ObamaCare was ALWAYS Intended to Become Single Payer Universal Health Care

The dirty little secret about “ObamaCare” (otherwise known as the Affordable Care Act or ACA) has finally been outed since it was always intended to become single payer universal health care. However, the Affordable Care Act couldn’t be “sold” as a single payer universal health care plan because the American people didn’t want the government taking control of their health care. That’s why the myth that ObamaCare was a market based health insurance program and the government would merely provide Americans with the infamously disastrous “exchange” website to help find the plan that best meets their needs was hyped to “sell” ObamaCare to the American people. But if Hillary Clinton is elected president, single payer universal health care is exactly what we’ll end up with based on Clinton’s statements in this Democratic presidential debate in January 2008, where single payer universal health care was debated in great detail. So as even more insurance companies are pulling out of ObamaCare, we’re once again hearing public calls for single payer health care.

Unfortunately, as Americans have become all too familiar with, Barack Obama didn’t tell the truth in the debates and in other public statements leading up to the passage of ObamaCare because just like Hillary Clinton, he was in favor of a single payer universal health care plan as proven by this montage of his conflicting statements about that. Barack Obama knew he’d have to lie and deceive the American people about what his ultimate goal was in order to pass ObamaCare as the precursor for a single payer universal health care system in America, and that it could only be accomplished incrementally as he described in alarming detail when talking about how to do that . So the American people were duped by Barack Obama because they didn’t realize that for the majority of Democrats, any and all means are justified when necessary to accomplish the desired end result, which is why they have no problem lying and deceiving the American people to get what they want. In fact, the “architect” of ObamaCare, Jonathan Gruber, boasted that the bill was intentionally written in a “tortured” way because if the Democrats had been honest about what it really was, the bill would not have passed, that “lack of transparency is a huge political advantage”…call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever, but basically, that was really, really critical to getting the thing to pass.” Jonathan Gruber even said the lack of transparency was justified because it was the only way to get ObamaCare passed and he’d rather have the law than not. He also admitted that ObamaCare’s goal was “putting the insurers’ feet to the fire” and that if they failed, the only option left was a single payer plan. Of course, by lawfully mandating that insurers have to insure everyone regardless of their medical risk and that everyone pays the same rate regardless of their health or age, as well as including outrageous deductibles and out-of-pocket expenditures making it less likely that Americans would sign up for it, there was no way the insurance companies could survive.

So now that Americans are aware that ObamaCare as we know it today wasn’t the desired end result and that the ACA law was intentionally written to insure its failure, we should also understand that the next step is for a Democratically controlled federal government to rush in with an emergency solution to the health care crisis the Democrats (no Republicans voted for ObamaCare) deceptively enacted to ultimately become single payer universal health care. So while ObamaCare was promoted as a plan to provide health insurance, it was really designed to destroy the health care insurance industry in the United States, as well as putting an end to health insurance being provided as an employment benefit. The ultimate goal of ObamaCare is to replace it with Medicare/Medicaid as the single payer universal health care system the Democratic Party has been trying to implement for decades, as Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid acknowledged in this interview. And as further proof that ObamaCare was always meant to end up as a single payer universal health care plan, just listen to Nancy Pelosi, who was Speaker of the House when ObamaCare was passed.

With major insurance companies pulling out of the ObamaCare exchanges, including Aetna, Humana and United Health, in addition to skyrocketing premiums and young people electing not to pay the high premiums required to cover the cost of insurance for elderly and chronically ill Americans, as described in this report, ObamaCare is clearly on its last legs. That obviously means an important decision Americans have to make in the upcoming presidential election is whether or not we want a single payer universal health care system or something that’s more efficient and beneficial for its consumers, and that voters need to know what Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are proposing regarding the future of ObamaCare and how each of their plans would affect the future of health care in America. So as seen in the following Fox News reports, each candidates health care proposal was analyzed by Dr. Mark Siegel…Hillary Clinton wants to keep ObamaCare and change it and Donald Trump wants to repeal ObamaCare and replace it.

The future of ObamaCare and health care for the American people is just one of the important issues we all must weigh when electing our next President of the United States this November, so let’s all pray for God to heal our land as Americans unite and refuse to settle for even more lies, corruption, division and the status quo!

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