It Looks Like Jill Stein Co-opted Bernie’s Revolution Last Night

Contrary to The Democratic Party’s best efforts to present a vision of unity in support of Hillary Clinton, that’s far from the truth as illustrated in this article about how Green Party Candidate Jill stein marched into the Democratic Convention last night and marched right back out again with many Bernie supporters in tow! While I didn’t agree with much of what Bernie Sanders’ campaign was about, I still felt very sorry for his ardent supporters as I watched him throw them under the bus and tell them that they had to get behind and vote for Hillary Clinton, who literally embodies EVERYTHING he spoke out against during his campaign. I can only imagine the sense of disappointment and betrayal they must have felt because they really believed in Bernie Sanders and the revolution he so passionately encouraged them to participate in.

Then as I watched Jill Stein boldly step in and usurp Bernie Sanders’ revolutionary message in this remarkable stroke of genius last night and give the “true believers’ hope and encouragement, I had a sense that history was being made and that Jill Stein will end up being the greatest threat to Hillary Clinton’s long sought dream of becoming President of the United States.. She makes a lot of sense and supporting her doesn’t require those who believe in change to suspend all common sense as did Bernie Sanders’ abandoning them and his cause for the sake of unity with the woman who represents everything he’s been railing against for the past year or more. Jill Stein might also appeal to the women who are voting for Hillary Clinton just because she’s a woman, and it will be interesting to see if last night really was a significant turning point in the upcoming presidential election as I suspect. In any case, I think Green Party candidate Jill Stein is someone to keep an eye on this election season since I believe Bernie’s most ardent supporters will support her now because Bernie Sanders really did sell them out, which she took full advantage of last night. There’s no doubt that she finally caught the attention of the national news media, so I’m sure we’ll all be hearing a lot more about her in the coming weeks and months; especially once the Hillary Clinton cronies start trying to destroy and discredit her. I don’t know anything about Jill Stein, but she’s obviously very well spoken and perhaps even charismatic (especially in comparison to Hillary Clinton) and there’s no doubt that she was speaking right to the hearts and souls of Bernie Sanders’ disillusioned supporters last night and very likely co-opted his message and revolution.

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