Hillary Clinton Literally Sold America’s Foreign Affairs to the Highest Bidders at the Clinton Foundation

With every passing day, it becomes increasingly more difficult to deny that political sleaze and corruption were the hallmark of Hillary Clinton’s State Department as she literally sold America’s Foreign Affairs to the highest bidders and donors at the Clinton Foundation. In fact, even CNN (often called Clinton Network News) has been forced to cover the latest revelations because the Associated Press reported yesterday that the vast majority of the individuals Hillary Clinton met with as Secretary of State were donors who donated millions to the Clinton Foundation. Based on the calendar information provided to the Associated Press (which they had to sue to get via the Freedom of Information Act), out of the 154 people Hillary Clinton net with privately or had private conversations with in her first two years in office, 85 of them donated or pledged a combined total of $156 million to the Clinton Foundation or its related entities. That number includes non-government individuals and people who made donations as individuals or through companies or groups, and meetings with federal employees or foreign government representatives weren’t included in the list of 154 meetings. However, Clinton also met with representatives of 16 foreign countries who donated or pledged a combined total of at least $170 million to various so called Clinton charities. Presumably, those numbers do include the meetings with wealthy donors on Hillary’s schedule that were illegally destroyed as reported a month ago. But as Huma Abedin testified, Hillary Clinton’s official daily schedules, which were required by law to be preserved as official records, were burned as this report reveals–in part why everyone thought Hillary Clinton would be indicted. But we were all wrong because we didn’t realize that the political sleaze and corruption that’s infested our federal government goes way beyond Bill and Hillary Clinton! Sadly, President Barack Obama’s administration will go down as the sleaziest and most corrupt in history!

The Hillary Clinton presidential campaign’s response to allegations of corruption and “pay to play” at the State Department has been to accuse everyone raising questions of being political hacks and saying there’s nothing to look at. But that argument doesn’t work when it’s the Associated Pres bringing forth this latest news, or when it’s the Boston Globe and the Huffington Post casting dispersions and calling for the Clinton Foundation to shut down completely in response to news like this disturbing New York Times article about foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation and the release of even more missing emails again calling the State Department interaction with the Clinton Foundation into question. Now that even typical Clinton supporters appear to be troubled by the undeniable influence the Clinton Foundation had on Hillary Clinton’s work at the State Department, particularly in terms of the appearance of “pay to play” donations, the Clinton presidential campaign’s response is that everyone does it and that’s what the Department of State is supposed to do. The only problem with that argument is that the Clinton Foundation, which by law is supposed to be a totally non-political and non-profit entity, obviously served as an intermediary or conduit for anyone seeking help or attention from Hillary Clinton’s State Department. As far as we know, no previous Secretary of State had ties to a foundation which if nothing else paid very generous salaries to their family members and even current State Department staff while they apparently worked at both the State Department and the Clinton Foundation. And we certainly don’t know of any other Secretary of State who’s “assistance” or “attention” was obtained primarily through the efforts of their spouse’s so called charitable foundation. As someone who recently dissolved a charitable non-profit organization for the sole purpose of being LEGALLY able to become a political activist, I’m probably more aware of just how shocking all of this really is than the average person. When I applied for tax exempt status with the IRS during the Bush administration, I had to prove beyond a shadow of doubt that it wouldn’t be possible for me to profit personally through the non-profit and was even told that I couldn’t include a link on my non-profit website to a Christian book website because it wasn’t a non-profit entity. That’s why I feel so strongly that the Clinton Foundation is nothing but a huge international charity scam such as the world’s never seen before. And as someone who’s also been instrumental in sending a lot of con artists to federal prison and helping their victims receive financial compensation, I know something about scam artists too. So I understand the passion that drives the reporters who keep digging; when something is wrong, it’s wrong regardless of who the wrong doers are!

While it’s often overlooked in the current uproar and headlines, concerns about the Clinton Foundation’s finances and inappropriate ties to business conducted by the Clinton State Department aren’t anything new based on this New York Times article from August of 2013. The article reveals that the Clinton Foundation had ongoing financial shortfalls, details of the unlawful melding of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s political and personal ambitions and enrichment with the Clinton Foundation and how their political staff seamlessly move back and forth between government positions and work at the Clinton Foundation. For example, the following excerpt from the above New York Times article is proof of the corrupt and illegal consolidation of the Clinton’s political and personal financial enrichment with what’s required by law to be an EXCLUSIVELY charitable entity: ”In the coming months, as Mrs. Clinton mulls a 2016 presidential bid, the foundation could also serve as a base for her to home in on issues and to build up a stable of trusted staff members who could form the core of a political campaign. Mrs. Clinton’s staff at the foundation’s headquarters includes Maura Pally, a veteran aide who advised her 2008 presidential campaign and worked at the State Department, and Madhuri Kommareddi, a former policy aide to President Obama. Dennis Cheng, Mrs. Clinton’s deputy chief of protocol at the State Department and a finance director of her presidential campaign, will oversee the endowment drive, which some of the Clintons’ donors already describe as a dry run for 2016. And Mrs. Clinton’s personal staff of roughly seven people — including Huma Abedin, wife of the New York mayoral candidate Anthony D. Weiner — will soon relocate from a cramped Washington office to the foundation’s headquarters. They will work on organizing Mrs. Clinton’s packed schedule of paid speeches to trade groups and awards ceremonies and assist in the research and writing of Mrs. Clinton’s memoir about her time at the State Department, to be published by Simon & Schuster next summer.” It’s not possible to read that and miss the unmistakable intermingling of all things Clinton Foundation and all things Clinton politics, which is strictly and very rigorously forbidden by all laws governing the operation of tax exempt charitable organizations.

In addition to the newest disclosure by the Associated Press that a vast majority of the people Hillary Clinton net with privately as Secretary of State were mega donors to the Clinton Foundation, we now know that an additional fifteen thousand emails or documents retrieved by the FBI from the server Hillary Clinton attempted to permanently delete were turned over to the State Department, and that a federal judge has ordered the State Department to review and release them prior to the election as detailed in this Fox News report. And in the earlier release of call logs for a two year period for Cheryl Mills, Hillary Clinton’s Chief of Staff at the State Department, it was revealed that by far, most messages were from Laura Graham, the Chief Operating Officer at the Clinton Foundation.. The logs show a total of 148 messages from Laura Graham in that two year period, and that Cheryl Mills also received frequent calls from multiple Clinton Foundation executives, in addition to providing even more proof of how Clinton Foundation mega donors were granted access and favor by the State Department at the behest of Clinton Foundation executives. The details of some of those favors are included in this ABC News report. Needless to say, with all the irrefutable evidence piling up that Hillary Clinton Literally sold America’s Foreign Affairs to the Highest bidders and donors at the Clinton Foundation, it was especially painful to watch Mark Toner at the State Department try to excuse Hillary’s staff’s interaction with the Clinton Foundation. In fact, I don’t know how “material” it was, but I noticed that he tried to justify the number of messages left by Laura Graham for Cheryl Mills by saying most of them were in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti in 2011. Unfortunately for Mark Toner, the earthquake in Haiti was on January 12, 2010, so if these logs primarily covered 2011 and 2012, the calls weren’t made in “the immediate aftermath” of the earthquake in Haiti. And even if Mark Toner is right and the agreement Clinton made with President Obama didn’t preclude her staff from being in constant communication with the Clinton Foundation and working at their behest, she certainly indicated under oath in her confirmation hearing that the two would be kept separate.

Somehow the Clinton political machine thinks everyone is reassured to hear them say the Clinton Foundation will be closed down if Hillary wins the election, but that’s had the opposite effect on everyone I’ve talked to because we see that as an invitation to send in lots of money RIGHT NOW! “Come on! You better hurry up and send in lots of money if you want to buy influence with President Hillary Clinton because we’re about to close up shop and all sales have to be final before election day!” If the Clinton Foundation is inappropriate if Hillary Clinton is president, it was inappropriate when she was Secretary of State. Not only that, we don’t believe they’ll shut down the foundation no matter how many times or ways they promise to do so because they’ve done nothing but lie (even under oath) to the American people and we have no reason to believe they’re not lying about that now. We remember all too well hearing that there wasn’t going to be any co-ordination between the foundation and Department of State, which obviously proved to be another bald-faced lie!

Hillary Clinton’s fans and supporters like to call everyone who doesn’t support her and dare to keep pursuing and exposing her corruption “Hillary haters.” Well, like most others who think the same way I do, I don’t hate Bill or Hillary Clinton; rather I hate the criminal element that attaches to everything she and Bill have ever done. I hate the way they’ve brought corruption and political sleaze and influence peddling to every aspect and level of our government. I hate the way they got rich and profited through what were legally required to be truly non-profit entities, and that despite their claims otherwise, Haiti proves that they always come out better than those they profess to help. I hate the parsing and double speak that’s essential to who they are; that we have to know “what the meaning of is is” to know whether or not they’re telling the truth or lying…that we have to listen to EVERY SINGLE WORD to make sure they didn’t leave themselves some “wiggle room.” So what the Clintons and the mainstream media, and even the Republican elites don’t realize is that what we love the most about Donald Trump is that he doesn’t hedge or equivocate; he doesn’t speak to us in riddles. He tells us like it is and we don’t believe he can be bought or that he’d ever sell us or our country out to the highest bidder, and that he loves us and America the way we do. We love that he could care less about political correctness and is willing to openly defy it with plain, good old fashioned common sense. We love his passion, his energy, his willingness to think outside of the box and his willingness to forsake the rewards of his success for the sake of what’s best for his country and us, the American people. And what the political elites don’t get at all is that we love Donald Trump because he isn’t condescending and never acts like he thinks we the American people are stupid and unable to use our brains or see what’s right in front of our eyes to see. Donald Trump respects America and the American people and it’s been a very long time since we’ve felt that from political leaders in this country because they’re always so busy trying to deceive and manipulate us that they don’t even realize that we can see right through them. Most of all, what the political elites in this country fail to realize is that the American people don’t expect or ask for a perfect man or woman to represent us and our country as President of the United States, but we do want that person to be honest and straight with us. We aren’t unaware of Donald Trump’s human failings and we don’t even agree with all of his policies; all of which we’re willing to overlook because we’re so irresistibly attracted by his sincerity…something no one can emulate when they don’t have it and can’t hide when they do. So no matter what tricks and contrivances are employed by the mainstream media, the pollsters and everyone who hate Donald Trump because he threatens everything they stand for, we the American people will show you what WE think of him on November 8, 2016. So get ready for a tidal wave because it is coming!

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