Democrats and the News Media Have Truly Perfected “Putting Lipstick on a Pig”

Watching the news media the morning after Hillary Clinton’s coronation in Philadelphia last night was heartbreaking because they clearly have no journalistic integrity left, and a nation without a truly independent and honest press cannot stand. So Americans who watched only CNN and MSNBC this morning will be left with the false impression that the Democrats put on a wonderful show of unity, patriotism and support of our police and military last night, and that Hillary Clinton is a wonderfully competent and compassionate woman. Yes indeed, they have truly perfected the art of putting lipstick on a pig because absolutely none of that is true and they know it!

The truth is that when General John Allen took to the stage with other military people last night, he had to shout because the audience booed and taunted them with chants of “Lies! Lies! Lies!” and “No more wars! No more wars!” And then when Medal of Honor winner, Florent Groberg, stood before the Democratic Convention, Democrats literally turned their backs on him as he spoke and was also taunted with chants of “No more wars! No more wars!” When Sheriff Lupe Valdez of Dallas County, Texas asked for a moment of silence to honor fallen police officers, with some of their family members with her on the stage, loud shouts of “Black lives matter! Black lives matter!” rang out. But she wasn’t really there to honor police anyway; you could even say she was chosen as the DNC’s “token” police officer because she’s also a Latina and proud lesbian. So the presentation of the Democrats as ultra-patriotic supporters of police and country was nothing but a ridiculous façade; which was necessary because the Republicans had pointed out the lack of American flags the first days and how they ignored the families of murdered police officers even though they invited and honored the mothers of Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland and others. In fact, police officers weren’t even allowed to wear uniforms on the convention floor (which is sadly reminiscent of Hillary Clinton’s greatest concern when discussing rescuing Americans in the midst of the terrorist attack in Benghazi). So despite their best efforts, the delegates were far from united as people on the floor testified after the fact since they did their best to cover it up with chants and loud music…including how Hilary Clinton herself was booed repeatedly.

Additionally, the Democratic Convention’s “gauzy” attempt to make Hillary Clinton something she isn’t, an agent of change, is pretty easy to see through with just a little knowledge of the facts. For instance, we heard a lot about how she “helped,” “worked to,” or “supported” various “changes,” but the facts paint a very different picture. Here are the only three bills passed with Hillary’s name on them during her eight years in the Senate, so all that warm and fuzzy stuff we heard about how Hillary Clinton “works across the aisle,” “gets things done” and is a real “change maker” is a big fat lie with no facts or evidence to back it up. And as we all know, when it comes to the Clintons, words really do matter as proven when Bill Clinton said “it depends on what the meaning of is is”.

Hillary Clinton’s record as Secretary of State was so disastrous that they virtually skipped over those four years of her biography at the Democratic Convention, and since that’s been covered in great detail in previous posts here, I’m just going to skip over it other than saying that there’s absolutely nothing positive that can be said of what she did in those four years because she demonstrated total disregard for our laws, rules and even a modicum of restraint when it came to foreign policy. She left a path of utter chaos and destruction in every single country where she “meddled,” the cost of which will be borne by many generations to come.

Then near the end of Bill Clinton’s unbelievable attempt to “vouch” for Hillary Clinton’s character (which few people who know anything believe), I couldn’t believe my ears when he said, “How did this square with the things that you heard at the Republican Convention? What’s the difference in what I told you and what they said? How do you square it? You can’t. One is real, the other is made up.” Wow! He actually told the truth and invited everyone to challenge his own credibility because he’s the one who made everything up!! And since I agree with him that the American people will have to decide which is the “real” Hillary, I suggest listening to Bill’s speech very carefully (especially for the “qualifying” or “limiting” words he used) because the entire Democratic National Convention was a well-staged illusion and no more reality than the web of deception and farcical “love story” Bill Clinton spun at the convention Tuesday night!

So let’s try to figure out what the “real” indisputable evidence tells us about the “real” Hillary Clinton as opposed to the fantasy presented at the Democratic National Convention. Every presentation and person who spoke on her behalf attempted to portray Hillary Clinton as someone who would ALWAYS go to bat to defend and protect helpless children, but the facts and the words out of Hillary Clinton’s own mouth reveal a very different Hillary. So listen as the “real” Hillary Clinton literally brags and laughs about getting a forty-two year old rapist a ridiculous plea deal despite knowing that he had viciously raped a little twelve year old girl. I wanted to throw up when I heard her brag about the lengths she went to in order to get the attention of the “premier” blood analyst, about whom she said, “If you could get him interested in the case, then you knew you had the foremost expert in the world willing to testify so that it came out the way you wanted it to come out.” And at the end of the above tape, there’s no doubt she was pleased that she “got him off” with just “two months” for time served despite knowing full well that he had brutally raped a young girl. And just as disgusting as that, it’s shocking to see how far some in the news media will go to defend and make excuses for her even though they knew full well that the disgraceful attitude she exhibited in the preceding tape wasn’t about her view of the judicial system. Additionally, she didn’t have to take that case as they said, and this video also reveals just how desperate some news media celebrities really are to protect and defend her…they’re definitely putting lipstick on a pig! So everyone should listen to Hillary in her own words and her tone and attitude to determine if that’s the “real” Hillary or the mythical version invented at the Democratic Convention this week. That young girl’s life was ruined and if Hillary Clinton really cared about women and children and “regrets” taking that case as she claimed in one of her books, she would have done something to help this poor woman, which she certainly could afford to do if she cared so much. And if she’s really done so much to “change” the lives of so many children and women, I’m surprised they weren’t at the convention to sing her praises.

The Democratic Convention also made a big deal about what a champion Hillary Clinton has been for women, but none of Bill Clinton’s rape and molestation victims or Jennifer Flowers (who he had an adulterous relationship with for twelve years with Hillary’s knowledge) seem to believe that based on how she treated them. So let’s see what the “real” facts say about the “real” Hillary when it comes to women; particularly when it comes to victims of rape and sexual assault. Hillary says rape victims should be heard and believed …until she said ”until they are disbelieved based on evidence” when asked if Bill’s rape victims should be believed. She apparently knew about her husband raping Juanita Broaddrick as well. In fact, she actually thanked Juanita for keeping her mouth shut about it based on an encounter they had a few weeks after the rape, which Juanita perceived as a threat. Sadly, Bill Clinton is a serial rapist and Hillary Clinton enabled his violent predatory behavior throughout their marriage for the sake of her own political ambitions. While knowing that Hillary actually led efforts to smear, discredit and destroy Bill’s sexual assault victims should be enough to discredit her claims as someone who has always defended women, the hypocrisy of so-called feminists really isn’t surprising since they didn’t believe the truth even when they heard Hillary’s own words describing how she defended a man she knew had viciously raped and beaten a twelve year old girl. So it’s just not possible to hear the testimonies of all these women and sincerely believe Bill Clinton’s shamelessly deceptive depiction of his relationship with Hillary, which we know doesn’t exist based solely on the information proven in previous court cases. For instance, after Bill and Hillary Clinton arrogantly lied to the American people about his twelve year adulterous relationship with Jennifer Flowers, He finally acknowledged it under oath in the Paula Jones sexual harassment case six years later. And speaking of the Paula Jones case, Bill Clinton ultimately paid $850,000.00 to settle the case, which is a pretty good indication that he was lying about Paula Jones too! But if there’s anyone foolish enough to believe the lies Bill Clinton told at the Democratic Convention about his and Hillary’s “love story,” it might be a real good idea to watch how brazenly he lied to the American people about Monica Lewinsky; which he did repeatedly until an infamous blue dress stained with his semen proved without a doubt was a very deliberate and calculated lie. So anyone tempted to ever believe a word that comes out of Bill Clinton’s mouth should listen to his shameful testimony about that under oath, and if anyone still believes him after hearing that, the shame is on them.

Of course, it was quite interesting to hear President Obama touting Hillary Clinton’s praises, competence and reliability at the Democratic Convention having heard Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign ad calling Hillary Clinton a liar. Even though that should say all there is to say, it’s also noteworthy that he didn’t really say anything all that significant to recommend her for president. It was also amusing to hear him say she has an “infectious” laugh, which isn’t really how very many would describe Hillary Clinton’s laugh! Of course, he did say she was “in the room” too lest we forget that. Personally, I thought that was a pretty lack lustre endorsement if I ever heard one, so it’s amazing to hear how the media virtually swooned over it. However, I did agree with one thing President Obama said; based on her job titles and years in the positions she held, Hillary Clinton really should be the most qualified person to run for president. But her total lack of judgment and accomplishments in all those years only proves her unfit to hold the office and that she can’t be trusted with the power and responsibility that comes with it. So anyone who honestly thinks they can believe ANYTHING Hillary Clinton says definitely needs to listen to this amazing video of how she lies and contradicts herself by claiming to be on both sides of almost every significant issue.

It’s not too surprising that the Democratic Convention’s total separation from truth was very much on display when it came to Donald Trump, which was especially interesting considering how strongly they criticized and mocked the Republicans for talking about Hillary Clinton so much at their convention. And it’s especially not surprising that one of the most deliberate lies came right out of Hillary Clinton’s own mouth when she said Donald Trump “called women pigs” because as everyone knows, he only called Rosie O’Donnell a pig. And he only did that after she attacked him for giving Miss USA, Tara Conner< a second chance when it was disclosed that she had a drug problem; which the Democrats would normally consider a good thing. But taking the risk of telling such a bald-faced lie was worthwhile for Hillary since it was meant to offend women and drive them to vote for her, which it might well do to some degree. One of the saddest and most pathetic lies repeated at the Democratic Convention came from Khizr Khan, who would have otherwise been a very sympathetic figure due to the loss of his son while serving our country; but what he said was not at all related to anything Donald Trump has ever said or implied. In fact, that was political theatre at its best and a sad example of how desperate the Democrats are; which anyone who listens honestly to what Donald Trump really said in context knows (including the millions of Americans who voted for him). His suggestion to implement a temporary ban on Muslims isn’t about being prejudiced or a hater, or even “ignorant”; it’s about using common sense to keep Americans safe from people who want to kill us and take over our country until potential immigrants can be properly vetted. Perhaps the people who really think that’s a bad idea don’t know that our top intelligence leaders have said it’s not possible to “vet” people coming in from Syria and that ISIS is infiltrating refugees in other regions as well. What Mr. Khan said so dramatically about our Constitution wasn’t applicable or true either since our Constitution doesn’t grant rights to non-citizens, which is what Donald Trump has been talking about. I’ve written extensively about Uma Abedin before, so won’t get into that and her very close relationship with Hillary Clinton and how dangerous that is again here. But it is important to point out the hypocrisy of such hand wringing by the Democrats and some Republicans because they should know that it’s perfectly legal and CONSTITUTIONAL for presidents to ban people from entrance into our country under certain circumstances. In fact, even President Obama himself has banned Muslims from coming here because of their suspected terrorist connections, along with the last five of his predecessors! So people need to read the text of the applicable law at the link above and stop the nonsense because Donald Trump is far from ignorant since he obviously knows the applicable law better than his critics and is more concerned about our safety than political correctness.

Also, Donald Trump hasn’t ever called for the US to pull out of NATO as stated repeatedly at the Democratic Convention and elsewhere, so listen to what he actually said about “revamping” and “updating” NATO. Donald Trump didn’t say he wouldn’t defend our NATO partners either regardless of the Democrats and news media falsely saying that over and over again, so listen to this report which quotes exactly what he said. He actually said that the US wouldn’t “automatically” defend NATO partners who aren’t fulfilling their part of the NATO agreement by making the required financial contributions, but would defend those who are abiding by the terms of the NATO agreement. And based on information provided by NATO, funding and financial accountability have been an issue and concern for NATO since the Wales Summit in 2014.

Additionally, we keep hearing from Hillary’s campaign and the news media how Donald Trump committed treason by encouraging Russia to “hack” the Secretary of State’s emails. Well, that’s nonsense on so many levels, but the most interesting is that President Bill Clinton himself signed a treaty with Russia in 1999, titled Treaty with Russia on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters, which provides for a broad range of cooperation in criminal matters including the production of documents and information. Donald Trump was clearly mocking and goading the mainstream news media when he said that, and no one in their right mind really thinks Donald Trump believes for one minute that the media would “reward” Russia “mightily” if they released Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails. So they fell right into that trap and provided even more proof of how dishonest the media and Democrats are, which is a disgrace and exactly why the American people don’t trust any of them and are willing to “take a chance” on Donald Trump even though he has no political experience…and maybe even BECAUSE he isn’t a politician and has a proven track record as a businessman. So once again, while the media, Democrats and Republican elites like to talk about how ignorant Donald Trump is, it appears that they’re the ones who don’t know what they’re talking about. Unfortunately for them, they don’t even realize how this kind of stuff just makes people more likely to support Donald Trump; most people don’t like liars and seeing people trying to “rig” the election the same way the Democrats did in their primaries.

That reminds me of another lie repeatedly told at the Democratic Convention…that Donald Trump isn’t a successful businessman, that he bankrupted everything he touched and didn’t make anything here in America…blah…blah…blah. Well, the “didn’t make anything in America” is obviously not true since he has so many buildings and businesses gracing America’s skylines all over the United States. And while he did file for “reorganization” bankruptcy four times, it’s important to look at what that means instead of relying on the false implications of that well-worn mantra. Needless to say, making that out to be a negative aspect of Trump’s business experience (especially lying about it as Hillary Clinton did) is just further proof of the hypocrisy on display at the Democratic Convention since President Obama and the Democrats were ALL ON BOARD (and I don’t recall hearing them express concern for the people who “lost everything”) when they put General Motors and Chrysler into bankruptcy and literally violated bankruptcy laws to benefit the executives and unions and put dealers out of business based solely on their political party affiliation. Here’s a little more of the shocking details of what Obama and the Democrats did to Yale King and other Republican auto dealers in the “auto bail-out” they were all for because misappropriating bankruptcy laws was the only way they could accomplish what they wanted—taking over the auto industry to “redistribute the wealth” to their donors, which Hillary Clinton was all for. So listening to the preceding videos should be more than enough to make any truly fair-minded, non-socialist individual scared to death to vote for Hillary Clinton!

While I give the Democratic National Committee and mainstream news media a lot of credit for putting lipstick on a pig to foster the false illusion that the Democratic National Convention and their candidate was and is something they’re far from being, the really good news is that they no longer “control the message” as they have in years gone by and people can get the news these days without the biased filters the Democrats have relied on for so many years. But they don’t seem to get that yet, and don’t realize that “putting lipstick on a pig” or trying to “make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear” just doesn’t work anymore. So while there will always be a surprising number of true believers who refuse to see the truth regardless of the strength of the evidence, it’s apparent that the majority of Americans know “phoney” when they hear and see it…just as they know sincerity when they hear and see it. Thankfully, God really is bringing to light the things being done in darkness and it’s not so easy to mislead and deceive the American people anymore!

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