Rioters Burn Down Milwaukee But CNN and MSNBC are too Busy Bashing Trump to Cover Real News

CNN and MSNBC once again prove their shameless bias and how much they’re in the tank for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign by virtually ignoring the race riots that burned down four businesses in Milwaukee, Wisconsin last night as they continue bashing Donald Trump rather than cover real news. The riots in Milwaukee started yesterday afternoon when a young black man was shot during an encounter with police, but as we all remember, CNN and MSNBC covered the riots in Ferguson, Baltimore, Baton Rouge and Minneapolis non-stop. In fact, they covered and hyped the racial unrest in Baton Rouge and Minneapolis ad nauseam last month even though those incidents didn’t include looting and burning down businesses. However, CNN and MSNBC don’t think it’s newsworthy to cover the riots in Milwaukee, where a BMO Harris bank, a BP gas station, a beauty supply store and an O’Reilly Auto Parts store were burned to the ground in racial riots and looting last night, or that four police officers were injured and at least one reporter was knocked to the ground and beaten. In fact, the rioters were quite proud that the scene was so unsafe that reporters were pulled from covering the riot and looting and that they were able to keep police and fire fighters at bay while they looted and burned down that part of Milwaukee.

So what’s the difference? Well, the difference is that we’re in the midst of a political campaign for President of the United States and the mainstream media, particularly CNN and MSNBC, are in the tank for Hillary Clinton. In fact, they’ve gotten so bad, they’re actually an extension of the Clinton campaign and should be required to register as such. Americans of all political persuasions should be outraged because the role of the news media has clearly changed from reporting news to making news; which is a sure sign that American democracy is under attack and in real danger. America as we know it will cease to exist if we allow our government or political operatives to control the news and what is or isn’t reported the way CNN and MSNBC are doing right now. So it’s time for Americans who recognize this dangerous precedent to stand up and DO SOMETHING about it before it’s too late, and to that end, I’m encouraging everyone to start boycotting advertisers on both CNN and MSNBC because the only thing that really talks in the world of politics is power and money, and we the people still have the power to make our voices heard. So I’ll be setting up a page here soon to help get a boycott of CNN and MSNBC sponsors under way.

The real reason CNN and MSNBC don’t want to cover the riots and luting in Milwaukee and that four businesses and the jobs of everyone they employed went up in smoke last night is because it reflects badly on the Democrats running the government there, as well as on Hillary Clinton as the head of the Democratic Party. The Democrats have been stoking racial division for political purposes for years and now that it’s getting out of hand, they’ve lost control and communities all around the country are suffering the consequences and paying the high cost. That’s especially offensive when the people whose political power depends on unrest and dissatisfaction in these communities (who haven’t lifted a finger to make a REAL difference) have the nerve to come out in the midst of situations like what happened last night in Milwaukee and “blame” the very system they’re part of; which is exactly what Milwaukee Alderman Khalif Rainey did yesterday when he blamed the violence on a lack of education and employment, and threatened even more violence as you can hear here.

Below, you’ll find unedited and unfiltered videos of the riots last night, which include offensive and vile language. But that’s the only way to see what’s really important in this presidential election because this is what’s going on in cities managed by Democrats; which has gotten much worse under President Obama and will get worse yet under Hillary Clinton if she’s elected. So I hope and pray that black Americans will realize that it’s not in the Democratic Party’s best political interest to resolve the real problems of terribly deficient education and lack of job opportunities in impoverished communities, which make black youth of America vulnerable to being drawn into this kind of chaos and burning down their own neighborhoods to get attention. In the two days preceding last night’s riot, there were nine shootings and five deaths in Milwaukee that didn’t involve the police; yet that’s apparently not sufficient to raise the concern of Alderman Khalif Rainey and other Democratic leaders around the country in cities like Baltimore and Chicago, where the murders of black youth without police involvement are just as high or higher than the past few days in Milwaukee. That’s why it’s so important to recognize the political revolutionary component to all of this; particularly the revolutionary politics behind Black Lives Matter, which is funded by prominent Democrats closely connected to President Obama and Hillary Clinton, as revealed here. Supporters of Black Lives Matter closely affiliated with President Obama also include Jay Z and Beyoncé, as indicated here, here, here and here. In fact, in the original version of “Dreams from My Father,” Barack Obama wrote about the political benefits of stirring up racial tension and division when he said, “race baiting could make up for a host of limitations, a steady attack on the white race, the constant recitation of black people’s brutal experience in this country served as the ballast that could prevent the ideas of personal and communal responsibility from tipping into an ocean of despair.” Then after that, he said, “’yes,’ the Nationalist would say, ‘whites are responsible for your sorry state, not any inherent flaws in you.’” So listen to Barack Obama speak about the deep-seated racism that drives him in his own words and how he says that can be used to stoke racial unrest and accomplish a desired political end. And here’s an article I wrote previously explaining how racism feeds the socialist/racist revolution Barack Obama and many Democrats (including the mainstream media) want to see in America.

Here are the videos from the midst of the riot—offensive language, vile racism and all:
Police Cars and Gas Station Burn as Police Attempted to Control Rioters
BP Gas Station on Fire
Shocking Jubilance and Incitement in the Midst of Violence and Destruction Up Close

Hillary Clinton has repeatedly proven her willingness to bow to Black Lives Matter and this kind of chaos, disorder and destruction, and anyone who thinks it won’t get a lot worse if she wins this November is in for a very rude awakening if she’s elected president. The reason we don’t see this kind of lawlessness in cities managed by Republicans is because they sincerely work to resolve the problems in impoverished communities and uphold law and order instead of catering to the politically motivated anarchy condoned, sponsored and underwritten by the Democratic Party. So Americans have a very serious choice to make this November regarding which kind of America we want—a country where law and order prevails or a country of lawless chaos with total disregard for life, civility and the rule of law.

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