Let’s Remember Who’s Really Colluding with Russia!

The mainstream news media has been feverishly pitching the notion that Donald Trump is “colluding” with Russia to interfere with the upcoming election by releasing the hacked Democratic National Committee emails right before the Democratic Convention; especially with the threat of even more emails to come. Of course, since that’s the sole focus of their reporting, we’re not hearing much about the reprehensible bigoted, racist and insulting content of the Democratic National Committee emails; much less that they proved that the DNC was literally working on Hillary Clinton’s behalf to make sure she won the Democratic Party nomination, along with colluding with the news media. The media is also doing their best to distract from how upset Bernie Sanders’ supporters are about having proof that the system was in fact “rigged” to keep Bernie from winning, which is the basis for a recently filed racketeering lawsuit alleging significant voter fraud in Democratic primaries throughout the country. It’s also important to remember that last month’s initial report about Russia hacking into the Democratic National Committee’s email server wasn’t seen as such a bad thing at the time since the early reports said they were looking for “dirt” on Donald Trump as reported by Andrea Mitchell.

So Donald Trump confronted the Clinton campaign’s lies head on today as he often does with a full press conference, which just handed the media another rabbit hole to run down when he half-jokingly asked Russia to find Hillary Clinton’s thirty thousand missing emails and said the media would really reward them. While the news media thinks that’s terrible and is now accusing Donald Trump of inviting and encouraging Russia to hack into America’s emails, I’m willing to bet the majority of Americans agree with Trump and would like to see those missing emails as well! It’s also hard to see how Donald Trump was encouraging Russians or anyone else to “hack” Hillary’s email since that’s something that no longer exists because Hillary Clinton and her lawyers deleted the emails and did their best to “wipe” the server clean. So the only way Russia or anyone else could possibly release the missing emails would be if they had “hacked” the server before Donald Trump and the rest of us even knew it existed; which was already suspected and even concerned the news media, who freely admitted it would be a much bigger story if Donald Trump wasn’t in the mix. And if the server was hacked by Russia as everyone suspects, it’s really hard to believe the news media actually thinks Americans don’t have a right to know what those emails say BEFORE voting for Hillary Clinton in November. Of course, the sad truth is that they don’t want us to see those emails or any others because they’re colluding with Hillary Clinton and the Democrats to make sure she gets elected and are scared to death of what might be in those missing/deleted emails. And based on this video about just a few things already revealed, they have real good reason to worry about what even more of Hillary Clinton’s secret emails might prove!

However, putting all of that aside, the real concern the mainstream news media and all Americans should have is what we already know about Hillary Clinton’s relationship with Vladimir Putin and Russia since she’s the only presidential candidate who’s been “colluding” with them, and literally endangered America’s national security in the process. Despite the media’s feigned concern regarding Donald Trump being openly “friendly” with Putin or because he wants to improve America’s relations with Russia, they were all on board and very approving and in complete awe when Hillary Clinton presented the infamous “reset button” to Russia’s Foreign Minister soon after becoming Secretary of State. Apparently, Hillary Clinton herself thought that was a real good idea at the time and obviously welcomed the opportunity to make her intentions known in the well-staged public press event seen in the preceding video. Since the definition of “collusion” according to Wikipedia is an agreement between two or more parties, sometimes illegal and therefore secretive, to limit open competition by deceiving, misleading, or defrauding others of their legal rights, or to obtain an objective forbidden by law…typically by defrauding or gaining an unfair market advantage, giving Russia’s Foreign Minister a “reset Button” doesn’t constitute collusion. Of course, that also means that there’s no evidence, implied or otherwise, of Donald Trump colluding with Russia since he very publicly asked them to release Hillary Clinton’s thirty thousand missing emails if they do in fact have them.

However, there’s a great deal of evidence that Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton colluded with a number of players in a fraudulent scheme they ran through the Clinton Foundation that ultimately transferred the control of up to fifty percent of America’s uranium production right into the hands of Vladimir Putin through Uranium One, as reported here in detail. So if the news media is really concerned about who’s willing to put our country at risk for their own enrichment and personal gain, I strongly suggest watching this “Clinton Cash” documentary and honestly investigating and reporting on what it says between now and the upcoming election. But the very sad truth is that they don’t really care because they’re blinded by their own liberal/socialist ideology, and by the time they do (barring God’s divine intervention), it will be too late for them and for America.

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