ALL Black Lives Don’t Matter to Black Lives Matter and the Democratic Party Financing Them

After the second night of violence in Milwaukee that led to another police officer being injured and a white youth being shot, it’s obvious that ALL black lives don’t really matter to Black Lives Matter and the Democratic Party backing and financing their anti-police tactics and the racial unrest and destruction they’ve been fomenting. And now that we know the officer who shot and killed Sylville Smith (who was armed with a stolen semi-automatic weapon) was also an African-American, it’s clear that bringing attention to alleged systemic racism in police departments throughout the country isn’t what really motivates Black Lives Matter. So Americans who have had enough of the racial unrest, destruction, violence and murder of police officers need to call Black Lives Matter out as a political arm of the increasingly progressive Democratic Party that’s creating racial division and chaos for the sole purpose of bringing about the socialist revolution they want. As this post on the Socialist Party USA website proves, their true motivation is “to dismantle the capitalist system” and “the end of police forces” throughout America. The following is an excerpt from the article, which says ”We are grateful to the Movement for Black Lives for all of the work that is being done to dismantle the capitalist system, whose requirement for its existence is human pain, exploitation, and death. We highlight the ongoing and historical attacks of our people of color communities and the use of a police force to enforce systematic racism. As members of the People of Color Commission, we condemn the law enforcement officers involved in these atrocities from the inner cities of this country to its international borders. We condemn the racist attitudes supported by counter-organizations like Blue Lives matter. We condemn the attitude of law and border enforcement agencies towards people of color. We raise the call to the immediate demilitarization of the police departments. We call for the end of police forces and the creation of safe communities cared by its community members.”

As long as we keep asking why Black Lives matter and those on their bandwagon don’t seem equally concerned about the rising crime rates and senseless murders of literally thousands of young blacks in inner cities and the failure of the Democratic leaders in those cities and communities to do something about the disgraceful failure to educate the youth and to provide job opportunities in their communities, as well as why all lives don’t matter, attention is being diverted from the real motivation behind the Black Lives Matter movement and those who are backing them and underwriting everything they do. But if we start asking why ALL black lives don’t matter, we start unravelling the lies the Black Lives Matter movement have relied on to attract so many to their cause. For instance, didn’t the black life of the police officer staring down the barrel of the gun Sylville Smith was holding matter? Was that officer supposed to let Sylville Smith shoot and kill him and who knows how many others if not stopped when he was? Does Black Lives Matter believe black police officers throughout the country are equally as racist as they accuse other police officers of being? Is it the opinion of Black Lives Matter that if a black person is involved in criminal behavior, the police shouldn’t stop them and should allow them to continue committing a crime or to get away with whatever crimes they commit just because they’re black? The real issue for Black Lives Matter and those financing their “movement” is racial and social revolution and not the systemic racism they allege; that’s just the means they’re employing to put an end to all American police forces in furtherance of their revolution.

Additional evidence that Black Lives Matter is motivated by a socialist agenda rather than addressing alleged systemic racism is that like the Milwaukee police officer who shot Sylville Smith in Milwaukee last Friday, three of the six police officers charged in the Freddie Gray case in Baltimore were black. And just as with Darren Wilson in the Michael Brown case, those officers were all either exonerated, found not guilty and/or all charges were dismissed for lack of evidence. Even more evidence that ALL black lives don’t matter to Black Lives Matter is their deafening silence in two of the worst cases of police shooting incidents in the past two years because they occurred in Chicago, Illinois, where Mayor Rahm Emanuel is very closely associated with President Obama. The first was the shocking death of seventeen year old Laquan McDonald, which I wrote about previously because it was so disturbing. Yet Black Lives Matter virtually ignored that case and the obvious political cover-up so Rahm Emanuel wouldn’t lose a very close bid for his re-election as Mayor of Chicago, and there’s no comparison of how they reacted when the video was finally released to the violence and racial unrest they’ve incited in other cities. Not only that, Black Lives Matter virtually ignored the police shooting death of Paul O’Neal, an unarmed eighteen year old black youth in Chicago on July 28, 2016 as he fled a stolen car; especially after this terribly disturbing video (contains offensive language) was released on August 5, 2016. Additional information about the Paul O’Neal police shooting incident is available here, yet despite CNN’s and MSNBC’s history of playing stories like this ad nauseam, I didn’t see it if they even mention the police shooting that took Paul O’Neal’s life. Another police shooting ignored by Black Lives Matter, CNN and MSNBC was when a twenty-three year old black woman, Korryn Gaines, was shot and killed by police in Randallstown, Maryland on August 1, 2016, just a few days after Paul O’Neal’s death in Chicago. Here’s a very sad encounter Korryn Gaines had with police officers (contains offensive language)before the incident where she threatened to shoot police when they came to arrest her at her home and she was shot while holding her five year old son. And here’s the video Korryn Gaines made before that happened. Sadly, this is what America’s police officers have to deal with around the country on a daily basis.

Of course, Black Lives Matter could say they didn’t incite their members to violence and racial unrest in response to the Paul O’Neal and Korryn Gaines police shooting incidents because they were involved in criminal acts, but that doesn’t hold water since the entire Black Lives Matter movement is based on the police shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri despite proof that Michael Brown had just held up a local business and was jay walking. Yet Michael Brown wasn’t shot by police officer Darren Wilson for a robbery or jay walking; rather because he attacked Officer Wilson, attempted to take his gun and charged a police officer instead of complying with his lawful order to halt. Since the Grand Jury didn’t charge Officer Darren Wilson in the Michael Brown shooting incident and even the Obama and Holder Department of Justice cleared him of all charges in the shooting death of Michael Brown, everything that happened in Ferguson and the basis on which the Black Lives Matter movement was started is nothing but a hoax and based on the lies of a single witness. Simply put, “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot!” never happened and is a lie, which Black Lives Matter knows based on the Grand Jury report and the Department of Justice report proving that the man who said that just made it up, and that his testimony was refuted by multiple other witnesses (who happened to also be black), as well as the physical and forensic evidence.

So why does Black Lives Matter keep inciting racial unrest and mistrust of America’s police officers with a proven lie? Well, revolutionaries believe that the end result justifies any means by which that end is accomplished, and the end Black Lives Matter seeks is the end of all police forces in the United States as part of the socialist revolution they’re working to bring about in America. That’s why ALL black lives don’t matter to Black Lives Matter and the progressive Democratic Party that backs and finances them; the only black lives that really matter to them are those they can use and abuse to further their political agenda. As Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee said, the riots are caused by “failed liberal urban policies in these ghettos”. Sheriff Clarke went on to describe ”inescapable poverty…failing public schools…massive black unemployment…dysfunctional families…father absent homes” and he said “the social order in Milwaukee totally collapsed on Saturday night”; all of which is exactly what Black Lives Matter and the progressive Democratic Party backing and financing them want, including Hillary Clinton. Sheriff Clarke described how that works here, and if you doubt it, read my post from yesterday to see where the bulk of Black Lives Matter’s financing comes from, and then read the Socialist Party USA statement of principles. Here’s an excerpt: ”People across the world need to cast off the systems which oppress them, and build a new world fit for all humanity. Democratic revolutions are needed to dissolve the power now exercised by the few who control great wealth and the government. By revolution we mean a radical and fundamental change in the structure and quality of economic, political, and personal relations.” And it goes on to state that their “Socialist Strategy” is “Socialist Feminism and Women’s Liberation,” and that ”Socialist feminism confronts the common root of sexism, racism and classism: the determination of a life of oppression or privilege based on accidents of birth or circumstances. Socialist feminism is an inclusive way of creating social change.” So that’s why our culture has been subjected to such a relentless attack on the traditional American family and the role men play in the family unit and in society in general…I wonder just how many men realize that the socialism they’re fostering includes a war on them as men and on their manhood. In any case, a socialist revolution is already well under way in America, and Black Lives Matter is an essential part of the revolutionary movement, and it’s time for Americans to decide to join them or to take a stand for the American values Black Lives Matter and the Democratic Party (including Hillary Clinton) hate despite how much they try to disguise that truth. So look at what Black Lives Matter, President Obama, Hillary Clinton and the vast majority of Democratic leaders in the country DO rather than listening to what they SAY and the truth will become very evident. Do the research for yourself to find out if black, impoverished communities have fared better under Republicans or under Democrats and the answer should be quite obvious. It’s Republicans who fight for charter schools and school vouchers to give children in failing schools the freedom to be educated outside of the corrupt public school systems in America, and it’s the Democrats who fight tooth and nail for the teachers’ unions who are their bread and butter and want to maintain the status quo even though the public schools in America are failing our children miserably. So no matter how strong the opposition from Democrats, we have to keep fighting for radical changes in our public education system because a good education is the ONLY real hope most impoverished blacks and poor children have to ever escape the ghettos the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton want to keep them in. If the millions of dollars wealthy Democrats and celebrities like George Soros, Jay Z, Beyoncé and others have donated to Black Lives Matter had been put into the impoverished neighborhoods rife with crime, a lack of education and unemployment, they could have made a REAL difference in the lives of the black people they profess to care for. Instead, whether wittingly or not, they’re literally contributing to the despair and resulting violence that’s destroying these communities and the lives of those who live in them and not doing anything to help them out of the poverty traps Democrats have kept them in for generations. So instead of the time these celebrities spend giving lip service to the importance and value of black lives, just imagine what a difference they could make if they literally spent a little time in these communities to help rebuild them instead of supporting and financing their destruction. To me personally, it’s especially offensive when businesses jump on the Black Lives Matter bandwagon as Google did last year when they announced that its charitable component,, is “donating $2.35 million in grants to activist organizations that specialize in improving the circumstances of racial injustices that have swept the nation.” That’s one reason I refuse to use Google anymore and I’d strongly encourage everyone else to do the same and to replace your Gmail email accounts with something else; if we believe something, we have to DO SOMETHING! So let’s all help expose the lies and political agenda that’s really motivating and financing Black Lives Matter by challenging them to prove that ALL BLACK LIVES MATTER and push them and their financial backers to start DOING something to help build up black communities in our country rather than inciting the violence that’s literally burning them down!

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