It’s Time to Turn Back the Socialist Revolution Now Under Way in America

The values and institutions that have always made America great are now openly under attack by radical racists and revolutionist, with President Barack Obama leading the way. In my previous post, I documented the radical racists, communists, Marxists and socialists who shaped President Barack Obama’s personal and political ideology and destiny, and didn’t get into his family’s radical communists/socialists background as I understood it to be at the time. So I decided to check into that as well since I was so surprised by what I learned in researching the previous post, which pales in comparison to what I discovered earlier. In fact, it’s all so shocking and incomprehensible that I initially decided not to share it here because I thought most Americans wouldn’t believe it despite the evidence. However, with the events of Sunday morning, the murder of even more police officers in Baton Rouge, I decided that it’s incumbent on me to share what I’ve learned and trust everyone to see the evidence and judge it for themselves.

I’ve spent almost a week digging into what I’d call the underbelly of Black Lives Matter, the Nation of Islam, the New Black Panthers, Black Nationalists and President Barack Obama’s family and was shocked to discover the racial hatred and push for revolution that’s been at work in America for over five decades. It’s an insidious plan to divide Americans along racial and political lines, to destroy the family and ignore the God-given right to life, to eradicate the moral fabric and values Americans have always held dear, to dumb down education and virtually outlaw expectations of excellence, to undermine individuality and literally force moral/immoral compromise, to promote reliance on government and to hold impoverished blacks and other minorities captive in failing schools and economically depressed neighborhoods for the sake of fomenting the anger, frustration and unrest required to accomplished the desired revolution. Yet in spite of many attempts to effect the necessary racial tension, discontent and unrest in our country’s history, the revolution never succeeded because people were educated well enough not to fall prey to it and there were too many political, judicial, military and police obstacles in place to prevent its success. But the revolutionaries have been very patient and persistent because they realized that they’d have to infiltrate our institutions of Government and education at every level, which they’ve been doing for decades now in order to gain the necessary political power and to sow the seeds of moral decay, victimhood and revolution in the impressionable minds of young Americans.

Education in America used to be about reading, writing, arithmetic and high standards of achievement and excellence; which have been utterly abandoned by most public schools for social engineering and politically correct rot that defies all common sense. And the universities that used to foster and encourage political debate, diversity of ideas and the importance of critical thinking now forbid the freedom of speech that’s at the very core of our Constitution and actively encourage the youth of America to be a bunch of robotic whimps in need of counseling if their tender little ears and eyes hear or see anything that offends them…and the revolutionists even tell them what offends them, as seen here and here. In fact, most of our universities are now overrun with radical and liberal professors who openly promote anti-American and socialist policies and ideas, and based on my personal business experience with college students and graduates, many of them don’t even have what would have passed for a ninth grade education just fifteen years ago. They can’t write in cursive or sign their name, they have no knowledge of American history, no understanding of proper grammar (including proper sentence structure) or verb tense, and are taught that whether or not they get the answer to a math equation right doesn’t matter as long as they can explain how they arrived at the wrong answer. God and the Bible have been kicked out of our schools and universities and homosexuality and sexual promiscuity are now embraced as high ideals deserving honor and protection. Standards of discipline and proper behavior have been abandoned and replaced with outlandish politically correct theories of social justice. The normal back and forth and name calling between kids is now labeled “hate speech” or “bullying” and forbidden, and honor rolls and trophies for high achievement and athletic performance have now been eliminated because that might damage the self-image of those who don’t perform as well.

So while Americans weren’t paying attention, the teacher’s unions came in and radically racist, liberal and socialist teachers took over the education of our youth, and now our kids are no longer equipped to succeed in business (inability to write coherently has kept me from hiring many, many current college students), they’re not equipped to deal with conflict of any kind and therefore can’t cope with the normal disappointments of life; such as losing a job, the breakup of a relationship or criticism of any kind. They have an attitude of entitlement and become angry and combative whenever expected to uphold the most basic requirements of responsible work ethics; such as simple adherence to dress codes. Therefore, in addition to not getting a good education, the youth now being shepherded through today’s public school systems and universities are being set up for failure in life, which will understandably lead to becoming malcontents and make them more susceptible to the enticing inducements to participate in the unrest encouraged by those fomenting revolution in America.

If all of this happened as the result of a well-orchestrated plan and President Barack Obama is in fact leading the revolution, at this stage of his presidency, there should be clear and convincing evidence of how such a revolution is being accomplished through his position and authority since socialism calls for the government to control everything—for every institution and business to be “nationalized.” Well, as most of us already know, President Barack Obama and the Democrats nationalized America’s healthcare system through ObamaCare; yet few realize that Common Core is designed to nationalize education in America as well. So take the time to watch this shocking video of how that happened and what it entails. Worse yet, listen here to check out what the Common Core curriculum looks like! It’s no wonder that more and more families have decided to home school their children, especially those with strongly held religious values, and no less surprising that the teachers’ unions and various government agencies are trying to shut them down or bring them under their control. Additionally, President Barack Obama has been pushing to “nationalize” America’s police, and as I’ve written previously, he literally disarmed police departments around the country, as well as all federal agencies; which is something anyone who doesn’t already know should read about since that insanely dangerous order has been fully implemented for just two and a half months now. President Barack Obama literally confiscated vital defensive weaponry and equipment from all police departments and even outlawed buying military style equipment (such as armored vehicles) with their own funds. Supposedly, the order was in response to the Michael Brown/Ferguson riots, but what I’ve learned over the past few days makes me think all of that was just another example of “never letting a good crisis go to waste” taken to the next level of actually “creating the crisis” to further their revolutionary plan; which there’s evidence of President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton actually doing in the process of overthrowing (even killing Muammar Gaddafi) the leaders and governments of American allies and replacing them with Islamic tyranny by way of the Muslim Brotherhood. So it’s not really surprising that President Barack Obama and Al Sharpton (one of his closest advisors) want the federal government to take control of police departments, which they’ve already started doing through orders from the Department of Justice in places like Ferguson, Cleveland, Tampa, Albuquerque, Baltimore and many more cities than most people realize. Yet that’s clear evidence that President Barack Obama is trying to nationalize America’s police, and I’m obviously not the only one who believes that based on this article. So while President Barack Obama “talked” about improving relations between police and communities of color as he moved toward nationalizing them and literally disarmed them, he’s done the exact opposite by repeatedly inciting enmity and mistrust between blacks and police as proven by his own words. That’s why I personally hold President Barack Obama and Black Lives Matter, along with the Democrats who support them responsible for the murder of the police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge, as well as the others who have been executed since Black Lives Matter started marching and calling for “dead cops.” The American people aren’t stupid and know that Black Lives Matter, President Barack Obama and the liberal left have demanded that all police be held accountable for the acts of a few police officers (regardless of whether or not the shootings were justified). Yet they don’t want to be held accountable for the murders of eight police officers by clearly racist black men or for the other police officers who have been murdered around the country since they started chanting things like “Pigs in a blanket…fry ‘em like bacon!” and “What do we want? Dead cops! And when do we want it? Now!” That’s clearly inciting violence and the murder of police officers, and if it’s fair to blame the speech of Donald Trump for inciting the violence of others at his rallies, surely it’s fair to blame Black Lives Matter, President Barack Obama, Democrats and the liberal mainstream news media for the racially motivated hate filled slaughter of police throughout America. But the Department of Justice under Barack Obama has become so racially motivated and biased that it’s done real damage to race relations in America, and everyone knows that it only provides protection and “justice” for blacks, Muslims or their other political cronies. And that was proven when the DOJ dismissed the case against the New Black Panthers even though the case was ready to go to sentencing. The prosecutors in the case testified that they were instructed not to prosecute cases with minority defendants and to focus on crimes against them instead, which proved the Obama administration’s unprecedented racial bias once and for all. Their testimonies and the DOJ’s “defense” are shocking, so I strongly urge everyone to watch the above video and check out the associated links. I’ve been so disillusioned by everything I’ve uncovered over the past couple of weeks that I can’t help wondering if there’s a connection between the DOJ dismissing the New Black Panthers’ case in 2009 and the men who killed police in Dallas and Baton Rouge this month being members of the New Black Panthers. What a sad day in America when someone even thinks about something like that; yet that’s where we are.

Additionally, President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the Democrats are obsessed with restricting our Constitutional right to bear arms; which few Americans realize was very specifically intended to protect Americans from their own government when necessary to protect their rights and Constitutional form of government. President Obama and the Democrats have also attempted to nationalize or take over control of certain businesses (such as General Motors) and all banks and financial institutions through onerous regulations, laws like the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act and by totally dispensing with or politicizing the rule of law; applying it or ignoring it depending on which best suits their purpose. For example, everyone who’s taken the time to look into it agrees that the birth certificate President Barack Obama presented as proof of his birth and identity in 2011 is an obvious forgery, and a very bad one at that. In fact, Sheriff Arpaio’s news conference about their investigation into the president’s birth exposed an elaborate hoax and cover up, which provided a vital link to help make sense of everything else I learned about Barack Obama’s family. Sheriff Arpaio’s investigators discovered that Hawaii is the ONLY place in America where an adult from ANYWHERE can register their birth in Hawaii (as of 1982) just by proving that their parents met the residency requirements at the time of their birth, which is explained in great detail in the video. Therefore, I’m providing the following links with a reminder and caution that as I said earlier, it took digging into the underbelly of a very unfamiliar and unsavory world and listening to things I personally found extremely offensive, including vile language, racism and hatred, along with shocking anti-Christ venom. But that’s the only way to access the unique information and forensic evidence Dr. Phil Valentine presents regarding the forged documents associated with President Barack Obama’s fraudulent biography, which is continued here and makes a very compelling case for Barack Obama being the son of Malcolm X. He provided even more evidence here and here; including the purpose and goal of such an audacious and daring deception with roots going as far back as 1912. It’s astounding to hear how men throughout history so accurately described and planned for exactly what’s happening in our country today, and if you do the research I’ve done, you’ll soon learn how much danger America is in and find out who Barack Obama really is. And based on his true identity and what he has actually done to radically and fundamentally transform America, it’s clear that Barack Obama is leading a socialist revolution and fulfilling the radically racist dreams inherited from Malcolm X, his biological father, along with those of many life-long friends and associates who dreamed of changing America into a socialist country and beyond to who knows what.

As I’ve studied Barack Obama over the past months , I’ve been conflicted because it’s difficult to know if he’s more Islamic, more socialist or more racist; but I now realize that it’s possible for all of that to be true without being in conflict. And understanding his true heritage and the virulent racism and socialist or even Marxist-Leninist ideology he’s been fed his entire life makes it easier to see how all of that comes together through the Nation of Islam, the New Black Panthers, Black Nationalists and now Black Lives Matter. The revolution or “fundamental” transformation Barack Obama had in mind for America that he’s working to accomplish now is a combination of radical Islam and Marxism-Leninism mixed with extremely radical racism that will shock most Americans; blacks and whites alike because black Christians are equally despised. So I’m including the following links with the warning that many of them are EXTREMELY offensive and shocking; yet they provide the information needed to really understand what Americans face if the socialist and racist revolution Barack Obama and his cohorts have undertaken is not stopped.
This is a very revealing and powerful exposé with extremely offensive language, racist and anti-Christ sentiments (particularly in the question and answer section at the end), titled “Time To Know Who Barry Or Barack Really Is” by Dr. Phil Valentine.
This four part video series reveals the revolutionary goals and virulent hatred of the New Black Panthers and similar Black Nationalists groups, which both Micah Johnson and Gavin Long (the men who killed police in Dallas and Baton Rouge) belonged to.
This disturbing video shows armed New Black Panthers calling for revolution and the murder of police in Texas, using some of the same language Black Lives Matter uses…’Oink oink, bang bang!’, who President Barack Obama repeatedly praises and encourages.
In this MSNBC interview with Houston’s Black Lives Matter leader , Ashton Woods said he saw Micah Johnson at rallies, and President Barack Obama is once again shown defending Black Lives Matter and saying they shouldn’t be blamed for the murders of the Dallas police despite all the times he virtually blamed all police for the death of black men by police officers.
And regardless of what Ashton Woods said about Black Lives Matter not condoning bloodshed, this video proves otherwise since it shows them literally calling for “dead cops.”
This two part video series is very revealing and shows the worst of Black Lives Matter and how despite proof that Michael Brown/Ferguson was a total lie, it’s still being promoted by the liberal news media, members of Congress, sports celebrities and used to fraudulently justify Black Lives Matter’s incitement of violence against police and other acts of domestic terrorism.
This video shows one more time of MANY when President Barack Obama defended and lied about Black Lives Matter and their tactics and praised the movement.
This video shows Minnesota Black Lives Matter proudly chanting about killing cops and mentions some of the political reasons Democrats support Black Lives Matter, which I agree could well backfire and frustrate yet another attempted revolution.

If you don’t think this great country of ours is in real trouble, just listen to Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s words VERY CAREFULLY as she encouraged Black Lives Matter protestors the day after five police officers were murdered in the streets of Dallas as they literally gave their lives to protect them! She in effect assured them that she and the president will support and back them no matter what…”to work with you in the difficult mission of building a better nation and a brighter future.” Well, that sounds a lot like a revolution to me, which brings us to the final phase of the long sought revolution that’s well under way in America. They’ve obviously achieved getting fellow revolutionists in the highest levels of American government since there’s no higher position in our government than our president and attorney general, who clearly support the revolution or fundamental transformation of a country they don’t seem to like very much. Additionally, the Muslim Brotherhood now hold many key positions in the Obama administration, including in every intelligence and defense agency. And as this shocking video reveals, President Barack Obama requires willingness to fire on American citizens for retention and advancement in the military; which makes this a VERY important video for every American citizen to watch. Unfortunately, none of this comes as a surprise to me because for almost three years, I’ve publicly predicted that race riots would break out this July and that President Barack Obama would declare Martial Law before the upcoming elections, which I believe based on the very unusual and unprecedented Presidential Order President Obama signed regarding Martial Law soon after becoming president. But as I often do when I’m writing articles like this, I went online for the first time to see if I was the only one who thought that and was really surprised to find this report and others about the revelation that the Obama administration was working with Black Lives Matter to create a “summer of chaos” that would lead to Martial Law (which I hadn’t heard about previously). Not only that, this was published over a month ago and now we’re literally seeing it play out right before our eyes as predicted.

So for the first time in American history, those seeking revolution and the destruction of America as we know it actually have the political power to bring it about. They’ve racked up unsustainable debt and caused an unprecedented drop in our credit rating, crushed the engine of America’s economy by saddling businesses of all kinds with extremely burdensome regulations, ruined our healthcare system, destroyed America’s high standards of education, poisoned the minds of our youth and fostered such moral decadence that it almost makes the sixties look good in comparison. They’ve left our borders open for the free flow of destructive drugs and countless illegal aliens, in addition to literally flying them in from all around the world (including potential ISIS terrorists sworn to destroy America), obliterated the rule of law by picking and choosing which laws they will or won’t enforce or who they do and don’t apply to; as proven by the allowance of sanctuary cities protecting illegal aliens from deportation; not to mention our own FBI director literally describing how Hillary Clinton broke the laws governing the safekeeping of our national security only to say she shouldn’t be criminally prosecuted for her crimes. They’ve literally disarmed police departments throughout the nation, which means they’re no longer able to protect Americans from an onslaught of revolutionists armed with the very weaponry President Barack Obama has denied them. At the same time, they literally emptied America’s prisons, where many prisoners have been converted to a very radical form of Islam and leave prison to join “Islamic Villages” around the country. Our military has been decimated and humiliated, with hundreds of TOP generals and commanders being forced to retire or outright fired, and now President Obama repeatedly refers to AMERICA’S military as “my military”. President Barack Obama has also released GTMO’s most dangerous prisoners to return to the battlefield where Americans are still being killed even though he denies having “boots on the ground.” And President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have shamelessly interfered with the politics and governments of other nations; such as Israel’s election, Canada’s election, the UK’s Brexit vote, the overthrow and murder of Muammar Gaddafi in Libya (after lying about the humanitarian “crisis” that didn’t exist and unwisely ignoring Louis Farrakhan’s warning that chaos would ensue), fomented revolution and forced President Mubarak out of Egypt and literally welcomed and celebrated the election of Mohammed Morsi/the Muslim Brotherhood (who Obama and Clinton backed and even funded with 1.5 million taxpayer dollars)—only to have the Egyptian people throw him out when he tried to squash their fledgling democracy and make Egypt an Islamic State. The Obama/Clinton State Department also worked with Google to stir up unrest and civil war in Syria to overthrow President Assad, which has turned into a real humanitarian crisis of epoch proportions. And when Turkey’s military took a very bold stand to keep President Obama’s good friend, President Erdogan, from thwarting democracy and transforming Turkey into another authoritarian Islamic State, Barack Obama once again stood against democracy in favor of an Islamic State. I’m personally inclined to think that might have been another “created crisis” to justify the desired end result–changing Turkey’s secular democratic government into an authoritarian Islamic State. So it doesn’t take much imagination to recognize that President Barack Obama favors revolutions and authoritarian Islamic governments and there’s no reason to think he wants anything less for America. In fact, while it was presented as a “joke,” Americans should take the first few lines of President Obama’s last speech at the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner very seriously since he joked that it was the last one and that it was the end of the republic…not laughing matters to most Americans.

As I attempted to process and wrap my mind around what I found when researching what I thought would be a very different post, as hard as it is to believe a fraud of this magnitude is even possible, I’m sad to say it wasn’t all that hard to believe once I got over the initial shock. I kept remembering that in a court of law, jurors are instructed that if a witness’ testimony is found to be false in part, they’re allowed to disregard their entire testimony. Well, President Obama lied to us about having the most transparent presidency, about lobbyist not having influence in his administration, about his position on gay marriage (another shocking revelation is that it’s been common knowledge for many years that President Obama is in fact gay), about being able to keep our healthcare plan and doctors if we like them, about Fort Hood being “work place violence” despite the entire world knowing it was Islamic terrorism, about Al-qaeda being on the run and Benghazi being about a stupid video just to get re-elected, saying we don’t know what the motives were for the Islamic terrorist attack in Orlando even though we all knew Omar Mateen himself said it was in allegiance to ISIS (and withholding vital evidence from the public to hide the truth), saying we don’t know the reasons Micah Johnson executed five police officers in Texas last week even though we all heard very specifically why he did that…all of which was pure unadulterated racism and on and on the list could go. The truth is that Barack Obama hasn’t been honest about much of anything and it’s safe to assume the exact opposite of what he says most of the time. So I had my mind pretty much settled on the matter, but kept digging and was surprised to find out how many people in certain circles believed that Barack Obama was Malcolm X’s son even before he was elected. Then I came across this video by James David Manning that made me question if the Malcolm X story was just another hoax; but I couldn’t figure out what the purpose of such a hoax would be…why Obama would want everyone to know what he went to such outrageous lengths to hide. I was questioning that because Manning said he was asked to write a book saying that Obama was Malcolm’s son soon after he was elected, but he didn’t believe that and wouldn’t write the book even though he now seems less sure of that. Phil Valentine’s presentation, particularly the most recent pictures of President Obama in public with his “mother,” helped me get beyond the “white girl” issue, so I was leaning more toward believing that Barack Obama is Malcolm X’s son and then received the final piece of information I needed to really settle that in my own mind. I had shared links to some of the information I found with a friend and she casually mention that she had just read something about President Obama waiting until he leaves office to look at a box of archived information about his father. Well, that really seemed strange, so I went digging for that and found this very timely and stunning New York Times article reporting that even though a box of letters and records regarding Barack Obama, Sr. had been discovered and reported to him years ago, President Barack Obama apparently isn’t interested in reading them! And just for the record, I don’t believe for one second that the president wasn’t given that information; but IF not, that speaks volumes too! I was totally shocked when I first heard Barack Obama say ”my Muslim faith” before his first election because I knew those words could NEVER come out of my mouth if I wasn’t a Muslim (especially the way he said them)–no more than I’d ever be able to say “my Morman…Catholic…Methodist faith.” And there’s no way I’d ever be able to resist reading those letters and looking at those records if that was MY father. So whatever we do or don’t know about Barack Obama’s real heritage, we know that no one has ever been elected President of the United States without being expected or required to produce even the most basic documentation confirming his birth, identity, education and background, and that’s because so many people in high places are complicit in the fraud required to get him there for the sake of their long awaited revolution; including America’s liberal news media who have failed our country miserably.

With amazing foresight, President Ronald Reagan foresaw the dangerous times we now live in over fifty years ago and offered a very prophetic vision of what would happen to America if we followed the self-destructive dictates of liberalism; which is exactly what our country has done. And if we don’t make a complete about-face, the long planned socialist revolution now well under way in the United States of America will be complete and America will be nothing more than a sad notation in world history. So I urge everyone who reads this to share it with everyone you can, or share particular links and information you think will help others understand the danger our country now faces because knowing the truth is the most effective weapon we have against the revolutionary forces now trying to destroy us and our country. May God bring to light everything they do in darkness and bless America!

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