Hillary Clinton Didn’t Even Answer When Jimmy Kimmel Specifically Asked if She’s in Good Health

If the Hillary Clinton campaign, Jimmy Kimmel and the mainstream media think they put questions about Hillary Clinton’s health to rest last night, they’re in for a rude awakening. Anyone who’s halfway familiar with how deliberately evasive and misleading the Clintons are didn’t miss Hillary’s failure to answer last night when Jimmy Kimmel very specifically asked her, “Are you in good health?” Needless to say, she could have simply said “yes” or even “of course” before launching into, “Well, this has become one of their themes…” and suggesting that Jimmy Kimmel take her pulse. But she didn’t do that and she didn’t do it for a very good reason. Giving a direct and simple answer to a very direct and simple question is something the Clintons just don’t do because that doesn’t leave room for “plausible deniability.” So while Jimmy Kimmel, Hillary Clinton and the mainstream media might think “Hillary Clinton Proves She’s in Good Health” is an appropriate description, anyone objectively watching this clip of her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel last night isn’t likely to reach the same conclusion.

If making a joke and mocking serious concerns the American people reasonably have about the health and fitness of someone running to be their president and Commander in Chief is the best response Hillary Clinton’s campaign has to offer, then the American people are entitled to conclude that they don’t have a better answer, which means Hillary Clinton is not in good health and therefore not fit to be President of the United States and Commander in Chief. So they can keep trying to change the subject and hiding the truth by “hiding” Hillary the way they’ve been doing, but the American people are paying attention and aren’t so easily fooled in the days of social media. Fortunately, my life is living proof of the power of prayer, and I’m VERY confident that God is answering my prayer over the past few years to bring to light the things being done in darkness and certain there’s a whole lot more to come!

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