CNN Swooning Over Hillary Clinton’s Phone Interview with Anderson Cooper Tonight

Hillary Clinton showed up on CNN tonight for a “puff” phone interview with Anderson Cooperand everyone on the panel after the call virtually swooned with delight and glee because she went further than she ever had in taking full responsibility for the emails and said there was “no excuse.” The only problem with all their swooning is that the only thing Hillary Clinton said there was no excuse for was her decision to have “a single email account.” Needless to say, Anderson didn’t bother reminding her that the email scandal was about maintaining a private insecure server on which she kept our nation’s highest top secret national security information and didn’t turn over her State Department records as required by law (contravening requests via the Freedom of Information Act) and NOT merely that she had “a single email account.” I’m actually listening to the interview I’ve linked to above to see if they cut that part out as I expect they will because they already have tomorrow’s headlines written…something about Donald Trump taking a hate movement mainstream. Also, as someone who knows how important it is to “parse” everything Hillary Clinton says, she didn’t actually say “what” she’d “do differently” if she could…just that if she could, she’d “do differently”…how Clintonesque!

Of course, the swooning CNN panel also didn’t comment on how Hillary Clinton totally avoided answering Anderson’s very direct question about why it was okay to take foreign donations when she was Secretary of State and not okay when she’s President. They just wanted to keep telling all of the mainstream media what the headlines are supposed to be tomorrow…that thing about Donald Trump taking a hate movement mainstream. I wonder how long it took some genius to come up with that and will be interested to see if that’s indeed the headlines; which I’m pretty sure will be the case since their beloved said she’ll be talking more about that tomorrow…what a perfect setup! But I’ll also be looking to see how many caught that she still didn’t acknowledge having a private email server and once again referred to the email scandal being merely about her decision to have “a single email account.” Of course, with the entire mainstream media covering for her, she really doesn’t have all that much to worry about…unless you count the millions of American people who have learned to listen very carefully to every word that proceeds (or doesn’t) from her mouth the same way I have.

Okay, this is Hillary’s full phone interview with Anderson Cooper, which I didn’t hear live because I came in on it midway through. But it’s interesting that she said that when someone shows us who they are, we should believe them; well, I and millions of other Americans believe that Hillary Clinton is exactly who she’s shown us she is, so we finally found something on which we can agree! It would be nice if they’d show the panel swooning over the interview as well…I’m still listening, so perhaps that will be included with this video. I just noticed something else Hillary Clinton does that I observed for the first time when listening to her the other day…she answers a question before it’s even asked, which means she didn’t “really” answer the question everyone thought she answered because it was never fully asked…interesting. But CNN did a real good job as Hillary Clinton’s campaign operatives again tonight…swooning and all!

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