Donald Trump and he’s moving up in the polls. Some of the mainstream media’s hysteria when it comes to Trump makes more sense when we know who’s behind it, as Bill O’Reilly reports here. For instance, as revealed here, it’s ridiculous to accuse Trump of encouraging Putin to hack Clinton’s email since those servers have long been destroyed by Hillary’s people (AFTER receiving a subpoena)and this comment that so offended them was clearly a joke and meant to mock the media’s hysteria. And since the most ardent opposition and attacks against Donald Trump come from people who don’t particularly think we have such a great country, including many who want a socialist or communist revolution, they naturally oppose his strong patriotism and desire to put America FIRST and make America great again for EVERYONE. Then there are the elites from both parties who don’t want to lose their power and opportunity for self-enrichment or for the status quo to be jeopardized, which Trump makes no bones about changing. However, most Americans aren’t happy with the way things are done in Washington these days, so we’re ready for REAL change and Donald Trump gives us REAL hope that we’ll FINALLY get it when he’s elected President.

I was so proud of Donald Trump for taking his campaign for President directly to America’s blacks, even though he knew he’d face tremendous opposition and open himself up to sabotage (which actually happened in Flint), but that’s what REAL leaders do! Thankfully, it’s really making a difference because the people who meet Donald Trump personally always talk about how genuine and sincere he is, which people just can’t fake. And that’s paying off big time now because black Americans are leaving Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party to vote for Donald Trump in significant numbers because they know he isn’t a racist and believe he really can help make America great again, including in their own communities. So it’s VERY exciting to see how strongly and boldly blacks are supporting and defending Donald Trump against the mainstream media and Clinton’s charges of racism. In fact, based on a stunning LA Times poll that was released last weekend, black Americans are abandoning Hillary Clinton to support Donald Trump in very significant numbers; she’s lost twenty percent of the black vote and Trump now has twenty percent of their votes. That probably explains why even the electoral map is turning red and Donald Trump has gained a substantial lead in more states, including Florida and Ohio, and he’s now leading in Nevada and gaining in Iowa (which are typically Democratic states), as reported here. Additionally, there’s been a significant drop in voter registration for Democrats at the same time there’s been a significant increase in voter registration for Republicans and Independents.

So no matter how hard the mainstream media and Hillary Clinton press their claims that Donald Trump is a racist, the truth is that he respects black Americans and wants them to have equal access to the American Dream and will work tirelessly to make that happen, which is why such an amazing and exciting ground swell of support from black voters for Trump is growing. And the same way we’ve seen Donald Trump withstand the onslaught of the mainstream media, the Republican elites, the Democrats and the Hillary Clinton war machine is the same way he’ll stand up for ALL of us and for America…with the courage of his convictions, genuine compassion, integrity, boldness to call out wrong where he sees it and to propose effective common sense solutions, and the strength it takes to get the job done and make America great again–for ALL Americans!

Dispelling Mainstream Media and Hillary Clinton’s Claims that Donald Trump is a Racist

I started researching and writing this several days ago and got sidetracked by other events, and after listening to Don King’s powerful introduction of Donald Trump this morning, I’m so glad I did! Of course, the folks at CNN were totally hysterical and offended beyond description that Don King would dare use “the “n” word,” and when challenged with the fact that it’s “okay” when blacks use it, the response was that Donald Trump’s “smile” and “grimace” when King said that was somehow inappropriate. Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to hear what he said and was in total awe because Don King made the best case yet for why blacks in America should support and vote for Donald Trump. And then I discovered the real reason behind President Obama’s desperation in his CBC speech Saturday night, as well as the unbelievable melt down of liberals in the mainstream media. They just can’t believe that Hillary Clinton has literally lost twenty percent of the black vote, and that Donald Trump’s support among America’s blacks has surged to twenty percent…that just isn’t supposed to happen in their elitist world! But listening to these mean spirited, mocking and condescending liberals have a total melt down, along with clips from Hillary Clinton’s “alt right” speech show why Don King’s words this morning have them all in such a tizzy. As Don King said, the “systemic racism” in America is the system and engine that keeps the Democratic Party in power, and black Americans apparently agree with Donald Trump that the only way to beat that system is to stop electing Democrats. And I can’t help wondering why it’s “insulting” for a presidential candidate to go to black Americans and ask for their vote and lay out how he intends to change their lives for the better as Hillary Clinton claims. I personally think saying something like that is the real insult to black Americans, and even if the Democrats and mainstream media don’t get that, it’s obvious that with every passing day, more and more black Americans do. Hillary Clinton, President Obama, the Democratic Party and the mainstream media really think the American people are stupid because they didn’t see anything wrong when Hillary Clinton said, “He doesn’t even respect all Americans. How can he serve all Americans?” Really! I don’t recall Donald Trump ever calling anyone “deplorables,” “irredeemable” or “not America”…much less at least half of the forty plus percent of Americans (which now includes at least twenty percent of black Americans) who support Donald Trump for President. That obviously means Hillary Clinton doesn’t “respect” ALL Americans, so by her own standard, she can’t serve ALL Americans.

Now I want to dispel some of the better known claims made by Hillary Clinton, President Obama and the mainstream media that Donald Trump is a racist. The earliest Trump controversy began when he announced his candidacy for President and described problems caused by illegal immigrants coming across America’s Southern border, which included people from other countries and terrorists from the Middle East. Yet the mainstream media, Hillary Clinton and other political hacks don’t mention that when attacking Trump’s statement and calling him a racist because of what he said. Unfortunately for Hillary Clinton and the mainstream media, there’s plenty of evidence that proves what Donald Trump said is factually true, and despite their best efforts to discredit and malign him, the American people know the truth. The first point the mainstream media, Hillary Clinton and other political hacks leave out when disingenuously discussing Trump’s statement is that he was NOT talking about LEGAL immigrants or Mexicans in general; he was very specifically explaining that we need to protect our Southern border because drugs, criminals and rapist are freely streaming into America from Mexico, as well as from other countries, and that even terrorists are coming across the border. Here’s what Donald Trump actually said about Mexicans coming across the border: ”Mexico’s not sending their best….They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re rapists, and some, I assume are good people.”

While all the hype about what Donald Trump said the day he announced his candidacy for president doesn’t mention it, the first problem he mentioned was the drugs pouring across our Southern border, and as this ABC report published today proves, that’s a very serious problem that hasn’t been address by the current administration; nor does Hillary Clinton propose any changes that would stop the free flow of drugs into our country that’s literally destroying the lives of countless young drug addicted Americans and their families, as documented here with vivid and shocking detail, including some offensive language . So Donald Trump’s plan to build a border wall is also intended to address America’s drug problem by keeping them out of the country. And that would be much more effective than all drug rehabilitation programs, which seems to be Hillary’s proposal even though we all know they don’t have a good record of success as also revealed in the documentary. And since drugs are a problem in every demographic and not restricted to non-blacks or other minorities, there’s no racial motivation in wanting to build a wall to stop the drugs coming across the border.

Secondly, Donald Trump specifically stated his concern about the criminal element coming across our Southern border with unrestricted illegal immigration, which is a legitimate concern based on these alarming statistics and how our government fails to resolve the problem and puts countless Americans’ safety and lives at risk. And as this revealing and informative documentary proves, border security and building a wall has nothing to do with racism because ALL Americans of every race are endangered and negatively impacted by illegal immigration because it increases criminal activity, the risk of terrorism and the outbreak of disease, as well as placing an unsustainable burden on our schools, public assistance programs intended for Americans, and overwhelms law enforcement and many other agencies as reported here. So as Donald Trump said, Americans are being murdered and raped at alarming rates by illegal immigrants, regardless of their race, which means this is not a matter of racism; rather a matter of a President fulfilling his highest responsibility which is to protect and defend ALL Americans. Yet Hillary Clinton, the Democrats and the mainstream media don’t think illegal immigration and an open border are a problem and Hillary Clinton has no intention of putting an end to “sanctuary cities” even though they violate current federal law.

Another accusation of racism lodged against Donald Trump is his plan to TEMPORARILY suspend immigration and additional refugees from countries plagued by terrorism until a better vetting process can be put into place. And that’s not due to racism since CIA Director John Brennan and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper have warned of the danger they pose, and FBI Director James Comey and others have testified or stated that they can’t be properly vetted; including Tom Ridge, a former Homeland Security official in the Bush administration. With terrorist attacks increasing all around the globe, especially in Brussels, France and Germany, not to mention the United States, it only makes good sense to temporarily halt our refugee and immigration programs until a more secure and effective screening and vetting program can be put into place. As Donald Trump says, his first concern is protecting and keeping Americans safe, and there are other ways to help those really suffering as a result of President Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s disastrous attempts to bring about regime change, intervention in other countries to promote the Muslim Brotherhood, foolish withdrawal from Iraq and their feckless “lead from behind” strategy; which are what created ISIS in the first place, as well as the current Syrian refugee crisis. So revisiting our current immigration and refugee screening and vetting processes for the sake of keeping Americans safe in dangerously changing times is good old fashioned common sense and has absolutely nothing to do with racism or xenophobia as Hillary Clinton, President Obama, the Democrats and the mainstream media keep saying. In fact, by making those charges, they don’t have to defend the dangerous policies and practices they’ve employed for the past seven plus years and can avoid talking about Hillary Clinton’s plan to increase the number of Syrian refugees coming to America from ten thousand a year to sixty-five thousand a year. That’s unspeakable reckless disregard for the safety of the American people and total abdication of a President’s highest responsibility, which is to defend and protect our country and further proof that Hillary Clinton is not fit to be our President or Commander in Chief. And any doubt that might remain about the absolute necessity of doing exactly as Donald Trump proposes should be dispelled with recent news that almost two thousand immigrants with possible ties to Islamic terrorists, who were slated for deportation under different names, were granted citizenship in 2014 and 2015–after which the program that caught the mistakes was halted! So who knows how many more potential Islamic terrorists have been granted citizenship so far this year! And considering the terrorist attacks over the weekend in New Jersey, New York and Minnesota by young Muslim men born in Islamic countries, it’s only reasonable and NOT racist or xenophobic to question the wisdom of Hillary Clinton’s plan to continue and even expand President Obama’s refugee and immigration policies and practices.

Just in case anyone still doubts who the real racist is in this presidential election, it would be a good idea to listen to Hillary Clinton’s own hateful, bigoted, racist words describing black youth, calling them “super predators” with “no conscience, no empathy” and saying “we must bring them to heel.” Talking about America’s black youth like they’re dogs is just about as low as it gets on that “totem pole” “someone” recently referred to! Hmmm, perhaps that sounds familiar, President Bill Clinton!

Donald Trump is clearly not a racist and no amount of shouting otherwise will convince the American people that he is; which even liberal Geraldo Rivera was willing to state very confidently, saying that he’s known Donald Trump for forty years and knows for a fact that “Donald Trump doesn’t have a racist bone in his body!” Donald Trump is gaining exponentially in the polls because something very transformative, exciting and significant is happening in America’s black communities! In fact, just a few days ago, this telling video was published and reveals why it’s a lot more important for blacks to question how Hillary Clinton would serve black Americans based on the Haitian people’s experience with the Clintons. They have a great deal of firsthand knowledge concerning Bill and Hillary Clinton based on their dealings with them over the past twenty-five years and they support and endorsed Donald Trump for President. And here’s a proud black Donald Trump voter defending his support for Trump when challenged by another black man, and making a strong case for why Hillary Clinton is the real racist. Wow, it appears that he isn’t alone, which probably scares Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, the Democratic Party and the liberal mainstream media to death! But just in case it doesn’t, check out this video from a few days ago!

Praise God, He really has answered my most fervent prayer for the past few years as these videos prove because He has been bringing to light what’s been done in darkness and the American people of ALL COLORS see the truth! And we ALL refuse to let the Democrats play the race card again in this most consequential of all elections because we all want REAL racial healing and unity in our country so everyone has a chance to experience the American Dream! That’s obviously very important to Donald Trump and he respects and cares for America’s blacks enough to fight the odds and work to earn their support and votes, which gives me more hope for our country than I’ve had in many years because seeing how the Democratic Party has historically treated impoverished blacks in our country in the past few decades has always made me very angry. But I have real hope for the black youth of this country now, who have every right and are equally entitled to fulfill their potential just as every other child in America, and I truly believe Donald Trump sincerely and genuinely shares that vision. If we all join together and take a stand against racism in every form, and refuse to let political forces divide us for the sake of their own agendas, we really can make America great again! God bless America and God bless Donald Trump, our next President!

Fact Checking President Obama’s Final Address to the United Nations

As I listened to President Barack Obama deliver his final address to the United Nations, I was struck by some of his statements when “recounting” progress made over the past eight years and by how much of his speech included changes and progress made BEFORE his presidency and that he even stated statistics regarding changes in the past twenty-five years instead of statistics for the eight years of his presidency. So President Obama’s final address before the United Nations definitely needs some fact checking, as I’ll attempt to do in part here.

First, President Obama credited his administration with taking the global economy “from the depths of the greatest financial crisis of our time” to “avoid further catastrophe and return the global economy to growth.” While most people probably think that’s true, it’s not and totally disregards the extraordinary efforts made BEFORE President Obama took office by the Bush administration, Congress and other world leaders to avoid further collapse of the world’s largest economies in late 2008. That’s described here in great detail, as well as why the economy collapsed in the first place. In fact, as the above article states, contrary to President Obama’s final statement before the United Nations, the World Bank’s typical year-end assessment and forecast for the year 2009 was for an INCREASE in the global economic output of 0.9%; which means they were expecting economic growth in 2009 despite the financial collapse of 2008. And according to this detailed report on the global economy as President Obama’s first term drew to a close, the global economy was in its worse shape since 2009 and expected to grow at a rate of 3.5% in 2013. But as reported here, the World Bank’s 2012 year-end assessment cut their forecast for growth of the global economy in 2013 down to 2.4%. And now, as President Obama’s second term draws to an end, the World Bank is again forecasting an anemic 2.4% growth in the global economy, which was the second time they cut their forecast this year and hardly backs up Obama’s statement since economist still consider the global economy “fragile.” And since significant steps to “save” the global economy were initiated before Obama took office and the World Bank was already predicting 0.9% growth for 2009, there’s no real evidence to substantiate that President Obama significantly impacted the global economy, which is still at risk and only slightly improved.

The next totally disingenuous statement President Obama made at the United Nations probably doesn’t need much fact checking since most people didn’t believe it when Obama actually said, “we’ve taken away terrorist safe havens.” Well, nothing could be farther from the truth, as Bill O’Reilly spells out here. As Bill reported, the truth is that during President Obama’s presidency, he and Hillary Clinton enabled and literally created terrorist safe havens in Syria, Iraq, Northern Pakistan, Eastern Nigeria, Libya, Somalia, Iran, Algeria, Afghanistan, Yemen, the Sinai Peninsula, and have spread into France, Brussels, Germany and the United States. Even though ISIS didn’t exist when Barack Obama took office in 2009, the latest reports indicate that they’re alive and well in up to thirty countries now, as indicated here. So what President Obama said was an outright lie by ANY standard.

President Obama also claimed to have “resolved the Iranian nuclear issue through diplomacy.” The President must think the entire world is stupid since we all know now that whatever else the nuclear deal with Iran was (which is still a big secret), it was nothing but an outright bribe to the tune of over thirty-three BILLION dollars paid in foreign currencies and gold to Iran–the world’s number one sponsor of terrorism! So very few believe Iran will actually be deterred in their nuclear ambitions and no one really believes Iran’s nuclear threat was resolved through diplomacy. Additionally, as this Congressional hearing reveals, part of the payment was ransom for the return of American hostages.

Later in his speech, President Obama said that during his presidency, “American businesses have created now fifteen million new jobs,” but that’s not exactly true either. As explained in this report, Hillary Clinton has been using that same number, which doesn’t take into account the jobs lost in the beginning of Obama’s presidency. So the total number of net jobs is more like ten million, and there are many reports that many of the jobs aren’t good jobs since so many of them are low wage and part-time positions. He went on to say that, “After the recession, the top one percent of Americans were capturing more than ninety percent of income growth, but today that’s down to about half.” Well, I have no idea what that means and can’t find anything to support or disprove it. Then President Obama said, “Last year, poverty in this country fell at the fastest rate in nearly fifty years.” Well, even his own administration doesn’t seem to back that up and said the “supposed” decrease was “the largest annual percentage point drop since 1999.” Like many other Americans, I tend to think most of the statistics released by our government these days are “cooked,” so I went looking elsewhere for what might be a more independent and reliable report and this one from the National Poverty Center/University of Michigan states (based on Census reports), “Since 2000, the poverty rate has slowly increased, peaking at 15.1 percent in 2010 and remaining relatively stable.” Additionally, the Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality reports that poverty rates are higher in the United States than in many other “rich” countries, and that American children are more likely to be poor than children in other comparison countries. Finally, despite President Obama’s misleading statements otherwise, even the International Monetary Fund recently warned the United States about our high poverty rates, which they report at fifteen percent as reported above. The IMF also slashed their forecast for our economic growth down to 2.2% for 2016 and predict 2.5% growth for 2017. So while President Obama was “lecturing” and “preaching” to world leaders about following his example, the truth is that the global economy is literally doing better than the U.S. economy and our poverty rates are higher than those in most comparable countries.

Another statement in President Obama’s speech before the United Nations that made him seem totally out of touch with reality and doesn’t even need fact checking was his declaration that “A quarter century after the end of the Cold War, the world is by many measures less violent and more prosperous than ever before.” I seriously doubt many would agree with that, but of course, there’s no telling what kind of “measurements” he’s using! And we all know that Barack Obama didn’t have anything to do with ending the Cold War, so that has nothing to do with him or his “progress.” He continued talking about changes over the past twenty-five years; including that “the number of people living in extreme poverty was cut from forty percent to ten percent in the past twenty-five years.” Well, that certainly didn’t happen on his watch since poverty rates in America reached a new high in 2010 and remain virtually unchanged despite his statements otherwise, as well as in comparison to economically similar countries. Then he said “cracking the genetic code promises to cure diseases that have plagued us for centuries.”…which was also done long before his arrival on the global scene and without any input from him. He also said “the number of democracies around the world has nearly doubled in the last twenty-five years.”…something else he definitely didn’t have a thing to do with since his “lead from behind” strategy has failed miserably and created absolute chaos in one country after another! In fact, without taking the time to research it, I’m pretty sure the number of democracies have actually decreased during his presidency, so that’s a particularly hypocritical statement. Of course, since President Obama really doesn’t have much to take credit for in almost eight years, the only significant and positive changes he can talk about without lying are those of the past twenty-five years! He kept talking about more peaceful…more prosperous…on a path of growth…and he used the term “international order” repeatedly. He was very defensive about immigration and made accusations of racism, xenophobia, nationalism and generally promoted globalism and a world without borders or national distinctions of any kind. He intentionally insulted Russia and criticized policies of other countries and generally speaking, was just as condescending and contemptuous as he “lectured” the United Nations assembly as in his speech before the Congressional Black Caucus Saturday night.

Other than an occasional cough and a little laughter when Obama suggested that too many in Washington think all problems are caused or can be solved by Washington, The hall was absolutely silent during President Obama’s entire speech, even when he said Israel can’t continue to permanently occupy and settle Palestinian land, which would normally get a rousing response at the United Nations.

President Obama is totally out of touch with reality and every time he opens his mouth now, he makes a fool of himself because he doesn’t realize that the blinders are off when it comes to how millions of Americans and the rest of the world view him. People don’t respect or like someone who habitually lies to them or about themselves and their accomplishments, and the sad truth is that President Obama has always cared more about himself and his legacy than he does about the wellbeing of his country or the American people. Listening to his speech yesterday and to the difference in how it was received compared to the beginning of his presidency speaks volumes about his real legacy and reveals that just as millions of Americans have come to realize, leaders from around the world now know that his campaign promises for hope and change were nothing more than smoke and mirrors. And when history is written, America and the world will look back at Barack Obama’s presidency as one of the most corrupt, most incompetent, most harmful and least transparent in history. He literally squandered the boundless potential of his presidency on petty, partisan, racially divisive policies and set a tone of “my way or the highway” very early on in his presidency and then blamed the Republicans’ refusal to submit to his arrogance and utter disregard for the balance of powers set forth in the Constitution and for the rule of law on racism. Unfortunately for our nation, he effectively used the color of his skin to neuter the Republican Party; but he and the Democrats (as well as many Republican elites) will soon learn that while they might have won the battle, they lost the war because the American people didn’t elect Barack Obama or them to do what they’ve done to our country and to the world and will send that message loud and clear in about six weeks.

After living through eight years of Barack Obama’s divisive, dishonest, corrupt and partisan presidency, we know we can’t afford even one more day (much less four years) of that kind of leadership, which is why Hillary Clinton won’t be elected President by an honest counting of our votes. The American people of all walks of life, of every color and all political persuasions have become very good fact checkers thanks to the internet and social media, so it’s a lot harder to pull the wool over our eyes than it used to be, which is why we so greatly appreciate Donald Trump’s plain spoken and common sense approach to the challenges we face. We don’t expect perfection in our leaders, but we do expect honesty and integrity and that our Presidents and political leaders can’t be bought off by rich donors and special interest groups, which we’ve found lacking in both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. So we know the truth, and that’s set us free to make a better choice for our country and for the sake of our children!

America’s President and Racist-in-Chief Considers it a Personal Insult if Black Americans Vote for Trump

It appears that President Barack Obama didn’t learn a thing from the results of his “threat” to put the United Kingdom “in the back of the cue” if they voted for Brexit, which sounded a lot like “in the back of the line” to me, because that’s exactly the same sort of threat or warning he delivered to the Congressional Black Caucus Saturday night. I was really surprised when I heard that President Obama told the CBC that he’d consider it a personal insult if they didn’t actively support and vote for Hillary Clinton; but it was actually hearing President Obama’s arrogant and condescending tone, his bigoted, race baiting words and his “you owe me” attitude that really shocked me. And I’m not the only one who felt that way based on this strong reaction from Anthony Brian Logan, an outspoken black Donald Trump supporter.

However, even more enlightening for me personally was hearing Tim Black of Progressive News respond to the President’s obviously desperate comments. Tim complained about Obama’s tone as well, saying “It was like he was talking to his children..” He also said that Obama is always “preaching down to black folks.” and took issue with President Obama making it seem like it’s the black community’s “obligation to continue his legacy.” Then Mr. Black declared that he’s not President Obama’s “puppy dog,” that he has his own mind and chooses who he wants to support and “Hillary aint it.” He said he’s not a Trump supporter either, that the two aren’t mutually exclusive, and went on to tell President Obama that he shouldn’t be insulted because he didn’t want to vote for Hillary. He said “you should be insulted by the fact that you are supporting Hillary.” and listed all the insulting things Hillary and her campaign said about Obama during the 2008 presidential campaign; saying if he wanted to be insulted, he should search the internet because “those are our sources of information that tell us all we need to know about Hillary.” Tim went on to say, “Frankly, I don’t know if I want your legacy to continue.” Mr. Black then makes a very good case for why ALL Americans and blacks in particular should question the good in continuing Obama’s legacy and voting for Hillary Clinton. I really admire and respect his courage and plain-spoken manner and was surprised to read many of the comments and responses to what he said. It’s encouraging to know that so many in the black community see through Obama, Clinton and the Democratic Party as I’ve suspected they do, which is significant because that’s the beginning of making positive changes for our country and future generations. Americans need to get back to being able to disagree with each other without being disagreeable or hostile toward everyone with a different point of view, which Tim Black demonstrates quite powerfully in his frank and honest response to President Obama telling the Congressional Black Caucus that he’d consider it a personal insult if they don’t actively support Hillary Clinton for the sake of continuing his legacy. Tim, while we obviously don’t agree in terms of our vote, my hat’s off to you because I know how difficult and even dangerous it can be to take a stand against President Obama as a black person and hadn’t even considered how that includes more progressive blacks like you. For some reason, I always thought it was just conservative blacks the Democrats attempt to destroy, so you definitely gave me a different perspective, and I always appreciate that.

In President Obama’s CBC speech, he listed things he said are on the ballot this November even though he isn’t, so I want to address them one by one. First, he said “our progress,” and I’m not sure what that means; but if it’s a reference to blacks in America, there’s no evidence of that. In fact, race relations have been set back decades by President Obama’s racial approach to just about every issue facing our country; particularly in ALL issues involving America’s police, and more blacks are impoverished, on Food Stamps and unemployed now than when he took office almost eight years ago, as spelled out in great detail at the previous link. Next, President Obama told the CBC that “tolerance” is on the ballot this November, and I have to admit that Hearing Barack Obama imply that America is in any way more tolerant than when he took office is probably one of the most absurd things I’ve ever heard! In fact, never in our history have Americans been less tolerant of those with differing opinions than today since it’s downright dangerous to say something that the liberal and progressive left don’t agree with because they have no qualms about ruining your life and reputation if they don’t like what you say. Never in our history have we had “safe spaces” at our universities to protect students from diversity of thought, or required “trigger warnings” to protect their fragile emotions , fired college presidents for their alleged “insensitivity,” banned words because they’re viewed as “micro aggressions” and the list goes on and on. No, Mr. President, this is the least tolerant our nation has been in my entire lifetime and yours, and you and your party are largely responsible for that. Needless to say, I had a similar reaction when I heard Obama include “democracy” on his list of things on the ballot this year since he has done more to damage and destroy democracy in America and abroad than anyone else I can think of at the moment, so perhaps our President would benefit from a “refresher” on exactly what “democracy” means. Two aspects of democracy that really stood out in the Wikipedia reference were “equal before the law and having equal access to legislative processes,” which the Obama/Clinton administration have virtually single-handedly obliterated as evidenced by the IRS Tea Party scandal, failure to comply with legitimate FOIA requests as required by federal law, preferential treatment by virtually all agencies in the Obama administration for Muslims, blacks, illegal immigrants, lobbyists, special interest groups and big donors, secrecy and obfuscation in matters of national security, trade and legislation (such as the Iran nuclear deal, TPP and the passage of ObamaCare); not to mention the FBI’s and DOJ’s disgraceful failure to properly investigate and prosecute Hillary Clinton for clear violation of laws governing proper handling of classified material, the retention and production of her work product as Secretary of State, destroying email after being subpoenaed and frustrating FOIA requirements to produce information and documentation the American people are entitled to have and the undeniably corrupt Clinton Foundation pay-to-play scheme, including selling off America’s uranium production to Russia, along with highly sensitive military technology. Then “justice” was included on the President’s list of things on the ballot, which perfectly illustrates his boundless arrogance since no other American President has ever displayed such a stunning disregard for the rule of law as evidenced by at least twenty unanimous rulings against his administration by the Supreme Court and so much more. Wow, what a surprise it was to hear President Obama include “good schools” on the list of things on the ballot in this election! While our President is entitled to his opinion, it can’t withstand the scrutiny of cold hard facts, including this report from 2010, this one showing that American teens were falling in math and science as of 2012 and this report from May 2015 shows American students falling to 28th internationally. Of course, I found other reports based on less than the objective standards of the previous reports with a different outcome, but they were all from sources that didn’t appear to be “independent.” I’m very blessed to know many parents throughout the country through my work in ministry and not a one of them have anything good to say about Common Core, which the President is a huge proponent of, and based on this report it appears that Common Core isn’t faring any better than ObamaCare and might well collapse on its own. On the other hand, this report shows that Obama’s statement accurately applies to our universities and colleges, but I’m not aware of how Donald Trump’s election could jeopardize their existence. Finally, President Obama said “ending mass incarceration” is on the ballot, and I’d probably have to agree with him on that point since his method of “ending mass incarceration” is to stop enforcing our laws, emptying our prisons and putting countless Americans in danger; such as this awful triple murder in Ohio earlier this year. Of course, an additional benefit is getting more voters lined up before the election on November 8th, and to that end Democratic governors all over the U.S. are restoring voting rights to countless thousands of released prisoners; such as 60,000 in California per this report and 13,000 felons in Virginia after Supreme Court blocked attempt to restore 200,000 according to this article. But our determined-to-win-at-all-cost President isn’t about to stop there because we just found out that almost a thousand illegal immigrants with deportation orders were “erroneously” granted citizenship, which must mean they can vote in the upcoming elections! We’ve known for some time that President Obama intended to “fast-track” immigrant citizenship for loyal Democratic voterswe just didn’t know it would include hundreds of immigrants who pose a significant terrorist threat to Americans!You just couldn’t make something this insane up, and it’s a shame that our representatives in Congress don’t have the guts to put a stop to it. IF Barack Obama was a white man, he would have been impeached long ago, but our Congressional representatives have literally been neutered by mere accusations of racism just because he’s not. What a disgrace!

Sadly, if the mainstream media hadn’t been so dishonest and determined to elect Barack Obama in 2008, Americans would have realized that he intended to use racism to accomplish his political goals based on the first edition of his memoir, Dreams from My Father.” That’s where Barack Obama wrote (as he later read) that ”black politicians had discovered “that race baiting could make up for a host of limitations, a steady attack on the white race, the constant recitation of black people’s brutal experience in this country served as the ballast that could prevent the ideas of personal and communal responsibility from tipping into an ocean of despair.” Then he wrote, “’Yes,’ the Nationalist would say, ‘whites are responsible for your sorry state, not any inherent flaws in you.’” Since it makes quite an impact to hear our President’s deeply rooted racist ideology in his own words, take the time to listen to them here, and then you’ll know what really motivates him, what drives his politics and why we can’t believe or trust a word he says (even though the audio has obviously been edited since I first linked to it in an earlier post). Sadly, President Obama has been “playing” millions of black Americans too, and now that he’s losing his touch and sees his “legacy” slipping away, he’s getting desperate. So I can’t help wondering how many other blacks responded to his condescending, “you owe it to me” tone and attitude the same way as those highlighted in the above videos. Only “the powers that be” know why Obama and the Democratic Party decided to nominate Hillary Clinton as their presidential candidate, but barring something significant happening in the near future, they’re stuck with her, and with every passing day and new poll result, she seems less likely to win. And if President Obama is as desperate as he seemed Saturday night, they must be quite concerned that they’re even losing support among America’s black voters, which isn’t that surprising since it doesn’t matter what color we are or what our political preferences are if we’re killed in an act of Islamic terrorism. And that’s obviously something more voters will be thinking of in light of the terrorist attacks in New Jersey, New York and Minnesota on Saturday; especially since they were carried out by Islamic refugees and President Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s determination to bring countless more Islamic refugees into America that can’t possibly be properly vetted defies all common sense. When push comes to shove as that old saying goes, human beings will usually put the safety of themselves and their families (especially their children) before their political preferences and other concerns, and I honestly believe that’s why the polls are changing so dramatically…we’re all seeing exactly what’s being done in darkness and knowing the truth will indeed set us and America free!

Why CNN and MSNBC are Actually Covering Terrorism Again

Even Americans who normally pay close attention to the mainstream media’s obvious bias and politically motivated news coverage were caught by surprised when CNN and MSNBC virtually stopped covering anything to do with terrorism during the Democratic National Convention, whether it was here or abroad. Of course, that was because even CNN polls showed that 74% of Americans were dissatisfied with our progress in the war on terror and 60% disapproved of how President Obama was handling the war on terror, with 64% disapproving of how he’s fighting ISIS in particular. That’s a serious political problem for Hillary Clinton since she’s promised to continue President Obama’s policies regarding fighting terrorism, especially since the polls last May also showed that significantly more Americans trusted Donald Trump to handle terrorism and the economy than Hillary Clinton. Not only that, her Syrian refugee policy is a big problem when it comes to the concerns Americans have about Islamic terrorism since she wants to increase the number of Syrian refugees coming into America from ten thousand a year to sixty-five thousand a year. So it was politically advantageous for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign not to have news about the horrific terrorist attacks the mainstream media refused to cover splashed all over CNN and MSNBC the way they used to cover the same kind of events virtually non-stop prior to the Democratic National Convention in July.

On the other hand, the polls at that time did give Hillary Clinton an advantage when it came to handling Foreign Policy, but since her efforts as Secretary of State created total chaos and ISIS rose to power on her watch, that’s certainly not a good record to run on. That’s why Clinton’s presidential campaign and the mainstream media have spent so much time and millions of dollars trying to portray Donald Trump as temperamentally unfit and not trustworthy to be in charge of the nuclear codes; they wanted to depress his poll numbers and favorability when it comes to handling terrorism.

However, just as with many other attacks on Donald Trump by the mainstream media and Hillary Clinton, their political manipulation scheme backfired because Donald Trump’s numbers haven’t changed and the economy again tops terrorism as America’s number one concern, as revealed in Gallup’s latest poll. It’s actually quite amazing that instead of convincing the American people that Donald Trump isn’t temperamentally fit or trustworthy when it comes to handling terrorism and Foreign Policy, the mainstream media, Hillary Clinton and other political hacks have instead managed to eliminate that as the most important issue for Americans in the upcoming election and put the focus back on our failing economy, which benefits Trump because Hillary Clinton and her political operatives in the mainstream media can’t convince voters that she can do a better job handling the economy than Donald Trump. However, with the apparent terrorist incidents in New Jersey, New York and Minnesota yesterday, terrorism is likely to move back to the top of American’s concerns again.

Additionally, since Fox News and MSNBC were covering the bombing in New York last night long before CNN, I was actually beginning to wonder if they’d try to ignore it. Needless to say, they’ve been covering it and have even covered the knife attack in Minnesota, which ISIS has already taken responsibility for (even though the powers that be seem to have no idea who was behind the attack). Well, as I’m watching CNN right now, Somali-American community leaders are expressing sympathy for the victims, denouncing what happened and expressing concern regarding potential retaliation against their community; which must mean the terrorist was part of their community and a Muslim even though officials haven’t released that information. That’s the same thing they did in Orlando before releasing information about Omar Mateen, the Islamic terrorist who killed forty-nine men and women and wounded fifty-three more in the Pulse nightclub just three months ago. Fortunately, it seems like no one other than the Islamic terrorist was killed in this incident thanks to an off duty police officer. Just as Donald Trump said (and is taking totally unmerited heat for), we have to get serious about dealing with the threat of terrorism in America. Of course, just as I thought CNN and other mainstream media outlets might be changing their stripes, I watched in utter disbelief today as CNN and others actually edited “bombings” out of Hillary Clinton’s comments last night and then had the audacity to praise her more cautious response and bash Donald Trump for irresponsibly calling it a bomb before anyone knew what it was! That’s the absolute lowest and most dishonest thing I’ve EVER seen the mainstream media do, and when this election is behind us, I think something has to be done to hold them accountable. They should be required to register as a Hillary Clinton Political Action Committee because that’s what they clearly are, and now they don’t even try to hide it! It’s no wonder no one trusts the mainstream media any more, and I’ve actually heard several people say they changed their votes from Clinton to Trump because of the media’s outrageous bias and obvious attempts to manipulate their votes. . Not only that, Hillary Clinton looked terrible last night, and she clearly referred to “bombings in New York”. Yet seconds later, a reporter actually asked what she thought about Donald saying the “explosion” in New York was a bomb…was she even listening when Hillary Clinton said the exact same thing! Maybe she asked that on purpose so they could use an edited version later, the way CNN and many other mainstream media outlets are doing so they can criticize Donald Trump for calling a bomb exactly what it was, as Jake Tapper did here. I’ve actually seen a lot worse examples of that on CNN today (and Fox News has even played the edited version of Clinton’s comments), but couldn’t find a video of it. In the end, the mainstream media is literally destroying itself because they can’t be trusted as honest brokers of the news, so Americans are beginning to rely on social media and alternative media sources for more accurate and unfiltered news. And they’re all in for a very rude awakening because barring some unprecedented fraud in the upcoming elections (which I believe will be attempted), Donald Trump is going to win by a landslide because there’s no wisdom, no insight and no plan that can succeed against the Lord! And thankfully, God is most certainly answering my fervent prayer to bring to light what’s being done in darkness!

America Can’t Afford Another Racially Divisive President Who Thinks It’s Okay to Put People in “Baskets”

Hillary Clinton’s speech in Washington DC yesterday morning perfectly illustrates what a racially divisive President she’d be, as well as her stunning hypocrisy since she’s the only one who has openly and proudly acknowledged putting Americans in “the basket of deplorables” because they support her political opponent and don’t share her liberal ideology as she did last Friday. Hillary Clinton’s obvious condescension and contempt for many millions of hard working, patriotic Americans disqualifies her as President, and most Americans have totally rejected her hateful, bigoted statement declaring that “half of Donald Trump’s supporters” are “deplorables…irredeemable…racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic” and “not America.” She went on to say the rest of Donald Trump’s supporters in the “other basket” are pretty much losers and “just desperate for change.” So while she was accusing and insulting Donald Trump supporters last week, it was literally Hillary Clinton who spewed “offensive, hateful, mean spirited rhetoric” before an adoring crowd of sanctimonious rich donors, who obviously agreed with what she said and thought it was very funny based on the above video. Her speech yesterday was so empty and phony; she doesn’t seem to have a bit of authentic passion and her words just sound hollow and hateful. Among the things Americans love about Donald Trump are his sincerity and authenticity, and that’s something Hillary Clinton just can’t muster no matter how hard she tries. So instead of coming across as a strong and caring leader, she came across as pathetic and desperate.

Hillary Clinton repeatedly accuses Donald Trump and his supporters of being racists, bigots, sexists, homophobic, xenophobic and Islamophobic; yet she’s the one who keeps harping on racially divisive issues instead of engaging in legitimate and meaningful debate, and she’s the only one who actually welcomes and actively seeks support (including millions of dollars) from people and groups known to be racist (such as Black Lives Matterwho literally incited the murder of police by calling for “dead cops”…exactly what we’ve seen in Dallas, Baton Rouge and around the country), sexist and homophobic (such as the governments of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates – Islamic countries where slavery is acceptable, women have virtually no rights and homosexuals are thrown from the tops of buildings). In her “basket of deplorables” statement last week, she blamed Donald Trump for causing the “alt right” to go from eleven thousand hits on the internet to eleven million. But it was in fact Hillary Clinton who caused a spike in “alt right” internet traffic with her hastily scheduled ”alt right” speech in Reno, Nevada three weeks ago; which was intended to paint Donald Trump and his supporters as racist and all the other bigoted labels she used to justify putting us into her “basket of deplorables.” The most incredible thing about her speech was that she was accusing Donald Trump of doing the very thing she did in that speech—-the same way she did in her “basket of deplorables” speech. I stay up to date on such things and hadn’t even heard of the “alt right” until Hillary’s mainstream media political operatives jumped on board with her “alt right” campaign a day or so before her speech with non-stop stories about them. In fact, Hillary Clinton’s own supporters didn’t even know anything about the “alt right” before she informed them and all of America about them, as proven in this hilarious video of their reactions when asked how they felt about Hillary speaking about the alt right as they waited in line to get into the event and obviously didn’t know what that meant. I went online during the event and was amazed to see that the VAST majority of YouTube videos about the “alt right” were being posted as I watched, which I STRONGLY suspected were being “planted” by the Clinton campaign since there was very little about them prior to that obviously staged and orchestrated political event, which was clearly intended to prove Donald Trump unfit to be President of the United States. Unfortunately for the Clinton presidential campaign, their diversionary tactic failed miserably and backfired because that’s when Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers started sliding quite significantly. She looked very petty, angry, malicious, mean spirited, sarcastic…generally speaking, she looked far from presidential and even feeble. So while her slogan is “Stronger Together,” even her most ardent supporters had to recognize how divisive that speech was; it certainly didn’t sound like the Hillary Clinton who repeatedly promotes herself as someone who will bring people together and “work across the aisle.”

In fact, listening to that speech again after hearing her call millions of Americans “deplorables” and “irredeemable” proves how disingenuous and inauthentic Hillary Clinton really is because near the end of the speech she said: ”We can have our disagreements, and believe me, I understand that. I think that’s healthy. We need good debates. But we need to do it in a respectful way; not finger pointing and blaming and stirring up this bigotry and prejudice.”…”And I promise you this, with your help, I will be a president for Democrats, Republicans and Independents; for those who vote for me and for those who vote against me. I will be a president for all Americans!” Hmmm, Hillary, even the Americans you consider deplorables and irredeemable…”not America”…and the Republicans—the “enemies” you’re “most proud of” (not to mention the NRA, health insurance and drug companies)? Well, WE don’t believe you. Additionally, as I listened again today, I was shocked to hear that after she accused Donald Trump of “stirring up this bigotry and prejudice” and of using “dog whistles,” she actually said, ”And I’ll tell you when I was growing up, in so many parts of our country, Simone Manuel and Katie Ledecky would not have been allowed to swim in the same public pool. And now together on our swimming team, they’re winning Olympic medals as teammates.” Yep, she REALLY said that—talk about a dog whistle stirring up bigotry and prejudice! However, one of the most damaging things about Hillary Clinton’s speech that day might be that she lost all credibility when she said Donald Trump was “insulting and ignorant” in describing life in the inner cities of America, and ridiculed and rejected his statement about being shot while walking down the streets of Chicago. She specifically referred to that saying, “You can walk down the street and get shot. Those are his words. But when I hear them, I think to myself, “How sad.” Donald Trump misses so much.” She went on to claim all the things she thinks he doesn’t see, all of which have nothing to do with what Donald Trump has said about the poverty, crime and failing schools in America’s inner cities. The “sad” truth is that Hillary Clinton is the one proven to be ignorant and blind to the reality of life in our inner cities; particularly in Chicago, because just two days after her racially divisive speech, Dwyane Wade’s cousin, Nykea Aldridge, was shot and killed while pushing her baby in a stroller along a South Side Chicago street, which received a lot of media coverage and proved that what Donald Trump said was the truth as little else could.

Most recently, just as she did in the alt right speech three weeks ago, Hillary Clinton has been calling Donald Trump a racist for questioning President Barack Obama’s birth certificate since getting back on the campaign trail after collapsing on 9/11; which is really HYPOCRITICAL and STUPID on her part since just about everyone knows the “birther” controversy was first promoted by her 2008 presidential campaign and NOT by Donald Trump! First, as I’ve stated previously, I believe Barack Obama was born in America (though not in Hawaii), and even if he had been born in Kenya, having an American mother means he’s an American citizen regardless of where he was born. So that’s irrelevant at this point, even though it was a reasonable question since Barack Obama has never provided a proper birth certificate and the one he finally posted online has been exposed as a counterfeit. Well, Donald Trump “one upped” Clinton yesterday morning and took full advantage of her nonsense with an impressive round of military endorsements and then simply said that Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign started the birther controversy, that he finished it and that “President Barack Obama was born in the United States, period. Now we all wanna get back to making America strong and great again.” And then President Obama really took the wind out of Hillary’s racist/birther sails later in the day when he pretty much agreed with Trump and said it’s ridiculous to be talking about something so silly when there are so many more important issues to talk about!

One of Hillary’s biggest problems when it comes to assailing Donald Trump as a racist is her own questionable history and publically declared admiration for well-known racists, such as when she said Senator Robert Byrd was her “friend and mentor”, and praised him to the skies even though he was a racist and at one time, even a member of the Ku Klux Klan. Hillary Clinton also publically stated, “I admire Margaret Sanger enormously…her courage, her tenacity, her vision. I am really in awe of her.” And that’s the same Margaret Sanger who was the founder of what is now Planned Parenthood, and an avowed racist and proponent of eugenics who’s vision was to “exterminate the Negro population,” as revealed in the following statement (which can be read here, along with more of her racist and eugenic quotes): ”We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities. The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.” So listen to Hillary Clinton’s strong praise and expression of admiration for Margaret Sanger, including for her racist eugenic vision, in this video, which also exposes Clinton’s undeniably racist ideology and policies, as well as her racial hypocrisy. The Margaret Sanger Hillary Clinton admired so enormously is often referred to as “the Mother of Black Genocide,” as revealed in this shocking video. Margaret Sanger was also very popular with the Ku Klux Klan because her vision was to eliminate America’s black population and those she deemed inferior or “unfit” through birth control and abortion (she even believed in legally mandated and enforced birth control), which is why the vast majority of Planned Parenthood clinics are still located in black and low income neighborhoods to this day. Hillary Clinton’s strong endorsement and approval of Margaret Sanger and her eugenic vision is probably why Ku Klux Klan Grand Dragon Will Quigg supports Hillary Clinton for President, which he stated at a recent KKK rally. But despite saying that, the reporter didn’t ask him another question about supporting Hillary Clinton and it received virtually no coverage in the mainstream media. On the other hand, even though Donald Trump had repeatedly denounced the Ku Klux Klan (and specifically David Duke at least sixteen years earlier when he refused to run with him on the Reform Party ticket as requested), the mainstream media played this video of CNN’s Jake Tapper asking Donald Trump about David Duke’s endorsement in a virtual continuous loop and made utter fools of themselves as the video proves. They even admitted that he had denounced David Duke years earlier and suggested all sorts of reasons he didn’t answer the way they thought he should have instead of taking Donald Trump’s very reasonable explanation at face value. So while Hillary Clinton has an extensive record of promoting racist policies and playing the “race card” whenever she’s in political trouble and thinks it will help her, everything the mainstream media and Democrats repeatedly say about Donald Trump being a racist is misquoted, taken out of context or twisted in some way to suit their purpose. However, that’s a difficult case to make since Geraldo Rivera, who is known to be quite liberal and very anti-racist, stated VERY strongly that he’s known Donald Trump for forty years and knows for a fact that “Donald Trump doesn’t have a racist bone in his body”!

So in vivid and stark contrast to Hillary Clinton’s hateful, bigoted, condescending and contemptuous speeches and attitudes toward Americans who don’t agree with her or support her, Donald Trump is so confident and determined in his desire to make America great for ALL Americans that he’s willing to risk political sabotage by making his case before people he knows don’t support or agree with him; such as this event at Faith Green Timmons’ church in Flint, Michigan earlier this week. Sadly, as this video and her statement demonstrates, Pastor Timmons really just wanted to embarrass Donald Trump and “teach” him a thing or two as she stated in a Facebook post prior to his visit (which has since been taken down, along with a picture of her with President Obama) and invited the press since the Trump campaign didn’t promote his visit to Flint as a campaign event. So I really loved how he responded to that in this interview on Fox News! Donald Trump also spoke at a black church in Detroit, Michigan in early September, where he gave a heartfelt speech and was very well received. But instead of applauding Donald Trump’s outreach to the black communities of America, the Democrats have angrily accused him of not being sincere even though they used to complain because he wasn’t speaking directly to black people in their own communities. America’s black communities have the same right to hear from those who want to be their President as any other American community, so instead of criticizing and denouncing Donald Trump’s outreach to blacks and the people trapped in inner cities, Hillary Clinton and the Democrats ought to engage in a real and meaningful debate regarding the best way to improve their lives and communities as Donald Trump is doing. Instead of turning a blind eye and slinging all sorts of racial invectives, they should point out why they think Donald Trump’s proposals are bad for black Americans, where his policies are wrong and what Hillary Clinton and Democrats will do to make life better for millions of black Americans trapped in impoverished, crime ridden cities with schools that are failing their youth, and where good jobs are scarce. Of course, Hillary Clinton and the Democrats can’t engage in that debate because they don’t want things to change in America’s inner cities since they’re totally sold out to and financially dependent on the teachers’ unions and other special interest groups and donors who literally benefit and get rich by maintaining the deplorable conditions that exist for millions of black Americans currently trapped in communities that have been controlled by Democrats for decades! And that’s “real,” consequential, and in my opinion, criminal racism!

Fortunately, as the latest polls indicate, Americans are tired of racially divisive politics, candidates pandering and selling them out to special interest groups, political deception and corruption, and expect presidential candidates to provide a vision of how they intend to better their lives and the country and communities they love. That obviously works against Hillary Clinton’s campaign for President because she represents everything voters are tired of and hasn’t offered anything new or anything else they’re looking for in their next President. Hillary Clinton very unwisely took her election for granted and arrogantly spent the month of August fund raising and hobnobbing with her rich friends and donors instead of campaigning and earning the votes of everyday American people. Then on top of all the Clinton Foundation scandals, utterly disregarding a great deal of bi-partisan criticism of the obscene contributions from rich and questionable donors, Bill Clinton celebrated his seventieth birthday last night with a lavish fund raising extravaganza that required attendees to fork over between fifty and two hundred fifty thousand dollars a head! So the outcome of this election will most likely hinge on Americans electing the person they believe is genuinely concerned about them and improving their lives instead of someone who proves over and over again that money and power are all they care about. And that’s a good thing because America really can’t afford another racially divisive President who thinks it’s okay to put people into “baskets!”

Time and time again, I’ve seen evidence that God “favors” Donald Trump in this election (through actual events that prove and support the validity of his statements soon after he makes them), so I’m very optimistic and look forward to once again having a President who clearly loves America and the American people and will literally devote his life to making America great again for ALL Americans!

Hillary Clinton’s Alleged dehydration and Supposed Pneumonia Diagnosis are Just More Lies

One of the biggest problems for people who lie is that they forget the lies they’ve already told as they continue telling even more lies; which is precisely why we know that Hillary Clinton’s alleged dehydration and supposed pneumonia diagnosis are just more lies! The best evidence of that is provided in Dr. Lisa Bardack’s updated statement regarding Hillary Clinton’s health, which no one else seems to be reporting as I’ll spell out here. Everyone is so focused on Hillary Clinton’s doctor saying she had “non-contagious bacterial pneumonia” and that there’s no such thing that they missed some other significant facts in the statement that PROVE the Clinton campaign and Hillary Clinton herself have again lied to the American people.

First, as most Americans know by now, before the Clinton campaign announced that Hillary Clinton had been diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday, September 9th, her alarming collapse at the 9/11 memorial service the following Sunday was reported to be nothing more than being “overheated and dehydrated” (as also included in Dr. Bardack’s statement). However, that wouldn’t explain why she couldn’t fly to California as scheduled the next day, which was reasonably addressed with a supposed diagnosis of pneumonia. Then after the Clinton campaign announced that Hillary Clinton had pneumonia, she called in for a phone interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper Sunday night. It’s VERY important to listen to the interview because Hillary repeated that she just got overheated and dehydrated and never said a word about having a “upper respiratory tract infection” or having been on antibiotics since September 2nd. Yet that’s when Dr. Lisa Bardack’s statement reports that she examined Hillary Clinton “for a 24-hour history of a low grade fever, congestion and fatigue” and put her on antibiotics for an “upper respiratory tract infection.” But Hillary Clinton said she thought it was just allergies until she saw Dr. Bardack two days earlier, and indicated that’s when she started taking antibiotics. So Dr. Lisa Bardack’s statement proves that either she initially misdiagnosed Hillary Clinton’s illness on September 2nd, that Clinton contracted pneumonia while on antibiotics, or that the entire “story” is a lie. And by comparing what the Clinton campaign initially put out about Hillary’s health episode at the 9/11 memorial service, what Hillary Clinton said about what happened and her diagnosis of pneumonia two days earlier and Dr. Lisa Bardack’s updated statement concerning Clinton’s health, it’s obvious that the Clinton campaign is not telling the truth when it comes to Hillary’s health and what really happened last Sunday. In this report, Dr. Mark Siegel of Fox News confirms that there’s no such thing as “non-contagious bacterial pneumonia” and that more information is needed since Dr. Bardack did not address what happened last Sunday. Releasing a fictitious diagnosis also calls Dr. Bardack’s competence or integrity into question as well since she provided a “political” statement rather than a legitimate medical diagnosis, which calls into question how many other “mistakes” she’s made and how many other times she misstated her diagnosis regarding Hillary Clinton. It’s also interesting to note that in her last statement, Dr. Bardack provided her “overall impression” rather than her “medical opinion,” which is a significant difference, especially based on everything we’ve learned about the Clintons over the years.

Additionally, Bill Clinton “slipped” and admitted that Hillary has episodes like the one on 9/11 (frequently” in his interview with Charlie Rose the next day and didn’t say a word about a diagnosis of pneumonia! He also referred to Hillary being “severely dehydrated.” And then in Nevada, Bill Clinton said Hillary just has the flu! The Clintons obviously need to get their stories straight because either one or both of them are lying! Then on top of all that, a WikiLeaks email to Hillary Clinton from Huma Abedin that included an article Dr. Mark Siegel wrote about Clinton’s diagnosis of Sinus Thrombosis is getting a second look and raises even more questions about Hillary’s real medical condition.

Dr. Ted Noel, who believes Hillary Clinton has Parkinson’s Disease, also seriously doubts the alleged dehydration and supposed pneumonia diagnosis. Many people even think the woman who appeared a couple of hours after Hillary’s collapse was not her, and that the woman seen here was in fact a Hillary Clinton double/imposter. What does it say about the state of our country and politics when we actually believe that someone running for President of the United States is capable of such deception and corruption! Well, I’ve been saying that I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried to pass someone off as Hillary in the upcoming debates because it doesn’t look like she’ll be able to stand for that long, and if you listen very carefully to the video, the woman doesn’t sound a bit like Hillary Clinton because she has a distinct New York accent, which Hillary Clinton does not have. Then to make matters even worse, an ABC News station in New York actually reported Hillary Clinton’s death on 9/11! They later said that was a mistake, as you can hear in much more detail here. That’s just about as bazaar as it gets!

So regardless of anything Dr. Lisa Bardack and the Clinton campaign say to the contrary, after seeing what happened to Hillary Clinton last Sunday, along with so many conflicting statements about her health and diagnosis and videos of so many other incidents, watching this video makes it undeniably clear that she definitely has some sort of seizure disorder. Some people even wonder if she’s in fact dead or if we’d be told if she dies before the election, and what would happen if she did. I don’t think Hillary Clinton died as mistakenly reported; but if she were to die before the election, I wouldn’t put it past “the powers that be” to try to hide it until after the election IF they think they can pull off such a dastardly hoax. As I’ve mentioned previously, they just can’t afford to risk alienating Bernie Sanders’ supporters before the election by putting anyone other than him in her place, and I don’t think that’s what they want to do. So IF something is going to happen to Hillary, I’m convinced it will be AFTER November 8th, at which time Bernie Sanders’ supporters will be irrelevant to the Democrats. Sadly, the only thing we do know for sure is that Hillary Clinton’s alleged dehydration and supposed pneumonia diagnosis are just more lies, and the American people deserve and should demand much more than that from their President.

Mainstream Media Covers Up for Hillary Clinton Again

When CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the mainstream media outlets refer to Bill Clinton’s recent interview with Charlie Rose, they use it as evidence that Hillary’s fainting episodes are “rare,” and play this excerpt. They obviously don’t want Americans to know what they edited out, which was Bill Clinton literally saying that Hillary Clinton “frequently” has episodes like that before he took it back and changed what he said to “rarely.” You can hear both versions here, as well as a bit more of Bill Clinton’s interview with Charlie Rose.

I’ve been watching all of this with a great deal of interest and curiosity because despite hiding that Bill Clinton said Hillary Clinton “frequently” passes out or gets dizzy as she did at the 9/11 memorial service, the mainstream media has covered Hillary Clinton’s collapse last Sunday much more aggressively than I ever thought they would. Of course, that could be more about the Clinton campaign’s failure to let them in on her health issues; specifically that she was supposedly diagnosed with pneumonia two days before collapsing at the memorial ceremony on Sunday, especially since they’ve proven themselves to be such loyal political operatives on her behalf. So they probably felt betrayed and deceived. However, I personally think it could be an indication of the “double cross” I’ve been expecting since I don’t believe for a second that Barack Obama wants Hillary Clinton to succeed him as President. So the most intriguing aspect of this dilemma for the Democrats is that Hillary Clinton might not be able to make it through the elections, and worse yet from their perspective, she might not be able to win the election after everyone saw her collapse on video and then found out that she has pneumonia and failed to disclose it. On top of that, she isn’t on the campaign trail now; which really isn’t new despite the mainstream media repeatedly referring to her “grueling” campaign schedule prior to her collapse. While Donald Trump has consistently appeared at multiple campaign events day after day, Hillary Clinton was only making a single public appearance a week for several weeks, and then when she attempted something approaching a normal presidential campaign schedule last Friday and attended the 9/11 memorial service on Sunday, all of America saw what happened. So it seems highly unlikely that she’ll be able to stand for one and a half hours or more for the upcoming presidential debates, which could prove an utter disaster for her campaign and create a BIG problem for the Democratic Party.

If Hillary Clinton is “dumped” (forced to resign, which “the powers that be” clearly have enough dirt on her to do) before the election on November 8th, they’ll have a big problem with Bernie Sanders and his supporters who aren’t likely to quietly sit back and let the Democratic National Committee nominate someone else to replace Hillary. Yet that’s what they might be forced to attempt if the polls keep going in the direction they’ve been and it becomes obvious that the American people aren’t willing to elect Hillary Clinton President for whatever reason. More than likely, the powers that be thought Clinton could get through the elections and that they’d be able to rely on Bernie’s voters to help elect her, after which Bernie and his voters would be unable to do anything when they replace her with whoever it is that Barack Obama really wants to succeed him. Between the election and before the Electoral College vote on December 19th, if Hillary Clinton resigns or isn’t able to serve as President for any reason (including indictment), the Democratic National Convention would convene to nominate her replacement, but if that happens after the Electoral College votes, Tim Kaine would be inaugurated as President. Anyone who thinks this is farfetched or wishful thinking might not be aware that Don Fowler, a former DNC chairman and close associate of Bill Clinton’s, , stated that the Democratic Party needed to immediately prepare for replacing Hillary Clinton, as reported here.

As I wrote right before taking a hit from Hurricane Hermine and being out of power for almost a week, Hillary Clinton is either too arrogant or too sick to campaign for America’s vote, so the mainstream media is doing their best to cover-up how sick she appears to be to anyone who’s paid attention to the undeniable escalation of incidents seriously calling her health into question. And for those who haven’t been following concerns about Hillary’s mental and physical health and fitness, you can learn a lot more about it by reading some of my previous posts challenging her physical and mental fitness to serve as President and Commander in Chief here, here and here…all of which were written weeks before her coughing episode on Labor Day and her alarming collapse and obvious health crisis last Sunday.

So watching how the mainstream media covers Hillary Clinton’s health going forward should provide insight into what’s going on behind the scenes regarding replacing her prior to the upcoming election or taking a gamble that she can get through the election and win. In any case, we’ll also know a lot more when and if she shows up on the campaign trail again tomorrow as expected and when we see how she does at the upcoming presidential debates. So far, the mainstream media is still trying to downplay concerns about Hillary Clinton’s health as indicated by the deliberate edit of Bill Clinton saying that her collapse last Sunday is a frequent occurrence and by calling Donald Trump’s health into question as they’re doing now. However, there’s no comparison between the two of them since so much evidence exists that calls Hillary Clinton’s physical and mental fitness into question as we’ve all witnessed one episode of physical weakness or illness after another and she’s obviously mentally impaired since she was unable to answer so many of the FBI’s questions; which Hillary herself blamed on her fall and the resulting concussion and blood clot she had in 2012. On the other hand, there’s no evidence that Donald Trump is physically or mentally impaired; in fact, his daily schedule indicates that he’s very strong and healthy. As with everything else, in the end, God will determine the outcome of all of this because as Proverbs 21:30 declares, there’s no wisdom, no insight and no plan that can succeed against the Lord!

Hillary Clinton’s Health Crisis and Collapse Yesterday Vindicates Dr. Drew Pinsky

Most Americans were caught totally off guard by Hillary Clinton’s health crisis and collapse at the 9/11 memorial event yesterday because CNN, MSNBC and other mainstream media have done their best to hide her declining health from the public. But those of us who have been paying attention have been expecting something like what happened yesterday because it’s been obvious for the past few months that Hillary Clinton is not well and has been experiencing a serious health crisis of some kind. Personally, I don’t believe pneumonia is the underlying problem, even though it could be a complicating factor in her current health; in fact, it could be a life threatening condition. My father was in a rehab facility a couple of years ago, where the flu and pneumonia were rampant. So we both ended up with the flu and pneumonia; but my dad ended up with congestive heart failure as well, which led to his death. It’s difficult to watch the videos available online without realizing that Clinton experienced a seizure of some kind and did not “stumble” as some have stated; rather she appears to have fainted and collapsed.

For the past couple of months, I’ve been wondering how Hillary Clinton could possibly participate in the upcoming presidential debates, which seems even more unlikely now that her campaign has been forced to acknowledge that she has pneumonia and even had to cancel her trip to California. I’ve also considered the possibility that they’d even try to pass off an impersonator at the debates, which is also much less likely now that everyone is aware that she has something quite serious going on with her health. In any case, the American people need to seriously consider why they’d go to such extremes to hide her medical condition; which shows a great deal of contempt for all Americans and couldn’t succeed without a compliant mainstream media.

Hillary’s collapse and the announcement that she has pneumonia also vindicates Dr. Drew Pinsky, who was fired by HLN after publically expressing that he was “gravely concerned” about Hillary Clinton’s health. Then David Seaman of the Huffington Post was fired because he dared to question Hillary Clinton’s health, so he recorded this shocking video explaining how he literally fears for his life and how “un-American” All of this is! You should Google David Seaman’s name because he’s been doing quite a few interviews expressing how concerned he is that he might have a very untimely “accident” or unexpected death as have so many other so-called Clinton enemies. And now the Clinton campaign is trying to get the video of her collapse at the 9/11 memorial event removed from the internet, as described here. But here’s one they haven’t gotten rid of yet.

Additionally, last week on Labor Day, Hillary Clinton had several coughing episodes; including this one that lasted for over four minutes and this one on her plane. Unfortunately, her coughing fits are not just seasonal as the Clinton campaign claims, which is quite obvious in this video.

even though I’d likely be one of those Hillary Clinton called “deplorable” and “irredeemable” or someone she’d put into her basket of “the deplorables,” I don’t wish Hillary Clinton harm and truly hope she’ll do whatever is needed to take care of her own health. But I also agree one hundred percent with what Governor Mike Pence said here! And while there have been many rumors about Hillary Clinton having Parkinson’s Disease, I hadn’t given that much thought until after watching a video posted last week, in which Dr. Ted Noel explained in great detail why he believes Clinton exhibits the classic symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. Whatever’s going on with Hillary Clinton, she’s obviously very sick and clearly not fit for the high office she seeks, which they won’t likely be able to hide all the way up to November 8th. So it will be interesting to see if the Democrats keep trying to pull off one of the greatest hoax in American history or if they realize that it’s time to cut their losses and replace Hillary Clinton before the election. After the election, they’re free and clear because that’s the only way to get past those pesky Bernie Sanders’ supporters (as I wrote about here)! Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!

Hillary Clinton is Either Too Arrogant or Too Sick to Campaign for America’s Vote

Since Hillary Clinton has virtually stopped campaigning for the vote of the American people as our President, she is either too arrogant or too sick to participate in the normally grueling schedule of a vigorous presidential campaign . And if anyone but Hillary Clinton disappeared from the campaign trail, making only one highly contrived, totally staged and controlled campaign appearance a week, the mainstream media would be demanding to know why. For instance, the mainstream media literally freaked out when Donald Trump briefly left the campaign trail to go to Scotland for the opening of a golf resort in support of his son last June, and ended up being there to celebrate the Brexit vote in the United Kingdom (which turned out to be a stroke of political genius). The sad truth is that instead of campaigning against Hillary Clinton, who obviously doesn’t respect the American people enough to even campaign for our vote, Donald Trump is actually running against the mainstream media who are openly acting as political operatives on her behalf.

Since it’s inconceivable that a candidate for President of the United States of America is so smug and arrogant that she actually believes she can stay home instead of making more than one public appearance a week, the American people should ask what’s really going on. There’s been a marked change in Hillary Clinton’s appearance and demeanor in the past two months, and I very seriously doubt that she could campaign on a daily basis, interacting with the public and press as all presidential candidates normally do. Unfortunately, deception is the hallmark of all things Clinton, and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign is no exception.

However, if Hillary Clinton’s virtual withdrawal from public isn’t due to a serious decline in her health, the level of disdain and contempt for the American voters displayed by thinking it’s not necessary to campaign and actively participate in the election process is even more alarming. Of course, Americans have already seen that Hillary Clinton is “above the law” and that no one in a position to do so is willing to hold her accountable for destroying subpoenaed records, putting our national security and the lives of CIA operatives and others at risk, violating multiple State Department rules and regulations, frustrating and breaking laws governing the retention of federal government records in compliance with the Freedom of Information Act, breaking federal laws regarding safeguarding and proper handling of classified material, lying under oath and much more. Any other American would go to jail and have for doing even a small part of what we know Hillary Clinton has done; yet she is running for President with the full support of the mainstream media and political elites, as well as the vast majority of the Democratic Party. Unfortunately, if they’re so accepting of proven lawlessness and corruption and think it’s okay to sell out our country through the Clinton Foundation, the thought of literally stealing and “fixing” the outcome of a presidential election won’t bother them either. It really is sad to see that America has become such an immoral and unethical nation, especially since the day will come for Americans to pay the price for permitting and approving such open and blatant corruption throughout all of the highest levels of our government.

Fortunately, I believe the American people who aren’t willing to settle for what we know Hillary Clinton will do to our country if she’s elected President are going to vote in record numbers this year to keep her from destroying and selling out our country. There’s little doubt that the people running the Clinton corruption machine think they can steal this election by some means, but that will be much harder to do if the silent majority make their voices heard when we vote for our next President as I think we will. And unless they intend to replace Hillary Clinton with a clone for the debates, she won’t be able to hide or cover for her failing health, her record as Secretary of State, her proven record of corruption and her extremely liberal and dangerous policies. The polls are tightening because Donald Trump is regularly talking to the American people and honestly laying out his bold and courageous agenda for making America great again for ALL AMERICANS by putting America first in all matters; while Hillary Clinton hides and only insults and mocks Donald Trump and his supporters and keeps lying when she occasionally comes out of her ivory tower to grace us with her presence. So whether Hillary Clinton is too arrogant or too sick to campaign for America’s vote is almost irrelevant because that’s still what we expect of presidential candidates, and if she isn’t able or willing to do so, it’s reasonable to question Hillary Clinton’s fitness to be our President and Commander in Chief.