American Pollsters are LITERALLY “Rigging” Poll Results to Show Hillary Clinton Winning

Many in the mainstream media protested loudly when Donald Trump recently started talking about the election being rigged, but as it turns out, he knew exactly what he was talking about because in recent weeks, American pollsters have started changing how they conduct or “weight” their polls so they show Hillary Clinton winning! For instance, on July 29, 2016, the day after the conclusion of the Democratic National Convention (when Donald Trump was winning in virtually every poll, the Reuters news service announced that it was dropping the “Neither” option in their presidential tracking polls, but they didn’t stop there! On top of that, they even “reconfigured” (sounds a LOT like “rigged” to me!) polls they had already published to present different results based on their “reinterpretation” (sounds a LOT like “rigging” again!) of the “Neither” responses in those polls. You just couldn’t make anything like this up! In fact, Pat Caddell, a well-respected pollster and political consultant, said “This comes as close as I have ever seen to cooking the results.” He also said they could get away with doing that since there are no laws about polls, and if it were accounting, they’d put them in jail! This Still Report offers a little more detail about the option change in the Reuters/Ipsos polls, as well as why polls are consistently under reporting support for Trump. As I wrote earlier today, I fully expect Donald Trump to win the upcoming election in a “tidal wave,” but I have to agree with Bill that the silent majority just might deliver a “tsunami” election instead!

Then in this shocking Still Report, Bill details how the polls really are intentionally “rigged” because polls are in fact a marketing tool, meant to “control the flow of information to the public” and intended to “drive” the results by setting “the expectations ahead of time.” The 538 person quoted above also said “poll control” is difficult because Trump has such strong support and all pollsters aren’t playing along with them and are doing “real polling,” and even “predicted that the White House’s Stalinesque control of the information flow to the American people was coming unglued.”

Finally, check out this astonishing and enlightening report, which explains why the polls are showing Hillary Clinton ahead. But the Trump campaign’s internal polls have Donald Trump winning the election by a landslide! For instance, the Trump campaign’s internal polls show Donald Trump winning in Ohio by 7 points, in Pennsylvania by 10 points, in Florida by 10 to 15 points and in California by 3 points! Needless to say, if Donald Trump wins California, game over! So Americans need to keep in mind that the purpose of “rigged” false poll results is to provide cover for the fraud that’s certain to take place so Hillary Clinton and the Democrats can hold onto the corrupt power they’ve amassed over the years. But the truly good news is that the truth will win out in the end, so it doesn’t even matter that American pollsters are literally rigging poll results to show Hillary Clinton winning because she’s going to lose, and she’s going to lose “bigly!”

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