Hats Off to Dean Jay Ellison and the University of Chicago for Countering Political Correctness!

It’s a truly great day in America when a prestigious university finally takes a stand against the political correctness that’s been poisoning our universities and youth to restore the time-honored tradition of vigorous and respectful debate in America’s colleges and universities! And that’s exactly what the University of Chicago’s Dean of Students Jay Ellison did in a letter to the incoming class of 2020. In the letter to incoming students, Dean Jay Ellison wrote, “We do not support so-called ‘trigger warnings,’ we do not cancel invited speakers because their topics might prove controversial, and we do not condone the creation of intellectual ‘safe spaces’ where individuals can retreat from ideas and perspectives at odds with their own,”

Sadly, instead of being institutions of higher education, America’s colleges and universities have become the breeding ground for America’s “militant bigots,” so it’s exciting to know that we could be seeing an end to that trend based on Dean Jay Ellison’s letter. This is an issue of such great importance to our nation, and I can’t adequately express my appreciation and admiration for Dean Jay Ellison and the University of Chicago for taking such a bold and courageous stand against political correctness. Instituting policies countering political correctness at colleges and universities these days really is courageous since that’s what destroyed the careers of university leaders across the country last year; which I wrote about in Incidents Like Mizzou’s Socially Sanctioned Extortion Insidiously Tear at the Fabric of our Nation, Claims of Racial Incidents on Mizzou Campus Unravel and Here We Go Again…Racial Extortion Spreads Like Wildfire. Perhaps the best way to express my sincere appreciation and personal view of how significant Dean Ellison’s letter and the University of Chicago’s decision to set forth such a bold policy are best expressed in the following excerpt from the above article:

“Presumably, every student involved in this “let’s change everything” movement entered the college of their choice because it would provide them the education that best met their particular needs; yet they now consider them in need of “radical, transformative change.” The saddest thing about this “I’m a victim and it’s all your fault and you have to do something about it” attitude that’s becoming pervasive in all areas of American life is that it will not bring about the desired result. Illegal immigrants come to America for a better life, blacks and gays want to feel loved, accepted and respected despite their differences and so on it goes; yet their divisive, angry, disruptive, militant and hate filled words, accusations and extortive tactics are destructive and will ultimately make their dreams impossible to achieve.

As a blind individual subjected to extreme verbal cruelty as a child, as well as someone who remembers being absolutely horrified when a black man was lynched in my small hometown because he was accused of raping a white woman, listening to the totally unreasonable and unjustified demands from black students and others today because someone called them a dirty name or hasn’t sufficiently catered to them as a “special” extraconstitutional class makes my head spin. While I’ve witnessed the ugliness of racism in some whites I’ve known in my lifetime and despise it, I’ve also known blacks who filter every life experience through the lens of racism based on their own prejudice against whites. Both attitudes are equally wrong and destructive because they create ingrained hostility that’s very difficult to overcome and cause deeply entrenched resentments. Time and time again, we’ve seen videos of college presidents trying to engage in dialogue with activists on their campuses, as well as some presidential candidates, only to be rudely and disrespectfully shouted down. Sadly, the message that sends to most reasonable people is that getting media attention is much more important than seriously working together to address legitimate grievances. And once people realize that there’s no pleasing militant minorities, they will stop trying; which will do little to effect the change needed in the hearts of anyone who views others through the distortive lens of racism.

Martin Luther King literally gave his life for a cause so much greater than himself and our country is all the better for it, but the resulting racial equality his efforts helped bring about is now being undermined by what’s going on in our country today. We have a leading black presidential candidate, a black President, our second black Attorney General, majority black leadership in many urban cities and even in the Mizzou student government…all of which would not be if not for the majority vote of white Americans. Yet that seems to count for nothing and some blacks feel totally justified in holding everyone accountable for the actions of a few.. Just as blacks don’t want to be judged based on the color of their skin, all law enforcement officers shouldn’t be judged based on the badges they wear. Just because a white person made undeniably racially insensitive comments, a college president shouldn’t be made to pay with his job. Just because some blacks are militant and more interested in stirring up disunity rather than effectively working for the betterment of their communities, all blacks shouldn’t be painted with the same brush. Just because Christians strongly believe that God created marriage for a man and a woman, that doesn’t mean they hate gays. Just because Americans believe in the rule of law and suffer the consequences of illegal immigration, that doesn’t mean they hate illegal immigrants. And as I can personally attest to, being blinded by one’s ideology and preconceived notions about others is a much greater disability than my physical blindness.

So if our schools and parents don’t get back to preparing our kids for real life and all of its ups and downs, disappointments, inevitable failures, as well as teaching them that things are not always “fair” or even “right,” things are not going to get better in America. The social experiment that’s taken place in our schools and universities over the past two plus decades has been an abject failure, which is no more evident than in what’s currently playing out on college campuses around the country. The youth of America will never achieve more than what we teach them to settle for, and it’s really sad to see just how low we’re willing to set the bar. But worst of all, they’re the ones who will pay the highest cost because they won’t ever experience the American dream as long as they’re coddled and allowed to get away with some of the shenanigans we’ve witnessed recently. Our children are really just searching for significance, and when we fail to teach them how to achieve that through hard work, respect for others, standards of excellence and good behavior; rather than mediocracy, promiscuity and self-indulgence, they won’t ever be blessed with the sense of happiness and satisfaction real personal accomplishment brings. So let’s keep praying for our country and most especially for our youth because it’s never too late with God!”

So thank you, Dean Jay Ellison and University of Chicago officials, for recognizing the importance of restoring and maintaining the American tradition of our colleges and Universities being a place where the minds and understanding of our youth are expanded and they’re challenged to think and speak for themselves rather than our Constitution being no longer honored or welcomed. Thank you for encouraging the youth of our great nation to stop defining who they are based solely on their “victim’ identities rather than who they are based on their personal accomplishments and individuality. Thank you for preparing the youth of our nation to deal with the “real world,” where they’ll be required to disagree with the ideas, opinions, attitudes and even behavior and language of co-workers and associates without being disagreeable and combative…and won’t have trigger warnings or safe spaces. And thank you for teaching the future leaders of our country how to peaceably co-exist with people who don’t necessarily share their opinions and ideology and that denying the right of others to hold differing viewpoints ultimately threatens the rights of ALL Americans to exercise their Constitutional rights of free speech and freedom of association, including their own. May God bless and protect you all as you implement this bold and courageous policy and face its inevitable challenges!

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