Exposing the Paradox of Supporting Both Islam and Homosexuality

It probably comes as a surprise to most Americans that just weeks BEFORE Omar Mateen murdered fifty and injured fifty-three gays and lesbians in an Orlando nightclub in the name of Islamic terrorism, multiple websites posted a disturbing news report about Sheikh Farrokh Sekaleshfar being invited to speak at a Sanford mosque despite literally calling for the death of homosexuals, saying ”…out of compassion, let’s get rid of them now.” And for all we know, Omar Mateen could have heard his incitement to violence against gays and lesbians and acted on it. That’s why it’s so important for the LBGT community to keep the news media and the Obama administration from sweeping this under the rug because as this chilling and disturbing video proves, believing that homosexuals should be killed is NOT extreme or radical according to the teachings of Islam. In fact, most “moderate” Muslims agree with that and are obviously getting tired of hearing that it’s “extreme” to believe that. So contrary to what President Obama and others want us to believe, killing homosexuals is widely accepted by practicing Muslims, as shown in this seven year old video from a Muslim Day prayer event in Washington, DC, where a Muslim man says that if Shari’ah is implemented in the US, homosexuals will necessarily be killed because as Dr. Zakir Naik affirms, homosexuality is condemned in Islam. So despite everything we’ve heard to the contrary, everyone who claims to be a Muslim is under the law of Islam, which does in fact prohibit homosexuality, and orthodox Islam does not permit homosexuality and believes it should be punished by death…PERIOD. Since eighty-eight percent of all Muslims believe that homosexuality is immoral, while President Obama and others want to shy away or hide that truth, Muslims don’t, as seen when this Imam tells a gay Muslim that he should be killed. On the other hand, Sheikh Dr. Bilal Philips often uses humor to highlight the conflict between Islamic law and today’s permissive society; yet as an expert and Islamic theology scholar, the message is the same…anyone caught in a homosexual act is to be executed. Finally, listen to this powerful message to President Obama from a former Muslim, an Islamic scholar and Christian who totally obliterated the president’s claim that Islam is a religion of peace. He also confirms that all “infidels” are to be executed.

So our brothers and sisters in the LBGT community need to ask themselves why President Obama is so defensive and pro-Islam; particularly why he and Hillary Clinton have supported the overthrow of American allies by the Muslim Brotherhood in places like Egypt, Libya and Syria, removed all of the sanctions on Iran (the world’s number one sponsor of Islamic terrorism) and given them more power and influence on the world’s stage (not to mention over 150 billion dollars), as well as giving the Muslim Brotherhood SO much influence and power in their administration—all of which has literally put the rights and lives of gays and lesbians at risk. Sadly, history teaches us that we can’t afford to believe anything President Obama tells us because he’s so frequently lied in the furtherance of his own causes or agenda, just as he lied about his views on gay marriage when running for the Senate in 2004, and again stated his opposition to same sex marriage when running for President of the United States four years later. But we now know that was all just a calculated lie for the sake of his political ambitions according to what’s spelled out here. Then when he was running for re-election in 2012 and the LBGT community was threatening to withhold their support and many leaders in black churches were expressing disappointment with his presidency, President Obama finally “came out” in full support of gay marriage (which he was pretty much forced to do after his Vice President publicly supported it). And then after being re-elected, he announced his administration’s submission of a legal brief supporting gay marriage. Here’s his ”victory” speech after the Supreme Court sanctioned same sex marriage in the United States. Then, in spite of warnings not to speak out about gay rights on his trip to Africa, in response to tremendous pressure from the LBGT community, President Obama even risked being publicly rebuked by Kenyan President Uhuruof regarding LBGT rights in Kenya, which no doubt “proved” his commitment to the LBGT cause. Of course, the truth is that we don’t know which of President Obama’s statements regarding same sex marriage are true and which are not; so for all we know, his politically expedient support for same sex marriage could actually be the lie in this particular case.

Another significant observation is President Obama’s obvious political allegiance to Sunni Muslims rather than Shiite (Shia) Muslims, which makes it helpful to have a basic understanding of the difference. Sunni Muslims make up eighty-seven to ninety percent of the world’s Muslim population, and when evaluating President Obama’s foreign policies, it’s clear that he ALWAYS sides with Sunnis at a perilous cost to Shiites, Christians and so many others. In fact, there’s good reason to believe President Obama is himself a Sunni Muslim, so people need to evaluate what he actually does to answer that question for themselves. Then we need to ask why President Obama angrily defends Islam after every single act of horrific Islamic terrorism and never shows any sign of genuine outrage over the slaughter of the innocent victims.

The bottom line is that none of us can afford to put confidence in President Obama or Hillary Clinton to protect our rights and lives since they’ve both clearly demonstrated their willingness to lie quite shamelessly in pursuit of their own agendas and political ambitions, which have literally fomented global Jihad in furtherance of an attempt to transform America to an Islamic State under Shari’ah law. And by now, all Americans should know they can’t believe ANYTHING President Obama says based on his own words, especially concerning his “evolvement” on same sex marriage. And then there’s the way he intentionally lied to us about ObamaCare; which is NOTHING like he promised, as proven in one of the latest releases of ObamaCare regulations, and he finally sort of admitted. He also lied to us about al-Qaeda being Decimated or on the run and he and Hillary Clinton shamelessly lied about Benghazi and arming the Muslim Brotherhood to cover up the utter failure of their Libyan policy just to get through the 2012 election. The list of Obama and Clinton lies go on and on, but every one has endangered the American people and most particularly the gay and lesbian community as a result of their inexplicable support for the Muslim Brotherhood, whose known strategy is to overthrow America and implement Shari’ah law. Needless to say, Hillary Clinton isn’t any better than President Obama since she’s also perfected the art of lying and has the same inexplicable affinity for the Muslim Brotherhood that’s contributed to the spread of a global Islamic movement.

Millions of people have felt let down by President Obama because they now realize that his promises were nothing but deliberate smoke and mirrors designed to gain access to the highest office in our land, where his real plan was to “fundamentally” transform the United States of America as he said here. Unfortunately, Barack Obama’s plan for fundamental transformation really didn’t include any of the things he promised the American people who voted for him. Instead, his plan was to change our country and the world, which he’s succeeded in doing in ways we never expected or thought possible. And in every situation he and Hillary Clinton have been involved with around the world, instead of fostering real democratic principles, peace and better standards of living, their policies have led to a virulent spread of a global Islamic movement and strengthened and emboldened enemies like Russia and Iran, causing our most reliable allies not to trust America, especially since they literally armed, financed and promoted the Muslim Brotherhood and orchestrated the overthrow and death of other American allies. He and Hillary Clinton have even been charged with conspiracy and collaboration with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and crimes against humanity.The world is in utter chaos and not getting better and our country is literally on the precipice of being swallowed up by a global civilization Jihad that will put all Americans under Shari’ah law, which is particularly bad news for the LBGT community, women, Jews and Christians. So President Obama has not been good for America and Hillary Clinton won’t be any better, but that’s what we’ll get if the LBGT community and other liberals don’t open their eyes and see the truth before it’s too late.

Therefore, I urge gays and lesbians to objectively listen to all of President Obama’s promises when he was pushing his agenda and then to the mounting evidence of Hillary Clinton’s dishonesty, double speak and record of outright corruption. And then learn about the close ties both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have to the Muslim Brotherhood (who are actively trying to institute Sharia law here in America) before deciding who to vote for this November. While Donald Trump is not a perfect candidate in my personal opinion, I have no doubt about his business acumen and how much we desperately need that at this time in our country’s history. I also have no doubt about how much he loves America and the American people or his sincere desire to put what’s best for us and our country before all other considerations. I particularly appreciate knowing that he won’t be beholden to special interest groups and lobbyist, and even though I’ve been personally offended by his coarse language and crudeness on more than one occasion, his total lack of concern for political correctness is refreshing and appealing beyond measure; the truth is that regardless of how he says it, he often says exactly what people think but are afraid to say. And I know that because I’ve heard what he’s actually said in context instead of what’s filtered through the disingenuous regurgitated sound bites from a news media that’s determined to portray him as a racist and unfit for the presidency. Yet Donald Trump’s life disproves that and an awful lot of Americans agree that we should build a wall and restrict immigration of Muslims from terrorist plagued countries for the sake of our own safety and security, and we’re not at all xenophobic or racist. So I encourage everyone to actually listen to the reactions of President Obama, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to the terror attack in Orlando and decide which best reflects what you want for your country and future and vote accordingly.

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