Donald Trump Promised REAL Hope and Change for Blacks Trapped in America’s Inner Cities

Democrats have maintained control of governments running America’s black inner cities for decades by falsely accusing Republicans of being racist and a danger to millions of black Americans trapped in poverty and crime ridden inner cities, where unemployment and lack of suitable public education for black youth have become a national disgrace. So it’s very refreshing and exciting to finally have a Republican leader who’s willing to take on that lie and represent the heart of most Republicans, including me! Barack Obama campaigned on “hope and change” when running for president in 2008, but he hasn’t done a thing to deliver on that promise or to help the millions of black Americans trapped in our inner cities, where dealing with very high crime rates, high unemployment and severely inadequate public schools has become a way of life and made it impossible to achieve the “American Dream.” And the sad truth is that Hillary Clinton won’t do any better for our fellow Americans trapped in America’s inner cities because she’s totally beholden to the teachers’ unions, who have bought and paid for her protection; in fact, the entire Democratic Party operates very much like the mafia.

I literally cried off and on for weeks after I first saw Jesse Watters’ report on an assault at Bartram High School in Philadelphia, where a sixty-eight year old substitute teacher was knocked out cold in the hallway just because he told a student to stop inappropriate behavior. So I strongly encourage everyone to watch this video; it’s one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen because it shows exactly what decades of liberal Democratic policies have done to the youth of our country. The vast majority of those kids in that report don’t stand a chance of ever having a “normal” life; much less ever experiencing the “American Dream.” And it’s the liberal policies of the Democrats running these cities at all levels, as well as their public school systems who literally stole it from them. Yet they were born with the same God given right every American child has to a much better start in life than the one that’s been handed to them by the liberals running the Democratic Party and America’s inner cities. So when Donald Trump asks what the Democrats have done for black Americans in these communities, the only honest answer is absolutely nothing but perpetuate the Democratic policies and systems that have kept them trapped in poverty and crime ridden inner cities for fifty plus years in most cases.

Even more disturbing is realizing that what happened in Philadelphia is not all that unusual, which I discovered as I was searching for the above video. However, beware that most of the following videos contain offensive language and alarming violence. I first found this local news report about the incident at Bartram High School, which includes an interview with the teacher. Then I found this local news report of an incident in Mobile, where a sixty-one year old female teacher was knocked out by a student, then where a sixty-six year old female substitute teacher was knocked out by a student at Nimetz High School for taking his phone because he was texting, this attack on a teacher at Westfield High School in Houston by a student for giving a test, and then this teacher was beaten up at Forest Hill High School in Maryland for allegedly making a racist remark. But the students aren’t the only ones being violent because teachers in inner city schools have turned on disrespectful students as well; such as in this totally out of control situation, same thing here and again here. How can any student get a meaningful education when this is what teachers in inner cities have to deal with on a daily basis. There’s no doubt this is a serious problem throughout inner city schools across America as indicated in this alarming report of how bad the schools are in Baltimore. But instead of holding the students accountable, which WOULD turn things around, it’s just like liberals to put the blame on the teachers. Sadly, the number of suspensions probably went down because they don’t believe in discipline that works; rather the liberals running inner city schools now employ “Restorative Justice Discipline Programs” as revealed in Jesse Watters’ report on the incident at Bartram High School in Philadelphia.

Another example of liberal Democrats’ blatant opposition to law and order and the utter chaos and destruction it creates is Jesse Watters’ report on the explosion of homelessness in New York City after Mayor De Blasio took office and stopped enforcing law and order. And true to his liberal Democratic roots, as soon as Mayor De Blasio got into office, he kept his campaign promise to the teachers’ unions and moved to close down the highly acclaimed successful charter schools in New York City, as detailed in this video. The fact that those charter schools were making a REAL difference in the lives of seventy thousand inner city children didn’t matter to Mayor De Blasio because the Democratic Party is bought and paid for by the teachers’ unions and Democratic leaders will ALWAYS put their best interests above those of the children–EVERY TIME! Despite Mayor De Blasio’s best diversionary tactics and efforts to say otherwise, just listening to his actual campaign promises to the United Federation of Teachers about shutting down the charter schools once he’s elected proves what a liar he is and that he doesn’t really care about the children; rather he’s more concerned about the political fallout. And here’s a John Stossal report on the difference between schools run by unions and the charter schools they hate so much; they’re not at all “politically correct” and the kids excel and love school! So this is just one example of the change Donald Trump promised to make so black Americans trapped in America’s inner cities have real hope for meaningful change and an opportunity to finally escape the trap of poverty and crime ridden communities they’ve been kept in by the liberal Democratic policies that haven’t worked or helped them for the past fifty years.

So I’m with him…our fellow Americans now trapped in the inner cities of America have nothing to lose by putting their trust in Donald Trump to deliver on real hope and change that will make their lives and the lives of their children what they have every right to expect as Americans regardless of their race or personal circumstances. It’s a shameful disgrace that so many millions of black and low income Americans are trapped in virtual enslavement ; where their value to the Democratic Party depends on keeping them trapped in poverty and crime ridden inner cities without providing the education they need to escape. So I’m with Donald Trump because I believe he can and will do that, and I believe he will make that a top priority, which it’s long past time someone did! May God bring healing, fulfillment and His peace to the inner cities of America as the blacks and low income people living in them make the single most important decision in their lifetime as they vote for the next President of the United States.

Finally, instead of allowing the mainstream media and political hacks to tell us what Donald Trump said and meant or didn’t say or mean, it’s important to take the time to listen to him for ourselves and make up our own minds whether or not he’s sincere. So here’s Donald Trump’s rally in Charlotte, North Carolina on Thursday. Here he is in Dimondale, Michigan yesterday, and here he is in Fredericksburg, Virginia earlier today.

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