Corruption, Lies and Death Always Reign in Hillary’s Parade

As Hillary Clinton prepares to officially accept the Democrat nomination for President of the United States this week, corruption, lies and very timely deaths once again reign in her parade. From the first days Bill and Hillary Clinton burst into the consciousness of the American people through today, they’ve been clouded in corruption, lies and one very timely and convenient death after another, and they took their endless parade of corruption from Arkansas right into the White House, which continued through the eight years they were in the White House, Hillary’s scandal ridden run for the Senate and the eight years she was there right on through her four years as Secretary of State. And now we’ve into her corrupt run for president and are just learning how Hillary Clinton’s penchant for corruption, lies and scandal have infected and corrupted the Democratic National Committee, which was used as an extension of her presidential campaign to steal the primary election from Bernie Sanders and the millions who voted for him as documented here, here and here. However, most people aren’t aware of the very timely and suspicious deaths of those connected to Bill and Hillary Clinton and even to The Democratic National Committee, including the recent deaths of two men who had knowledge that would have stopped Hillary’s parade of corruption and lies into the White House dead in its tracks. First, the former President of the United Nations General Assembly, John Ashe, died in his home quite mysteriously on June 22, 2016, which was the day before he was scheduled to testify in a bribery case connected to the Clintons. Here’s the FBI’s announcement of the charges in that case, and here’s in part how it all goes back to the Clintons’ connections to some of the same people and ”China Gate”, another Clinton White House fund raising scandal. And then there’s the death of The Democratic National Committee’s voter expansion data director, Seth Rich, on July 10, 2016, less than a month after the publication of this shocking article revealing SIGNIFICANT voter fraud in eleven Democratic primaries and that a racketeering lawsuit exposing nationwide vote rigging in DNC primaries was about to be filed by the Institute for American Democracy and Election Integrity, in which there’s no doubt Seth Rich would have been called as a witness.

While in the White House, Hillary Clinton’s parade of corruption included the reprehensible firing of Billy Dale and the entire White House Travel Office staff, who were accused of embezzlement and replaced with Clinton cronies from Arkansas. Even though she literally tried to destroy their lives, they fought back and won in court and were rehired. Hillary Clinton also hired Craig Livingstone and orchestrated the illegal collection and retention of FBI files on the Clintons’ political opponents. She was also suspected of being involved in the highly suspicious death of Vince Foster (her attorney) and the subsequent cover-up; along with the missing Rose Law Firm (White Water) records that later showed up in the White House residence, as well as the well-publicized shredding of documents at the Rose Law Firm. Details about some of that and even more of the ever-present cloud of corruption surrounding Hillary Clinton, including extensive campaign finance violations, are documented here, and this video further documents and provides proof of Hillary Clinton’s absolute ruthlessness, extreme abuse of power (literally using the IRS and FBI to target her “enemies”), her repeated criminal endeavors and a shameless pattern of obstruction and corruption throughout her entire public life; including the personal destruction, imprisonment and timely deaths of many people associated with her. The previous videos also reveal that she really is a serial liar, (or a “congenital liar” as William Safire so famously called her in this 1996 New York Times article), her total lack of morals and ethics, and that her craven pursuit of political power is the only thing that matters to her regardless of who gets hurt or dies in the process.

Hillary Clinton’s run for the Senate (from New York even though she’d never lived there) was another parade of corruption, lies and devastation when she and Bill orchestrated a huge Hollywood gala fund raising campaign event that became a huge scandal and once again, Hillary Clinton escaped any accountability or legal responsibility for her crimes while her benefactor, Peter Paul, was left holding the bag and languishing in prison. The preceding video also describes another shocking and disgraceful parade of corruption and how Bill Clinton pardoned fourteen Armed Forces of National Liberation (FALN) terrorists (who never even applied for the pardons) within two days of being asked to do so in order to garner the political support of Puerto Ricans in Hillary’s 2000 campaign for the Senate. It’s beyond comprehension how the Clintons’ corruption and lies never seem to impact them and they keep right on deceiving the American people, and worse yet, it doesn’t even seem possible that the Democratic Party just nominated this woman for President of the United States of America.

Then as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton’s parade of corruption and lies included violating every rule and law governing the retention of email, correspondence and schedules as required by the Freedom of Information Act. She was “extremely careless” regarding the proper maintenance of classified and highly top secret information in using a private email server without basic security in place (said to be less secure than Gmail) and using various devices in non-secure areas while travelling as stated here by FBI Director James Comey. She destroyed over half of the emails before turning over only print copies (which can’t be digitally verified) to the State Department (years after she left even though she was supposed to do that when she left) and then lied about all of that repeatedly. Despite many others being charged and even jailed for doing much less, Hillary Clinton wasn’t even charged and won’t have any legal consequences for clearly violating multiple federal laws, so once again, as she’s done for as long as we’ve known her, Hillary Clinton got away with shamelessly lying about that and so much more.

When her parade of corruption, lies and death came around to what she actually accomplished as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton orchestrated and approved the NATO led overthrow of the Libyan government and the murder of Muammar Gaddafi and worked to install the Muslim Brotherhood. But that led to total chaos and the terrorist attack in Benghazi that killed Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans just weeks before President Obama’s re-election, so she lied about all of that to the American people and to the Benghazi families and then had the audacity to say the families were the ones lying. So true to typical Hillary form, she blamed it all on everyone else…including blaming the Libyan people for resisting NATO’s invasion of their country and actually laughed about killing Muammar Gaddafi! She and President Obama also sparked the unrest in Egypt and pushed Hosni Mubarak (an American ally) out of office and financially backed and supported the Muslim Brotherhood and the election of Mohamed Morsi, who was eventually overthrown by the people when he tried to replace their fledgling democracy with tyrannical Islam. The Clinton Foundation and Bill Clinton were given obscene sums of money from countries and individuals who had business with the State Department and benefited by decisions Hillary Clinton made in their favor; including donations from Russians and other interested parties who were granted permission by Hillary Clinton’s State Department to transfer significant control of the United States uranium production to the Russians, as revealed in this shocking “Clinton Cash” documentary. She also conspired with Google to stir up unrest in Syria to overthrow Bashar al-Assad, which has led to the slaughter of countless thousands and the refugee crisis now threatening Europe and the United States. So Hillary Clinton’s parade of corruption, lies and death while Secretary of State will be felt by the world and all Americans for years and generations to come because she left behind a trail of total destruction and chaos after destroying and overthrowing stable governments and reliable American allies; usually in an effort to install the Muslim Brotherhood in anti-democratic, anti-American governments..

So there’s no denying that throughout her entire political life, Hillary Clinton’s parade of corruption, lies and very timely deaths has left behind a path of utter destruction and devastation, and the Democratic National Committee is no exception; especially with the recent murder of The Democratic National Committee’s voter expansion data director, Seth Rich, on July 10, 2016…the day before a federal racketeering lawsuit was filed alleging significant primary election fraud. Debbie Wasserman Schultz was co-chair on Hillary’s 2008 presidential campaign, so it was fairly obvious that she was trying to help Hillary and running interference for her; especially when she scheduled the Democratic Primary debates in an effort to limit the people watching them. But once the recently released DNC emails “proved” that the DNC staff were working to help Hillary win the election and the disgraceful tactics they used to discredit Bernie Sanders, Debbie Wasserman Schultz should have been fired on the spot. Yet that’s not what happened; in fact, she was allowed to submit her resignation effective after the convention, and was planning to gavel in and close out the convention and to speak to the delegates until there was a revolt by Bernie Sanders’ supporters. And since it would have been a political disaster for Hillary if Debbie Wasserman Schultz was booed off the stage, she wasn’t allowed to go anywhere near it. However, her banishment was nothing but a political decision and didn’t have anything to do with sincere regret or consequence for what the DNC did because as further proof of just how comfortable Hillary Clinton really is with rule breaking and corruption, Debbie Wasserman Schultz will now be the Honorary Chair of her campaign; which really just means that Hillary Clinton will have to start picking up the tab for what Schultz has been doing on her behalf at the DNC instead of the Democratic National Committee. If it were anyone else, there’d be an investigation into the matter since there’s no doubt that multiple campaign finance laws were broken, but Hillary Clinton and her political cronies have become so corrupt that they actually think the American people are just like them and don’t care about what’s right and wrong. However, I have a feeling they’re wrong and that the American people aren’t going to let Hillary Clinton’s reign of corruption, lies and death march right back into the White House again. Fortunately, God reigns over all, so I’m praying that He brings to light everything she’s done in darkness and reins in Hillary’s parade of corruption, lies and death once and for all!

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