Forensic Evidence Exposes the Clinton Foundation as an International Charity Scam

Recent news reports say the Clinton Foundation will stop taking donations from foreign countries and corporations if Hillary Clinton is elected president, but additional new evidence about the Clinton Foundation scam is so bad that even the mainstream media isn’t buying that. Some usual Clinton supporters have even called for the foundation to be shut down right now because increasing forensic evidence has exposed the undeniable connections between the HUGE “donations” given to the Clinton Foundation while Hillary was Secretary of State and the favorable treatment the donors received from the State Department. That includes endangering our national security by selling twenty percent of America’s uranium and top military technology to Russia; which Hillary Clinton’s State Department approved over the protest of the Defense Department and greatly benefited those who donated MILLIONS of dollars to the Clinton Foundation or to Bill Clinton in questionable speaking fees. The statistics known at this time regarding the extent of Clinton corruption and “pay to play” at the State Department are included in this report on Fox News. And now that new forensic evidence has raised questions about the formation of the Clinton Foundation and related entities and how they’re violated state, federal and foreign laws governing tax exempt and charitable organizations on many levels, it’s clear that the Clinton Foundation is an international charity scam on a scale never before seen in the entire world.

One of the most disgusting and outrageous examples of the Clinton Foundation’s international charity scam is how they misappropriated over fourteen billion dollars intended to rebuild Haiti after the disastrous earthquake in 2010, which the Haitian people literally have nothing to show for. But Bill and Hillary Clinton got very rich and Hillary Clinton’s brother, Tony Rodham, got “sweetheart” gold mining contracts in Haiti. The Haitian people didn’t want their country’s gold stolen by big mining companies, but that’s exactly what’s happening thanks to Bill and Hillary Clinton. So the only thing the Clintons did for Haiti was to corrupt their government and country with their criminal enterprise; hiding it under the cloak of charity, which is nothing but a huge international scam. And this documentary reveals just how wicked and criminal the Clintons’ Haitian charity scam really was, which there’s no excusing or justifying because it was nothing but another charity scam that enriched the Clintons and their fat cat donors.

So no matter how hard the mainstream media and the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign try to cover it up, the truth about the Clinton Foundation exposed in the Clinton Cash Documentary is finally coming to light now because others started seriously investigating the connections between the billions of dollars donated to the Clinton Foundation and actions taken at the State Department under Hillary Clinton. For instance, this interview with Charles Ortel by Stefan Molyneux earlier this month forensically exposes the shocking fraudulent and criminal nature of the Clinton Foundation; including how over forty million dollars claimed on their tax filings that were supposed to help the victims in Haiti just disappeared and haven’t been accounted for to this day. As Charles Ortel revealed to Stefan Molyneux, after Hillary Clinton became Secretary of State in January and Bill Clinton was appointed Special Envoy to Haiti by the United Nations in late May of 2009, as verified in this article, on June 1, 2009, the Clinton Foundation illegally created a new charitable foundation in Florida called the William J. Clinton Foundation Corporation (note the mailing address was changed right after Hillary left office as Secretary of State), which for some reason was not created as a subsidiary of the Clinton Foundation., yet immediately started doing business as a tax exempt entity in Haiti. Then a few days after the devastating earthquake that killed half a million people in Haiti on January 12, 2010, the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund was set up and announced by President Obama., and the largest expenditure of the Clinton Foundation in 2010 was a 37.2 million dollar donation to that fund. That donation was sent to a post office box in Maryland, but the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund filings don’t show that they had an office in Maryland. The Clinton Bush Haiti Fund’s tax filings also showed a million dollar donation in material goods from the Clinton Foundation in 2010, but the Clintons claimed a donation of four million plus in material goods. Charles Ortel goes on to describe how the Clintons operated illegally under tax exempt entities that don’t exist and claimed a merger between charitable tax exempt corporations, which isn’t even legally possible. These were corporations related to aids and the Gates Foundation; including a donation of twenty million dollars reported by the Gates Foundation to the Clinton Foundation in 2009, which the Clintons only reported as a donation of fifteen million dollars. Ortel even reports an instance of one hundred million dollars not being accounted for from the Clinton Foundation’s largest donor (UNITAID, which started in 2006 as a partnership between the governments of Brazil, Chile, France, Norway and Britain, who contributed a total of six hundred million dollars over all); two hundred million of which was donated between September of 2006 and December of 2008–right when Hillary Clinton needed a lot of money for her 2008 presidential campaign. The brazen disregard for law revealed in this interview with Charles Ortel is something Americans really need to listen to because it’s all about to be uncovered in the weeks and months leading up to the election, and no one will be able to deny or make excuses for the astounding criminal and corrupt nature of the Clinton Foundation and other Clinton related fraudulent money laundering slush funds. This is so much worse than even the most ardent Clinton opponents ever imagined possible, which is probably why we’ve started hearing DEMOCRATS calling for the Clinton Foundation to be shut down right now, and not only if Hillary Clinton is elected President of the United States. That’s because it’s become obvious to all objective observers that the Clinton foundation is nothing but an international charity scam of monumental proportion.

Additionally, in another interview from last month, Charles Ortel refers to the Clinton Foundation as a “one hundred billion dollar global Charity fraud” and criminal conspiracy, and gives even more detail (though in a much shorter interview) about the Clinton Foundation receiving tax exempt status for the “narrow purpose of being a presidential archive and research facility in Little Rock.” In other words, the Clinton Foundation “…never got authorization from the IRS to pursue international purposes. And they never got authorization validly from the IRS to convene meetings for the Clinton Global Initiative to fight obesity, to do a bunch of other things that they say they’ve been doing.” That’s really interesting in light of Charles Ortel’s revelation in the Stefan Molyneux interview that it was the same Lois Lerner who did her best to keep conservative organizations from getting tax exempt status who approved tax exempt status for a shady Clinton organization in March of 2010 (in less than ninety days) called the Clinton Health Access Initiative, Inc.. That entity was created in late 2009 in an effort to hide the Clintons’ fraudulent “charity” activities as the Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative, Inc.; which they operated as a tax exempt entity even though it was NEVER approved or given tax exempt status by the IRS. And it’s not legally possible to “merge” a non-tax exempt entity with the tax exempt Clinton Foundation as Bill Clinton claimed he did. Yet that non-tax exempt entity received and accepted a $750K donation from the Gates Foundation; who appear to have close ties to Clinton entities and established the International AIDS Trust, which still operates today even though it was dissolved in the state of Georgia in 2005, where it was established on January 29, 2001. It’s a shame that this kind of fraudulent activity gives reputable charities a bad name; but like Charles Ortel says, the Clintons are like Robin Hood in reverse because they steal from the poor to reward the rich, which he understandably finds reprehensible. .

However, as we know, Charles Ortel isn’t the only one who has investigated the Clintons and concluded that they’ve been operating a criminal enterprise, which former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani details here on Fox News. In fact, Rudy Giuliani calls the Clinton Foundation donations and the favor and access they bought with Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State a racketeering enterprise, which I agree with. I also believe the Clintons are guilty of treason, and this is in part why I believe that.

I honestly believe that when history looks back at the Clinton Foundation and the magnitude of criminal activities and corruption associated with Bill and Hillary Clinton, they will go down in history as America’s most notorious crime family because the Clinton crime syndicate makes the mafia look like choir boys! Another important observation is that even though as mentioned above, Bill and Hillary Clinton were in charge of at least fourteen billion dollars earmarked to help rebuild Haiti, there’s no perceptible change in Haiti, which is a classic example of how Democrats get rich at the expense of poor, uneducated people! And after listening to everything Charles Ortel revealed in his interview with Stefan Molyneux, I think this information could be the basis for the “double cross” I’ve been expecting from President Obama because everyone knows he doesn’t like the Clintons any more than they like him. So, as I wrote about the other day, Hillary Clinton might not become the president even if she’s elected because the Democratic Party would be forced to abandon her if all of this ever percolates up through the mainstream media as it seems to be doing now, or if an honest prosecutor takes his or her allegiance to the Constitution seriously enough to actually charge and prosecute Hillary Clinton’s crimes to the fullest extent of the law. It’s also remotely possible that she got a pass from FBI Director James Comey on the laws she broke regarding her email and endangering national security because they knew something much more serious was coming. But as I’ve written about previously, I won’t hold my breath for that because FBI Director James Comey’s announcement was one of the most disgraceful and saddest days in our country’s history. In any case, it’s a shameful disgrace that a country like the United States has been so thoroughly corrupted at the very highest levels of our government, and I hope and pray that the vast majority of American people will see it the same way and vote them all out of office in November. Surely the American people don’t want a proven scam artist in the White House!

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